The WebElf Report

Ungh? OOoog. Bugronk…
February 24, 2008, 12:48 pm
Filed under: CaNN Commentary


Here at the WebElf Report/ CaNN, we’re a bit like the caveman who a guy who once met someone else who heard of another guy who personally knew the caveman who actually invented fire. But– fire itself is still a bit of a technical mystery, truth be told.

We still lovingly hand-craft our HTML, pretty much like we did back in 1994– we even read Weeb-books to keep up to speed. Graphics? Cave-painting with a mouse.. got it. Blogs? Blank looks for a long while .. but we eventually clued in, years late. Web 2.0? No idea. RSS? Takes much mojo, propitious sacrifice of rare lizards, and all the right incantations, or something like that.

Now, thanks to the mysterious powers of Kathy Shaidle, we’ve got our very own hard-won piece of this ‘ArrEssEss‘ substance stuck onto the website.

Please sign on to the RSS, and tell people we’ve joined the cadre of 20th century web-thingy users.



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