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Virginia School Shootings 2.0
April 18, 2007, 1:30 pm
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THE WEBELF REPORT Va. School Shootings 1.0 … (Us)

POPE SAYS Campus Shootings “Senseless” … (zenit)

PREZ BUSH— “Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Bush: Find Comfort in Grace, Guidance of a Loving God… (WaTi, CP)

REFORMED PASTOR reports in: “Tragedy at Virginia Tech” … (reformedpastor)

HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ‘blocked door with his body’.. 76-year-old Israeli professor threw himself in front of shooter … (LTimes, Lancaster) Continue reading


Va. School Shootings 1.0
April 17, 2007, 2:36 pm
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Picard vs. The Klingons

CaNN Commentary

Like some of you Anglican web-folks out there, I was once a Trekkie (yes, way back before boob-boo babies got uppity over that honourable term). Once, I could name an old-Trek episode within 5 seconds; I had all the plastic models; I read the books and played the board-games and knew most of the trivia. Hard-core nerdy goodness.

But Trek isn’t life– not only in terms of getting a life, but in terms of reflecting life as it is or should be. The Federation weenies are all nice enough: until you realize they came from a U.N One World military earth-dictatorship in which human nature has been repealed, and all social ills and war and Really Bad Stuff has somehow been outlawed, or something. Supernature is squashed into heaven on earth: the eschaton is immanentized. Continue reading

Apocalypse Clowns 9.0
September 12, 2006, 11:43 am
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MURDERER in the Cathedral– An Exclusive Pajamas Media video presentation on Iranian President Khatami’s visit to the Washington National Cathedral… (pajamasmedia)

KHATAMI LECTURE.. Photos from Press Conference.. Photos from Lecture.. Much more. The full text of Khatami’s lecture … (

KHATAMI IN THE CATHEDRAL— “Interfaith dialogue” is all the rage these days: understanding our commonality by celebrating our differences. Or something like that. It’s infected venerable pillars of establishment religion, such as the National Cathedral in Washington … (weeklystandard)

MEDIA IGNORES BIG ANTI-KHATAMI RALLY IN WASHINGTON: “The mainstream media decided to ignore the big anti-Khatami rally that took place in front of the Washington National Cathedral while Khatami was delivering his taqiyya on September 7” … (publiuspundit)

NOPE, THEY DIDN’T— Khatami defends Ahmadinejad, Iran’s nuke program — will CAIR cancel its reception for him? Feel the love: CAIR’s Hooper defames Jihad Watch in the Chicago Sun-Times. Former CAIR Chair: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”… (JiWa, Various)

THE NATCATH, KHATAMI, and “Who were the Pharisees?” … (israpundit)

WASHINGTON – As Iranian flags flapped vigilantly to passionate chants of ‘Shame on You!’ across from the famed National Cathedral, an Episcopal clergyman dressed in black with a white collar stood out among the crowd of Iranian protestors; Torture Victims Blast Khatami Visit. Hundreds Protest Khatami’s Presence In Washington(israpundit, daneshjoo)

SHOW ME the Money (Quote), Khatami!– Special Report: “The smooth Puritan from Tehran soothes Harvard’s fears” … (spectator)

UNIVERSITIES and Tolerance– Alan Dershowitz, The Boston Globe … (regimechangeiran)

SINS OF OMISSION, Sins of Commission. By Kenneth R. Timmerman: Khatami’s American tour – and the deafening silence… (frontpagemag)

PANTS ON FIRE IT IS, THEN: U.S. Snow-Job ’06.. Khatami Praises Hezbollah, Practices Taqqiyah … (westernresistance)

TERROR & MURDER LOVER KHATAMI Praises Hizballah at Harvard … (littlegreenfootballs)

HERE’S MORE on the Khatami protests at Harvard; Robert Mayer has photos and video … (instapundit)

FORMER IRANIAN PREZ sued for policy of ‘torture’ — Jewish families say loved ones simply disappeared … (worldnetdaily, JiWa)

THE MYTH OF MODERATES— “We are witnessing, thanks to the resolute negligence of a feckless State Department, the inimical magic carpet ride of Mr. Mohammad Khatami, the former so called “moderate” President of Iran, as he trundles across America, blaming us for the world’s ills, while soaking up praise from the blind among us” … (canadafreepress)

YET ANOTHER IRANIAN POLITICAL PRISONER has died: Valiollah Feyz Mahdavi … (normblog)

A MOCK TRIAL Against Khatami, via Virtual ActivistChat & expat Iranians … (activistchat)

SHAME ON HARVARD! “When I heard about the protests planned against Khatami’s speech at Harvard, I knew just the guy to contact”; The Anti-Khatami Demonstration at Harvard. Khatami’s good will hunt: Harvard speech draws protest … (publiuspundit, lgf)

ON KHATAMI @ Harvard: “Hitler Lectures at Oxford” (scroll down)… (godscopybook)

ENS WHITEWASH: “Khatami calls for respectful international dialogue, bridging the divide. Former Iranian president speaks at National Cathedral amid protests” … (E-Snooze)

SAITH LGF: “Good for Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is refusing to provide state services such as a police escort to Iranian mullah Mohammad Khatami when he visits Harvard on the eve of September 11 to speak about “tolerance.” … (littlegreenfootballs)

KHATAMI-BUDDIES CAIR: Council on American Islamic Relations is Pressuring Schools to Whitewash 9/11 … (coxandforkum)

EGADS! Bush Personally Signed Off On Khatami Visit … (regimechangeiran)

WHO’S RUNNING THE SHOW? A New York Times report says “supreme leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, not Mahmoud Ahmaninejad, is the real ruler of Iran. That would be good news, if Khamenei wasn’t as radical – not to mention .. insane as his president … (damianpenny)

COMMENTS ENSUE: 28 Responses to “At Cathedral, Iran’s Khatami Urges Dialogue” … (titusonenine)

JONAH GOLDBERG: Perhaps history has dealt us a new hand with the threat of Iran. “Learning the Hard Way”… (nationalreview)

TOP IRANIAN SCHOLAR Dr. Assad Homayoun regarding Khatami Era : “It is universally known that the former President has declared himself a proponent of “dialogue between civilizations”. But it is not commonly known that in a number of speeches and pronouncements he has consistently characterized Israel as “a cancer on the body of nations”, and on numerous occasions when officiating at Friday prayers in Tehran, he has led the congregation with slogans of death to the Great Satan. As the President of the Islamic Republic, by all documented accounts, his tenure was rife with corruption, brutal suppression, illegal incarceration, torture and murder of students and other dissidents, murder of prominent members of the opposition both inside Iran and abroad, continued plunder of national wealth, rampant increase in drug use by the youth, and prostitution becoming a thriving export industry. But of course, there were some achievements as well: The secret development of Iran’s nuclear capabilities, the development of short and medium range missile systems in Iran, and the financing of international terrorist organizations.”(activistchat)

IRAN FREEDOM CONCERT— Harvard Students Protesting Khatami Visit… (iranfreedomconcert)

MY FAVORITE THEORY SO FAR on the reason for Khatami’s visit: “Khatami and Cheney are negotiating or conferring on how to best get rid of Ahmadinejad, and that a few hours on the ground provide enough opportunity.” Iranian’s US Visit Fuels French Rumors of Secret Washington-Tehran Talks(instapundit, israpundit)

PETITION 37: A Plea for Justice – FREE Iran Real Cases Mock Trials Against Mullah Khatami, Khameni, Rafsanjani, Amadinejad … As Islamic Fascists And For Crimes Against Humanity… (petitiononline)

PEOPLE’S CUBE— Khatami In Harvard: Mullahs and Liberals Not That Different! … (thepeoplescube)