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November 7, 2007, 4:48 pm
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Tuesday, November 7th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

POPE TO TAKE ON Saudi King over curbs on religious freedoms. “Testiculos habet et bene pendentes!** …. (

GO BUY BOOKS! Sophia Institute Press Needs Your Help …. (ratzingerfanclub)

++CANTERBURY meets Chief Rabbis in Jerusalem; The transcript of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s interview with the Jerusalem Post …. (irenelancaster)

CHRISTIAN WEEK: Put poverty on Harper agenda …. (cw)

HOT FLICK: Bella The Movie …. (

WELCOME TO BEIJING— Bibles Banned (along with religious objects) at 2008 Olympics: Will Media Notice? Mike Austin has a great take on the matter …. (Various)

WHY ORTHODOX MEN Love Church …. (

A POPISH TAKE: The church put scripture together …. (takimag)

THE WAR ON HO-HO— ‘Downgrade’ Christmas? It couldn’t get much lower! The cultural left’s self-hatred. 2006 in Canada …. (Various)

400,000 Anglicans ask for full communion with Catholics …. (


PAKISTAN: 18-year-old Christian woman kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam …. (jihadwatch)

A NEW BOOK: Canada is increasingly A Nation of Bastards, says Prof. Douglas Farrow …. (

SCIPIO: “To See Things As They Are” …. (mikeaustin)

PERSPECTIVE FROM HOLY WHAPPING: “The Episcopal diocese of Pittsburgh has 20,000 members. 8,000 of these attend Sunday services regularly, slightly higher then the number of people the Catholic diocese of Pittsburgh (with 765,000 members) baptizes or receives each year.” Conservative Diocese Leaving Episcopal Church; New Definition Needed; and Right Back at You …. (Various)

A PROPHETIC WARNING? — “The horsemen” …. (theagetocome)

TEXASTAN? — Seventh-grade textbook: three chapters on Islam, a paragraph each on other religions …. (jihadwatch)

A FORMER ANGLICAN WRITES: “Anglicans the world over are facing the divide within their church which is now clearly evident. It is between those who wish to follow the faith once delivered to the saints and those who wish to alter the faith according to the times and culture in which they live” …. (

STANLEY FISH: Suffering, Evil and the Existence of God. Via T-19 …. (nytimes)

NEXT MARCH, They’ll All Be the Easter Bunny …. (reformedpastor)

CHRISTIAN AUTHOR reveals that ‘disillusioned’ Iranians are turning to Jesus Christ. Author says any attack on Iran due to its nuclear programme would destroy the current growth of Christianity in the country …. (christiantoday)

CANADA: New full-length military Bibles prove popular …. (CW)

MODERATE MARK SHEA criticises RC trads, Serge adds the needed counterpoint …. (

SCHISM & RECONCILIATION: “Well, it is sad indeed, as I see what is going on in the Anglican church here in North America” …. (theagetocome)

DAWN EDEN, WARRIOR PRINCESS— The call from the Cathedral: Supporting Worcester bishop’s stand for Catholic identity, chastity, & the culture of life …. (dawneden)

LIBERALS TO THE RESCUE! Saving the World, the NCC Way; Prophets of Baal Gather in Reno …. (reformedpastor)

IRANIAN JUDGE rules beating victim guilty of ‘evangelism’ — jihadists had right to attack woman because she preached Christianity …. (JiWa)


AL MOHLER: “Is Abortion a Theological Issue? Garry Wills Says No” …. (albertmohler)

DWIGHT LONGENECKER: Prayers for the Dead …. (

DOUG GILES: Pusillanimous Pastors are Worse than Strident Atheists …. (p2bc)

CHRISTIAN TERRORISM More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorism? …. (

PROTESTANTS. Gunpowder. Treason and Plot. On the other hand, “Know Popery” …. (,

PASTOR: I was threatened in Ramallah …. (JiWa)

EX-KORN MEMBER on being saved – from himself …. (canadianchristianity)

REMEMBERING Rami Ayyad – ‘a genuine martyr’ …. (

CAPTAIN YIPS: The Revolution Cannot Be Stayed …. (captainyips)

THE REGRETTABLE Westboro Baptist Cult’s Child Abuse …. (stoptheaclu)

CELEBRITY TV ad promotes Oxfam Christmas charity gifts sending condoms to developing world …. (ekklesia)

OUR TORTURED SILENCE: The Shameful Response of Christians to Waterboarding …. (evangelicaloutpost)

SHARIA LAW should not be given any standing in civil courts, the Attorney General-designate of the United States told a Senate panel last week …. (geoconger)

FATHER NEUHAUS and Walter Russell Mead vs. Barry Lynne and Irshad Manji on the proposition that “Religion and politics should always be kept separate.” …. (hughhewitt)

CHRISTIAN WEEK: “Will bullets win Afghanistan? Some feel troops offer essential security, others say guns don’t build peace” …. (CW)

REMEMBERING THE 12.000+ Martyrs of Otranto, slain by the destroyer of Constantinople during Jihad 2.0. See more under ‘Conquests in Europe‘ …. (Various)

A statue of the Madonna before

a stack of martyrs’ relics in Otranto

AMEN AND INDEED: “I join Gardner in the small minority of people who are largely unimpressed by the Lama’s ‘insights’ because, as Gardner notes, “words have meaning, and that meaning does not come from the person who speaks them. Trite is trite, platitudes are dull however they’re polished, and the Dalai Lama’s words contain as much insight as the average inspirational poster.” …. (

BOWING TO KIGALI: Importing orthodoxy—and cultural baggage …. (christianitytoday)

60 SECOND REVIEW: The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible …. (evangelicaloutpost)

DOWNGRADE Christmas in Britain – and that’s just for starters …. (cfp)

REFORMED PASTOR: Pot, Meet Kettle; More From the Sabeel Conference …. (reformedpastor)

RELIGION is becoming the most powerful force in international relations …. (freerep)

PAKISTAN: Pro-Sharia rebels threaten Christians …. (jihadwatch)

DALRYMPLE: “A young and cultivated Dutchman of my acquaintance, appalled by the thinness and superficiality of modern culture and its deliberate disconnection from the glories of the past of our civilisation, recently told me that he was going to convert to Catholicism. He was far from a believer but, rightly or wrongly, he saw the church as the only possible bastion against the tide of cultural barbarism that is engulfing most of Europe” …. (NER)

A WORTHY Definition of Freedom; and David Cameron: ‘On Liberty’ …. (,

DID ST. THOMAS Aquinas Teach that Reason Did Not Fall? …. (

SHAIDLE: “Atheists hate a God they don’t believe in — but remember, they’re the rational ones” …. (fivefeetoffury)

BOVINIATOR: “Encouraging Developments from Rome” …. (

JADED: Frank Schaeffer 35 years later …. (

FR. DWIGHT: “I’m having some problems with music in Catholic America” …. (freerep)

Akiane Kramarik – Spiritual Young Artist

THE HORROR: “..young Catholics labor to be a witness to the Faith instead of listening to Generation Narcissus counsels of despair couched in the soft comfy lies of the dictatorship of relativism” …. (

CHINA’S NEMESIS – Fr. Raymond de Souza: “Having never met the Dalai Lama, I am not sure why he appears to be giggling so often” …. (catholiceducation)

PHILIP PULLMAN’S childish atheism …. (insightscoop)

REMEMBERING Victor Grayevsky 1925-2007: The Man of the Century Has Died… to Virtual Silence …. (ratzingerfanclub)

MARK D. TOOLEY: “How Global Warming Activism Hurts the Poor” …. (frontpagemag)

KRAALSPACE: Braxton’s Lear – Blessed Are The Chic …. (

STEVE WALDMAN, in a perceptive locution, posits that for the Religious Right, “Islamofascism is the new abortion” …. (crunchycon)

CRY, THE SAD HATERS— Anti-Israel Divestment Proponents Struggle against a “Defeatist Attitude”; Abandonment Chic …. (ird-renew, spectator)

AN EPISCOPAL church invites a Jewish Rabbi, who also happens to be a homosexual, to help them better understand the Bible …. (

MOHLER: Back to Polytheism? — Some Moderns See Monotheism as Menace …. (

BETTNET: “You’ve ruined Christmas and Halloween, President Grinch” …. (

THE CULT of Non-Judgmentalism: A Book Review by Rebecca Bynum …. (NER)

THE HOLY SOULS; P is for purgatory; All Saints …. (sergesblog)

FIRST THINGS— A Decidedly Unsappy Bella, By Amanda Shaw …. (firstthings)

JULIE BURCHILL: What’s not to like about Islam if you’re the Prince of Wales? …. (fivefeetoffury)

BENEATH neo-atheism’s surface is the kind of fury an adolescent feels that his parents might tell lies or violate their own rules. “Religion spoils everything” …. (city-journal)

ONE COSMOS: “The Minus Religion (-R) of the Left: Passion, Cynicism, and Moral Inversion” …. (

NEW YORK TIMES: Pittsburgh Diocese Votes to Leave the Episcopal Church …. (

THE POSTMODERN, ‘PRESENT-TENSE’ CULTURE — Mark Steyn has a really excellent piece in The New Criterion discussing the 20th anniversary of Allan Bloom’s book, The Closing of the American Mind …. (

SIGCARLFRED: “Those who attempt in the name of God, to assert control over others, have not yet learned that God alone has Dominion over his creations. Discord will always yield a Divine Destiny, one that should teach humility” …. (

RECENTLY: “Cherie Blair, the dismayingly ditzy wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, gave voice last week to some not-especially-penetrating insights into the ignominy of the full-face veil as worn by Muslim women”; Curt Jester weighs in …. (CW, CJ)

GODS & GEEKS: Vatican astronomer hunts for faith in Silicon Valley …. (freerep)

INDEED: “If pagan Rome could be won for Jesus Christ, surely we can do the same in our own world. What it takes is the zeal and courage to live what we claim to believe.” …. (offtherecord)

BLOGGING the Qur’an: Sura 8, “Booty,” verses 31-75 …. (hotair)

SUNSET BOULEVARD – A Haunting Look At Spiritual Emptiness …. (

BOLD TRANSGRESSIVE Artist Commits Arson to Protest the Dogmatic Rigor of the Episcopalian Church …. (

CW COMMENTARY: “male and female He created them” …. (cwnews)

THE TWILIGHT of Atheism: The Global Triumph of Christianity – Dinesh D’Souza …. (catholiceducation)

DAVID WARREN: “Paddlefish” …. (davidwarrenonline)

LONDONISTAN: A Battle Rages in London Over a Mega-Mosque Plan …. (jihadwatch)

THE GLOBAL EXPANSION of Christianity …. (

DIOGENES: “in the din of the present” …. (offtherecord)

HITLER’S Pope Pius XII: “Be Proud to be a Jew!” …. (ratzingerfanclub)

LLAMA BUTCHERS— That’s Not My Church!™ “Since deciding to swim the Tiber, I deliberately have avoided sniping at TEC as she settles beneath the waves. Goodbye to all that, as it were. Nonetheless” …. (llamabutchers)

AFTER THE CHILDREN, AGAIN— Catholic School Board Committee Approves Pro-Gay Manual, Does Not Teach Homosexual Acts Sinful …. (freerep)

ANCIENT Greek religion turned away from unrealistic hopes that all will work out in the end. Such skepticism about human intelligence has never been needed more than today …. (latimes)

A FUN NEW GAME: Let’s play “Words or phrases we’d like to ban from church bulletins.” Forever and ever, amen …. (bettnet)

World War IV — The Jihad, Part XXXVIII….

IRAQI INSURGENTS Accuse Al-Qaida of “Horrific” and “Insidious” New Crimes Despite Calls for Unity From Bin Laden …. (counterterrorismblog)

ANOTHER U.N. PEACEKEEPER SEX SCANDAL, this time involving underage girls in Haiti …. (instapundit)

ISRAELI INTEL: Iran May Be Nuke-Armed by 2009 …. (mypetjawa)

OFF TO THE BALI RESORT: “Ready for UN Climate Conferencing — with a 10 A.M. daily start and a two-hour break for lunch?” Checking Out the Bali Beachheads of UN Climate Change …. (pajamasmedia)

RUMORS FLYING as Crackdown in Pakistan Continues. The Musharraf mess: The National Post’s Peter Goodspeed has a good piece about the situation in Pakistan …. (americanthinker, damianpenny)

MINUS THE TALIBAN GOV’T, Child mortality drops 90,000 in Afghanistan …. (americanthinker)

DAMIAN PENNY: “The Saudis are not our friends– You knew that already, of course, but this Times article explains why” …. (damianpenny)

THE HEAD of the British secret service agency MI5 has claimed that al-Qaeda is actively grooming young people in Britain to take part in terrorist activity …. (religiousintelligence)

FINALLY, a Poster Shows the “Real Face” of Che Guevara.. free, right now. You just pay the shipping…. (

FEARFUL NETHERLANDS: Government subsidies for mosques not unconstitutional. Do they give subsidies to other religious facilities? …. (JiWa)

AMERICAN DIGEST: “Dr. Johnson and Today’s Liars for Hire” …. (americandigest)

A GIFT TO TERRORISTS? Sinister Secrets of the U.N. Sea Treaty …. (canadafreepress, frontpagemag)

FITZGERALD: That shallow flim-flam man, Tony Blair. Tony Blair: Israel needs to forget that its enemies want to destroy it utterly, and help put them in a better position to do so …. (JiWa)

David Horowitz on Glenn Beck

ASSIMILATION-WATCH: “A Muslim Wife” blogs kaffirs.. “The kaffir (kuffur) are the enemies of islam. They are less than human unless they revert to the one true way.” …. (jihadwatch)

TANCREDO CONDEMNS continued use of giant crescent in Flight 93 Memorial …. (

MORE U.N. SHAME— Arab States Colluded To Persecute Jews… And the United Nations was right in the middle of it, covering it all up. More than a little ironic, given the post-Holocaust origins of the Untied Nations …. (lgf)

IS MARXISM the product of a nasty skin condition? …. (magicstatistics)

SCRAPPLEFACE— “News Poll: Most Qaeda Members Happy with News Polling” …. (scrappleface)

RULE BRITANNIA! Britannia rule the waves!: “I love this: the band for the Horse Guards greeted the Saudi king with the Imperial March from Star Wars!” Saudi Arabia is hub of world terror: The desert kingdom supplies the cash and the killers …. (dprice, JiWa)

LifeWatch ….

Many Of Your Betters Are In Love With Death

MIRACLE-BABY: “Weaker” Twin Survives Attempted Abortion.. murderous parents, doctors amazed. [Ed:
An OB/GYN suggested this to us with our twins. We said “Absolutely not!” Not so much
] ….

LIFESITE: October Interim News is up …. (soberingthoughts)

GETTING A LIFE: “The challenge of emerging adulthood” …. (christianitytoday)

TODAY’S BreakPoint Commentary: Lying with Impunity: Planned Parenthood’s Secret Abortion Clinic …. (breakpoint)

WESLEY J. SMITH: “Reproductive Cloning for Elites Akin to Heroin Addiction” …. (wesleyjsmith)

DAVID HARSANYI WAS ON NBC NEWS talking about his new book, Nanny State …. (instapundit)

PROTECTING your children from perverts and porn …. (proudtobecanadian)

HILLARY THE WRECKER: “home again”, speaks honestly …. (cwns)

THE ANCHORESS: “Stupid men, Stupid Parents, Stupid Madison Avenue” …. (theanchoressonline)

NATIONAL DOWN SYNDROME Awareness Week – prenatal screening …. (felixhominum)

THE EVIL TIDE: “On television, radio, print and now even in the public schools, the purveyors of perversion have forced sexual issues onto prime time airwaves like raw sewage into a city water reserve–completely bypassing the filters and waste treatment plant. Things that have always existed, bondage, sadism, public and group sex have steadily become matters for public consumption. It gets to the point were it all seems, common, normal and harmless” …. (rightwingnews)

SHHHHHH! Most Canadians oppose unrestricted abortion …. (magicstatistics)

PESKY USELESS EATER: “Here was a man that had been consigned to dehydrating to death and who suffered without food and water for five long days, but because of the loving commitment of his blood family–and good legal work by the Alliance Defense Fund–he was standing before me with his hand outstretched, a gentle smile on his face” …. (wesleyjsmith)

IN THE MAIL: Stephen Baskerville’s Taken Into Custody, on marriage, divorce, and families …. (instapundit)

ÜBER-RODENT: Lab creates ‘long-distance mouse’. Über-Mensch draw even closer. Crips, Tards, Feebs, Geezers, Ordinary Homo Inferiorans beware …. (bbc)

POOR OLD Murder, Inc. Gets the Jitters …. (

BECAUSE WE BLOODY WELL SAY SO: “UK Labour government to redefine family” …. (magicstatistics)

MELT-DOWN: More than 21,000 prescriptions for at-home chemical pesticide morning-after pill last year for British girls under 16 …. (telegraph)

ATTENTION WESTERN FEMBOTS: Sobering Reality in Africa about sexual violence against girls and women …. (

I HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE for Zero Tolerance Policies …. (americanthinker)

JUS’ MAKIN’ SH*T UP Manufacturing the news: ABC News hires actors to engage in homosexual PDA, provoke reaction …. (michellemalkin)

ALASKAN Supreme Court strikes down Parental Consent Act …. (magicstatistics)

MIDDLE SCHOOL Cancels ‘Cross-Dressing’ Day, Media Surprisingly Mum …. (newsbusters)

HURRAY FOR BUREAUCRACY! “A devastating report says that British children today are no more literate than they were half a century ago and that the National Literacy Strategy, which was introduced to remedy Britain’s shocking rate of illiteracy, has been a
complete waste of time” ….

KIMBALL: “That’s right folks: four separate entities at one of our premier institutions of higher learning got together to bring us a “a day-long conference on Sex, Gender and the Public Toilet: Outing the Water Closet Bringing together pioneering scholars of sex and gender with leading design professionals and activists to consider, critique, and reconstruct the public rest room.” …. (pajamasmedia)

COME ON Cosby: It’s Time to Come Clean about AIDS …. (americanthinker)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Less Mafia-Like Management

11-11-11:00 – A Pittance of Time

SEEKING TERROR-MONEY: Canada’s FinTrac Public Info Limited by Canadian Law. Fighting Terrorist Financing: Canada’s Problems and Pentagon’s “Threat Finance” Initiatives …. (counterterrorismblog)

BE VERY AFRAID: “Hi Sister-of-a-Liberal, You’re experiencing a common occurrence in Canada. The fear is not the police coming to get them in the dark of night for supporting Bush, although that may well occur on college campuses where they are taught to hate Bush, but rather that they are afraid of being kicked off the cocktail circuit, and not getting a job if word gets out on their Facebook accounts that they aren’t leftists in favor of free limitless taxpayer-funded abortion and gay “marriage”, aren’t against the war on Islamofascists, aren’t anti-American, anti-Christian, and most especially anti-Bush” …. (p2bc)

THROW THE BOOK at Chapters/ Coles …. (torontosun)

BOTH THE LIBERALS and NDP want more daycare spaces . . . No, wait a minute …. (magicstatistics)

HAVE YOUR SAY— In ten pages or less, The Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan is seeking your submission …. (

THE HOBBIT SHAIDLE: “Holy crap! Guns are HEAVY!!” …. (fivefeetoffury)

CONNIVANCE: “Canada’s ethically bankrupt music industry, with the indispensable connivance of a government agency, will force legal buyers to provide compensation for theft committed by actual thieves. That’s the way to generate good will among one’s customers” …. (magicstatistics)

Smackdown of the Week: Shameless Liberals

OPPOSITION calls Harper a hypocrite for refusing to investigate Mulroney. Mulroney affair begs attention. Chretien Affair? Who is this “Chretien” you speak of? …. (, thestar)

YAY, BLATCH! — On the reading list: Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army (Hardcover) …. (

MACLEANS MAG beautifies beatifies their Prophet Suzuki. No word on blessing his big diesel tour bus …. (p2bc)


CONSERVATIVE MP JOY SMITH from the Manitoba riding of Kildonan-St. Paul is planning to introduce a private members’ bill in Parliament on human trafficking …. (canadafreepress)

THE CEE BEE CEE: Why do Canadian citizens have to compete with their government? …. (p2bc)

LOCK UP YER typewriters: Dan Rather’s comin’ to town …. (rightwingnews)

WHY WE’RE IDIOTS: It’s a crime in Ottawa to shape your hand like a gun and say “Bang” …. (

Teh Blogs, Interwebs, ‘Puters, Media ….

“Internet? Is that thing still around?”

TODAY AT Stanford Law School: “How Blogs Impact Legal Discourse.” …. (

PIPING HOT NEWS— This Just In: Internet Comments Often Rude, Vitriolic, Says NY Times …. (newsbusters)

BLOGWORLD EXPO: The Gang’s All There. The BlogWorld Politicos …. (cq, hughhewitt)

MAGISTATS: “Another completely bogus blog test” …. (

Let Your ‘Yes’ Be Yes, And Your ‘No’ Be No

A MINOR WAR has broken out in the conservative blogosphere, and it smells suspicious …. (americanthinker)

EGYPTIAN blogger sentenced to 4 years …. (joewalker)

GEEZING THE WEB: Ninety-Five Year Old Blogging Grandma Found Fame on the Net …. (neatorama)

PRAISE YE THE GOOGS! Google Phone Announced As Mobile Operating System …. (

Video: The Simpsons slams the NYT


P2P USERS buy more music — Canadian govt study …. (boingboing)

DEAD TREES DOWN! Many Top Papers Take Big Hits …. (editorandpublisher)

BREAKING: What A Shock — Liberal Bias In The Media …. (cq)

BLOGS ARE great; print is dead! Via …. (

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

MEMEMEMEMEEEE! Narcissistic celebrities spiral out of control because they are buffered by people who always say yes to them …. (vanityfair)

That Obama on SNL sketch everyone’s talking about

NOONAN— Hillary Reveals Her Inner Self: “It’s startling. It’s still 1993 in there, the year before her fall”; Steyn comes up with a few good lyrics for Hillary …. (wsj)

EISENHOWER: beware the Scientific-Technological Elite …. (fivefeetoffury)

GUT-NANNIES: Santa told to slim down for Christmas to ‘set a good example’ to children. Shaking like a bowl full of jelly? SHAME! …. (thisislondon)

Like… could you just say it?

Via; more here

BOOZE-NANNIES on the warpath. Want to be forced to breathe into a tube just to start your car? Not drunk drivers, you …. (

HD-DVD Swings For The Fences; does Blu-Ray have a lead already? …. (vodkapundit)

CLIMATE SKEPTICS and realists, far from being “Holocaust deniers” (a disgraceful hijacking of true horror and wickedness), could well be the precise opposite, a vital bastion against the iron fists of statism and Neo-Fascism.’ …. (spectator)

THE LAME OLD Leaning Tower of Pisa No Longer World’s Leaningest Building! …. (neatorama)

Nickelback – Rockstar

ELLEN IS JUST not all there: “Ellen’s World of Pain” .. and death-threatening fans …. (wuzzadem)

A FLAGRANT Climate-Change Denier… and proud of it …. (sameo416)

THIS BED is just too, too cool …. (flyingbeds)

THE EVER-USEFUL: Yak Shaving Razor #114 …. (evangelicaloutpost)

PHOTOSHOPPERY: Flintstone-ish Tech …. (worth1000)

CROHN’S COMIC from 24 Hour Comic day …. (boingboing)

Heroes of the Writers Strike


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