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October 16, 2007, 1:51 pm
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Tuesday, October 16th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

IRANIAN COUPLE WHIPPED.. The couple had committed the crime of attending a home-based Christian service …. (Gateway)

VIA WELBORN: Wonderful thoughts from the Pope on Hilary of Poitiers …. (img401)

THOUSANDS of Christians in N. Korea prisons: Report …. (speroforum)

SLAIN Gaza bookseller was a martyr, says Bishop of London …. (churchtimes, opendoorsusa)

WILL THE POPE say old Mass in St Peter’s? …. (telegraph)

PONDERING ++Cantuar agonistes. Bishop Gene explains it all …. (sergesblog, apostolicity)

LAOS: GOVERNMENT SWEEP CRIPPLES VILLAGE CHURCH— Many Christians, including leaders, still in prison following indiscriminate round-up. More recent news …. (compassdirect)

THE ROAD TO HELL is paved with the skulls of synod-members: “Ottawa votes yes to same-sex blessings”; Ottawa Citizen reporter blogs from Ottawa Synod. Ottawa Anglican church considers lame been done before political stunt banning marriages. Here’s the legal commentary out of the Diocese of Ottawa’s story; First We’ll Take Ottawa, then We’ll take Montreal. Hairy Eyeball: An interesting article from the Anglican Journal. What Kraalspace said …. (Various)

ORTHODOXY and Europe’s future …. (crunchycon)

MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS: Muslim family may abduct Christian children: Nigerian court …. (magicstatistics)

CHECK OUT the Catholic converts blog – a spot where 68 (and growing) convert/revert blogs are listed, each sharing wonderful, inspiring stories. Via …. (CC, Welborn)

GET RELIGION: “A quiet story in a holy place” …. (getreligion)

ALL THE LATEST Offerings from the Religion of Peace …. (thereligionofpeace)

WHAT-NOW? MONKS? DISSIDENTS? The Burmese crackdown: The situation in “Myanmar” has faded from view, as far as the rest of the world is continued …. (dp)

U.K. LEFTISTS draft Orewellian thought law …. (p2bc)

P2BC— “Some neo-conservative, fundamentalist, Christian-right event,” said Pat Martin, NDP …. (proudtobecanadian)

MUSLIM LEADERS call for peace, by Donald Sensing. Religion of Peace Greater Understanding Outreach Program …. (donaldsensing, sda)

VIA CONGER: “Homosexuality is a mental disorder the Patriarch of Moscow told the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Strasbourg, France on Oct 2” …. (geoconger)

DOES THE BENIGHTED UNTIED UNITED CHURCH of Canada care if it has members? …. (magicstatistics)

HURRAY! Happy Battle of Tours Day! More here, and via WikiPedia …. (Various)


ARMENIA— “Mr Bush doesn’t care about justice or freedom and here is siding with Muslims historically against Christians.” US House committee says Turks attempted genocide in 1915 Armenia; What is genocide vote actually about? …. (Various)

THE RELIGIOUS QUEST of George Soros …. (americanthinker)

GO AWAY SUNDAY: “Perhaps we should focus on our strengths. Instead of having attempts at “welcome sunday”, we could stick with the tried and true “go away sunday”. I envision the clergy beginning by noting that newcomers are actually sitting in someone else’s pew, and would they kindly get up and move before the service starts. It could then be pointed out to young families that there are no facilities for changing the baby, and if the baby cries, would you please move to the porch, or better yet, go back and stay in your car until baby settles down” …. (felixhominum)

BLESSED IGNATIUS: Advice from a Martyr …. (

MUSLIM CLERICS demand peace, or else; Irene Lancaster weighs in. Muslims send threatening letter to the Christian world …. (Various)

AH-NOLD SURRENDERS: Governor Blasted for Signing ‘Sexual Indoctrination‘ Bills …. (transfigurations, wnd)

NAOMI SCHAEFER RILEY: “In Alabama, a civil debate over God’s existence” …. (opinionjournal)

BUSH’S BAIT & SWITCH Theology: Religious Liberty and the Monotheistic Fallacy …. (evangelicaloutpost)

HOLY LAND PHOTOS— Featured Collection: Hagia Sophia. More here, via Google. Lots more here …. (holylandphotos)

VATICAN: Muslims Must Renounce Violence and Respect Other Faiths …. (weaselzippers)

JONATHAN SACKS: Religion and science are twin beacons of humanity …. (kendallharmon)

PISKIES & The Bridge of Khazad-Dum …. (

THE GREAT Mystery of Marriage, by Kenneth Henderson …. (catholicexchange)

GLEDHILL— Teachers struggle to balance cultures and ‘inclusiveness’ …. (timesonline)

GATES OF VIENNA: “Islam, Christian Europe, and the Greek Heritage” …. (

THE CASE AGAINST Mugabe’s robed nemesis – Father Raymond J. de Souza …. (catholiceducation)

THE BIGGEST threat to the West lies within itself, not with Islam …. (timesonline)

WHY WE SHOULD Read Lesser-Known Books, or, the Anselm I Never Knew …. (scriptoriumdaily, wiki)

JULIA VITULLO-MARTIN— “Must civil unions be performed on religious property?” …. (opinionjournal)

TRUE COLORS: Liberal Bishop Takes Ill-Advised Iran Trip …. (aacblog)

REMEMBERING BLESSED Thomas More of England; and that suppressed Elizabethan-era play. More English martyrs & faithful, and the Irish here. There’s even a blog …. (Various)

THREE SENIOR BISHOPS have urged Prime Minister Gordon Brown to pursue “justice” and pressure Israel to change its security policies towards the Palestinians …. (geoconger)

JOHN PIPER: “How to Pray for a Desolate Church” …. (freerep)

MINDWASH IN PROGRESS: “We are being conditioned – but see the end result please” …. (mainstream)

WRITING ON THE WALL: “Even in very secular New England, neither the possibility of closure nor the prospect of a small remnant can be desirable for the Episcopal Church” …. (anglicanaction)

BY THEIR FRUITS: “Methodist Lobby Office Joins Homosexual Groups to Support Sexual Rights Legislation” …. (

CANTALAMESSA— “The Joy of Fatherhood” …. (bettnet)

SERGE’S BLOG— “Christians believe the Jewish religion needs to be ‘perfected’; the New Covenant replaces the old. (Jews have no divine right to Palestine.) Nothing to do with Hitler’s persecution of Jews or his drive to replace both faiths (which he considered Jewish) with Germanic paganism”.. more on the controversy via American Thinker …. (Various)

SOFT TARGETS— Call for support for hospital chaplains …. (churchtimes)

IN THE MAIL: Dinesh D’Souza’s What’s So Great About Christianity. With a positive blurb by Stanley Fish! No, really. Plus, The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Bible …. (instapundit)

THERE’LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND— UK: Airport Supervisor Suspended for Hanging Picture of Jesus on Wall …. (weaselzippers)

PIOUS USHERS and Protecting the Eucharist …. (

SAMARITANS bring in new blood to save their sect …. (theglobeandmail)

HIGH-FLYING Karate Nuns …. (neatorama)

ATHEISTS less likely to think interpersonal virtues important …. (magicstatistics)

MUSLIM PLEA calling for dialogue with Christians well-meaning but flawed …. (mainstream)

CBS BLOGGER Mocks, Misunderstands Conservative Baptist Teaching on Women …. (newsbusters)

VIA BABY BLUE— “Get rid of the virgin” and other ways to save your church …. (

BENEDICT’S Mozart – by Rev. Andreas Kramarz, L.C. “What the Pope learned from his favorite composer” …. (catholiceducation)

CAPTAIN YIPS— “The problems that are destroying The Episcopal Church and that may yet shatter the Anglican Communion are endemic in western culture at the moment, and there is no refuge”; “LifeSite is in receipt of a statement from San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer explaining his having given communion to a pair of drag queens belonging to an anti-Catholic agit-prop group calling itself the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” …. (CYips, CWN)

TOOLEY: Jesus Loves Illegal Immigration …. (frontpagemag)

ENGLAND— Homosexual Actor Condemns New UK Law Criminalizing Criticism of Homosexuality by Hilary White; Names will never hurt me? …. (catholicexchange,

CHRISTIANITY and the wages of syn …. versus the Jewish sense of syn …. (irenelancaster)

CONSERVATIVE Presbyterians Leave Church …. (lasvegassun)

TIMOTHEOS— The new sectarianism …. (

EGYPT: The Ikhwan’s true colors …. (crunchycon)

FIRST THINGS— The Spirit of Timidity, and How Christians Pray the Psalms, By Richard John Neuhaus …. (

DURING SUMMIT on “Islamophobia” Muslims demand use of Cathedral of Cordoba for religious services …. (catholicnewsagency)

THOMAS E. WOODS, JR.— The Catholic Church and the Creation of the University …. (catholiceducation)

SALVATION of the Thief on the Cross …. (

ITCHY EARS and Tongues of Fire– Gay-rights group employs Scripture. Also: Pentecostal success invites new challenges …. (christianitytoday)

NROTC— “Is Christianity the problem?” …. (nrotc)

A WHOLE NEW Dappled Things Is Out! …. (holywhapping)

ISLAMIC TERRORIST converts to Christianity – no longer a threat …. (dustmybroom)

JOHN F. CULLINAN: Muslims respond to the pope again …. (nro)

AMEN, ROD: “I hate clowns. I really hate Christian clowns” …. (crunchycon)

FUN WITH CHURCH-BASHING— “A lurid sort of Christopher Hitchens vision of history pervades Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Shekhar Kapur’s sequel to his 1998 art-house hit Elizabeth…. Pound for pound, minute for minute, Elizabeth: The Golden Age could possibly contain more sustained church-bashing than any other film I can think of”; and more: “HRCR = ER?” …. (freerepublic)

DESECRATION, ISLAMIFICATION— Historic London Cemetery to Be Disinterred? …. (lgf)

OTHER RELIGIONS— Bowling with Others, by James Q. Wilson. “A scholarly proponent of “diversity” and its benefits has found that it fosters social distrust: is this surprising?” …. (commentarymagazine)

SCRIPTORIUM DAILY: The Apostles Creed and Abortion …. (scriptoriumdaily)

DHIMMITUDE 101: Islamotards Give It The Ole College Try, And A Leftist Administration Supports Them …. (freedomszone)

VATICAN PUBLISHES Knights Templar documents …. (boingboing)

BRITAIN THRILLED by Offer to Submit or Die …. (lgf)

JERUSALEM syndrome strikes again …. (

A GREAT IDEA! “Because we all know what a colossal failure the English common law system has been world …. (

SIGCARLFRED— The subject was: ‘We Should Not Be Reluctant to Assert the Superiority of Western Values’. Ibn Warraq was joined by Douglas Murray and David Aaronovitch. Opposing them were Tariq Ramadan, William Dalrymple, and Charles Glass …. (

THE MASS. ALLIANCE on Teen Pregnancy has plans to hold on a conference on the campus of Holy Cross (“a college in the monotheist tradition”) in Worcester …. (cwnews)

MCJ BLOGGER— “Wet Cleanup on Aisle Three!” …. (freerep)

FATHER, FORGIVE THEM— they know not what they are buying: You know that we are Christian by our junk; An Interview with the Jester …. (curtjester)

HOW MANY ORATORIANS does it take to change a lightbulb? …. (

REMEMBERING Blessed Edward, King of England and Confessor, 1066 …. (reader)

World War IV — The Jihad, Part XXXVIII….

SYRIA’S NUCLEAR PROJECT— “It’s now pretty much confirmed that the Israeli airstrike in Syria last month targeted a nuclear facility” …. (lgf)

RADICAL Islam’s Willing Bloggers …. (americanthinker)

THE UNITED STATES and governments of the West must use every means available to combat Islamofascist aggression and expansion …. (canadafreepress)

THE UN IGNORES Tsunami Aid Fraud Worth $500 Million …. (weaselzippers)

JUST LOVELY: Vulture funds prey on debt relief …. (

WORLD WAR IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win” …. (

ROGER COHEN: ‘TERROR AND DEMONS’– But the airports is safe …. (familyscholars)

FAILURE TO DISCLOSE— How can a journalist “forget” his interviewee’s position at the head of an anti-Israel NGO? …. (honestreporting)

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Final Impressions From Iraq …. (pajamasmedia)

NY-TIMES CULT OF CHE— Minus the Brutality and Oppression …. (newsbusters)

IN HAMASISTAN, Palestinians Kill Children, Mainstream Media Yawns …. (lgf)

THE DEATH of a Counterterrorism Activist …. (pajamasmedia)

THE BURIED LEGACY of Hollywood Anti-Communism …. (americanthinker)

NEWSWORTHY Reconsidered– Paris Hilton or Colonel Sean McFarland? …. (victorhanson)

LifeWatch ….

THE TRUTH About Margaret Sanger; The Truth About Margaret Sanger blog is having its 3rd Annual Margaret Sanger at the Ku Klux Klan Rally Art Contest …. (gkupsidedown, curt jester)

WHAT REALLY HAPPENS during abortion: British surgeon finally tells truth …. (dailymail)

THE DIFFERENCE between Ben Mulroney and me: I don’t support UNICEF …. (proudtobecanadian)

ZENIT gets the thrill: the Web site known for its coverage of the Vatican, has a favorable profile of Dawn Eden — “Aiding Rudderless Women.” …. (dawneden)

IT TAKES A PARENT: Betsy Hart talks boys with Christina Hoff Sommers …. (nro)

WOMEN WHO kill their newborns are seldom severely punished …. (soberingthoughts)

TEN YEARS ON, Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act Continues to Spur Debate …. (pewforum)

BORN TO BE USED— “Father Thomas Berg LC neatly elucidates why the creation of so-called “savior siblings” is wrong” …. (dawneden)

SOME ENGLISH DOCTORS want women to be allowed to pop a few pills to have their own abortion at home …. (

ENDING 40 YEARS of silence: remembering over 6 million aborted …. (mainstream)

SCIENTIST CLAIMS He Created Artificial Life via Chromosomal Transfer …. (neatorama)

LIFESITE: Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize Awarded to De-Population, Abortion Advocate Al Gore …. (lifesite)

FELIX HOMINUM: the life of eliot, storyteller …. (felixhominum)

UNICEF Participates in Conference With 35 Sessions Promoting Abortion …. (lifesite)

ABORTION by the numbers …. (getreligion)

ADULT STEM-CELL Awareness: Details at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex …. (curtjester)

CHILDREN SUCK: “No wonder French intellectuals so often get a bad name (for assisting the decline of the West” …. (damianpenny)

COHABITATION: Live Together and Suffer …. (reformedpastor)

GENDER Equity in the Boardroom, Or Else …. (

BRITISH Labour minister admits taxes should recognise marriage …. (

MIKE AUSTIN: The Heart Of The Problem …. (mikeaustin)

FROM CHATELAINE, a condescending rant by yesterday’s feminist – Barbara Kay. A jubilant Montreal Gazette headline announced on Monday: “We’ve got babies on the brain.” …. (catholiceducation)

COMMODITIES: “Gay couple buys twin baby boys” …. (freerep)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Less Mafia-Like Management

THE DANGERS Of Canada’s Multiculti Kool Aid Bender …. (canadafreepress)

FROM JONATHAN KAY, on the collapse of Ezra Levant’s Western Standard, like its predecessor the Alberta Report. Boring New journalists …. (onemoreepicycle, soberingthoughts)

THE PRIME MINISTER’S Panel on Afghanistan …. (dustmybroom)

FATCATS: The Parliament Hill diet– MPs will soon be served healthier and smaller portions …. (

RECENT CANADIAN NEWSMerde alors! …. (dp)

THE OLD HATER IS BACK — Paul Martin was a “goon”: Jean Chretien …. (proudtobecanadian)

GIVING CREDIT Where Credit Is Due …. (officiallyscrewed)

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: “Finally a real proposal to address the doctor shortage” …. (

CANADA’S moral obligation to Afghans …. (damianpenny)

THEOCRACY! Statistics Canada quotes the Bible; Canadians are hewers of wood and drawers of water no longer …. (magicstatistics)

FARK: “Canadian company has developed a vaccine that eliminates cancer in mice. Still no cure for getting ketchup out of a new bottle without using a butterknife” …. (hfxnews)

PEEK-A-JEW: B’nai Brith calls Liberal MP Marlene Jennings “sinister” …. (stevejanke)

THE UNEXPECTED WAR— New light on an old Chretien administration lie. Families of fallen soldiers blast Chrétien for politicizing their losses …. (sda, G&M)

LOCAL POLITICS: “Opinions about the new offshore deal in are mixed, but Stephen Harper could have at least gotten some Nova Scotians back on side – if not for his hardline stance against former Tory MP Bill Casey” …. (damianpenny)

EXPLORING Montreal’s Sewer …. (neatorama)

Teh Blogs, Interwebs, ‘Puters, Media ….

“Internet? Is that thing still around?”

USING THE INTERNET to ruin someone’s life …. (boingboing)

TCS DAILY: “A Threat to the Internet” …. (tcsdaily)

GOOGLE BANS Ads …. (newsbusters)

WISDOM: “Turn off the TV. Forget Facebook. Just give your kids some time” …. (guardian)

DINO-MEDIA Awkwardly Attempts to Adjust to Web With ‘Dueling Columnists’. Feel the excitement …. (newsbusters)

PROTEIN WISDOM: “All the News That Fits, We’ll Print” …. (proteinwisdom)

LEFTWING BLOGGERS’ “ethical boundaries” …. (hotair)

TECHNO SAPIENS: How Lazy Can You Get? …. (pajamasmedia)

PEEK-A-BOO: Google Street View Adds Six More Cities …. (canadafreepress)

LINKING: a plea to bloggers …. (telegraph)

PURE GOLD: Now filling in for Maureen Dowd: Stephen Colbert …. (nytimes)

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

STEYN: “Doom if Saint Al loses carbs”; Nobel Committee Drinks the Kool-Aid …. (theaustralian, reformedpastor)

OH, THE GOOD OLD DAYS When Telemarketers Could Call and You Could Use This …. (benedictseraphim)

HOWTO make crystal clear ice …. (boingboing)

Quantum modelling

ANTHROPOGENICAL global warming bites the dust …. (magicstatistics)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S Best Science Images for 2007 …. (

VIA BOING-BOUNG TV: Blade Runner …. (boingboing)

SOME SERIOUSLY Inconvenient Truth: Producers of Gore’s Film Asked to Return Oscars. Famed Hurricane Forecaster Says Al Gore is ‘Brainwashing Our Children’ …. (Various)

INTERVIEW with a bunker builder …. (Ya Never Know)

CRAZY-TALK: “When good people find themselves confronted by the imminent terror of a gun-wielding homicidal maniac, writes Timothy Wheeler, director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, a project of the Claremont Institute, the only solution is a prepared and brave defender with the proper lifesaving tool—a gun.” …. (NRO)

SNORE, SNORE IT’S ALBORE: “As expected, Al Gore is a joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”; Iowahawk has some fun with it. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men …. (Various)

CHECK OUT These Wonders of The World …. (

GNARLY Atwood multi-knives — Boing Boing Gadgets …. (boingboing)

THE EVER-USEFUL Yak Shaving Razor #111 …. (evangelicaloutpost)
Another Chinese Toy Recall


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