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June 8, 2008, 8:56 pm
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Religious News

~ PRAYERS, PLEASE for Dawn Eden, as she recovers …. (

~ IRAQI CHRISTIANS Demonstrate in Oslo, Plea for Help From West …. (Wz)

~ NEWS COULD COME after Lambeth on Traditional Anglican Communion …. (

~ TWO SCOOPS of offense in Kellogg’s All Bran …. (

~ THE CAMPAIGN against ‘Saint John Paul’ …. (blogs.telegraph)

~ QUEBEC COMMISSION calls for “open secularism”.. A Quebec commission studying the “reasonable accommodation” of religious and other minorities has recommended “open secularism” as a way to resolve tensions …. (canadianchristianity)

~ THE LOOMING QUESTION: “Your Bloviator has been following with interest the saga of the Traditional Anglican Communion, a breakaway group of beleaguered Anglicans who would dearly love to come over to Rome” …. (

~ HER MAJESTY Elizabeth II – The Last Christian English Queen? …. (

~ SYNDROME sufferers: The Toronto Star’s Oakland Ross writes about a strange malady—Jerusalem syndrome. It strikes Christian and Jewish men whose encounter with the holy city prompts some odd behaviour …. (scaramouche)

~ ANGLICANS to debate conversion-of-Muslims motion– Motion calls on church to proclaim Christianity only route to ultimate salvation …. (wnd)

~ IRAN LAUNCHES Crackdown on Christian Converts; Algeria: Prosecutor Asks Court to Jail Christian Converts …. (Wz)

~ FALSE PROPHETS— Tremors in Oprah’s empire: “Winfrey takes on politics and new-age spiritualism and jeopardizes status” …. (tvguide)

~ SOCIALIST Joy McPhail sees no joy in Christian’s views …. (p2bc)

~ ATHEIST to Benedictine Monk and Priest …. (curtjester)

~ EVIL SAYS WHAT? “We are atheists and for us, having sex in church is like doing it any other place” …. (

~ CANADA’S Catholic Revival …. (

~ JUDAS: A Saint for Our Seasons– “Black is white. Hate is Love. Slavery is Freedom. Treason is Loyalty. That last phrase fits right in to the secular catechism, doesn’t it? All it needs to become holy writ is an avatar, a solid historical personage with the power to turn darkness into light, lies into truth, and betrayal into something that was, in the final analysis, “all good.” …. (

~ DEAR JOHN Bentley Mays– let us pray for you …. (

~ WHACKNUT Father Pfleger Steals Act From Bobcat Goldthwait …. (

~ SOME HOPE FOR the Anglican Church, film at 11:00 to see how that goes …. (MaD)

~ 3,000 Iraqis become Roman Catholics …. (holysmoke)

~ SURELY a mistake? …. (

~ MEGA-CHURCHIANITY: Who is Advising John McCain? …. (

~ A RACIST NATIVE-HATING RACIST? Fond Memories of Residential School …. (

~ ALGERIA Slams Christian Evangelists, “Colonizers, who Violate the Koran and Sunna” …. (Wz)

~ NITWIT BISHOP: Failure To Act On Climate Change Is Like Incestuous Sex Abuse …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ MONKS FORGIVE women on Mount Athos …. (telegraph)

~ ANY QUESTIONS? — It’s to be Excommunication for ordination of women …. (, BB)

~ ANGLICANS on homosexual Marriages, 1978 and today …. (MaD)

~ RABBI DALIN delivers a stunning blow to pope-haters …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ SHOTGUN BLOG— Mass detention of religious minorities in Iran – First Bahai’s and now Christians. Germany: Bring In the Christians …. (shotgun,

~ A ST. AUGUSTINE Story About Relics …. (

~ CURT JESTER: “Who can out-puppet the other?” …. (curtjester)

~ AMERICAN THINKER— “Get Me from the Church on Time” …. (

~ A NEW BOOKPlanet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis, by Michael Ward …. (llamabutchers)

~ SIN ON A BUN: The Forgotten Vice of Gluttony …. (

A horror movie for Sandalistas

~ DOZENS OF historic churches to be closed– Falling attendance, fewer priests, force action by Anglicans, Catholics …. (wnd)

~ CHRISTIANS On Trial: France’s Ambiguous Defense of Habiba Kouider …. (

~ THE ALPHA NARCISSUS— Gay bishop threatens to upstage gays …. (blogs.telegraph,

~ A PRETTY GOOD summa of the humanities …. (worldontheweb)

World War IV

~ AN OPEN LETTER to Barack Obama …. (

~ NASRALLAH’S speech: Hezbollah Ruled, the West was Fooled, By Walid Phares …. (

~ SURPRISE: Nuclear Agency Accuses Iran of Willful Lack of Cooperation …. (

~ WHY THE MULLAHS Will Keep on Fighting Us — and Destroying Iran …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE U.N. AT WORK: “Kids as young as 6 raped by U.N. peacekeepers: Children continue to be sexually abused despite promises to stamp it out ” …. (wnd)

~ GHOST OF A FLEA— “If a future catastrophe is inevitable, its impact has a way of leaping back into the present– “Spengler considers the state of Persia’s pocket empire and the question of whether its masters will acknowledge they have failed or attempt a military adventure. My money too is on adventure” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ PUNDITA— “Isn’t it grand that Iraq now has politics?” …. (

~ SYRIA TO ALLOW Probe of Nuke Site – after they’ve already cleaned up …. (

~ AMERICA DIGEST— Your UN Dollars Fighting Hunger! At the world hunger meeting it’s hard to go hungry: Leaders feast on Italian fare during hunger summit …. (

~ MORE SO THAN ANY ” other Arab regime, the Saudi ruling family knows full well that if Hezbollah takes over Lebanon completely, it could form a united front with Iran, Syria, Hamas and Muqtada Al-Sadr’s martyrs against Israel, the US and pro-American autocratic Arab regimes, especially the Saudi-Wahhabi alliance. What would happen if this scenario actually played out, and who would inexorably benefit?” …. (ivp)

~ THE EU THREATENS the British Constitution …. (MaD)

~ UKRAINIAN famine should be part of genocide course …. (

~ XANTHIPPA: Yet another reason to skip the Beijing Olympics …. (xanthippaschamberpot)

~ LET THEM EAT FROGS! “Rangoon – The military junta began evicting destitute families from cyclone relief centres on Friday and rejected foreign food aid – because people can survive perfectly well by hunting “large, edible frogs.” …. (mypetjawa)

~ HUGH HEWITT— “China Estimates 4,000 Orphaned In The Quake” …. (

~ CRUSHING the Burmese Junta with Panties! …. (


~ DUST MY BROOM: “Anyone know the length of time an abortion is allowed in Canada?” …. (

~ A CHIMERA looks fine on a flag …. (

~ SOCON.CA on “An Irrelevant Group of Men” …. (

~ MIKE ADAMS offers an olive branch to his university’s ‘radical feminists’ in The Ovary Tower …. (sleepyoldbear)

~ MERE COMMENTS— “The Cold Feet of Bachelors” …. (merecomments)

~ ERRING 6th-GRADER WARNED: Stop wearing pro-life T-shirts– ‘It’s scary to stand up to people in authority,’ says mom of boy on a mission …. (worldnetdaily)

~ MEMOIR: Courtney Love resisted abortion …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ SILENCE!! Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioner Fined For Refusing To “Marry” Homosexuals …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ ROBERT JAGO: Teacher torments autistic child …. (rjjago)

~ THE INMATES are running the asylum …. (

~ GRISLY EXHIBITIONISM— “No Way to Tell if Plastinated Bodies Come from Executed Prisoners – Company Admits” …. (

~ ALICE WALKER WAS – and still is – a man-hating feminist who raised her child, Rebecca, in her madness. In fact, when Rebecca announced she was pregnant, her mother disowned her …. (

~ TOM SMITH— Affronts to human dignity …. (pajamasmedia)

~ EASY PICKINS for “Right to Die” Propagandists …. (

~ BROWN and the Blight of British Bioethics …. (evangelicaloutpost)

~ IN CHINA, TRAGEDY COMPOUNDED BY TYRANNY: “Imagine having to get a government certificate in order to obtain permission to have another baby after losing your only child to natural disaster.” But it’s good for Gaia …. (pajamasmedia, hh)

~ SOCON.CA: Protest the Pill Day – June 7 …. (

~ CONTEMPT for motherhood: a feminist ideal …. (

~ P2BC ON The Disappearance of Childhood …. (

~ NEW STUDY— Premature babies ‘need cuddles’: Skin to skin contact with parents reduces stress of painful medical procedures …. (wnd)

~ GIRL ON THE RIGHT: “The abortion that wasn’t” …. (

~ WEININGER’S WOMEN: The Misogyny of Sex and the City …. (evangelicaloutpost)

~ PEOPLE ARE Chimps, too! …. (downwitheverybody)

~ DON’T YOU WANT YOUR LITTLE GIRLS to grow up into druggie hooker-types who sing about sex a lot and publically humiliate themselves on TV? “Fergie is Fun For Kids!” …. (idontlikeyouinthatway)

~ MEMOIR: Courtney Love resisted abortion …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ MALKIN— Liberals: No to transracial adoptions, yes to homosexual adoptions? and “Planned Parenthood’s obscene profits” …. (

~ PRO-WOMAN PRO-LIFE BLOG— Ads are deceptive? The pink elephant …. (

~ TIME IMMORTAL: “So where are these “good reasons” for abortion?” …. (

~ THE MONOGAMOUS Male Marriage: Fidelity, Promiscuity, and Gay Marriage …. (evangelicaloutpost)

~ WHEN DEATHS Outnumber Births — The Parable of Pittsburgh …. (

~ PROGRESSIVE IDEOLOGY is bad for pupils …. (telegraph)

~ LET’S GIVE THE Mommybloggers Some Respect …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE END OF EDUMICATION: “Pupils would no longer study history, geography and science but learn skills such as energy- saving and civic responsibility through projects and themes.” So.. you’ll get a happy-face sticker in Gaia-class? “The enemy within British education” …. (mypetjawa, spectator)

Canuckistan News

~ SOCIALIZED Health Care: Now With No Health Care …. (

~ THE ZENN Motor Company.. “After a public outcry, Transport Canada has taken steps to fast-track approval of the Canadian-made Zenn electric car” …. (

~ MINISTRY OF INFORMATION— “The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. is behind an unprecedented flood of complaints to Canada’s information watchdog. The latest annual report from Information Commissioner Robert Marleau says his office received 536 complaints about the public broadcaster in 2007-2008, more than any other department or agency of government” …. (

~ WORTHWHILE Canadian Sex Scandals …. (

~ MACADAMIA— “There’s no other word for it… It’s a shakedown… as close to extortion as you can get.” …. (

~ BERNIER’S OUT— “There’s a lesson here: don’t leave classified documents at your girlfriend’s place, especially if said girlfriend has been linked with the Hell’s Angels. But I suspect you already knew that” …. (dp)

~ THE PERPETUAL liberal house, of sober second liberal thoughts …. (MaD)

~ WITH A SMILE! Logan’s Run: Death Centres Awaiting Us …. (

~ BLOGGING: It’s Good For Your Health! …. (

~ SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA: “Mayor Pushes To Make Shooting People Illegal In Toronto”. Knife crime ignored while Toronto goes after legal gun owners.. then there’s the pointy-stick and clenched fingers (fist) problem …. (

~ UK MILITARY BLOGGERS— UK Military Bloggers Watching Canadian Forces …. (

~ LIBERAL UTOPIA— “Sen. Obama’s right. There are going to be 57 states!” …. (

~ DUST MY BROOM— “Today, we hate nurses”! …. (

New Media, Teh Interwebs, Blogs

~ GOOGLE CELEBRATES Memorial Day (not); What’s Important to Google? …. (pajamasmedia, lgf)

~ HOTAIR.COM on “Where blogs are blogs and politicians are nervous” …. (

~ MORE GOOGLE suckery– “So today is the D-Day Anniversary. Today is the day RFK died 40 years ago. So Google is celebrating Diego Velázquez’s birthday, natch” …. (nrotc, GofV)

~ CHICOM HACKERISM— “The wood for the trees: Chinese fascists may be directly responsible for endangering the lives of tens of millions of American and Canadian citizens – including my family – and for billions of dollars in lost productivity” …. (ghostofaflea)

~ MALAYSIAN Government to add Comments on Citizen’s Blogs …. (Wz)

~ NET NEUTRALITY, via xanthippas chamberpot …. (xanthippaschamberpot)

~ LGF TECH NOTE: Internet Explorer ‘Adjustments’ …. (lgf)

~ BIG McBROTHER — McDonald’s Tries Out New RFID-enabled Pay-By-Phone Coupons …. (

Weezer salutes YouTube

Pop Culture, Odds & Ends, Geekery

~ NERDY GOODNESS! Phoenix Mars Lander. First pictures from Mars & the coolest live blog on the web …. (neatorama, rjago)

~ OBAMA: Not Auschwitz, but Buchenwald. And not his uncle, but his great-uncle …. (

~ CURSE THOSE SUVs!! Global Warming Strikes Jupiter! …. (

~ ALBERT MOHLER: “Two Biographies of Albert Einstein” …. (

~ A MEMORIAL DAY salute to all-time favorite war films …. (

~ A LATE NIGHT LAUGH: Read Me A Bedtime Story, Mommy …. (sigmundcarlandalfred)

~ THAT BURNY HOT THINGY— “Who would have thought the heat from the Sun would affect the temperature on Earth?” Be worried: “Climate change – as opposed to the consensus about global warming – does not go in one direction. A warmer planet would not be grand but we could deal with it. A colder planet, on the other hand would mean millions of very marginal people would die” …. (

~ CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME: No longer seen as “yuppie flu.” “Some scientists and many patients remain highly critical of the C.D.C.’s record on chronic fatigue syndrome. But nearly everyone now agrees that the syndrome is real.” …. (

~ ARCHAEOLOGISTS’ COMPLAINTS about what Indiana Jones has done to the image of their profession seem a bit overwrought …. (

~ SMART-ALECKY TWERP Isolates Microbe That Eats Plastic, Potentially Saves Earth …. (

~ OUR ELECTRO-GODS— The Illuminati is a selection of photos by photographer Evan Baden that show young people seemingly mesmerized by the glow of their electronic devices. Via …. (filemagazine)

~ PETER SCHJELDAHL’S ‘Let’s See’: Art’s Willing Executioner …. (

~ OK: WE’RE MANLY TECHNO-DWEEBS, TOO— but this guy needs to chill: “1080p Patton – a Revelation.” How much reality-like video do we need, exactly? Isn’t reality best? …. (shotgun)

~ GLOBAL WARMENING THEORIES cost jobs: “Unintended Consequences for Lefties: GM Plant Closures”; Jobless GM Automakers Celebrate Saving The Planet …. (, thepeoplescube)

~ REMEMBERING POOR Tintin’s Beatdowns: The Trauma Chart …. (

~ BREAKING NEWS! “US Army pinned down in bungled assault. Huge civilian casualties. Experts fear grave damage to the environment!” …. (

~ CHOCOLATE: Is there anything it can’t do? “All the talk about chocolate being good for your health is starting to get serious. Mars Inc., of chocolate bar fame, has established a scientific division. And a group of researchers, some in Germany, others with the new Mars division known as Symbioscience, has just published a report showing that an enriched hot cocoa beverage can improve blood flow in people with type 2 diabetes.” …. (pajamasmedia)


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