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Anglican Crisis
October 31, 2006, 7:49 pm
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WHAT’S REALLY BEHIND THE GRISLY SMIRK: Presiding Bishop’s Chancellor Threatens Fort Worth, Quincy Dioceses. comments ensue at T-19(aac, lc, t-19)

ALL GLORY AND PRAISE! — Second bulletin insert related to Presiding Bishop investiture ready for use; TEC Ministry of Information Investiture webcast producers ask viewers to pre-register plans to watch (to see which bishops attend). Responses will help assure adequate bandwidth; satellite coordinates set. MCJ has a word(episcopalchurch, mcj)

CANADIANS SAY: Don’t force clergy to marry gays: majority. Same-sex marriage poll … (

MILLSTONES— “Although I disagree with him on just about everything, I have to give Pennsylvania Episopal Bishop Charles “I know nothing! NOTHing!!” Schultz Bennison this much. Chuckie’s brought his diocese together like few Episcopal bishops anywhere ever have”… (

SORRY, KATIE— Russian Orthodox Offer to Renew Relationship with APO Dioceses Stands … (

HARDBALL — “So much for reconciliation; And so much for Kate Schori’s word” MCJ on Frankie “The Shiv” Griswold; WHERE WE ARE: Let’s see now(

WORD FROM CANUCKISTAN: Dioceses may soon stop fundraising for schools agreement. Sexuality issues and Lambeth Conference also on bishops’ agenda … (anglicanjournal)

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