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June 26, 2008, 3:59 pm
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Religious News

~ LATIN MASS: the subject of spiteful scorn from Sandalistas; “I can’t help but wonder if the elderly be-Birkenstocked Easter People are going to put up the same kind of fight to retain the fruits of their revolution” …. (telegraph,

~ SOBERING THOUGHTS— The end is near for the Anglican Communion; The Bishop of London writes the rector of St. Bartholomew’s …. (,

~ A FEW WEEKS AGO, “I wrote about Britain’s running competition with Canada to become the country furthest gone in the Culture of Death Sweepstakes. I got a call last week from someone who told me about a mandate from the Quebec government to force all schools, including “Catholic” schools and homeschoolers, to start using a government-approved “religion” curriculum that teaches that no religions are true and that they are all just human ideas of equal worth… or something” …. (

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June 8, 2008, 8:56 pm
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Religious News

~ PRAYERS, PLEASE for Dawn Eden, as she recovers …. (

~ IRAQI CHRISTIANS Demonstrate in Oslo, Plea for Help From West …. (Wz)

~ NEWS COULD COME after Lambeth on Traditional Anglican Communion …. (

~ TWO SCOOPS of offense in Kellogg’s All Bran …. (

~ THE CAMPAIGN against ‘Saint John Paul’ …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ QUEBEC COMMISSION calls for “open secularism”.. A Quebec commission studying the “reasonable accommodation” of religious and other minorities has recommended “open secularism” as a way to resolve tensions …. (canadianchristianity)

~ THE LOOMING QUESTION: “Your Bloviator has been following with interest the saga of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a breakaway group of beleaguered Anglicans who would dearly love to come over to Rome” …. (

~ HER MAJESTY Elizabeth II – The Last Christian English Queen? …. (

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