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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
May 6, 2007, 5:47 pm
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Fa-a-abulous Totalitarianism: Queer As Volk Update 2.0


CaNN Commentary

Paging all freedom-loving Anglican same-sex activists everywhere. These May 2007 headlines are reversed, for your consideration:

~ Priest issues death threats to Gay rights activists, sends bullets in the mail

~ Students at Anti-Gay High School Swarm Parents Protesting In Favour Of Homosexuality

~ A hate crime from the pulpit? Same-Sex leaders say bill may punish speech in favor of homosexuality

~ Heterosexual activist says, ‘We will BURY you’ — Threats made against Gay workers supporting homosexual agenda

~ Fake Anti-“Straight” “Hate Crimes” Keep Piling Up

Any questions?

Oh, and dear activists: please send us heads-ups on all your protest-marches, letter-writing campaigns, new websites, books, hunger-strikes, conferences, online petitions, interviews, press releases, and your general outrage over these kinds of violent and hateful abuses, done precisely for the sake and in the name of your movement.

[cricket, cricket]

Waiting to hear from you,

CaNN News Editor

Ye Olde Woodshed

TO THE WOODSHED FOR SCHORI— Letter from Archbishop Akinola to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. That’s My Church! Smackdown Division. A salutary antidote to a foolish letter. All 2 Common: “Analyzing The Letter” … (Various)

ANGLICAN REPORT Episode 25: Kevin and Bill Discuss: Archbishop Akinola’s visit to VA, Colorado, Presiding Bishop Jefferts-Schori, Radner … (anglicantv)

ANGLICAN CHURCH OF NIGERIA to install bishop in U.S. today. Leader of Breakaway Anglicans to be Installed amidst Strong Objections(Various)

CANADA’S ANGLICAN BISHOPS Allow Everything But Nuptial Blessing for Gays. Canada: HoB statement on same-sex blessings.. comments ensue. Church Times: Pray with, but don’t bless, gay couples, say Canadians. Comment on the recent pastoral statement from the Anglican Church of Canada’s HOB. BTW, the CanAng motto is ‘Nisi Dominus‘, as in Psalm 127:1, “Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum in vanum laboraverunt qui aedificant eam (Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it).” Indeed … (Transfig, TA, SF, CT)

GAY RIGHTS ACTIVISTS issue death threats to priest. Gay (retro commie) brownshirts on the march in Italy … (, CAEI)

CANADA: Primate reflects on bishops’ meeting … (ENS)

LIVEBLOGGING the Martyn Minns Installation Service – Kendall Harmon. iTunes: Bishop Minns Sermon is now available! Greetings to Bishop Minns from two Church of England Bishops. Around 30 members of the Church of England General Synod have signed a message of support for the new head of a breakaway Anglican denomination who is due to be installed this weekend … (GS, BB, Mainstream)

A COMMENT on the Statement of the Canadian House of Bishops; Canadian bishops back away from gay blessings … (T19, religiousintelligence)

LIKE THE NEW UK-SORS with a vengeance – the US Hate Crimes Legislation II … (mainstream)

GLEDHILL: Missionary ‘not poisoned’ says Anglican group … (timescolumns)

ESSENTIALS CANADA: “The Anglican Church of Canada is at the crossroad. There is a very clear choice before this June’s General Synod. What will we choose?” The Federation’s planning for General Synod 2007 is nearing completion … (anglicanessentials)

ROB GAGNON— Let the “Sexual Orientation Hate” Bill Pass and Invite Your Own Oppression, by Robert A. J. Gagnon, Ph.D.; CT: House Adds Homosexuality to Hate-Crimes Protections(robgagnon, CT)

SLAM DUNK— “Peter Akinola responds to Katharine Jefferts Schori’s recent letter” … (MCJ)

PETER TOON— Why keep in print and in use the classic BCP? Responding to Bishop Colin Buchanan. Anglican Prayer Books as a Family Tree? Bishops, TEC style; Or, How to create a Bishop as CEO via Lex Orandi … (

COMES OUR CROSS: House passes ‘thought crimes’ bill 237 to 180. Diogenes: “sadly” preserving freedom of speech”(transfigurations, CWN)

VIA DRELL— A Look Back: A Piece At Todd Granger’s On Diocesan Boundary Crossings … (descant)

CAPTAIN YIPS— Laugh, or Cry? “This sort of thing doesn’t make my cold any better” … (captainyips)

OFFICIAL Groups issue cautions on same-sex resolutions … (anglicanjournal)

CANTERBURY INTERCEDES Intercedes as an Episcopal Rift Widens; The Evil IRD of Evil Supports CANA, All Orthodox Anglicans on Eve of Bishop Martyn Minns’ Installation … (NYT, Earned Media)

REFORMED PASTOR on Schori: “Correspondence From the Eighth Dimension” … (reformedpastor)

CHUCK COLSON: The Thought Police-What the Hate Crimes Law Would Do … (christianpost)

CARIOCA: My Roman Fantasy; An Irony & A Milestone(


A HATE CRIME from the pulpit? Christian leaders say bill may punish speech against homosexuality. H.R. 1592 – For Hate Crimes or Thought Crimes? … (dallasnews, israpundit)

AIDING & ABETTING the law-wars– Bishop Peter Lee of Virginia issues a letter; That’s My Church – Da Bishop! Division(TA, LB)

JULIA DUIN— Episcopal bishop hits Anglican installation … (washtimes)

GREATEST PEEBEE EVER: Episcopal bishop to lead Cedar Rapids conference … (desmoinesregister)

DRELL— The “Autonomous Church Myth As A Weapon … (descant)

MORE TOON ON the Nigerian Anglican Church—an explanation and an apology … (

GET RELIGION: “My truth is that I am a gay Episcopalian”; Mitres not in style (on first reference) … (getreligion)

THE NOSE ON YOUR FACE— “Somebody else apparently doesn’t want Peter Akinola to cross the pond” … (

THE LONG SLOW DEATH of England: Lawyers Christian Fellowship publishes Guidelines on SORS which come into force on Monday … (mainstream)

“WINDSOR BISHOPS” Write Archbishop Williams, Set Meeting Dates … (aacblog)

JESUS in the image of Spong … (delawareonline)

ROCK BOTTOM? — “The rumor of several days ago is true. Former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey intends to become an Episcopal priest” … (

AMERICAN LEGISLATION— sex and law; ACLU Rejects Equality, Civil Liberties(stoptheaclu)

SPIN, DODGE, DUCK— Keeping everyone at the table, for as long as possible … (anglicanjournal)

BRAD DRELL rightly took exception to Jim Naughton’s words about Bishop McPherson … (sf)

SUBMIT! OBEY! Government guidance on new regulations … (TA)

+DUNCAN to Attend Minns Installation … (

LOCAL EPISCOPAL PRIEST unsure how to feel about changes … (

WHITEHALL: “cana and the acn”; the sixth eccumenical council(

ORTHODIXIE— “I kid you not. The female head of a church with a practicing homosexual bishop planning to “marry” his lover, a church that could accept into seminary the adulterous homosexual governor of New Jersey, a church that embraces splitting open babies’ skulls and vacuuming their brains out, is complaining about violating ancient customs? Wow” … (

KRAALSPACE— Best wishes to Bishop Minns, Bishop Duncan and Archbishop Akinola … (

EUCROCRATIFICATION: “Why is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland supplanting a tried-and-tested system of law and traditions of justice which have endured for 800 years? Why are we depriving ourselves of one of the greatest gifts we have given to the civilised world? Why are we abandoning our liberties and embracing the shackles of a foreign power?” … (

ANDREW PLUS has a wishful moment (though the moderately new-fangled like him may have a lot of residual Christianity in them): “Focusing on What We Share” … (

AGE TO COME— “Light to the world” … (theagetocome)

VIA MAINSTREAM: “Legal advice to North American Churches: people can leave but not buildings” … (anglican-mainstream)

VIA ALL 2 COMMON: “The Schismatic Nature of Protestantism” … (all2common)

MATT KENNEDY— Stay Just a Little Bit Longer: “I no longer hold out much hope that Archbishop of Canterbury, on his own, will exert any more pressure on the Episcopal Church other than that pressure he himself feels” … (standfirminfaith)

NO-O-O-OBODY EXPECTS.. The Anglican Inquisition? … (

OH NO WE DIDN’T— San Francisco Archdiocese on BBC “Gay Mass”: It was not a Mass and We Didn’t Endorse it … (mainstream)

HATE ARISES— Students at Pro-Gay High School Swarm Parents Protesting Homosexuality, “screaming, swearing and throwing food” while several teachers and administrators stood by … (

THE BATTLE over church property is an ecumenical attack on the orthodox … (

LLAMA BUTCHER— That’s My Church! – Robbo’s Going To Hell, Division … (llamabutchers)

PAWLEY AMORY, REDUX— South Carolina Court Ruling in the All Saints Pawleys Lawsuit Against the Diocese of South Carolina Finally Occurs … (t19)

SAITH FISCHLER: “Queering” the Church … (reformedpastor)

EVEN MORE PETER TOON— “Departing from EGYPT—in heart as well as body. Or, Why is it that those who claim that The Episcopal Church is apostate and have left its membership so love and delight in its Liturgies?” … (

THE KEW CONTINUUM – What Future for Bishops? … (

FRESH FISCHLER— NCC to Berkshire: Out of Sudan! … (reformedpastor)

JUST SO UGLY! “What Price Glory?” Western Michigan Cathedral Sold to the Kalamazoo Valley Family Church. It could be worse: You got to be kidding me. Looks like an Ikea design … (Various)

MERE COMMENTS: “When Lesbians Move In” … (merecomments)

PAGING CANON JOHNNY PETERSON— Crybaby Mullah Watch: Islamic supremacist Mohammad Khatami, Iran’s showcase “moderate,” met with Pope Benedict today: Christian-Muslim wounds still ‘very deep’: Khatami. … (lgf)

Via Waffling Anglican

THINK ANGLICANS: Akinola’s US visit: Saturday. Akinola’s US visit: further reports … (TA)

PRESBY MELTDOWN Heart of the Matter … (reformedpastor)

WORD FROM PELOSI PALACE— ‘Hate Crimes’ Battle Labeled As ‘Civil Rights Groups’ vs. ‘Staunchest Conservatives’ … (newsbusters)

JESUS HATES Rupert Murdoch, By Mark D. Tooley. The far-Left United Church of Christ explains Christ’s position on media ownership … (frontpagemag)

CLASSWORK on gay marriage riles parents. Recruiting the next generation Homosexual socialization of school children … (

FORMER Governor McGreevy announces he is now an “Episcopalian American”, though some consider it redundant from his announcement two years ago that ‘I am a gay American.’ Bloviator: Reaching the Nadir. Is The Priesthood Next For Gay Ex-Governor McGreevey? [warning: offensive links] … (Various)

FEEL THE WARM CUDDLIES— ‘Gay’ activist says, ‘We will BURY you’ — Threats made against Christian workers opposing homosexual agenda … (wnd)

MIKE ADAMS— My Conversion to the Lutheran Feminist Faith … (townhall)

PAGING CANON JOHNNY Patterson: Christian-Muslim wounds still “very deep”: Khatami … (jihadwatch)

ONLINE INTERVIEW: Former ECUSA Woman Priest Alice Linsley on Her Journey to Her First Pascha (benedictseraphim)

SCIPIO BLOG: “..what the San Franciscan sodomites hate—really, really hate—is Christianity. And who can blame them? That religion has some strong words to say about it and its supporting culture, yes?”(

TRAINING Presbyterians for Politics (reformedpastor)

MERE COMMENTS— Sign the Petition for Poland(merecomments)

VIA KRAALSPACE— Braxton’s Lear – Argumentum ad nazium … (

FRESH WISDOM— Sarah Hey: The Hard Struggle: Human Needs in Contradiction & The Gift God Provides(standfirminfaith)

JESUIT DRAG— Santa Clara’s university in the Jesuit tradition is seeking new ways to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae and expand the horizons of its students(cwnews)

DOWN THE MEMORY-HOLE, Or, What’s In a Word?(rathernot)

BEST WISHES & prayers to MCH Blogger Chris Johnson on his recent tummy-tuck, eye-lid lift, pectoral implants, nose-job, ear-trim and hair transplant.. or whatever it was(

YET ANOTHER Campaign Targets ‘Religion-Based Bigotry Against Gay People’… (orthodoxytoday)

CANADIAN ANGLICAN BLOGGER Felix Hominum is in the Holy Land right now … (

LET’S KEEP This Church a Lord-Free Zone! … (

Via Waffling Anglican

WHERE WE ARE: ON THE RELIGION of Leftianity– Anatomy Of Failure: Why Leftist Ideology Fails; What is Man For? Understanding vs Nonthought- Why the Left Does Evil With the Best Intentions. The puzzle of decoding mainline liberal religion is this: it’s operating from secular Marxist and socialist presumptions about human nature, politics, and reality … (SigCarlFred, OneCosmos, BreathBeast)

ANGLICANS ONLINE: on perpetual rewind(AO)

CALL THE LITURGISTS! Strike a committee! Lawful Incest May be On its Way. Mark Shea: “Golly, who could possibly have foreseen *that*?”(

A VERY, VERY IMPORTANT POINT— Lew Rockwell reminds his listeners there is an alternative to the establishment left and right: learn about the American Old Right (which is built on English conservatism, that is, classical liberalism) … (

THE ANGLICAN PHILOSOPHER & Stargate SG-1 … (anglicanphilosopher)

PRAYERS, PLEASE— Aerials of Greensburg Tornado Damage … (

ATHANASIUS, Bishop of Alexandria, 373. “It Doesn’t Make One Iota of a Difference” … (reader)


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