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+Don Harvey Easter 2007



Greetings in the Name of the Risen Lord:

The glorious victory celebrated at Easter brings not only a sense of exhilarated Joy, but also one of Hope.  The dark clouds that accompanied us through the tragic events of Holy Week, culminating with “Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land until the ninth hour”, give way to the rising sun on Easter morning, directing its first rays into the empty tomb and the discovery that He had overcome the dreaded power of death!

That very morning, as the women came at daybreak to anoint a dead body, their main concern was who would roll away the stone so they could begin their final ministry to a dead body.  To their amazement, the huge stone no longer was an obstacle and their fear was turned into joy with the realization that not only was their Lord alive but that HE still was in control.  

This year we are especially grateful that Easter, with this encouraging message of HOPE, comes when it does.  As we traveled through the solemnity of Lent, we have become increasingly aware of the enormous task confronting us with the approach of General Synod.  Events on the national and international scene seem to get steadily worse, and even the most hopeful optimists begin to realize that a divided Church may well become a fact of life.  The sad motions coming from the Council of General Synod make us aware of just how close we are to the brink of such an abyss.

It is my hope and prayer that the joy and hope of Easter will give each one of us the courage and zeal we need for the challenge ahead.  Although the stone at times seems immovable, we are assured that it too will be rolled away, and that at the end our Resurrected Lord will triumphantly lead HIS CHURCH back to the truth He imparted to it.

It is in that FAITH that we press forward, thankful that He has found us worthy at this time in the life of His Church to carry out this mission in his Name.

In the Joy and Hope of Easter,




The Right Reverend Donald F Harvey

Moderator – Anglican Network in Canada


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