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September 14, 2007, 4:31 pm
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Gracious Goodness!

When not tormenting the Binklings or surfing the interwebs, this nerd enjoys combat simulations like Rome: Total War; and Battlefront’s Combat Mission series; not to mention Silent Hunter III* and IV [think Das Boot: The Game]. Video of SH-III is online via Youtube.

Yes, in addition to spiritual and interwebs interests, your Binky is a historian, war-nerd, and game-geek.


But note: this ain’t PacMan. These are seriously accurate games, with deep historical roots and tougher-than-average gameplay. They demand patience, and want a steeper-than-average learning-curve. But more: hundreds of nerdy game-geeks and history-nerds out there make huge numbers of free game-modifications [ or ‘Mods’] which can change the look, music, gameplay, or even basic structure of the original games.

Thus Rome: Total War boast about 10 full revisions of the game, including the one I’m busy with now: the ancient world according to all the ‘barbarians’ and not only the Romans. Ancient history & famous battles come to life.. and more. Just of the love of it. Free.

More here

All of this means you can get off the game-treadmill of bigger and more flashy and machine-intensive games, and enjoy a game for 3-5 years or more. Of course, it takes patience to look about for interesting mods and tweaks, and to have the imagination to enjoy a game over a long time, but it’s worth it. To those who don’t computer-game, it’s like having your favourite series of novels to savour and re-read over the years: Patrick O’Brien and Tolkien spring to mind, amongst others.

History is to be pondered, corrected as needed, learned from and passed on– especially since so many of our current civilizational crises led up to– and stem from– the two World Wars that even now, we cannot see all of the forest for the trees. To see the hollowness of civilization in AD400 or 1914 or 1939 Europe, and the tide of war and totalitarianism and Cold War that ensued reminds me of the Eutopian muddle of 2007; to see the continuing contest of militant Caliphate Islam and Western civilization and Christianity, takes us back past the Crusades to the original Jihad boiling out of Arabia, and sweeping across the remaining Romano-Byzantine Empire. It’s not so far away, or long ago.

Under the eye of eternity, all of it is as a passing day, and the lives of men as a flicker: yet it is within our time and space, and through us and our human history, that God has been pleased to reveal himself in Christ Jesus, and within our passing empires and moments and choices to work out the coming of His Kingdom. Even us, here and now. Hence, this blog.


* Yes, U-Boats were a dreadful threat in the two world wars, and war is very, very bad. My own paternal Grandfather was torpedoed on a ship by the U-124— captained by this top ace, no less– on June 18th, 1942, but was lucky to survive. I get it.

Next Time: thinking about legions of dead people.

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