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February 1, 2008, 12:18 am
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Thursday, January 31st, A.D. 2007


~ BENEDICT XVI’s Lenten Address: “Almsgiving, According to the Gospel, Is Not Mere Philanthropy.” Welborn: The focus is on almsgiving …. (, Amywelborn)

~ PETER TOON: Preparing for LENT: Ash Wednesday – Why no call for FASTING in the Collect? Quinquagesima Sunday— LENT begins in 3 days— February 3, 2008 …. (

~ THE PANCAKE SONG … Hey, Shrove Tuesday is coming …. (

~ EASTER’S COMING EARLY this year (and here’s why); a complete listing of Easter dates from the year 326 through 4099 …. (freerep, offtherecord)

~ ST. ISAAC the Syrian and the Door of Heaven …. (fatherstephen)

Eucharistic and lovely

Current Religious News….

~ PRAYERS for Dawn Eden, recovering from Thyroid surgery …. (DE)

~ PONTIFF: Knowledge of the Person Beyond Science …. (zenit)

~ KENYA on the brink; Diogenes on déjà vu …. (skdiocese, offtherecord)

~ BOSTON CATHOLICS: Get tickets to see the Pope in New York! …. (bettnet)

~ AUGUSTINE on God and Happiness …. (

~ SAPIENZA: University scholars miss pope’s point …. (

~ DALLAS: “Scripture and the Gospel have no boundaries” – Bishop Donald Harvey …. (anglican-mainstream)

~ THERE’S NO CAUSE SO LAME, that this guy won’t support it– “Archbishop of Canterbury calls for new law to punish ‘thoughtless or cruel’ words”; in other news, Islam neo-puritan trends ‘barbaric’ says ABC at HMD …. (, timescolumns)

~ DERB: “Fr. Edward Oakes, rallies the faithful against atheism in a fine piece of polemic on the First Things website” …. (nationalreview)

~ THEOLOGICAL ETHIC CLEANSING ALMOST COMPLETE: “No One Left to Say No” in ECUSA; Flashers, an Anglican Priest, and Progressive “Thinking” …. (bovinabloviator, sf)

~ VATICAN Announces Global Campaign for a “Moratorium” on Abortion …. (standfirminfaith)

~ THE FORMER HEAD of the Anglican Church in Jerusalem, who wanted to divest Israel of her assests is now himself being accused of alleged fraud by his own diocese …. (irenelancaster)

~ BIBLES: available, accessible and ignored ….(CW)

~ JORDAN: AUTHORITIES EXPEL FOREIGN CHRISTIANS— Local believers fear kingdom’s traditional religious tolerance may be waning …. (

~ ECUMENISM & the Pope …. (

~ ATHEISM & VIOLENCE, By Edward T. Oakes, S.J. …. (firstthings)

~ RESTRICTIONS by Israel on Roman Catholics …. (

~ PONDERING ESCATOLOGY: “The Internet Monk has some interesting Cloverfield-inspired musings about his own attempts to figure out Christians eschatology” …. (

~ REVIEW OF Six of the World’s Seven Trappist Ales …. (

~ RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION and Forced Conversion in Iran? …. (NRO)

~ GOD, MORAL Judgment, and the Death Penalty …. (albertmohler)

~ CHURCH CROSS covered for voting booths? …. (canadafreepress)

~ FAIILURE OF THE THERAPEUTIC— Among the Intellectualoids: What the religious left doesn’t understand about evangelical support for Israel …. (spectator)

~ BENEDICT XVI: Miracles Show God Is Near …. (

~ ROBOT SCRIBE copies the Bible as a performance art event …. (

~ MOHLER— “The Winds of Faith” and The Looming Tower …. (albertmohler)

Ordinary Miracle

~ LIBERAL Protestants and politics: there they go again …. (

~ THE POLITICAL Victory of Katharine Jefferts Schori? “Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori steered the House of Bishops through politically choppy waters, giving no ground on the Episcopal Church’s past actions” by Ralph A. Webb …. (

~ ATHEISM and Fatherlessness | A Review of Paul Vitz’s Faith of the Fatherless | Father Brian Van Hove, S.J. …. (ignatiusinsight)

~ AND IN OTHER Anglican News, Things Are Not Well In the Diocese of Jerusalem …. (descant)

~ BEGINNING of the New Year Nunstuff …. (theanchoressonline)

~ BREAKPOINT— Religion and the Death Penalty …. (breakpoint)

~ DO THE HAPPY DANCE! ‘Nothing is broken. Lambeth is going ahead, Rowan is fine and it’s steady as she goes’ …. (standfirminfaith)

~ MORMON leader dies; Not all sources are created equal …. (sergesblog, gr)

~ LIBERAL Denominations combine as memberships decline …. (kendallharmon)

~ CATHOLIC Charities v. The State …. (

~ IF A PICTURE “paints a thousand words, then what’s up with the Lambeth Logo?” …. (

~ CHRISTIAN NEUROSURGEON: Life is about risk. And “R-rated sacrilege” …. (WaTi)

~ GHOST in the Hrant Dink anniversary; Short tmatt Orthodox comment …. (gr)

~ FRESH NASTINESS: Jesus Terrorist …. (

~ DREHER: Re-thinking the meat guzzler …. (crunchycon)

~ CRUNCHY CON: The new (Evangelical) monastics …. (crunchycon)

~ INSTITUTE OF Religion & Democracy: Human Rights in an Age of Terror …. (

~ THE HIVE-MIND: “So who is running the Anglican Communion anyway? It’s not who you think it is – or maybe it is. The British are always kind in their understatements – but underneath the kindness is a pointed question – just who is giving the orders?” …. (

~ SOCON.CA: On Deferring Adulthood …. (

~ THE TRANSLATION of the Relics of Our Father Among the Saints, Ignatios the God-bearer …. (benedictseraphim)

~ CRANMER BLOG: Anglican Muslims? …. (

~ INTELLECTUAL BLASPHEMY— The witch-hunting of a climate change sceptic …. (spiked-online)

~ REFORMED PASTOR: A Presbytery Debates, Hilarity Ensues; Twin Cities Barges Ahead …. (reformedpastor)

~ THE LANCET— “Irresponsible” in Calling for More Contraceptives …. (

~ NASTY LIKE JESUS? Use of Tough Rhetoric in Christianity …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ QUITE possibly the worst liturgy ever …. (

~ SENTAMU stands the Pope a beer …. (, freerep)

~ COURAGE: Hanoi’s Archbishop Ready for Arrest …. (freerep)

~ INTERVARSITY Flirts with Catholicism …. (firstthings)

22 Minutes on CBC bias and blogging

~ WHEN IS STUPIDITY A Sin? by Alice Von Hildebrand …. (insidecatholic)

~ HEADLAM: An Olympian Standard of Bible Study …. (scriptoriumdaily)

~ IN A NUTSHELL: “Want to see some illustrations of the reasons why the mainline churches are in trouble? Look no farther than the story in the Roanoke Times today about a visit by Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefforts-Schori to southwestern Virginia” …. (reformedpastor)

~ MY CHURCH, My Strip Mall, By Anthony Sacramone …. (firstthings)

~ CURT JESTER IS ALL EXCITED: “Wow – let’s get on the bandwagon!” …. (curtjester)

~ “THE FAITHFUL DEPARTED” – The Collapse of Boston’s Catholic culture …. (

~ : Baptists Are People, Too; Hardcore Baptist Pick-up Lines …. (

World War IV — The Jihad, Part XXXVIII….

~ ISRAELI DEFENSE MINISTER Ehud Barak said, in an interview published Saturday, that Iran is “quite advanced” in its work on atomic weapons and may already be fashioning a nuclear warhead …. (

~ DAVID WARREN: Witless in Gaza; Invasion of Egypt …. (proudtobecanadian, dw)

~ MAHMOUD AHMINAJIHAD tells West: Accept Israel’s ‘imminent collapse’ …. (haaretz)

~ A MOUNTING JIHAD in the Sinai, By: P. David Hornik. Iran moving in, Egypt showing its true colors …. (frontpagemag)

~ PALEOSTINIAN state temporary ruse to destroy Israel’– Official television network calls for ‘liberation’ of ‘all Palestine’; The poor penniless people of Gaza don’t seem to be really that Penniless …. (wnd, sandmonkey)

~ TALIBAN Growing in Pakistan …. (

~ THE BLANK SLATE: Who is Barack Obama, really? What do Americans really know about him? “While officials here largely maintain a policy against interfering in U.S. election politics, some Israeli security officials quietly expressed “concern” about an adviser to Sen. Barack Obama who has advocated negotiations with Hamas and providing international assistance to the terrorist group”; Obama’s Pastor Utters Hateful/Racist Remarks …. (

~ DISGRUNTLED Egyptians Fire On Gazans …Update: Gazans Fire Back. The destrution of the apartheid wall between Gaza and Egypt ushers in a new era of Gaza-Egyptian relations …. (

~ THE VIRTUAL BATTLEFIELD— “The President has signed a directive, exact contents still unknown, to authorize NSA to monitor the Internet against cyber-intrusion” …. (

~ OUR FRIENDS— “Britain’s head of overseas intelligence warned that Saudi Arabia likely would stop sharing vital information on terrorism if prosecutors pursued an investigation into alleged corruption in an arms deal, lawmakers disclosed Tuesday” …. (jihadwatch)

~ HE DIDN’T GIVE AT THE OFFICE: “Remember that picture of Yasser Arafat, blood donor?” …. (weeklystandard)

~ FOUR ALLEGED Islamist extremists pleaded guilty today over a plot to kidnap a Muslim member of the Armed Forces from Birmingham City Centre and then behead him “like a pig” …. (mypetjawa)

~ SPECIAL REPORT: The Hamas Propaganda War. How the MSM handed Hamas a PR victory …. (honestreporting)

~ HMMMMM.. First They Came for the Gays: Honor-Shame and the Rule of Law …. (solomonia)

~ DEATH OF A MONSTER: By their eulogies shall ye know them …. (spectator)

~ NORTH KOREA Calls for Formal End to Korean War …. (

~ AN HATEFUL Postcard Of Anne Frank In Palestinian Scarf By Mike Pechar …. (rightwingnews)

~ HOW CHINA helped bring down the Berlin Wall …. (

Beijing – Human Rights Violations in China

~ FUREDI: “Those of us committed to true European ideals should challenge the EU oligarchy’s disdain for democracy and demand a referendum” …. (spiked-online)

~ EÜBERTOPIA: Twilight of the Nation-State– European transnationalism is a utopian dream, Pierre Manent warns …. (victorhanson)

William Hague gets it right

LifeWatch ….

Many Of Your Betters Are In Love With Death

~ GERRY HUNTER— Monday – and Other – Surprises …. (lfbtl)

~ PRETTY MUCH— “Arms and stuff” – abortion tutorial at Yale Med …. (vARIOUS)

~ JAY CURRIE: Secure people have babies …. (jaycurrie)

~ “CHINA-LITE”Two-Child Policy Bills Proposed in Philippines Include Criminal Sanctions …. (lifesite)

~ WARREN: “A “brave new world” yawns before us, in which all kinds of eugenic intervention can be justified, now that this “antiquated” principle is removed. We may instinctively recoil from a society that extends the contrary principle from abortion to infanticide and “euthanasia,” to genetic tampering that will systematically elide distinctions between human and animal life. We may recoil from our historical memory of an earlier triumph of eugenics, symbolized today by Adolf Hitler’s ideal of a “master race,” with the power to enslave or slaughter all “lesser” human beings at will” …. (davidwarrenonline)

~ MATTINGLY— “Juno” and pro-life Hollywood …. (gospelcom)

~ ABORTION: The Innocent Blood of Our Sons and Daughters …. (freerepublic)

~ VIOLENCE and the new atheism, by Margaret Cabaniss …. (insidecatholic)

~ LEFTIST CANADIAN Auto Workers Union Funds Gay Lobby Group to Promote Homosexuality in Schools …. (lifesite)

~ PLANNED PARENTHOOD demands cheaper birth control for all …. (michellemalkin)

~ THE SOCIOLOGY of ‘Hooking Up’ …. (insidehighered, instapundit)

~ THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ON female genital mutilation …. (instapundit)

~ “REAL SOLUTIONS” and Teen Sex …. (p2bc)

~ WAH, BOO-HOO, I’m still alive: Study finds middle age is truly depressing …. (reuters)

~ ELIZABETH MARQUARDT’S beautiful article shows the complicated ways divorce affects death …. (

~ SUPPORTING the Murderer of a Disabled Girl …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ THE WORLD’S FIRST Pro-Life Film Festival: Cinema Vita means “Films for Life” …. (

~ THE NEED FOR Uniform Criteria to Declare Death by Neurological Criteria …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ HUSH, HUSH! Homosexuals Squelch Facts About MRSA Outbreak, Conservatives Say; New Staph Strain Circulating in Gay, Bisexual Men …. (

~ GEORGIA cracks down on child prostitution …. (worldontheweb)

~ THE HIGH PRICE of Biological Colonialism …. (wesleyjsmith)

~ MORE ARE grasping abortion’s emotional wounds …. (

~ TAKING A STAND: “The American Family Association-led boycott of Ford Motor Company began in May 2005. It was temporarily suspended while a group of Ford dealers tried to sway the decision makers at headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. When those efforts failed, the boycott was turned back on in March 2006. Since that time, the boycott’s force has grown and Ford’s numbers have declined” …. (

~ CLUELESS MEDICINE DISCOVERS: Babies feel pain before 24 week abortion limit …. (

~ ROAR, WHINE, KVETCH: “Women have just experienced the ultimate betrayal. Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the Democratic presidential primary campaign has really hit women hard.” Or: “But..but– she has OVARIES!” Breakpoint Blog: “Call me a grudge-holder if you will. But there is something deeply wrong with a society when its politicians are scrambling over each other to collect the endorsement of a man like Edward “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy.Protein Wisdom: “This is terrible. I’m . . . I’m searching for a metaphor that will encompass the betrayal . . . it’s . . . it’s as if he drove women’s aspirations off a bridge and left them there to drown.” …. (Various)

~ ABORTION IS the most disgusting thing ever thought of by humans. Happy liberal-left Morgentaler Day …. (p2bc)

~ WORKING with manure can drastically reduce chances of developing lung cancer, scientists have discovered …. (

~ LIFE AFTER PEOPLE misses the mark, but still entertaining …. (

~ YOU MUST BE HAPPY! The Pharmacy of the Future and You: Will new …. (

~ GARRISON KEILLOR admits state education doesn’t work …. (

~ 100 BOOKS EVERY child should read – An introduction by Michael Morpurgo …. (telegraph)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Less Mafia-Like Management

~ 5 MILLION CDNS WITHOUT FAMILY DOCTOR says Most Canadians have doctor, study finds …. (, G&M)

~ GIVING CANADA A BAD NAMEOur Their Woman In Riyadh …. (sda)

~ TRUSTEES with the Toronto District School Board have voted to approve an “operational model” for an Afrocentric school, a controversial plan to help struggling black students in the city’s education system. Jay Currie isn’t so sure…. (, jaycurrie)

~ CDS GENERAL Hillier on Afstan …. (

~ SHAIDLE: “Toronto gets blacks-only school. How could that possibly go bad?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

~ END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT? Maclean’s grand economic doomsday freak-out attempt …. (proudtobecanadian)

~ JANKE: “I would not recommend handing over your tax returns to the CBC” …. (stevejanke)

~ BETTY MAY: she’s still not ready for prime time …. (stephentaylor, np)

~ LEGAL BROTHELS for the Vancouver Games are a bad idea …. (

~ THERE ARE Lies and Then There are Damn Lies …. (canadafreepress)

~ FELIX HOMINUM: Canadian Blog Awards – final round …. (

~ CANADIAN “JUSTICE” — Man on parole from a life sentence tries to kill again …. (dustmybroom)

~ PRIME MINISTER Harper misspeaks …. (

~ ONLINE EVIL: Thousands of Nova Scotians trading child porn on the Internet …. (amherstdaily)

~ CANADA: Kraft Dinner Eating Surrender Monkeys? …. (mypetjawa)

The Interwebs, Blogs, Digital Life

~ BLOGGER SADLY unqualified for dream job …. (reuters)

~ IS A NEW Dark Age At Hand? …. (americanthinker)

~ I GET E-MAILS: Why Hasn’t The Blogosphere Had A Bigger Impact In This Election? …. (rightwingnews)

~ NEW DIGITAL Contact Lenses Brings out the Terminator in Anyone …. (canadafreepress)

~ VIOLENT GANG Members Threaten Cops in You Tube Video …. (canadafreepress)

~ THE GLOBE and Mail cites ghosts as sources in “news” story that they’re calling “journalism” …. (

~ 27 DAILY AFFIRMATIONS FOR BLOGGERS, from …. (americandigest)

Beware Google Maps

Culture, Odds & Ends ….

~ PHOTOSHOPPERY— Demotivational Posters 3 …. (worth1000)

~ BILLARY: “Outraged howls are heard from the liberal-left these days after their stunning divination Hillary and Bill Clinton are not very nice people” …. (

~ SWEENEY TODD: “After the cheerlessness and brutality of No Country for Old Men, I’m not sure a film about a serial killer is just what you want” …. (spectator)

That Asteroid

~ DOOMWATCH 2008: Special Edition …. (americandigest)

~ ROGER L. SIMON: “Is China Freezing or Are They Just Trying to Play a Trick on Al Gore?” …. (rogerlsimon)

~ A VERY COOL TOOL: it’s the Montage-a-google. Via …. (grant.robinson)

~ HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WILD for 72 hours …. (instapundit)

~ WHAT THE WORLD’S BEEN WAITING FOR: The canned cheeseburger. Yum, yum! …. (instapundit)

~ DON’T FORGET the 50th Anniversary of the modern LEGO Brick. Happy Birthday! LEGO brick 50th-birthday roundup …. (Various)


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