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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
June 24, 2007, 2:20 pm
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DIOGENES— “Great. Another pseudo-Celtic whack-fest featuring low-calorie designer paganism: “An Anglican and a Roman Catholic bishop are to attend the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, which begins next week. The Bishop of Clifton, the Rt Revd Declan Lang, and the Bishop of Bath & Wells, the Rt Revd Peter Price, will be at the festival on Sunday 24 June.” … (offtherecord)

MOHLER ON ROWAN: The Church, the Bible, and the Body of Christ … (

DRELL— New Pages – Drell’s Commentaries on The Communique, Draft Covenant, and Timeline of the Anglican Crisis … (descant)

FELIX HOMINUM— “Methinks the good revd. should try being a Christian and a Muslim In Egypt (see last paragraph) for a while. Maybe she’d like to come with me next time I go and see what happens”… (felixhominum)

EPISCOPAL HEAD Urges Church to Enter ‘Real’ Conversation. Leading Episcopalian defends Church(christianpost,

SIGNS OF THE TIMES— TEC Diocean Bishop says says he “finds the interfaith possibilities exciting” for Seattle woman to be both an Episcopal priest and a Muslim … (

INDIANAPOLIS: Hundreds gather with Presiding Bishop to reflect on MDGs (give them praise & glory) … (ENS)



THE REV’D JOHN A. GUERNSEY, rector of All Saints’ Church in Woodbridge, has been elected as a bishop in the Church of Uganda for its churches in the United States; CANA Supports New Pastoral Initiative by Uganda… (potomacnews,

EPISCOPALIANS for Allah – focus on The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding … (

CROWN-PRINCESS Bonnie Anderson discusses Episcopal Church’s response to Windsor Report with Canadian General Synod … (episcopal-life)

SURROUNDED BLOG: “From Clarity to Confusion” … (surrounded)

ATTENTION, ECUSA-LIBS: Khatami denies shaking hands with women; protesters: “Death to the Clerics’ Foe” … (JiWa)


The Horror

CAPTAIN YIPS: Silence Regretted … (captainyips)

THE SLIGHTLY REV’D Giles Fraser: The Primates have forced my move to the right … (churchtimes)

IT’S ACTUALLY ALL ABOUT JESUS, RIGHT? Greg Griffith– Under the Radar…and Over the Cliff: “The champions of tolerance want to bury a story about an Episcopal priest who also claims to be a Muslim. Here are the reasons why, along with some ways you can help make sure they can’t do it”… (standfirminfaith)

CUDDLY LIBERAL Bishop Persell: reaching across the divide, to stomp conservatives as much as any other ECUSA prelate … (episcopalcafe)

ECUSA Happy-talk … (aacblog)

CARIOCA— A Silver Lining? “For those on the “reasserter” side of the Episcopal Great Divide, last week’s meeting of the Executive Council can scarcely evoke any response that doesn’t contain at least a note of cynicism” … (

LITTLE CIVILITY in the US on gay marriage debate … (belfasttelegraph)

WHO’S GOT THE @#$%&! BARN DOOR KEYS?!! — “Jim Naughton would REALLY like the story of Muslipalian Ann Holmes Redding to go away” … (

BELMONT CLUB: “Religious choice, in many liberal minds, is an act of fashion. The so-called Muslim Redding seems oblivious to sharia law, whose judges would certainly object to the idea that you can be a Muslim at lunch and Episcopalian at dinner before becoming a Muslim again at breakfast” … (

CANON HEIDT – The Search For APO … (all2common)

EVO OUTPOST— Walt Whitman and the Dim Dhimmi: Truth, Tolerance, and Non-Contradiction … (evangelicaloutpost)

WOLVES VS. SHEEPS— Seven Former Episcopal Churches in California Sued … (

DAWN EDEN: “Episcopal priest fails to get The Thrill” … (dawneden)

WORD TO Kitty Schori: Cuban dissidents demand freedom. Any quick fixes or easy words, Peeb? … (spero)

IRD COMMENTS: “Inclusion Run Amok: A Muslim/Episcopal Priest” … (

IS CUBAN RELIGIOUS FREEDOM Threatened by America? By Mark D. Tooley. Yes, says the “Religious” Left … (frontpagemag)

FOLLOWING a fractured congregation, its first female pastor is leading Alpine’s Christ the King Church forward … (signonsandiego)

FR. DWIGHT Longenecker article on the Anglican use provision in Crisis Magazine is now online … (curtjester)

MUSCLE— “Dave Double B throws his weight around” … (

JIM NAUGHTON Wants The Female Episcopal Priest Turned Muslim Story To Go Back Under The Radar … (

DIOCESE of Quincy gears up for fight with The Episcopal Church … (kendallharmon)

DREXEL GOMEZ votes “aye” on Atwood Consecration … (

GENE “ALL ABOUT ME” ROBINSON Urges ‘The Audacity to Believe the Gospel’… (

DRELL: “Jim Naughton Wants The Female Episcopal Priest Turned Muslim Story To Go Back Under The Radar” … (descant)

HALFTIME— “This may come as complete a shock as you’ve ever experienced but the Episcopal Church thinks that the UN’s Millennium Development Goals[peace and blessings be upon them] are the cat’s pajamas” … (

STATEMENT of Archbishop of West Indies: TEC no longer assures continuity with “The faith once delivered to the saints.”… (anglican-mainstream)

COLORADO: Colorado Springs congregation calls on ‘secessionists’ to return parish property … (episcopal-life)

INDEED: “Funny how the people complaining about the media are those whose interests are at risk because of revelations in the media that did not come out in the typical top-down-the institution-controls-the-flow-and content-of-information manner”… (kendallharmon)

RICHARD KEW: “The Strange Business of the Muslim Episcopalian” … (richardkew)

MARK SHEA— Gay Brownshirts on the March: “More Standard Issue Lavender Fist Stuff in Soviet Canuckistan. Message received: You cannot rest till the Church has been smashed with the power of the state. Tolerance is intolerable. We. Must. Approve!” … (

FEEL THE EXCITEMENT: The latest issue of PEPtalk was posted online … (peep)

IN YOUR FACE— Edmonton mayor’s Gay Pride Brunch — in Catholic hall … (shaidle)

LEFTIST TWITTERY— WCC Head Seeks Israeli Surrender … (reformedpastor)

AND LOTS of comments ensued ‘Anglican fight back at ‘Nasty Party’ slurs’ … (timescolumns)

THE LEGAL Benefits of Marriage … (merecomments)

WHAT COMES NEXT: “…And as for the idea that we are modern Stalinists…” … (proteinwisdom)

WHERE WE ARE: “The ultimate temptation, the one perhaps that the demons most rejoice in when it succeeds, is to forget the Creator” … (merecomments)

THEOLOGICAL DITTIES— “I am the Very Model of a Modern Unitarian ‘Piscopalian” … (

DAVID OULD— Saturday Morning Rib-Tickler – A Song for the Episcopal Church … (standfirminfaith)

REMEMBERING BLESSED St Alban, Protomartyr of Britain; and Etheldreda, Abbess of Ely, 679 … (timotheos, benedictseraphim)


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