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Anglican Crisis & Tanzania News

UNTO THE THRONE OF MERCY— Mary Ann Harmon (1935-2007), RIP. And while you’re in prayer, remember the wife of this CaNN-fave blogger, too … (t19, bettnet)

OLD ZOMBIE LIBERAL PRIMATES never die– they just scheme and connive and try to make sure their pomps & works endure. Case in point– The Whole Message Conference: Inclusiveness in the Anglican Church of Canada, 13 – 14 April 2007. Keynote Speech A. “In for the long haul” The Most Reverend Michael Peers, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, 1986-2004. You’ll remember Peers– promoted the ECUSA-fication of the Canadian Church; helped invent and later protected Bp. Michael Ingham; promoted same-sexuality, new liturgies, new hymnbooks, and the like, polarized the Can-Ang church (and nearly bankrupted it with Residential-school lawsuits). He also fought against Lambeth Resolutiuon 1.10, and during the subsequent controversy. A real piece of work. And now, just months ahead of the General Synod comes himself in a whiff of brimstone back onto the public Anglican stage. Read the whole program adn lsit of the usual suspects– it’s taking place at the church of the infamous Canon Garth Bulmer, who single-handedly hijacked General Synod 2004, by cleverly inserting the words “integrity and sanctity” into a motion on same-sex relationships. Here’s what Canadian theologian Edith Humphrey said on that matter(Various)

MATT KENNEDY— Embracing Pelagius … (standfirminfaith)

MICHAEL INGHAM GEARS UP for June (General Synod 2007 will be held in Winnipeg Manitoba from June 19th to the 25, 2007) — Bishop demands ‘better theology’ of sex. Bishop Ingham: Bishops’ Response Will Have Impact on Canada. Some Anglicans welcome debate on theology of sex … (gm, lc)

BABY BLUE: Introducing Communique Countdown … (

CANADIAN EVANGELICAL broadcaster Lorna Dueck on the Christian Church and sex … (

FEEL THE LOVE— “The Rev. Dr. Walter Van Zandt Windsor, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, gets all warm and cuddly” … (

EVIL CANTRELL OF EVIL: “PeeBee to the House of Bishops: Stall” … (

LET’S GIT IT ON: “Spong Canada thinks the Christian church needs to lighten up” … (

MARK TOOLEY— Episcopalians and the New World: The Episcopal church gets ready to celebrate its 400th anniversary in America … (weeklystandard)

DELAY OF GAME— “ECUSA isn’t going to make the call next month” … (

PROFESSIONAL ABORIGLICAN LIBERAL Jenny TeaPot (absentee Ahorangi of Te Rau Kahikatea) tells us people are tired of all this Anglican squabbling. Cool: TEC liberals shut up, then … (ens)

PERSECUTED & REJECTED FOR HIS SAKE— A Letter from Bishop-Elect Mark Lawrence to the Standing Committees of the Episcopal Church, March 7, 2007 … (titusonenine)

OUTSIDE LOOKING IN— “I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. I wish more Catholics would get over their reluctance to comment on Anglican affairs” … (

BISHOP IKER: We Stand with the Primates … (sf)

EUROTOPIA— “Equality Act: GB Sexual Orientation Regulations” … (thinkinganglicans)

+MALANGO, Rowan Williams “shares concerns” with renegade Zimbabwean bishop … (magicstatistics)

AAC SOUTH DAKOTA Press Release re: SD votes on Lawrence. The SD Chapter now has a website(aac)

GLOBAL SOUTH SITE: The trivial round, the common task: Sober Notes to Dr Radner – Michael Nai-Chiu Poon. Uncovering the light: the Proposed Covenant our Anglican Heritage. A response to Dr. Poon … (

RATHER NOT BLOG— Compare & Contrast … (rathernot)

+ECUSA-SOUTH SPEAKS UP at the TEAM: Archbishop of Cape Town urges conference to answer God’s call to mission. Working together can teach Communion how to deal with differences, Ndungane says … (ENS)

CT’S TED OLSEN— “Church Divorce Done Right: Denominational splits just aren’t what they used to be” … (christianitytoday)

NUNLEY & DEIMEL— “Not the Bishop”; way to show that “news service for all Episcopalians” impartiality, Jan … (Piscopo)

IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEE! “On Easter, April 8, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transexual, and supportive allies in The Episcopal Church will wear a sign of the rainbow to Church. This Rainbow Presence will be a visible witness to The Episcopal Church’s Welcome of all the children of God and the value of their ministries in church and in the world” … (sf, rp)

WHITEHALL: “100% committed?” … (

VIA T-19: Walter Van Zandt Windsor offers some Thoughts on the Primates Tanzania Comunique … (t19)

CARIOCA: “On Heresy” … (cariocaconfessions)

HEY! LET’S ADD THIS to the MDGs! We must save the whole world, right? “Here’s a bright idea: Set up world climate police under UN”.. cuz those fine folks at the Untied Nations are just so swell(magicstatistics, eyeontheun)

LIBRARIAN SUES ‘gay’ profs over ‘Marketing of Evil’. Christian accused of sexual harassment for recommending best-selling book … (wnd)

LA-LA-LAND JUDGES— 9th Circuit endorses censoring Christians. Ruling says ‘family values’ is hate speech that scares city workers … (wnd)

PEW FORUM— “Panel Dissects Legal Prospects of Gay Marriage”; Three State Courts to Rule on Gay Marriage(pewforum)

GET RELIGION— “The ghost in the decline of marriage story” … (gr)

INSTAPUNDIT— “The “hate crime” approach has been a disaster in Europe, and I think it would be a mistake to emulate it here” … (instapundit)

GOD MADE THEM THAT WAY. Discuss. Get Religion: “Perfectly pedestrian polygamists”; elsewhere, via Diogenes.. “A former Roman Catholic priest said in court Wednesday that the rights of homosexuals have been violated by a state law that makes it easier to prosecute gay pedophiles than heterosexual child molesters” … (gr, offtherecord)

SWARMING MOB— Thousands Rally for Vote on N.C. Gay ‘Marriage’ Ban … (cp)

FYI FOR LIBERALS: “The term “Stone Age” is now considered politically unacceptable. The GEICO cavemen seen nodding in agreement”.. so don’t be calling us Anglican conservatives ‘Neanderthals’, ungh? … (bbc)


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