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February 27, 2008, 8:08 pm
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Tuesday, February 27th, A.D. 2007


~ LENT IS A TIME to live as witnesses of charity – pope …. (

~ VENIAL SINS do not add up to a mortal sin, but.. The distinction is useful, even comforting, as it prevents scrupulosity …. (

~ PURE GOLD: 1st Lenten Sermon of Father Cantalamessa …. (

~ ST. HILARY of Poitiers, A Worthy Apostolic Example …. (

~ PERFECT Lenten reading– Print Your Own Catholic Books! …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ FRED SANDERS— Sinning Like Sheep …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ LENTEN STATION CHURCH: San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura by Mountain Butorac. And San Vitale by Mountain Butorac …. (

~ LENTEN SERIES: Dante’s Divine Comedy pt 3: gates of hell, Limbo …. (felixhominum)

~ AMY WELBORN— “Saints and commemorations” …. (amywelborn)

~ ANCHORESS: “Lent: Holy Places & the Gates of Hell” …. (Anchoress)

~ THROUGH THE PRAYERS of Our Holy Fathers …. (fatherstephen)

~ SUNDAY OF the Prodigal Son …. (benedictseraphim)

~ DIOGENES— “the meaning of lent made plain” …. (cwnews)

~ DANTE, REDUX— Go To Hell …. (

~ INSIDE CATHOLIC— “During Lent, you will hear some version of the following from the pulpit: “This is the season to volunteer in charitable causes, to give back in service to the community, in a labor of love.” …. (

~ SOME COOL Inferno Stuff …. (

~ HOLY WHAPPING: “It’s still Lent! Do you know where your penances are?” …. (

~ EXCERPTS from the Ecological Stations of the Cross …. (splendoroftruth)

~ THE TEARS of Abraham By R.R. Reno …. (firstthings)

~ THE CROSS OF CHRIST the Measure of World – Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman …. (

~ LENTEN READING— Religion: 10 books…. (worldontheweb)

Friday in Lent: Miserere

Current Religious News….

~ DID YOU KNOW the Pope is coming to the United States? …. (amywelborn)

~ THE PROFESSOR POPE: St Augustine defined the right kind of secularism. Separation of church and state, or the church is free from the state …. (

~ ANGLICAN CHURCH of Canada roundup by the Clash. Priests inhibited, parishes vote, Bishops react. “Anglican Church facing danger point, says expert” …. (felixhominum)

~ ZZZZZ… “Oh look. There’s another Complete Waste of Time Important Anglican Plan™ out there” …. (

~ RABBI DOW MARMUR: “Lord’s Prayer is worth keeping” …. (

~ PALESTINIAN Christians are targets for the jihadis. indeed even Muslims are targets for the jihadis. They are killing Christians in the middle east at the drop of a hat …. (

~ KABOOM. BLUB BLUB BLUB– THE GAP between the two sides in the ongoing conflict over same-sex blessings within the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) just got much wider …. (

~ FR. DWIGHT LONGENECKER: “What in the Liturgy Is Going On?” …. (insidecatholic)

~ THE SHACK is Christianity’s latest runaway best-selling book — and author Willam P. Young was in Abbotsford, BC last weekend for his only Canadian appearance …. (

~ SUFFERING the Little Children …. (merecomments)

~ FR. RAY DE SOUZA: A Christian in Bethlehem; “It must be wearying for those who live here, in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, always explaining themselves and the situation to a never-ending flow of visitors. Palestinian Christians live in constant fear.” The National Post tells a story the media rarely covers, while the BBC issues a rare apology …. (

~ FAKING IT— The Liar Ron Hubbard plagiarized Scientology from a German book. Gee– kinda like proto-Mormon Joseph Smith, then? KJV & ‘View of the Hebrews‘ …. (Various)

~ THE YEAR of Benedict …. (freerep)

~ ‘END OF AN ERA’ for Anglicans– St. Hilda’s Anglican Church isn’t just in a theological battle, it’s in a legal one …. (nationalpost)

~ DIOGENES: WHERE DISAGREEMENT ” is impossible, agreement is worthless. It’s not unlikely that the homily you heard this Sunday was an example of doctrinal dilution. If it was, ask yourself: was it in any sense Good News? Is there anyone, in any circumstances, alive in any epoch, for whom it could be?” …. (offtherecord)

~ CHURCH IN THE USA: winners and losers– Which churches are the country’s largest? by Julian Duin …. (

~ ALGERIA SENTENCES First Christian Priest Under New Law …. (

~ ELSEWHERE, IN ROWAN-LAND— A 30-year-old problem. When sociology trumps Revelation, where can one possibly stop? …. (nationalpost)

~ HATER Louis Farrakhan: “Barack Obama Is the Hope of the Entire World” …. (

~ CATHOLIC YOUNG ADULTS place great importance on marriage but have turned away from church-based ideas of how to make it work, according to a study released last week by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University …. (

~ SACRILEGE and Theft at the University of Dallas …. (

~ CHURCH WALLS & ‘T- Ray’ Technology: Strips People and Frescoes …. (

~ +CANTUAR SUCCESSOR? Place your bets on Sentamu …. (holysmoke)

~ THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT ” is what Lefties call believing Christians during an election year. Believers are generally loathed by the glitterati, but there’s votes in them thar hills, and every four years, in order to score higher in the southern states, the Democratic leadership makes tardy and risibly lame attempts at church-going. It always backfires” …. (offtherecord)

Why am I a Catholic?

~ SRI LANKA: SHOOTING KILLS PASTOR; WIFE CRITICALLY INJURED– 2-year-old son suffers minor injuries, psychological trauma …. (compassdirect)

~ THE SILENT Seismic Revolution: Muslims Leaving Islam …. (

~ GEORGE WEIGEL has a very incisive column titled “Questions for Father General,” in which he challenges the Jesuit Superior to put to rest the skepticism of many Catholics about the Jesuit claim to remain the Pope’s loyal servants …. (offtherecord)

~ BAD THEOLOGY— “The influence of the black liberation theology of James H. Cone appears in the political philosophy of Barack Obama as well as in the recent controversial statement about national pride made by Michelle Obama” …. (americanthinker)

~ SAUDI COLUMNIST Laments Expulsion of Christians from Arab Countries …. (

~ WHO WAS ‘Theophilus’ in Luke and Acts? …. (

~ THE ENGLISH Eccentric May Yet Save England …. (

~ OBAMA CHRIST, Superstar. Is Obama the messiah? Websites capture wave of transcendent fervor …. (, wnd)

~ TRANSFORMATIVE DRAMA— “In Macbeth Shakespeare presented the moral phenomena in such a way that those who respond to his art must, in some way or another, become better human beings” …. (

~ RARE DOCUMENTS from Vatican’s Inquisition office on show in Rome …. (freerep)

~ ENGLAND’S ATTITUDE to Jews, israel and Zionism: a Catholic view …. (irenelancaster)

~ THE THEOLOGY OF Obama: The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. Fueling Obamania With the Milk of Infantile Omnipotence …. (

~ A NEW ANGLICAN DEITY? Flatula, “God of the Winds and Gases”.. silent but deadly …. (felixhominum)

~ PRESERVES The Recitation of The Lord’s Prayer– An Open letter to Dalton McGuinty …. (canadafreepress)

~ JESUS AS THE “greater than Solomon” in the land of Galilee …. (

~ CHRISTIAN PUBLISHER Transitions to Eco-Friendly Bibles …. (christianpost)

~ REMEMBERING Newman’s battle against liberalism …. (

~ ANTI-CHRIST, “Oops, I Mean Oprah’s Reinvention of Jesus Picks Up Steam” …. (freerep)

~ UNIVERSITY SHOOTINGS— Christianity, Evil and Moral Lethargy by Denise Morris …. (boundlessline)

~ SO WHAT IS THE World Council of Churches, Anyway? Consensus: Cooperation or Coercion? … (

~ FOG IN THE PULPIT— “Below is Fr. Andrew Greeley’s homiletic “background” to yesterday’s gospel of the Transfiguration. It’s a fine illustration of progressivist discourse, and will explain the dread that grips believing Catholics whenever their pastor climbs into the pulpit” …. (offtherecord)

~ JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, Mormons Fastest-Growing ‘Churches’ in U.S. …. (christianpost)

~ WHAT-NOW? UN calls for disestablishment of the Church of England …. (

~ COMEDIAN BILL MURRAY’S sister, Dominican nun, actor too …. (

~ CAPTAIN YIPS— “I’d stopped paying much attention to Seabury-Western a while back. though I worshiped in the Chapel of St. John the Divine for my undergrad years. It’s been pretty much a blather factory, conscientiously, resolutely, supporting The New Thing. Just not a very interesting place” …. (captainyips)

~ WITTENBURG DOOR — “Lord, Transform My Enemy Into One of Those Little Colored Chickens They Sell at Easter” …. (wittenburgdoor)

~ CHAIRMAN Announces McDonald’s will sell Whoppers along with Big Macs at Franchises …. (

World War IV — The Jihad, Part XXXVIII….

~ ROCKETS from Gaza: Facts and Figures …. (israpundit)

~ IRANIAN dissidents: Tehran’s building a bomb. UN Super-duper Seriously Concerned with Iran’s Nuke Program …. (Various)

~ IF THE UN HAD A MEDIA CENSORSHIP PROGRAM, Is This What It Would Look Like? The Mystery Commissar of UN Media Coverage …. (pajamasmedia)

~ REUTERS: Iran fails to answer weapons questions: IAEA – ‘The U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Friday it confronted Iran for the first time with Western intelligence reports showing work linked to making atomic bombs and that Tehran had failed to provide satisfactory answers…’ …. (solomonia)

~ GAZA’S CULTURE of Self-Destruction …. (pajamasmedia)

~ A TIMELY REMINDER of Iranian Support for Terrorism …. (washingtoninstitute)

~ NEW STUDY: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West extremism …. (wnd)

~ A MOSLEM REPUBLIC IN EUROPE— Bush Adminstration Unites with Al Qaeda in Kosovo; US Embassy in Belgrade is torched. Kosovo bought and paid for by Saudi Arabia …. (canadafreepress, israpundit)

~ KOSOVAN independence is fake.. Real power lies with EU officials backed by Western firepower. Kosovo: Pandora’s Box …. (,

~ JOSCELYN on the Death of Imad Mugniyah …. (

~ SAVIOUR Obama Submits MDG Bill to Congress …. (descant)

~ KOSOVO: A New Day of Infamy for a New Century …. (orthodoxytoday)

~ FITZGERALD: By their metaphors shall ye know them– “The employment of “filthy bacteria” by Iran’s Ahmadinejad can be compared not only to the imagery, with murderous consequences, of the Nazis, but to the standard Arab metaphor for Israel” …. (jihadwatch)

~ TURKISH TROOPS enter north Iraq …. (bbc)

~ AYAAN HIRSI ALI in Dallas. The Ayaan Hirsi Ali Protection Fund …. (crunchycon)

~ CUBAN HEALTH CARE— Ilya Somin isn’t convinced it’s as wonderful as the Castropologists claim …. (damianpenny)

~ NAZITOONS.. Cartoons drawn by Hitler? …. (nzherald)

~ KOSOVO: Islamism’s New Beachhead? …. (frontpagemag)

~ BOX-CUTTER Found in Passenger’s Luggage …. (

~ HOW DELIGHTFUL! Stasi still in charge of Stasi files …. (WikiLeaks)

~ THE LAST EUROPE: Death by Self-Annihilation …. (

~ EVIL SUPERPOWERS— Castro Cthulhu Forever:The Eternal Rule of the Fascist Mind …. (americandigest)

LifeWatch ….

Many Of Your Betters Are In Love With Death

~ FAMILIES JOIN FIGHT for The Unborn Victims of Crime Bill …. (

~ CANADA: WHAT, A COUNTRY? “One body, one person, one count” …. (

~ WOMAN IN COMA awakened as doctors about to shut off life support …. (

~ SHOCK: Newborns Who Suffer are “Better off Dead” – “World’s Most Prestigious” Bioethics Journal …. (lifesitenews)

~ INTO THE (abortion) danger zone …. (

~ PTBC adds Canadian abortion counter …. (p2bc)

~ DOUG STANHOPE’S comedic take on abortion is offensive, but he gets to some truths about the issue …. (

~ CURT JESTER on “Futile Care Theory” …. (curtjester)

~ PLANNED PARENTHOOD of Kansas Must Turn Over Records …. (

~ THE TRUTH About Sensational Kidney Thefts …. (livescience)

~ BLOOD-SOAKED MILLIONAIRE Abortionist Morgentaler not on Order of Canada list for ’08. Doctor’s assistant: ‘Blasphemy’ that he has not yet received award …. (wnd, cfp)

~ THE COMING FREEZE: Demographic Winter – decline of the human family …. (

~ WESLEY J. SMITH: “I am still taken aback by the Hastings Center Report publishing a pro infanticide article–bringing that agenda into the heart of the bioethics mainstream” …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ TRAGEDY— Artist hangs herself after aborting her twins. Suicide note: ‘I see now I would have been a good mum’ …. (wnd)

~ CHRISTIANITY.CA— “It’s Not About Abortion – Unborn Victims of Crime Act” …. (

~ MIXED NEWS: For the first time, stem cells taken from human embryos have produced gains in treatment of diabetes– in mice …. (cwnews)

~ SPEW ALERT.. AWESOME Video: Colbert on teh ghey …. (

~ DIOGENES nails it, as usual: “the choice of the pro-choice pros” …. (offtherecord)

~ “CATHOLIC” Ex-PM Jean Chretien to Receive Order of Canada for His “Legacy” – “Same-Sex Unions”. Hell has some special prizes waiting, too, Jean …. (lifesitenews)

~ CRUNCHY CON— “The bride’s a slut. They call it progress” …. (

~ MURDER, DEATH, KILL!! — Luxemburg Close to Legalizing Euthanasia Medical Murder …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ WOULD U.S. MEDIA GRIEVE for Woman that Committed Suicide After an Abortion? …. (newsbusters)

~ 99% DETECTION of early-stage ovarian cancer. Bring it on! …. (instapundit)

~ FOR THE CHILDREN— A review of Marriage and Caste in America: Separate and Unequal Families in a Post-Marital Age, by Kay S. Hymowitz …. (

~ A NEW TACTIC in human trafficking schemes …. (magicstatistics)

~ CELESTIAL JUNK: “When Humans Cease to be Humans” …. (

~ WHITE PEOPLE LIKING and Not Liking Stuff White People Like …. (americandigest)

~ GREYVALANCHE— “The Baby Boomers’ retirement will change the texture of society in ways we’ve scarcely begun to contemplate. A dispatch from America’s coming silver age” …. (

~ REFORMED PASTOR: Abortion By Ethical Fiat …. (reformedpastor)

~ SELLING HER BODY, a Few Eggs at a Time …. (breakpoint)

~ AN UTTERLY REPELLENT Article about Utterly Repellent People: Pity the children of these loathsome materialists …. (

~ SLEEP WELL— “The Manitoban College of Physicians has recently come out and said that doctors have the right to euthanize anyone above the wishes of the family” …. (

~ HUSBAND’S “Rollicking” Woke Up Woman From Coma …. (

~ FATHER KNOWS BEST: “Sometimes we parents wonder if what we are saying to our kids carries any weight. Is it really getting through? Is anybody listening?” …. (

~ SOCIALIZED MEDICINE Just Keeps Getting More Glorious …. (

~ VIA SERGE’S BLOG— On a Controversial Issue™.. Mark Shea (do get an RSS feed) writes …. (

~ MALL PORN— “You visit the local mall with your children tagging along, and the last thing you want to have to worry about is those youngsters seeing images you wouldn’t allow in the privacy of your own home” …. (breakpoint)

~ THE POSTER family for Anti-Natalism …. (crunchycon)

~ MOHLER: Our House or the Big House? It’s Parents or Prisons …. (albertmohler)

~ ASK DR. HELEN: Is Male Bashing Curable? …. (pajamasmedia)

~ THE NEW HPV inoculation may not be the right drug at right time …. (P2BC)

~ ROBERT P. GEORGE & CHRISTOPHER TOLLEFSEN: Let’s not dehumanize embryonic humans …. (NRO)

~ FALSELY ACCUSED Duke lacrosse players suing university …. (

~ DREHER: “Life is too short to eat margarine” …. (crunchycon)

~ WARNING! Gun Free Zones Can Be Deadly …. (

~ TRAGIC LUNACY— At 8, I couldn’t even spell “transgendered” …. (

~ UNFORTUNATE Names 2 …. (

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Less Mafia-Like Management

~ LEGION.CA— “The Royal Canadian Legion has announced today it is initiating an “RCL Troop Morale Fund” to buy the troops deployed in Afghanistan a Tim Hortons coffee and a doughnut” …. (

~ CANADIAN MEDIA issues national warning about newly released pedophile …. (

~ NATIONAL Tories, Grits in dead heat …. (ottawasun)

~ NEO-PLAGUES— “Toronto, with its growing immigrant population, will likely see an increase of deadly, contagious tuberculosis, experts say. The current system simply couldn’t handle an outbreak, but the province has yet to make the changes required to protect citizens” …. (

~ THE QUEBEC LIBERALS are busy trying to shred the castonguay report. They started almost immediately after its release…. (

~ SELF-RIGHTEOUS VANDALS: B.C.’s attorney general says a group of anti-poverty activists who vandalized Premier Gordon Campbell’s constituency office are nothing more than a “lawless” bunch intent on “terrorizing people.” …. (,

~ THE CANADIAN PRESS: Filling your mind up with crap …. (dustmybroom)

~ BLAMBLAMBLAM: More Kids With Already-Banned Guns Shooting More People In Canada. We’ll just have to start banning all banned guns, then! …. (

~ SHAIDLE— Yet they’re the only ones who never seem to do it… StuffWhitePeopleLike: #75 — Threatening To Move To Canada …. (5FOF)

~ PROVINCIAL Governments Should Use Their Constitutional Powers On Immigration …. (canadafreepress)

~ CANADIAN FIRM a potential source for dirty-bomb material …. (

~ DYSFUNCTIONATION— Yellow Quill First Nation: Grant money stolen by councillors …. (dustmybroom)

The Interwebs, Blogs, Digital Life

~ ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Issues Non-Apology Apology to Blogger …. (newsbusters)

~ THE VERY SCARY Internet Censorship in Thailand …. (WIKILEAKS)

~ THE NY TIMES – Struggles of a Dying Beast …. (rogerlsimon)

~ TWO MUCKRAKING websites are attracting controversy. enables anonymous dissidents to post documents revealing government corruption, and a California judge just shut it down …. (worldontheweb)

~ EVO OUTPOST: My Media Addiction …. (

~ JONATHAN BRINK @ Missio Dei contemplates the sublime beauty of The Delete Button …. (americandigest)

~ GOOGLE To Store Patients’ Health Records. Google exploring records biz …. (apnews, worldontheweb)

~ YAHOO TO FACE SUIT over jailing of Chinese dissident …. (

~ “GOTCHA” journalism backfires on the New York Times …. (

~ ONE FOR WIKILEAKS and Google …. (telegraph)

~ THE NY TIMES reports that females are taking over the Internet …. (publiuspundit)

~ DON’T PANIC, Your Data Is Secure …. (pajamasmedia)

~ STEALING SO-CALLED encrypted data now easier than ever …. (

~ FINANCIAL TIMES – a cesspit of europhiliac misrepresentation …. (

~ HACKER TAKES on iTunes …. (worldontheweb)

~ SOMETHING to do while waiting for the Internet …. (americandigest)

Culture, Odds & Ends ….

~ OBAMA’S Campaign and The Real Meaning of That Che Guevara Flag …. (

~ CLIMATE CHANGE Food for Thought. Even the warmists can feel this chill …. (, telegraph)

~ ALTHOUSE— “Eloquence is deep thought expressed in clear words. With Mr. Obama the deep thought part is missing.” …. (

~ THE PARENT’S BASEMENT GANG— A Guide To Fan Husbandry …. (neatorama)

~ — Poonovation. Take The Tour— Poonovation. Take The Tour …. (

~ THE 10 EMERGING Emerging Technologies of 2008 …. (technologyreview)

~ ALTHOUSE— “Gotta blow my nose here for a second.” — Barack Obama blows his nose. And gets applause. And gets a news story about how he blew his nose and got applause. And 1,000 blog posts that link to it. Have we reached peak adulation yet? …. (

~ TOP 25 Strangest College Courses …. (

~ FUN WITH Classic Movies as Russian Folk Art …. (

~ INDEED, THEY’RE Geeky Cufflinks …. (neatorama)

~ NEW CRITERION: The Barack Candy Mountains …. (newcriterion)

~ HARBIN Ice and Snow World 2007 …. (rtoddking)

~ ALEXANDER COCKBURN tells spiked that when he dared to question the climate change consensus he was met by a tsunami of self-righteous fury …. (spiked-online)

~ SEMICOLON Celebration– and don’t forget: “It’s is is not, it isn’t ain’t, and it’s it’s, not its, if you mean it is. If you don’t, it’s its. Then too, it’s hers. It isn’t her’s. It isn’t our’s either. It’s ours, and likewise yours and theirs.” …. (

~ THOMAS S. HIBBS: The Spiderwick Chronicles is not your father’s favorite fairy tale …. (nationalreview)

~ THESIS FOR LIFE: reports on Michelle Obama’s Princeton senior thesis …. (rightwingnews)

~ TEH HORROR! — Worst songs of the nineties (slideshow). Most of them really are pretty dreadful …. (PW)

~ HOW DID WE END UP With Obama? Keep the “change.” Victor Davis Hanson …. (pajamasmedia)

~ TEN ESSENTIAL POEMS to memorize in school …. (

~ DOOMED! DOOMED!! THEY TELL YOU! Global Warming Will Cause Giant Snakes to Take Over America …. (newsbusters)

~ ORIGAMIC Architecture: Stunning Sculptures Cut Out of Paper …. (neatorama)

~ VIDEOS of Earthrise, taken from the moon …. (

~ TWO YEARS OF BATTLE between HD DVD and Blu-ray: a retrospective …. (

~ STUFF MART and Other Ill-Advised Business Names …. (neatorama)

~ FAWLTY TOWERS radical chic …. (boingboing)


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