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October 25, 2007, 2:22 pm
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Thursday, October 25th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

NIGERIA: TWO CHRISTIANS MURDERED IN KADUNA— Sword, wooden club attacks follow calls for violent jihad by Muslim leaders; Two Christians Killed After Sheik Calls For Jihad On TV. More news here …. (compassdirect)

BREAKPOINT: Prayer requests for California …. (

IN TIME FOR A HOLY ADVENT— Into Great Silence (Two-Disc Set) (2005).. “One of the transporting film experiences of this or any other year.” A review here …. (, breakpoint)

COOL ONLINE GOODNESS: The British Library’s Sacred site.. with Videos, podcasts, and interactive features to complement the British Library’s online gallery of sacred texts …. (

BENNY 16 on Mennonite-Catholic Dialogue; Pope Benedict XVI has urged world religious leaders not to allow God’s name to be used to justify violence …. (ratzingerfanclub, bbc)

WITH A GOSPEL-EYE: “Never before have the people of Iran been so receptive [to the gospel]. For many people, Iran today is a nation that threatens world stability and behaves in ways that seem incomprehensible. But there is another Iran” …. (breakpoint)

TORTURED ERITREAN singer granted asylum in Denmark …. (magicstatistics)

CANADIAN ANGLICANS circle the bowl– Anglican Gay Row Intensifies with Second Canadian Blessings Request; Liberal ACC clergy spokesperson Alan Perry gives his spin on the Canadian controversy. Canadian Untied Church glad for company on downwards death-spiral into the infernal regions (and demographic & financial implosion land). New Primate still testing out comfy big chair.. while his former diocese formally surrenders to the new liberal religion. Meanwhile, back in Montreal: “A mere twenty years ago – not even a generation, our diocese could count on over 33,000 Anglicans; that number had gone down to 23,000 in 1997. This year, we can count 13,000 Anglicans on the parish roles of the diocese – a decrease of close to 60%.” Liberals: just not getting it, no not at all …. (Various)

POPE ISLAMOPHOBE I: Religion must never be used to promote hatred and violence, declares Pope Benedict…. (jihadwatch)

PROZESS ÜBER ALLE— “Not to worry, says Fred Hiltz, Canada’s Anglican primate. Ottawa remembered what was truly important” …. (

ROWAN WILLIAMS focuses on Dioceses rather than the National Church; From ++Williams to +Howe; Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter. Rowan tells Orthodox [Episcopalians]: ‘Stay loyal to sacramental communion‘ …. (Various)

ROBERT GAGNON: Don’t ENDAnger Your Liberties in the Workplace. White House indicates ENDA veto …. (

BISHOP OF IRAN: Concern for Christians in Pakistan …. (gledhill)

THANKS FOR CLEARING THAT UP— “At an interfaith meeting in Italy this week, the general secretary of the World Council of Churches identified for us the three most important threat to peace in the world” …. (reformedpastor)

THE BIG SCREEN: Making Something BeautifulOur Faith in Action. The movie Bella is something beautiful that was born from pain. Their YouTube page (with trailer) …. (Various)

BENEDICT XVI: Eusebius of Vercelli …. (amywelborn)

ETHIOPIAN CHRISTIANS send call for help; international body responds …. (

AQUILINA: “Travis at Catholic Tube has posted two more videos with patristic content: The Eucharist and the Fathers and St. Augustine and Pornography. The latter is an rip-roarin’ evangelistic reading of the Confessions (with interpolations) to a Protestant men’s group” …. (fathersofthechurch, catholic-tube)

+CANTUAR – children ‘not expendable’; Archbishop urges abortion review …. (acns, bbc)

BY DEFAULT: Elizabeth May had no money, so she decided to become an Anglican priest. They’ll take anybody, as long as they’re not a serious conservative …. (magicstatistics)

CHURCH-O-WEEN: Would Jesus Go To Fall Festival? …. (worldontheweb)

BENEDICT SERAPHIM: “We “conserva-tradition-evan-funda-gelicals” are apparently low-browed, knuckle-draggin’, and nostril-breathin’ folks, who are missing the movement of the spirit (sic) en masse. Which explains why my wife jabs me with her elbow in the middle of the night to get me to roll over, and why I don’t get the “reinvent the wheel every two decades” mentality that seems to drive “progressives” …. (benedictseraphim)

KRAALSPACE: ” I start to understand Charles Williams” …. (

LUTHERANS: Defining Sexuality One Vote at a Time …. (intheagora)

PETER TOON: “From Familiarity to Fear—looking at the modern worship-service: A caricature to make a point!” …. (

HAIRY EYEBALL: “An interesting article from the Anglican Journal” …. (hairyeyeball)

FATHER STEPHEN: “When Things Are Not As They Seem” …. (fatherstephen)

REFORMED PASTOR: “On the Horns of a Dilemma” …. (reformedpastor)

WASHINGTON leaders are asking if unfolding events in the Mideast were foretold in the Bible …. (, mikeaustin)

A QUIET REVOLUTION is emanating from inside a stately mansion on a smart street in downtown Ottawa …. (

MUSLIM STARS sing to help Darfur …. (bbc)

A SHOCKING ENDORSEMENT of religion …. (p2bc)

CONSIDERATIONS: for extra credit …. (offtherecord)

OH, GOODY— Iran’s New Nuclear Negotiator Tied to Messianic Cult …. (littlegreenfootballs)

CHURCH OF IRELAND Anglican bishop’s wife in shock conversion to Rome …. (, offtherecord)

HOW TO SHUT UP an Atheist if You Must …. (proudtobecanadian)

OBEY! COMPLY! University of Toronto campus restaurant offers halal food; Muslim students angered because alcohol still served …. (jihadwatch)

THE LIFE OF Publius Sulpicius Quirinius (of St. Luke, “when Cyrenius was Governor of Syria”). Apparently he was “rich and childless”, and a successful soldier & Roman official, who rose by talent and his services to imperial leadership …. (Various)

THE DICTATORSHIP of Relativism – Cardinal George Pell …. (catholiceducation)

SPIRITUAL Discernment or Synodial Government? Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara… next? …. (sameo416)

SPIN-MEISTER Archbishop Neiderauer and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. In other news, Niederauer blaming filmers and bloggers for exposing this ugly display of broken humanity. Get Religion: “Was Zwingli Catholic?” …. (Various)

NO REGRETS: Christian student sues over commencement speech censure …. (CT)

HUMAN SACRIFICE, REDUX— The UCC’s Ethical Suicide Parlor, By Dennis Di Mauro …. (firstthings)

SOME LEFTOIDS ARE Anxious for Dhimmitude …. (frontpagemag)

BLOVIATOR— What Price Glory? “The exhausting lives of America’s ruling class take their toll on the participants. Let us begin with His Grace the Bishop of New Hampshire, V Gene Robinson” …. (

THE ZEITGEIST IS A HARSH MISTRESS: UM General Board of Church and Society Lobbies to Stifle Employers’ Objections to Homosexual, Transgender Behavior …. (

KORAN KOMMENTARY for Children Published in Egypt Features Incitement to Fight Christians and Jews …. (jihadwatch)

SPECTATOR: God Only Knows– Which drives the enlightened Christopher Hitchens bananas …. (

PROTESTANTS, “I’m afraid it fair to say, either don’t engage the secular academic world, or “engage” it by slowly, often quickly, capitulating to its premises” …. (millinerd)

AL MOHLER: “Books, Libraries, and the Ideal of Christian Scholarship” …. (albertmohler)

ABP. RANJITH on bishops who resist Summorum Pontificum: “instruments of the devil” …. (

MIKE ADAMS defines “hate speech”.. “Hate speech is verbal communication that induces anger due to the listener’s inability to offer an intelligent response …. (fivefeetoffury)

CHECK OUT Catholic YouTube …. (bettnet)

THE LAND OF IKEA & VOLVO: Sweden wants to curb religious teaching in (private) Christian schools …. (freerep)

ANOTHER BATCH of Fudge from Canterbury …. (freerep)

ENCOUNTER with the Maronite Archbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land …. (irenelancaster)

FAITH, OR LACK THEREOF, in Star Trek– Confessions of a self-professed “Trekker” …. (orthodoxytoday)

GODWIN’S LAW and the Roman Catholic Church: “Go over to the Creative Minority Report and read the unhinged ranting of an ageing Catholic Priest, embittered his beloved ‘sixties seem finally to be coming to an end” …. (bovinabloviator)

SUBMIT!! Islamic Law in the United States? …. (danielpipes)


THE BIG BRAINS: Canon Cameron’s ecumenical spring …. (reader)

FIRST THINGS: An Alien Grace, By John D. Martin …. (firstthings)

CHURCH DIVIDE over gays has a global audience …. (aacblog)

UNWITNESS— “Sjödin’s Casual Minister line of clerical leisure wear hasn’t made it to the apparel department of my local Wal-Mart yet, but for all that it suggests the ancient quarrel between the urgency of Christian discipleship and the comforts of worldliness has, in some quarters at least, been put to rest” …. (offtherecord)

Glenn Beck: “Sick and tired of Muslims attacking Christians”

REMEMBER: ..” beware of those bullying bloggers, but don’t be overly concerned about homosexual activists, cross-dressing “sisters,” and pro-gay parishes that ignore and/or mock Church teaching while supporting “gay pride” parades filled with nudity and depravity. Forget the bullies, where are the teachers and schoolyard monitors?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

FOLLOWING in the paedophile steps of Mohammed? Afghanistan: Widespread child marriage blamed for domestic violence …. (, jihadwatch)

THE CASE AGAINST Mugabe’s robed nemesis – Father Raymond J. de Souza …. (catholiceducation)

TIBER-WATCHING: Traditional Anglican Communion Petitions Rome …. (,

SIGCARLFRED— D’Souza, Hitchens And The Sounds Of Creation …. (

DISPUTATIONS: The Stoic lepers. The Thomistic leper …. (

BRITISH ABORTION INQUIRY asks scientists to disclose links to faith groups …. (guardian)

THE RISE OF CYBER-RELIGION; ‘Google-generation’ seminarians minister with MySpace and more …. (, freerep)

OUT OF LESBIANISM by Brenna Kate Simonds: “A search for security and acceptance takes one woman through isolation, same-sex “marriage” … and redemption” …. (

VATICAN MUSEUMS shows art works inspired by vision of Apocalypse …. (freerep)

SOLOMONIA: “Why do well-meaning religious leaders meet with guys like Ahmadinejad?” …. (

A MARVELLOUS Medieval Prayer …. (

ACTON INSTITUTE: The Religious Left and Class Warfare …. (blog.acton)

CHRISTIAN INVESTMENT FUNDS Found Contributing to Abortion/Pornography Companies …. (lifesite)

MORMONISM & tolerance, 21st-century style, via Diogenes …. (offtherecord)

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week kicks off

JEWISH POWER, the “Catholic Right,” and the Meeting of Opposites, By Richard John Neuhaus …. (firstthings)

ONWARD Christian lawyers …. (cw)

MOLOCH’S RETURN— Dawn Eden wrote on her blog …. (curtjester)

ROMNEY’S Religious Dilemma – E. J. Dionne, Washington Post …. (realclearpolitics)

PONDERING Classics and Patristics …. (

THE EMERGENCE of the Conservative Muslim Caliphate …. (

UNHOLY THINGS— Maria C. Khoury: The trials of a Christian in Palestine …. (orthodoxytoday)

A WEBSITE dedicated to the Catholic audience and content of Stephen Colbert …. (

THE NEW CULTURE WARS— They’re between “phoney and real progressives,” according to Sarah Baxter in The Times …. (damianpenny)

IT’S THE CAFFEINATED Carmelite Monks of Wyoming …. (mysticmonkcoffee)

AMONG FRENCH thinkers, a growing consensus against the veil – John Turley-Ewart …. (catholiceducation)

BREWSKIES & A BISHOP— The “Boss” at Theology on Tap …. (bettnet)

TORTURE and Religious Liberty …. (ratzingerfanclub)

WEWEASE WOWAN! Free the Lambeth One, saith Ruth & a FaceBook Crowd …. (gledhill)

HOLY WHAPPING: “Books I Will Never Have the Time to Write But Wish I Did”; and The Latest from Holy Whapping Television Network (HWTN) …. (holywhapping)

SCRAPPLEFACE: Vatican Priest Played Gay to Better Understand Liars …. (scrappleface)

RICH ANGLICAN FUDGE: Anglican Diocese of Ottawa warns of Chinese toy …. (rafwn)

World War IV — The Jihad, Part XXXVIII….

SYRIANS Disassembling Ruins at Site Bombed by Israel, Officials Say. MEMRI TV: Syrian MP Muhammad Habash: Israeli Dimona Nuclear Reactor Is Within the Range of Syrian Missiles …. (Various)

WHY ISLAMIC FASCISTS Get Away With Hate Speech … (proudtobecanadian)

CANUCKISTAN: On Canada vs. Iran, Louise Arbour sides with…IRAN??!?!!? …. (shotgun)

VLAD & MAHMOUD UNDER A TREE: I Love You, You Love Me… …. (publiuspundit)

UN CALLS DROP in Iraq Violence-Related Deaths ‘Remarkable’ …. (stoptheaclu)

THE REAL WAR ON CHILDREN: Jihadi Kids vs Metrosexual Kids …. (

CLAUDIA ROSETT: “That Idea About Moving the UN to Montreal… Can We Help?” …. (pajamasmedia)

ORDER IN CHAOS: “Out of the bloody mess in Karachi — hundreds killed and maimed in Al Qaeda’s latest effort to gain power through psychopathic violence and intimidation — comes a kind of order” …. (davidwarrenonline)

VIOLENCE CONTINUES! More Torchings in Holland. Amsterdam is a Riot: Violence Rocks Immigrant Neighborhoods …. (gatewaypundit, pajamasmedia)

NONIE DARWISH: An ‘infidel’ in Israel …. (

BLOWING THE WHISTLE on U.N. Corruption; Another UN Moment: $700,000 in Mystery Money; Kofi’s Candy Box …. (Various)

MAHMOUD & The freedom to be shocked …. (newcriterion)

AMERICA SEEMS to be under a glass dome which allows few hard facts from the field to filter in unless they are attached to a string of false assumptions …. (cq)

AFGHANISTAN: NATO’s pathetic public communications. Why would we abandon them? Afghanistan in the Speech from the Throne …. (Various)

HITLER’S LEGACY: ISLAMIC ANTI-SEMITISM IN THE MIDDLE EAST— A transcript of a very informative lecture by Matthias Kuentzel …. (volokh)

BREATH OF THE BEAST— In Honor of a Great Dead White Man …. (

SEEMS FITTING, somehow: “A glass monument to revolutionary icon Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara was shot up and destroyed less than two weeks after it was unveiled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government.” …. (instapundit)

THE IRRELEVANCE of Judaism in Britain today …. (irenelancaster)

SCRAPPLEFACE: “New Tape: Bin Laden Calls Insurgents ‘Pack of Sissies’” …. (scrappleface)

LifeWatch ….

GLEDHILL: Abortion Act Anniversary …. (gledhill)

WANT PROTECTION From Breast Cancer? Have Some Babies …. (

PLANNED UNPARENTHOODS own statistics prove them wrong …. (curtjester)

PARSING ABORTION STATISTICS and the Law, By Ryan T. Anderson …. (firstthings)

PARENTAL Rights in Education — Constant Vigilance Needed …. (albertmohler)

ENGLAND— “Safe, legal, and very common — the Abortion Epidemic” …. (magicstatistics)

THE EMBRYO EATERS: A Bioethical Thought Experiment …. (evangelicaloutpost)

LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH: 5 Reasons Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Harm Children …. (surrounded)

S. WRAY GREGOIRE: It Shouldn’t Hurt to be a Child …. (proudtobecanadian)

FATHER THOMAS BERG: We should learn from Britain. “Of Cybrids, Hybrids, & Chimeras” …. (nro)

WESLEY J. SMITH— Will We HEAR the Message? Do Not Dehydrate! …. (

LET MARRIAGE be marriage – Fr. Raymond J. De Souza …. (catholiceducation)

TASTY GOODNESS: “This Reason article from March about the macabre industry which processes human tissue into surgical products is rather apropos reading for the Halloween season” …. (intheagora)

EUGENIC ABORTIONS for Minor Problems Criticised by Pro-Abortion Doctor …. (lifesite)

THE ‘IT GIRL’ GLOBAL ORDER: “Kay Hymowitz has a great new piece in City Journal on the rise of the affluent, unencumbered, single young woman–rising around the globe” …. (familyscholars)

A NEW BAN on ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ sparks call for exodus from California schools …. (

HASTINGS CENTER REPORT Column Validates “Anti-Disabled” Worries About Bioethics Agenda …. (

BREAKPOINT— Can’t Buy Me Love: Are We Becoming Marital Consumers? …. (

BRUSSELS JOURNAL— The Fatherless Civilization …. (

NECESSARY SACRIFICES: Media Ignore Another Woman Dying Inside Abortion Clinic …. (newsbusters)

BRENT BOZELL: Hollywood Hates People Who Oppose Sex at 11 …. (

STATE OF THE transgenic union: Frankenorganisms ahoy! …. (boingboing)

ROBERT MORRIS U. Blasted for Sending Freshmen to Volunteer at Abortion Centers …. (lifesite)

BABY BOOMER put their own spin on marking the end of life …. (catholiceducation)

CHINA DOLLS: DEMOGRAPHIC DEATHWATCH: Boy meets …what? …. (nrotc)

BABIES THRIVE WHEN NEW MOMS STAY HOME— “A new Canadian study suggests that babies’ social and mental development is best when moms don’t return quickly back to work after a birth” …. (familyscholars)

ACTON BLOG: Are Public Schools a Bad Investment? …. (

THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP: “My forecast is that around 2050, the state of Massachusetts will be the first jurisdiction to legalize marriages with robots,” artificial intelligence researcher David Levy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands told LiveScience …. (godscopybook)

VIDEO— “Beautiful Minds: A little matter of gender” …. (dailymotion)

TODAY’S NANNY STATE managed by the compassionate and selfless left! Working 24/7 to make sure that all kids have a chance to grow up to be as entitled, self-absorbed, sexually inappropriate and lacking in self-control as Brittainy– or any of a dozen other wonderful role models …. (drsanity, crunchycon)

SIGN YOUR WAY to a “Good Death?” — The Soft Slide to Euthanasia …. (albertmohler)

THIS JUST IN: Osama bin Laden Video Message …. (

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Less Mafia-Like Management

STEPHANE DION BLINKS and Stephen Harper has a majority …. (stevejanke)

CANUCKISTAN: The government will teach your children “the truth” …. (p2bc)

STEYN ON CANADA: Jean Chretien writes his memoirs …. (

THE VEIL and the school bus crash; The Price of Reasonable Accommodation? …. (Shotgun)

WILLIAM GAIRDNER— Good Book News …. (williamgairdner)

O CANNIBIS! Canada rethinks its drug policies …. (weeklystandard)

TACKLING the truth on the Tackling Violent Crime Act …. (stevejanke)

LET’S REPLACE Dion with a Carrot. Ignatieff laughs behind Dion’s back …. (p2bc,

WHACK-NUT U.N. humanitarian chief says Canada should stay in Afghanistan; Afstan and NDP economy with the truth …. (proudtobecanadian, toyoufromfailinghands)

WAH, BOO-HOO: “Politicians in Quebec’s legislature will have to come up with a new way to slag their opponents now that the word `weathervane’ has been added to the list of unparliamentary language.” …. (soberingthoughts)

GENE CRETIN: By his works should we know him …. (magicstatistic)

BENEATH the Bad Hair Cut, The Enormous Brain Plots; Who’s afraid of a Harper majority? Not Canadians, by and large …. (godscopybook, damianpenny)

SASKATCHEWAN: Calvert NDP Breaks Election Law …. (smalldeadanimals)

PARLIAMENT HILL: Moron MP proposes Pierre Trudeau Day …. (fivefeetoffury)

COURTESY OF The Copyright Board of Canada …. (dustmybroom)

BUH-BYE NOW— “Said Jaziri, a self-described very moderate imam who has been hiding out in the Montreal Al-Quds mosque for the past year is getting the boot” …. (dustmybroom)

QUEBEC less tolerant than the rest of Canada …. (canadafreepress)

OUR BETTERS— “Some parts of the media establishment have gone into panic mode as a result. Most auspicious in this respect is the Toronto Star — which has transformed itself into a sort of Grit newsletter in recent days.” Elsewhere, Globe and Mail Ottawa Bureau Chief describes Trudeau years as “Camelot”; Trudeau a “hero” …. (newsbeat1, p2bc)

CHRISTOPHER SANDS: Conservatism in Canada depends upon the changing politics in Quebec. “As Goes Quebec, so Goes Canada” …. (nro)

MEMO TO Grand Chief: The 12 Steps. And “Off the reservation” …. (dustmybroom,

Teh Blogs, Interwebs, ‘Puters, Media ….

“Internet? Is that thing still around?”

BLOGGING, Linking, and Sourcing Stories …. (stevejanke)

THE TOP INTERNET Security Screw Ups …. (canadafreepress)

ITALY PROPOSES a Ministry of Blogging with mandatory blog-licensing …. (boingboing)

Super Stars of the Internet

THE INTERWEBS may be killing off pop CDs, but guess what it’s helping? None other than classical music. Meanwhile: “German music publisher claims that nothing is public domain until its copyright runs out in every country” …. (newyorker, boingboing)

MICROSOFT concedes defeat in EU battle …. (msnbc)

SOCIAL NETWORKING Websites in a Nutshell; Facebook statistics …. (neatorama, stephentaylor)

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

THE MANOLO ON The Southern California Fires. A million flee. Bruce Henderson is live blogging the latest …. (Various)

Larry Himmel in front of his destroyed home

MYSTERIOUS ANCIENT Roman Lego? Via …. (imageshack)

THE 10 MOST PUZZLING Ancient Artifacts. Proof of Stargate, or Diana Gabaldon’s theory of time-travel …. (

WHY CAN’T HILLARY Clinton be more like Ellen DeGeneres? Hillary’s dirty laundry …. (althouse, newcriterion)

AMUSING OURSELVES to death – or maybe achieving real depth. Is The Onion our most intelligent newspaper? …. (

THOSE ROVERS are still going: “Victoria Crater on Mars”.. more awesome space pix …. (apod)

STOSSEL— Stupid in America …. (

ROBERT FULFORD— “Education, as education bureaucrats will tell you, is the road to the future. But in much of Canada today, it’s a path to mediocrity” …. (catholiceducation)

NOW IS THE TIME to listen to climate scientists, not activists. In other news, “Record ice cap growth in Antarctica doesn’t stop the global warming alarmists from manufacturing hysteria” …. (cfp, gateway)

IRISH OIKOPHOBES Fly Under the Radar at Notre Dame …. (

FROM THE MINDS of Lego nerds: concept art for space Lego pojects …. (classic-space)

FREEBIES— Crocodile Man Easter Egg in Google Earth …. (gearthblog)

KNOW YOUR ROOTS: teaching plutarch in the age of hollywood …. (romanhistorybooks)

REMEMBERING American Literature: Our Own Neglected Canon – Elizabeth Kantor …. (catholiceducation)

LOVELY CG: Theme Planet animation …. (

SNITCH-CHIPS embedded in UK school’s uniforms …. (boingboing)

POTTED POTHEADS: Dramatic increase in mental illness among cannabis users …. (magicstatistics)

PLENTY of pretty: “ggarfield’s Wallpapers 2”; more via Desktopography …. (

BILL WATTERSON of Calvin and Hobbes has a great review of Schulz and Peanuts, a new biography of the Charlie Brown creator …. (intheagora)

SAINT AL OF THE ECOPALYPSE, by Mark Steyn. 35 Errors Discovered in Al Gore’s Film. Hey Al Gore, We Want a Refund! …. (Various)

PROFESSOR Dumbledore is not Gay: Taking Stories More Seriously than the Author; and Orthodixie weighs in …. (scriptoriumdaily)

VIA ANCHORESS: Funniest. Blogpost. Ever …. (anchoressonline)

THEODORE DALRYMPLE— Crime and Elite Stupidity: For the French paper of record, criminals are the real victims …. (city-journal)

SCARY SHOWS: Halloween Playlist …. (proteinwisdom)

SHAIDLE: “If George Bush is Hitler, why isn’t Naomi Wolf a lampshade?” …. (fivefeetoffury)

PHOTOSHOPPED: parking signs for the “socially handicapped” (a few rather rude) …. (fark)


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