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June 26, 2008, 3:59 pm
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Religious News

~ LATIN MASS: the subject of spiteful scorn from Sandalistas; “I can’t help but wonder if the elderly be-Birkenstocked Easter People are going to put up the same kind of fight to retain the fruits of their revolution” …. (telegraph,

~ SOBERING THOUGHTS— The end is near for the Anglican Communion; The Bishop of London writes the rector of St. Bartholomew’s …. (,

~ A FEW WEEKS AGO, “I wrote about Britain’s running competition with Canada to become the country furthest gone in the Culture of Death Sweepstakes. I got a call last week from someone who told me about a mandate from the Quebec government to force all schools, including “Catholic” schools and homeschoolers, to start using a government-approved “religion” curriculum that teaches that no religions are true and that they are all just human ideas of equal worth… or something” …. (

~ QUESTIONS ON Candles in Eastern Christianity …. (

~ ICON EXHIBIT TO OPEN IN FALL— Collection spans over 400 years of Christian iconography …. (

~ PURPLE SPINE! Bishop Nazir-Ali: “We Must Recover our Christian Nerve Before our Judeo-Christian Heritage is Lost”; UK: Bishop Nazir-Ali Boycotting Archdimmi Williams, Quietly Building his Power Base Inside CoE …. (Wz)

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— Letter to the Ephebians: Terry Pratchett creates gods all the time. He now suspects one might exist …. (

~ THOSE PESKY COMMANDMENTS— Canadian Doctors At Odds With Jewish Family Over Continuing Life Support …. (

~ FOOD FOR THOUGHT, from the Anglicans …. (nrotc)

~ A PYRRHIC VOCTORY for Vancouver churches: “Shotgun readers may remember that a few months ago, I posted on the efforts of Vancouver’s Tenth Avenue Alliance Church to protect its outreaches to the poor from Vancouver city bureaucrats who were not convinced that it was part of the role of a church (or any similar religious body) to minister to the needy” …. (shotgun)

~ BEAR DIARIES: “Northrop Frye … reading not sleeping” …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ AL MOHLER: In Error and Apostate — The Anglican Division Looms …. (

~ FIRST THINGS— The Incredible Hulk, The Philokalia, and Anger Management …. (

~ REMAKING ANGLICANISM: “In Jerusalem, conservatives stage an ecclesiastical coup” …. (nro)

~ ACADEMIC GIANT Revd Prof Henry Chadwick, RIP …. (

~ CELESTIAL TEAPOTS, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, and Other Silly Atheist Arguments …. (evangelicaloutpost)

~ BLOVIATOR— “Appetizer for Solemnity of the Sacred Heart” …. (

~ KILL! MISERY! RUIN! First Things: The War on Abstinence …. (firstthings)

~ THE BRIDES WORE… Eye witness account of Gene Robinson’s “wedding” …. (, AM)

~ KENNETH @ Time Immortal: “I am a Eucharistic person” …. (

~ THE HUMAN BLACK HOLE— “The inimitable Chris Johnson writes of this gooey devotional to Eugene V. Robinson in GQ” …. (

~ AFRICAN HITLER Mugabe’s Anti-Christian Persecution …. (frontpagemag)

~ THE VATICAN says it will not allow an upcoming movie to film on location because the work–Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code prequel, Angels and Demons–is “an offence against God.” …. (worldontheweb)

~ JOHN THAVIS on the Traditional Anglican Communion …. (

~ SOPHISTICATE Sniffs at Pherlosophy …. (

“The Wanderer”

~ DEBORAH GYAPONG— Feel a little discouraged? Need to know God is in control? Read this
Some insight into how it feels to find out someone’s praying for you ….

~ THEY GET IT! “Shouldn’t the United Church Just Throw in the Towel?” is the opening event of a four-day Church-sponsored conference that will look at the future of the country’s largest Protestant denomination …. (

~ ED DRISCOLL— “The ultimate critical virtue, agree many academics, is transgression – social, sexual and political. Theorists such as Judith Butler and Michel Foucault have contributed to a left-wing discourse in which the celebration of deviance has taken over from serious attempts to describe or improve the lot of the oppressed” …. (

~ SLEEPY OLD BEAR— “Hard to beat this for comedy — starring … the Rev Gretta Vosper” …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ EURO ARISTOCRAT, Princess Alessandra Borghese, talks to Peter Stanford about her well-documented return to Catholicism …. (telegraph)

~ PEOPLE’S CUBE— “The New Age Annoints a New Opiate” …. (thepeoplescube)

~ ACTON University 2008 Audio Classes …. (Acton)

~ MARY EBERSTADT: Elizabeth Anscombe hurt the atheist cause. “Loser Letters” …. (

~ ABOMINATION: C of E Priests ‘Marry’, By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious Affairs …. (

~ GIRL IN BLUE— “”We” should acknowledge the native issues, but put an end to our unnecessary guilt. To be fair, this was the age of ‘improvement’, and when southerners looked at native communites, they saw disease, lack of education, disconnection with the wider world, and no chance to improve themselves and benefit from Canada” …. (

~ PUZZLED OVER Atonement lite.. “A post-modern author can’t cope with remorse and expiation, as the novel Atonement and the subsequent film show all so clearly” …. (

~ THE PUZZLING FASHIONS OF PENITENCE— “I’ll say this for Stephen Harper: Canada’s Prime Minister didn’t apologize this week to Canada’s aboriginal people in a moral vacuum. Ahistoric apologies have been all the rage in the last twenty years” …. (

~ SIGCARL&FRED— ‘Archbishop, you’ve committed treason’ …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ SERGE’S BLOG ON Seeker-sensitive churches.. “Commonly called pandering and dumbing down” …. (

~ HOLY WHAPSTERS— What does “Parish” mean, anyway? …. (

~ JERUSALEM— “Mother Nature kicks ass: Israeli researchers who grew a sapling from a date seed found at the ancient fortress of Masada said on Thursday that the seed was about 2,000 years old and may help restore a species of biblical trees” …. (

~ BEN STEYN’S EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed – Opens in Canada June 27 …. (

~ PITY THE HATE-CHURCH: WaPo Feels Pain of ‘Marginalized and Vilified’ Church of Rev. Wright …. (

~ RELIGIOUS PEOPLE NEED NOT APPLY! “Senate Democrats are working overtime to exclude orthodox believers from the Surgeon General’s office” …. (

~ PUTTING THE BOOTS to the Liturgical Terrorists …. (

~ ANGELUS HOMILY: Love, not holocausts …. (speroforum)

~ ON MARRIAGE: Why Hi-Jack a Christian Institution? …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ PREZ BUSH MEETS WITH Pope Benedict, Rumors he may Convert to Catholicism …. (

~ MILITANT ATHEISM At U of Virginia …. (stoptheaclu)

~ WHAT PART OF “No. Shut Up. Go Away.” isn’t clear? “The Vatican has banned the makers of Angels & Demons, the latest book from Da Vinci Code bestseller Dan Brown to be turned into a movie, from entering the Holy See and any church in Rome” …. (

~ RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: Six reasons why Stephen Harper’s government shouldn’t deliver an apology …. (

~ FAKING IT! “This is the first of a series of posts looking at the news this morning that a London Anglican Clergyman “married” two other male priests in a ceremony that mimicked marriage” …. (, Yips)

~ THERE’S A JOLLY VID on Telegraph TV about how wicked the Church of England is to give in to secularisation …. (telegraph)

~ STOLEN KOSOVO (Czech with English sub-titles)– Ten Bilingual Video Reports on Kosovo by Czech TV (never broadcast) …. (

~ ATHEIST MEDIA-GUY Dawkins searches with both hands, can’t quite find ass …. (

~ MELANIE PHILLIPS on “Paradise lost” …. (

World War IV

~ ISLAMIC ATTACK ON DISEASE CONTROL CENTER AVERTED: 1 MILLION POTENTIAL DEAD– Another Islamic disaster attack diverted …. (atlasshrugs2000)

~ WAAAAH! IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei says he will step down if major powers launch a military strike against Iran over its nuclear program. Yes, Mr. ElBaradei, that will be the world’s biggest concern if such events take place …. (Wz)

~ SCARAMOUCHE— “The best offence is a good offence: Iran is whinging because a representative of the country it has vowed to wipe of the map has informed Iran of his disinclination to go along with the map-wiping agenda” …. (scaramouche)

~ HUGH HEWITT— “IAEA Director-General Dr. Muhammad Al-Baradei: Iran Can Produce Enough Enriched Uranium for a Nuclear Bomb in Six Months to a Year” …. ()

~ SAUDI ARABIA: USCIRF Confirms Material Inciting Violence, Intolerance Remains in Textbooks Used at Saudi Government’s Islamic Saudi Academy …. (littlegreenfootballs)

~ SCIENCE or Religion? A False Choice …. (

~ FINALLY, THE ANSWER: Disarm Israel And Teach Iran That Peace Is Nice …. (downwitheverybody)

~ RAYMOD IBRAHIM: “Islam’s War Doctrines Ignored” …. (

~ MIDDLE EAST UPDATE: Here’s what you need to know– Condi Rice is trying to control Israeli policy while Saudi Arabia is trying to control the U.S. and the UN …. (scaramouche)

~ EXPLOIT-A-JEW: Exploiting Anne Frank With The most tasteless T-shirt ever …. (weeklystandard)

~ STOP THE ACLU— “Why the drag lines were removed from the Flight 93 crash site memorial” …. (stoptheaclu)

~ UN NITWITS TELL UK to “Get rid of the Queen” …. (rjjago)

~ WHY INTELLECTUALS Like Genocide, by Theodore Dalrymple …. (

~ GENOCIDE SQUABBLES: The Toronto District School Board has introduced a new program to acquaint students with the concept of genocide. Since it isn’t a survey course, three genocides are going to be discussed— the Armenian one, the Holocaust and the one in Rwanda. Naturally, this being multicultist Toronto, some groups are miffed about being left out—or in …. (scaramouche)

~ THE STRATEGY of Western Survivalists …. (

~ THE CCP & SYRIAN NUKES: an ominous warning …. (shotgun)

~ THE HARD-FASCIST OLYMPICS— “Out damn’d spot!” China’s Potemkin Village Olympics and the complicity of the IOC and the global corporations profiting from the Olympics” …. (

~ GEORGE BUSH HATES WHITE PEOPLE! Levees break in white neighborhoods, riots DON’T break out! …. (girlontheright)


~ THE AIDS EPIDEMIC is mostly crap, admits lefty newspaper: primarily a gay thing. Made up by lefty activists who knew they were lying but wanted money to engineer society and enrich themselves in the process …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ A MATTER A Matter of Life and Birth: Celebrity childbirth in the age of abortion …. (

~ GEORGE NEUMAYR— What the Counterculture Has Joined Together: “A passionate tumultuous age will overthrow everything, pull everything down,” wrote Soren Kierkegaard, “but a revolutionary age that is at the same time reflective and passionless leaves everything standing but cunningly empties it of significance.” …. (

~ BREAKTHROUGH: Adult Stem Cells & Parkinson’s …. (theanchoressonline)

~ DISCUSS: “Make my baby straight, doctor” …. (worldontheweb)

~ CURT JESTER— Same-sex “marriages” on Monday; To defend marriage, first you have to know what it is …. (curtjester)

~ FIRST THINGS: The War on Abstinence; Teenage Pregnancy …. (

~ NATURAL™ vs. ‘natural’ vs. natural …. (worldontheweb)

~ ECUADORIAN Obstetricians and Gynecologists Issue Thundering Manifesto Against Abortion …. (

~ EVEN THOUGH 4/5th’s of Breast Cancers are caught by self & DR exams,… we should stop using them …. (MaD)

~ UK CHARITY: Female Babies Disappearing From India …. (downwitheverybody)

~ I DON’T LINK to evil slutopia often, Gardasil …. (MaD)


~ MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Seeks to Deny Pharmacists Freedom of Conscience …. (lifesitenews)

~ SHOTGUN— “In family courts across the land, judges hold effectively the same powers over separated parents as feudal lords held over their serfs, and it pleases them to exercise this power without much restraint.” …. (shotgun)

~ THE PERVING OF POP CULTURE— “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it…” …. (

~ HOMOPHOBICAL Lesbos Islanders in Court This Week Over Misappropriation Of “Lesbian” Name …. (lifesitenews)

~ TOO MANY ADULT Stem Cells Successes to Keep Up …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ MERE COMMENTS: “Gettin Ejecated” …. (merecomments)

~ SOPHOMORIC— “I wanted to disclose a few things I have learned during my time at GW” …. (

~ GOOD NEWS, not involving fetal stem-cells: “Doctors Inject Cloned Immune Cells, Cure Man of Cancer” …. (neatorama)

~ PRO-ABORT THUGGERY Keeps On Truckin’ …. (

~ NON-CONTROVERSIAL Biotech: Biomarkers in Drug Testing …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ OBAMA TWICE OPPOSED Opposed Defining Babies who Survived Late-Term Abortions as “Persons” …. (weaselzippers)

~ MERE COMMENTS— “Nuances of Sex and the City” …. (merecomments)

~ PRESSURING Media to be Assisted Suicide Propagandists …. (

~ THE TOP TEN male-bashing ads. The Dairy Queen ad is particularly creepy …. (pajamasmedia)

~ BRITISH MP Applauds 400 Million Missing Chinese …. (lifesitenews)

~ ANOTHER Abortion Nightmare …. (

~ WHEN IS DEAD REALLY DEAD? Organ Donation Just Got More Complicated …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ MAGISTATS— Doctors lack legal right to pull plug …. (

~ KATHLEEN PARKER enters the book scene today with Save the Males: Why Men Matter. Why Women Should Care. It’s her first book and she makes it matter. Funny, clever, and important, she highlights some of the dangerous and prevalent anti-male trends out there …. (nrotc)

~ 123 MANITOBA WOMEN KILLED every year because of flawed breast cancer program. Almost double the national rate …. (MaD)

~ TEACHER KILLS autistic child …. (rjjago)

~ MEDIA DENIAL ASIDE, here’s 104 Photos from the March for Life …. (

~ DADDY DEAREST— Losing a miracle; a call to arms …. (nationalreview)

~ ANOTHER DAY, another new sexual fetish “community” wants right to “marry”.. “The Woman Who Fell In Love With the Berlin Wall” …. (fivefeetoffury)

Man-Hug Like a Pro

~ HUMAN TRAFFICKING reports names Iran and Moldova as the worst …. (magicstatistics)

~ CONSEQUENCES— Oral Sex and Throat Cancer: It’s not meant to go there …. (

~ FURTHER Into The Abyss …. (thereturnofscipio)

~ THE WAR ON on Drinking: The Neo-Prohibitionists’ Latest Salvo …. (

~ JOSEPH CHAMIE …. According to a recent article, he finds himself caught in the abortion bind: on the one hand he supports a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion; on the other, he opposes the growing practice of choosing to abort a child (usually a girl) because it is the wrong sex. Actually, he writes about this dilemma in the third person plural, but it is clear that he is one of the “many people” wrestling with it …. (

~ KILL KILL KILL! “The Happening” — Environmentalists’ genocidal human-extinction fantasies just keep getting more detailed. Keep ’em away from biotech, please …. (

~ AT LONG LAST: A Cure for the Common Boy– E-MASQL8 Plus™ …. (

Does your son act too much like a little boy?
Is he fidgety and rambunctious?
Does he have trouble listening or have a puerile sense of humor?
Is he easily distracted?
Does he have a propensity to get dirty?
Does he enjoy playing with violent toys?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it might be time to medicate your son. Even if he doesn’t have ADD or ADHD, you’ll most certainly agree that he’s annoying.

Well, now you can curb the boyish tendencies in your son and make him almost comatose in the process. E-MASQL8 Plus has been clinically proven to remove in boys all signs of unwanted boyishness. You’ll never have to deal with snips, snails, or puppy-dog tails again.

E-MASQ8 Plus: A Cure for the Common Boy

Canuckistan News

~ TERROR-HAVEN? WE’RE ALSO A SPY-HAVEN! Canadian Engineer Xiaodong Sheldon Meng was sentenced two years for stealing US fighter pilot training simulation software and trying to sell it to the ChiComs …. (

~ ROBERT JAGO— “Now I’m off to celebrate National Aboriginal Day by going hiking on the side of a mountain, then to a BBQ and drinking binge. I may buy a lottery ticket.” …. (rjjago)

~ TAX-FREEDOM DAY! — We slaves get to work for ourselves the rest of the year! Yup– the socialist paradise means a 60-70% tax rate, once you factor in all the hidden stuff. Because bureaucrats are better at spending “your” money than you are …. (shotgun)

~ MAKE CANADA A Haven For War Resisters? …. (downwitheverybody)

~ CANADA’S WAR Versus the British War– Canada entered the Afgan conflict ill equipped …. (

~ A DANCE-MIX of Canadian Minister of Industry Jim Prentice lying about Canadian DMCA. Canada’s DMCA: a new public service announcement …. (boingboing)

~ CANADIAN LEFTIES Battle Against Reality– “While the Cuban Reds have grasped that you cannot consume more than you produce, the Canadian Autoworkers Union rage against the obvious and the necessary. Since June 4th CAW members have blockaded GM’s Canadian Head Offices in Oshawa, a “protest” sparked by a decision to close a plant producing unmarketable trucks and cars” …. (godscopybook)

~ CANADIANS oppose Bill C-10…but for all the wrong reasons …. (shotgun)

~ THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE For Your Childrens’ Education! “The mother of an autistic girl says the public school board was “completely unprofessional” to formulate a theory that her daughter was being sexually abused.. based on a psychic’s perception” …. (sda)

~ THE INTERSECTION of Treason and Modern Art: “Quebec nationalists are easily the silliest secessionists in the world” …. (

~ SIGCARLFRED.. ‘How has Canada’s doctor shortage affected your life?’; Beneath The Veil: What Government Managed Health Care Looks Like …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ CANADA PENSION – A Must Read. Only in Canada. Do not apply for your old age pension… Apply to be a refugee! …. (MaD)

~ THE IZZY REGISTRY: “First, they fleeced us for billions with a gun registry that didn’t save a single life … and now they plan on fleecing us again with a new registry” …. (

~ THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE— “Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl: The way I figure it, that’s who’s running the Toronto Transit Commission and City Hall, since only the witless products of rural inbreeding could possibly screw things up this bad” …. (scaramouche)

~ OUR SOCIALIST would-be masters: “I know socialists claim to be “progressive”, but this is ridiculous” …. (p2bc)

~ GOD’S COPYBOOK.. “Is there anyone in the Conservative Party’s Quebec wing who didn’t sleep with this woman?” …. (

~ A MODEST PROPOSAL— Sharing is Caring …. (dustmybroom)

New Media, Teh Interwebs, Blogs

~ AP DEMANDS $$$$$$$$$$$$.. er, ‘blogging standards’. Malkin– “Hey, Associated Press: You owe me at least $132,125!” AP: The Internet’s Big Bully …. (Various)

~ HOW CHINESE CYBER-ESPIONAGE threatens American security …. (frontpagemag)

~ ED DRISCOLL— “My God, It’s Full Of Blogs” …. (

~ AM GOOGLE ARE making we stupids? “As we are drained of our “inner repertory of dense cultural inheritance,” Foreman concluded, we risk turning into “‘pancake people’—spread wide and thin as we connect with that vast network of information accessed by the mere touch of a button.” …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ MORE SCIENCE LABS: Blogospheric Linkfluence Charted …. (lgf)

A Bergmanesque exploration of What Blogging Means

~ SILICON GRAFFITI: When Waves Collide …. (eddriscoll)

~ FIRST THEY CAME for the Police …. (

~ DON’T WANNA HURT THE FEELINGS OF POOR WIDDLE TYRANTS— BBC: Report on Blogger Arrests Obscures Most Arrests Are in Non-Democratic Nations …. (

~ FIREFOX 3 Now Available; Firefox downloads smash 5m target. Color management tweak in Firefox 3 …. (Various)

~ TAKE A LOOK AT Vanity Fair’s Blog Map …. (

~ POWER USER’S GUIDE to Firefox 3 …. (lifehacker)

~ DOES GOOGLE HATE America? Farah among critics of search giant short on patriotism …. (wnd)

~ TIM RUSSERT DIES.. Of an apparent sudden coronary thrombosis. On the other hand, James Bowman: “I wonder if there isn’t something just a tiny bit unseemly about such effusiveness. Why do we wrap the gentleman in our more rawer breath? Not having known Tim Russert personally, I obviously have no reason to dissent from the universally-held opinion that he was a great guy, a perfect son, husband and father, but would he himself have been quite comfortable about it if he could have witnessed his apotheosis as a hero-journalist which has ensued upon his untimely death?” …. (sda, NC)

Pop Culture, Odds & Ends, Geekery

~ TIME IMMORTAL: “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has sent a proposal to the Somerset County commissioners to lease their jail for the world’s first Lobster Empathy Center” …. (

~ UGLY MODERN ARCHITECTURE— Roger Scruton on Léon Krier …. (

~ MOVIE REVIEW— The Incredible Hulk …. (guardian)

~ HEY, NERDY DADS— got Lego-kids over 3 years old? BrickArms makes the best weapons for Lego minifigs ever. Buy a pack, and hand a few out as bribes and rewards. Here are ancient weapons, reviewed at The Brothers Brick …. (Various)

~ HMMMM— “Indiana Jones and the Close Encounters of The Third Kind Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Movie Takes: How bad is it? …. (

~ UM, DUDE, where’s my sunspots? …. (theanchoressonline,

~ I’M A BONA FIDE SCI-FI GEEK from way back (except it never became my religion) and I agree– BSG lost me a while back.. the She-Binks continued to watch throught this season, which seemed less sci than soap, with screaming and too many close-ups and swerving plotlines and pass me the TV-whacker dear heaven there must be something– anything– better than this on …. (nrotc)

~ GENERATOR BLOG: all sorts of recent goodness! …. (generatorblog)

~ VIDEOSIFT: Best Video Clips of the Week #1 …. (

~ MOONBATS who wish to live in the good old 1300s …. (rjjago)

~ A SLIDE SHOW to Humble Anyone …. (

~ TUNE IT UP: “Five Ways To Keep Your Car Running At Peak Fuel Efficiency” …. (

~ SHAWN MACOMBER: A coloring book that speaks to today’s children: I Don’t Want to Blow You Up! “Color Me PC” …. (nationalreview)

~ THE VIOLENT IMPLICATIONS of Scarcity: What to Expect in the Food and Fuel Crises …. (mackenzieinstitute)

~ NEATORAMA— “Best Movie Posters of All Time” …. (

~ WALL-E = PHON-Y? “And once you’re done being lectured on the evils of consumerism by your betters in Hollywood, you can buy their merchandise!… For only $250, you can buy the remote-control Wall-E action figure – which will be available in time for Christmas”.. and too much, much, much more! …. (eddriscoll)

~ STAR WARS SECRETS— “Uh-oh… Don’t tell Han (or Rusty)” …. (mypetjawa)

~ THE MAESTRO: “The great Stan Winston, who helped to create everything from the Jurassic Park dinosaurs to Iron Man’s armor, has died.” …. (dp)


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