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On Dar: The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Central Florida

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Central Florida, meeting on February 22, 2007, desiring to share our reflections upon the recent Primates’ Meeting in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, issues the following statement:

We discern the work of the Holy Spirit in the outcome of the Primates Meeting.  Through the Communiqué and its “Schedule” God has stayed our prediction of schism.  He has challenged our hearts, calling us to unity and patience.  The Primates have reminded us of the patient Father, awaiting the return of his prodigal son, always hopeful.

In a spirit of humility and submission to Godly spiritual authority we gladly accept the “Schedule” offered by the Primates, as the Communion’s response to our request for Alternative Primatial Oversight.  While our request was far more robust than the Schedule, we acknowledge the spiritual authority of the Primates’ in this crisis and receive their intervention with gratitude.  We pray and trust that the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church will facilitate the rapid appointment of the members of the Pastoral Council, hopefully by Easter.  The Communiqué speaks repeatedly of the urgency the Primates discerned in this matter, and a rapid appointment of the Pastoral Council will serve that end, and help re-establish the good will requested by the Primates.

We stand ready to participate in a meeting of Windsor “Camp Allen” dioceses, of which we are one, to nominate a Primatial Vicar.  We suggest that meeting should include the Deputies and Bishop of each Windsor diocese, and that it should take place immediately following the appointment of the Council.

Finally, we wish to assure the parishes of our diocese that we will work diligently to ensure this diocese is included in a realigned orthodox Anglican Communion.  We are committed to provide safe pasture for the sheep of our diocese for many years to come.  It will be a long journey.  But with your help and by God’s grace we will accomplish this holy purpose.

The Standing Committee of Central Florida

February 22, 2007

Don Curran is now President of the Standing Committee


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