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July 24, 2007, 4:30 pm
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Tuesday, July 24th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

THE HORROR! THE COOTIES! Tridentine Rite Mass introduction on PBS; and a full Mass …. (

PREACHING & TEACHING: A brief memoir of a chance meeting with Austin Farrer. Yes, some of his books are around, via, and well worth the buying …. (skdiocese)

MOHLER: “No, I’m Not Offended”; The motu proprio: a roundup of reaction. Notes on “Questions on the Doctrine of the Church” …. (merecomments)

UK ORDERS Christian convert returned to Iran despite death warrant. Report: Christians crucified by terrorists in Iraq …. (

ACTON.ORG: “Truth, Relativism, and the Free Society” …. (

GROUNDBREAKING service for ‘igloo church’ draws hundreds …. (acns)

EGYPT – Mobs Attack Churches near Alexandria …. (compassdirect)

CARTOONIST Doug Marlette got used to hearing people mix comments about his humor with references to Almighty God …. (tmatt)

ZENIT’S translation of the full text of the pope’s June 20 reflection on St. Athanasius …. (fathersofthechurch)

GLIMPSING ‘The Face’ …. (breakpoint)

THE 1400 YEAR WAR – George Jonas: “Schoolboys in my native Hungary used to recite an old ditty. It conjured up emotions ossified in the seams of time” …. (catholiceducation)

THEOCRACY! New Generation prays for prime minister …. (

INDONESIAN Sunday School Teachers Released …. (anglican-mainstream)

TIME & ROWAN: Saving Grace …. (acns)

NORM GERAS LOOKS AT THE FEEBLE RESPONSE FROM THE LEFT to riots and threats over Salman Rushdie’s knighthood …. (instapundit)

MERE COMMENTS: “What happens when talk about feelings predominates in popular piety and the liturgy?” …. (merecomments)

A TRULY fabulous post at Gates of Vienna on the impact and historical importance of Christianity …. (mypetjawa)

RUTH BELL GRAHAM— Beacon of Spiritual Strength …. (transfigurations)

BEE SIXTEEN to the yoots …. (amywelborn)

GOOD NEWS, FOLKS: Isaac Newton once calculated that the apocalypse would not come before 2060 …. (NROTC)

CAN I FOLLOW Evolution? …. (merecomments)

CHRISTIANS UNDERAttack in Gaza. “Christendom” no longer exists. The terrorists have nothing to fear. Hamas Burns Church In Gaza City: “The Hamas coup has freed the Islamists to do what they do best — terrorize non-Muslims”; Christians warned: Accept Islamic law— ‘New Hamas rule means real changes,’ missionaries to be ‘dealt with harshly’ …. (Various)

EVERYBODY SING!! .. Superchristological and Homoousios. To the tune of “Supercalafragalisticexpialadocius” … …. (fathersofthechurch)

COLSON: The Martyrdom of Father Ganni …. (breakpoint)

SED CONTRA: “The Whole Liturgy Debate” …. (davidmorrison)

MATTINGLY— Truth, tolerance and faith …. (tmatt)

A VIRTUAL TOUR of Dante’s Inferno …. (

AT THE MOVIES— ‘Jesus Almighty’ missing in action …. (worldnetdaily)

COMMUNIQUE from the Anglican – Lutheran International Commission …. (acns)

ISLAMIC MILITIAS threaten more than 1,000 Christian families in Baghdad. Iraqi

Christian refugees in legal limbo. Iraq Priest Remains Kidnapped, As Thousands Flee …. (Various)

CHURCH-STATE boundaries came under close scrutiny in Australia recently, with a no-holds barred debate over stem cell legislation. Aussie politician pressures Archbishop to shut up …. (zenit)

THE FORMER Enloe High School history teacher who invited a Christian evangelist [actually an Egyptian Copt] to speak to his students is not taking his reprimand quietly …. (jihadwatch)

CHRISTIANITY Spreading in Iran via Multimedia …. (

AS GOD INTENDED— “..boys are supposed to become manly. Rather than neutering their aggression, confidence and desire for danger, we should channel these instincts into honor, gentlemanliness and courage”; the essential original article …. (merecomments)

PETER KREEFT on Goddesses and Priestesses; The deep mythic and cultic symbolism of the sexes …. (,

MERE COMMENTS: Protestants and Contraception …. (merecomments)

VATICAN urges end to Amnesty aid …. (bbc)

THE DECLINE of the Sabbath …. (kendallharmon)

A VERY COOL virtual model of Rome in 320 A.D. The project …. (fathersofthechurch)

THE PASSIONATE, Pious, Pragmatic John Donne …. (skdiocese)

PROTESTS at Taverner’s Allah in cathedral …. (

CT WEBLOG on the God Debates of 08 …. (christianitytoday)

CHRISTIAN SEEKS US asylum to avoid torture by Muslims …. (jihadwatch)

McGRATH gives Dawkins rebuttal at Wycliffe College …. (christianweek)

ISLAM And World Conquest …. (

NOT SO ‘BRIGHT’ AFTER ALL? — 56% of atheists and agnostics think “radical Christianity” is just as threatening in America as “radical Islam” …. (jihadwatch)

OPINION JOURNAL’S JAMES TARANTO describes how Michael Bloomberg insulted the religious beliefs of 60% of Americans …. (dawneden)

JESUS IS THE LEAST of your Worries …. (

THE THIRD EMPIRE: “How to Know More Than Your Po-Mo Friends” …. (evangelicaloutpost)

FATHER’S DAY: does it intrude into The Lord’s Day? …. (

CONCLUDING A PUBLIC LECTURE, Russell Kirk once assured his listeners: “If you look for the Supernatural, you will find it. I promise you: I have.” …. (catholiceducation)

PEACEFUL MOTHER-GODDESS TIME— Ötzi’s violent world – National Post: “In an odd way, as secular scientists explore our past with ever more powerful technologies, they seem to be finding the last thing they must have expected — empirical support for a variety of Original Sin” …. (catholiceducation)

ON UNMANLY WHINGIN’ – Rev. Raymond de Souza …. (catholiceducation)

REMEMBER: “God invented us, we invented God back, we just paid the favor back. He’s eternally existing whether or not we believe in him. We created our knowledge of him, we created our acceptance of him, but God was there outside of time whether or not we believe in him.” …. (

ISLAMISTS in the Courtroom, by Daniel Pipes …. (catholicexchange)

EXPLOITING THE SAINTS— Omission Watch: Hillary Pressed to Remove Mother Teresa Photo From Campaign Ad …. (newsbusters)

PROTESTANTS: 260-Plus Abuse Cases a Year …. (

BASICS 101: “Without freedom of speech democracy does not function. You cannot have one without the other, but its not an easy freedom to protect, since it always provokes — that’s the whole idea with freedom of speech” …. (

LEBANON: Christian Relief Organization Aids Refugees …. (

DAVID CAMERON: ‘I am a Zionist and I’m proud of the fact’ …. (

JIHAD WATCH: More finger-pointing, and utter failure to take responsibility for the actions of Muslims, from a Muslim spokesman. From “Debate between German Lutherans and Muslims” …. (jihadwatch)

HARVARD CRIMSON Op-ed: God & Medical School …. (thecrimson)

WHACKADEMIA— Harvard Professor Smears Catholic Priests With False Claim …. (newsbusters)

NEW CLAIMS of a clampdown on Christians in Burma (Myanmar) have been made, with a publisher of books on Christian theology threatened with 12 years’ imprisonment unless he desists …. (

GOD OF DEATH. God Of Life …. (

NROTC THOUGHTS ON Secular Religions …. (NRO)

HAMAS DESTROYS Christian School and Church …. (lgf)

SAYS SONY: Sorry for cathedral shootout game …. (

SPENCER: Blogging the Qur’an …. (jihadwatch)

RELIGION is for dummies? …. (crunchycon)

MIKE AUSTIN: “I have no idea if we are arriving at Armageddon. What I do know is that as long as I have been a sentient being I have been aware of wars and rumors of wars in the Middle East” …. (

NEW BRIT PM WANTS to give up church-appointment power.. ‘Operational independence’ for the Church of England …. (

SALVE REGINA To The Cows! …. (davidmorrison)

GEORGE BARNA has a new study out that looks at the differences between atheists/agnostics and Christians …. (worldmagblog)

ZENIT— “Having Taught a Martyr Is Something Else Entirely” …. (

GO FIGURE: Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor has written to the Vatican arguing against moves to allow Catholics greater freedom to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass. In other news, “On Tuesday, the 99 Names of Allah will be heard in the Cardinal’s own church, Westminster Cathedral” …. (telegraph)

A GREAT WAY to Learn Greek …. (fathersofthechurch)

WHITEHALL: the divine liturgy of saint james …. (

DESTRUCTION of Human Embryos a “Gift from God” says Catholic House Speaker …. (

APOSTATES of Islam …. (benedictseraphim)

COLLEGE CROSS-WARS: “I’m a Practical Man,” He Said With a Smile …. (

NOW LAY ASIDE All Earthly Cares …. (fatherstephen)

JOHN ALLEN JR> posts on a series of recent anti-Christian violence and murder by Muslims …. (curtjester)

HOMESCHOOLING and Christian Duty, By Sally Thomas …. (firstthings)

URGENT CALL from heads of churches in Jerusalem to Fatah and Hamas …. (

KEEP THE FAITH — where it belongs …. (canadafreepress)

DAN MARTINS: Woe to me if I preach not the Gospel …. (

OTHER RELIGIONS: The Murderous Church of Rachel Carson …. (orthodoxytoday)

CANADIAN CATHOLIC ORDER sues own lawyers after winning case …. (theglobeandmail)

COMPARING Christian and Muslim theologies. Islam doesn’t make sense: the Pope’s point …. (

A DRIVER’S Ten Commandments …. (worldmagblog)

GET RELIGION: To die the Boomer death …. (getreligion)

DAVID WARREN: “How evil triumphs” …. (davidwarrenonline)

IOWAHAWK— “Islam — it’s the capital’s hottest lifestyle trend! A growing religion, based on noble traditions and compassionate principles, yet infidels sometimes get the wrong impression because of ignorance and misunderstanding and the occasional subway bomb. Here Time Out argues that an Islamic London would be ab fab!” …. (iowahawk)

BENEDICT XVI On Eusebius of Caesarea …. (zenit)

THE TRUTH about Muslim-Christian marriages: Some Friendly Advice to Christians – James M. Arlandson …. (americanthinker)

CANADIAN CHURCHES to formally renew covenant of solidarity with Indigenous people …. (acns)

CHRISTIAN HORROR STORIES Highlight ‘Medieval’ Palestinian Persecution …. (cp)

TINY TABLET provides proof for Old Testament …. (telegraph)

THE EO 100— “What are the best Christian blogs?” …. (eo)

TOUCHY NEO-PAGANS have pledged to perform “rain magic” to wash away a giant picture of Homer Simpson that has been painted next to the Cerne Abbas Giant, their famous fertility symbol …. (llamabutchers)

SO WHY, EXACTLY, DOESN’T the Pope Do Something about “Bad” Bishops? …. (curtjester)

WHAT’S WRONG WITH liberation theology, left or what now passes as the right …. (

CARDINAL Cormac Murphy-O’Connor on Church, State and Europe …. (kendallharmon)

KRAALSPACE: “George Bush, going mystical on us again” …. (

CANUCKISTAN: “Vancouver’s municipal government is happy to have churches help the poor. You just need to get their permission first” …. (shotgun)

CATHOLIC VS. Protestant views of general church councils …. (

FREE ONLINE Latin & Greek Study Groups …. (benedictseraphim)

FR. DE SOUZA: Sin and expiation …. (catholiceducation)

SHOULD WE Mistrust Muslims? – Theodore Dalrymple …. (catholiceducation)

INDEED, IT WILL: “Self-love will change the world.” Apply, lather, rinse, repeat …. (timotheosprologizes)

NEW CRITERION— The Meaning of Suffering: Part XVI (conclusion) …. (

RESPONDING to the New Atheists …. (

LEFTIANITY is a strong, dangerous, enduring, and enchanting thing. It offers salvation without God; feel-good know-it-all superiority and righteousness without humility; and since it’s the default-religion of the chattering classes and much of mainsteam religion, it offers instant belonging to the big We. As we’ve mentioned previously, Huw Raphael Richardson appears to have deverted from Orthodox Christianity back to ho-hum leftoid horizontalism. More the sadder, we say– may Christ the Good Shepherd guide Huw back to the fullness of faith one day …. (

THE SURPRISING Near Death Experience of an Atheist …. (neatorama)

AMAZING Hebrew Poets in Old Spain …. (commentarymagazine)

MIKE S. ADAMS on “I Don’t Need Church to Lead a Moral Life” …. (

ACTON.ORG: Chastity under Assault …. (

POST-MASSACRE: Jesus among the missing at Virginia Tech …. (theinterim)

YES, IT’S THE “Why I Love Jesus” Meme …. (curtjester)

ON RELIGION, Hitchens is Not so Great …. (americanthinker)

FUN WITH a great Mormon stumper …. (curtjester)

SERGE’S BLOG.. The optional Jesus …. (

ENVIROPOCALYPSE: Everything Old is New Again …. (

THOSE AMAZING JEWS: Is there anything they can’t do? …. (crunchycon)

World War IV — The New Crusade….


CANADIAN religion channel VisionTV defends airing ‘jihad’ lecture. Muslims Urged To Take Up Fight Against ‘The Enemy’; Jihad comes to Canada …. (, shotgun)

FIGHTING BACK— An idea whose time has come: the how-to guide for tracking terrorists on-line. Jihadi, USA …. (cfp, captainsquartersblog)

THE SNOOTY HARD-LEFT CBC vs Ayaan Hirsi Ali …. (shotgun)

THEODORE DALRYMPLE— Breaking Away: An ex-Islamist tells his story …. (

BLOOD FOR OIL? The only questions are: Whose? When? and How Much? …. (

SHOTGUN: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t …. (shotgun)

ROSETT— Planes, Mercedes, Iran and Oil-for-Food-for-Sudan. And “No, It’s Not a Science Fiction Movie About an Evil Galaxy Far Far Away… It’s the UN Human Rights Council, as captured in the latest video from the watchdog group, UN Watch, and starring some of the worst abusers” …. (claudiarosett)

CHINA ARMING terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan …. (mypetjawa)

CONVICTED Internet Jihadi’s al Qaeda Connection …. (mypetjawa)

YEAH– THAT’S THE TICKET! U.N. chief: Climate change behind Darfur killing. ‘There was no longer enough food and water for all. Fighting broke out’ …. (mypetjawa)

THE ILLUSION OF SAFETY— “TSA detains woman over infant’s sippy cup — I feel safer!” FBI broke rules 1,000+ times in domestic spying, tech companies helped …. (boing2)

WHAT IT ALL MEANS: “Professed Christians, Jews, Americans, Israelis, the Danes, the Dutch and a host of others are all castigated for their insistence that they be allowed to be who they are, without fear. The struggle is now against modernity- the idea that all peoples can be equal. Once again, the ‘cultural elites’ decide who is and isn’t worthy of existence. That is not an exaggeration. Ask the Jews under siege in Europe” …. (

HOW FITTING: “Looters raid Arafat’s home, steal his Nobel Peace Prize.” This is what Arafat — and the Oslo Accords — wrought …. (instapundit)

THE ORCS AMUCK: “Rotten to its core, the United Nations Human Rights Council is about to adopt a “reform package” that drops Cuba and Belarus from a blacklist” …. (lgf)

FLASHBACK— Official: Knighting Rushdie Is Root Cause of Terrorism; Sir Salman’s satanic censors …. (gatewaypundit, theglobeandmail)

MIT WONDERS: Can the Israel Defense Forces take out Iran’s nukes? …. (

FRESH CONTRACTS FOR FRAUD— The guilty verdict June 7 in the federal fraud and corruption case of former UN procurement official Sanjaya Bahel was a small step in the direction of justice done at the UN. And “So Why Not Just Send Condi to North Korea With the Money in a Suitcase?” …. (pajamasmedia)

SIGCARLFRED: “Deceit, Denial And Dances” …. (

A CURIOUS TRIANGLE: Maurice Strong, Paul Martin & Javier Solana …. (newswithviews)

SAUDIS aim to stop web jihad they once abetted …. (jihadwatch)

THOSE FUN-LOVING Qaeda Thugs Promise Lebanon A Long, Hot Summer …. (counterterrorismblog)

MORE A PSYCHOSIS THAN A NATION, REALLY— Hamas Blows Up Fatah Goverment Building in Gaza; and “Really there is no alternative to becoming an adult, and making your alliances consistently with the less evil party, against the more evil party. The final reward for radical posturing being — well, take a good look at Gaza” …. (liveleak)

THE PARABLE of The Dogs- Where Politics is Going …. (

SERGE’S BLOG— ‘The Armenian Genocide’ …. (

CALIPHATE OF THE DO-GOODERS: “Most people don’t see the connection between today’s radical environmentalists and the 21st century rise of communist and socialist tyrannies” …. (

DAVID WARREN: “There is no price too high for human liberty, and those who dispute this are, and deserve to be, slaves” …. (davidwarrenonline)

MICHAEL COREN on the new anti-semitism …. (

A NEW BOOK: Exposing The Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him …. (

GATES OF VIENNA: ” Why Transnational Multiculturalism is a Totalitarian Ideology”; and “Does Global Warming Cause Rape Waves?” …. (

COMMUNISM destroyed millions of lives, but its critics are now branded “neocons.” Why has the left’s poisoned love affair with it endured? …. (newstatesman, markshea)

VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM; New Textbook Details Khmer Rouge Horrors …. (shotgun, sfgate)

SNEAKY American Squirrels Busted in Iran! …. (

BRITISH LAW threatening U.S. freedom of speech. Experts: Lawsuit by Saudi billionaire puts American journalists under foreign courts. In other news from Orwellistan, Four Million CCTVs aren’t enough for the British, apparently …. (wnd,

YOUTUBE VIDEO: 72 Virgins …. (mypetjawa)

LifeWatch ….

YOU SEE, Reporting rape … is “a dangerous new initiative” according to Planned Parenthood …. (curtjester)

JENNIFER ROBACK MORSE argues that we should “Get the Government Out of Sex Ed”. Via …. (townhall, evangelicaloutpost)

THE CBC FACEBOOK Wish List & the Anglican position on abortion …. (felixhominum)

THEM THAR DOUBLE-STANDARDS: “Save the, oh nevermind” …. (curtjester)

MOHLER ON “Screen Kids” — A Generation Raised by Electronics? And “The Chimeras Are Coming” …. (albertmohler)

AND THAT’S NOT FUNNY!! — “Even more sinful than the ethnic joke in the eyes of our moral guardians is the old comedy of the sexes” …. (spectator)

UTOPIANISM: “Serious playground injuries down in Ontario”.. how about injuries to moms & unborn kids at abortion-clinics? …. (hairyeyeball)

FAMILY FACTS: Father’s Day Edition …. (evangelicaloutpost)

THE UNINTENDED consequences of legal abortion …. (worldmagblog)

THEODORE Dalrymple: Avanti, Dr. Kevorkian! …. (

DESIGNED FOR SEX, by J. Budziszewski: “What We Lose When We Forget What Sex Is For” …. (orthodoxytoday)

WELL DONE, THEN— CBC’s Canada Day Wish List infuriates abortion activists …. (canadafreepress)

THE NY TIMES’ War Against Childhood …. (godscopybook)

FAMILY FACTS: Father’s Day Edition …. (evangelicaloutpost)

BREAKPOINT— The end of a long, bad trip: “That’s what Dawn Eden, newly appointed director of the Cardinal Newman Society’s Love and Responsibility program, calls the dismal outcome of the Summer of Love, that infamous period in the late ’60s that celebrated free love, one’s ability to enjoy sex wherever one found it instead of being weighted down by a pesky little thing like commitment or marriage” …. (breakpoint)

SPECIAL HELL RESERVED— Canadian kids among rescued in pedophile ring bust …. (ctv)

MOLOCH, INC. — Planned Parenthood Reports Record Abortions, High Profits …. (orthodoxytoday)

NO NEED FOR “father” in new Government Bill on IVF …. (mainstream)

DID YOU KNOW that doctor assisted suicide is in fact legal in Canada? …. (hairyeyeball)

‘DOLLY’ SCIENTIST: Make Human Stem Cells From Animal Eggs …. (yahoo)

THERE IS a little-known battle for survival going in some parts of the world. Those at risk are baby girls, and the casualties are in the millions each year …. (shotgun)

WHY IS Hollywood Afraid of Abortion? …. (albertmohler)

NRO SYMPOSIUM— “The Good Father: Examples real and symbolic” …. (NRO)

HEINOUS! “The EU is expected to take action against Poland for allowing Mr. Grzewski to live; the Florida Supreme Court is reportedly “scandalized.” Bloody Poles are clearly standing in the way of progress and the New World Order., and Mr. Grzewski should be ashamed of himeself for embarassing those fine doctors” …. (

MOHLER: “Fathers Are Not Fungible” — Why Fathers Matter …. (

DUKE’S TENURED VIGILANTES— The scandalous rush to judgment in the lacrosse “rape” case …. (weeklystandard)

GRATUITOUS Llama Literary Observation – Children’s Lit Department …. (llamabutchers)

TOWNHALL— Kevin McCullough: Why Feminists Fear Fathers …. (townhall)

PIMPING FOR A MURDERER: “Bruce Tomaso is rightly stunned and appalled by the advocacy role “60 Minutes” big Mike Wallace has undertaken for that creepy murderer Jack Kevorkian” …. (crunchycon)

THE ABORTION MOVIE nobody wants to see …. (worldmagblog)

WHAT DOES it really mean to say “You’re just jealous”? …. (

BRAIN-WASHING THE KIDS— The corruption of state of education– “The moulding of the ‘responsible citizen’ has supplanted what Mill called the ‘higher’ pleasures – intellectual and aesthetic enjoyments. The school curriculum has been unacceptably dumbed down, with some subjects (like philosophy and ancient history) being publicly decried by ministers of the Crown, while endless lessons are devoted to obesity, sex education, black history, gay history, and ‘fairness’” …. (

DAVID BROOKS: Genetic Shopping is becoming America’s national pastime …. (

GRIM TRUTH about Euthanasia– Dr. Death is more physically ill and “terminal” than the vast majority of the people he killed …. (

YMCA: Young Minors Considering Abortion …. (townhall)

WRIST-SLAP for ‘Have sex, take drug …. (wnd)

BULGARIA Sees 67,000 Abortions Annually as Underpopulation Continues …. (

MARIONETTES of helplessness: Decisions that lead to scoundrelism come in no dramatic colors …. (worldmag)

MOHLER— “A Barometer of Social Breakdown” — Greeting Cards in the Postmodern Age …. (albertmohler)

REMEMBERING Jeff, a lifelong quadriplegic who used a wheelchair, focused much of his activism on improving the lives of people with disabilities …. (

CHILD SLAVE LABOUR exposed in China: Frantic parents attempt to find, rescue kidnapped kids from brick factories …. (wnd)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Grown-Up Management

CANADIAN Tax Freedom Day: “A government that can give you everything you want must first take everything you have.” …. (williamgairdner)

TRUTH BE TOLD— Layton accused of hypocrisy for visiting private clinic …. (

CANADIAN Navy Needs New Ships …. (

RED TORY health care mush …. (damianpenny)

BENDING THE KNEE, Toronto-style: “David Miller Raises Rainbow Flag, Takes Down Support Our Troops Decals” … (officiallyscrewed)

THE HOME FRONT: Canadian Arab Federation to Honour Terrorist Supporter …. (dustmybroom)

RCMP– changes for the better coming …. (newsbeat1)

MORE ON the enemy within: our troop-haters …. (damianpenny)

DESPITE the secular media’s beatified image of her, June Callwood is remembered by the Interim as a microcosm of the decline in our country …. (

AFGHANISTAN tipping point: Québec may well decide the future of our mission …. (damianpenny)

THE PRICE OF POLITICS— Will Suzuki Foundation go the Greenpeace route in losing charitable status? …. (canadafreepress)

Blogosphere, Interwebs — and Old Media ….

CANADA’S Unelected Tribunals of Political Correctness Human Rights Commission Used to Target Conservative Website. More links here …. (catholicexchange)

ENCOURAGING a Blogger …. (

BREAKPOINT— Hey There, Lonelygirl15: YouTube’s Answer to the Need for Love …. (breakpoint)

EVIL COMPANIES AT PLAY— Yahoo: dissident shareholders’ anti-censor, pro-human rights move blocked …. (boingboing)

“KILL JEWS” at YouTube …. (mypetjawa)

THREATENING AN ACADEMIC for linking to an article critical of the RIAA. Sounds like more of the Orwellian thuggery we’ve come to expect …. (instapundit)

FACEBOOK: the platform of people? …. (buzzmachine)

ANOTHER lawsuit threatens free speech on the internet …. (

DEMOCRATIC Strategist: Liberal Bloggers Have ‘Much Too Much Influence Over’ Harry Reid …. (newsbusters)

SUPRISE! Liberals Scheme to Control Airwaves- Curb Conservative Talk …. (

SO IF YOU CRITICIZE NEWS REPORTING, you might as well be shooting reporters? …. (instapundit)

DANISH BLOGGER Under Attack …. (

DAVID WARREN: “We need journalists who are more honest and decent, and politicians, ditto” …. (dw)

COLBERT REMINDS US What Actually Drives the Media …. (

GOOGLE AGREES changes on privacy …. (

UTTERLY SHOCKING: BBC network admits it: We’re biased toward left …. (wnd)

HELL HATH no fury like a blogger scorned. Via …. (nysun)

AS FORETOLD IN THE PROPHECY— FBI tries to fight zombie hordes …. (bbc)

UNFORTUNATE Internet addresses …. (

The Internet Ends. Fun While It Lasted

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

LIVE EARTH: “The concert .. produce[d] more CO2 in one day than the total daily fossil fuel emissions for Austria, Chile, Finland, Greece, Iraq, Kuwait, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Sweden, the Virgin Islands, and a dozen other countries combined” …. (

WILLIAM GAIRDNER— Global Warming In A Nutshell …. (

NAACP Should Bury More Than The “N-Word” …. (

INTOLERANTISTS Liberals Don’t Commit Crimes- They Just Make Crimes Out of Everything Not Liberal …. (

SOME FAMOUS poems as limericks …. (boingboing)

MAN WITH tiny brain shocks doctors …. (skdiocese)

OKAY, can you hear me NOW? Just silliness – colonoscopies …. (

THE EVER-USEFUL Yak Shaving Razor #99 …. (EO)

ONLY 2000 Unofficial Uses for WD-40 …. (

PICKING ON Paris Hilton; and Righthandgirl on Paris Hilton …. (sergesblog, p2bc)

MARGARET WENTE of the Globe and Mail considers the misplaced priorities of certain progressive do-gooders …. (damianpenny)

THOUGHT-CRIMINAL Climate scientist says global warming stopped in 1998 …. (

GOOFY EU DIRECTIVES – the bindweed of British politics …. (

MANBOOBS. The website …. (

MEET YOUR SLAVES— Cheap socks – Guangdong revisited …. (telegraph)

FORGET WARMING – beware the new ice age …. (

LOOKING AT The Sun as Art …. (

THE BEEB REPORTS EU’s Carbon Trading Scheme Has Actually Increased CO2 Emissions …. (newsbusters)

WHY TV Addiction Links to Liberalism …. (orthodoxytoday)

A GLOBAL-WARMING wager for boosters and skeptics …. (shotgun)

27SKILLS Your Child Needs to Know That She’s Not Getting In School …. (zenhabits)

JARGONESE: “At the end of the day, you’ve given 110 per cent” …. (telegraph)

CIGARETTE-LABELS: Maybe Instead of Warnings, They Should Try Death Threats …. (imao)


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