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Brett Cane vs. Ingham

 Dr. Brett Cane of Essentials Responds to the Pre-General Synod ACC Globe and Mail article

March 8th 2007
Globe and Mail

Dear Editor,

Bishop Michael Ingham (“Bishop demands a better theology of sex”) is right in wanting to correct past attitudes of

discrimination and bigotry towards people with a homosexual orientation but wrong when it comes to Biblical exposition.

He cites a common but mistaken view that St. Paul’s negative comments about homosexuality concern “sex between adult

males and young boys.”  In Romans 1, when Paul discusses same-sex behaviour, he speaks about both male and female

homosexual relationships. In the first century, lesbian relationships were not between women of unequal ages but consenting

adults.  Therefore, to assume that the male homosexual relationships Paul refers to were only between adult males and young

boys is not correct.

Bishop Ingham’s position is not shared by the majority of Anglicans nor by many gay people in the church who share Paul’s

view and have taken the route of celibacy or transformation of their orientation.

(The Rev. Dr.) Brett Cane,
St. Aidan’s Anglican Church, Winnipeg.


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