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June 21, 2007, 8:17 pm
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!kraD ehT nI mehT peeK


“I fervently hope that it will be possible to ignore this story
until it slips back beneath the radar.”

Episcopal Communicator Jim Naughton, 2007

Back in The Day, there was a conspiracy theory which claimed that if you played certain music records backwards, you got secret satanic or other messages from the band-members (and no, we’re not talking about The Carpenters). Of course, the credibility-wrecking concerned Christian parents missed the point: much of the music they were concerned about had satanic messages when you played it forwards. And said parents didn’t go hunting for blatant examples of the world, the flesh, and the devil in the top-ten of hits of the day, either. There’s no such thing as bad advertising, perhaps.

And The Winner Is…

As far as lame Anglican conspiracies go, Episcopal DioDC newsie Jimmy Naughton seems to be gunning for the tinfoil mitre award.

Not only has Jim just tried to unearth and rehash the “chicken dinners” libel about shadowy funding and dark schemes behind conservative Anglicanism in the U.S. and Global South (them darkies is STILL for sale, right?), but when a story unflattering to anything-goes ECUSA surfaces in the media, good old freedom-of-the-press Jim wishes it would just go away.

So Go Figure

Newsflash: conservative people support one another and conservative causes and organizations. This just in: liberalism is a moving line, not a static state, and ‘conservative’ liberals need to wake up and smell the Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Chocolate Brownie Iced Vanilla Double-Shot Gingerbread Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended, One Sweet’N Low and One Nutrasweet, and Ice.


Because some ECUSA libs are actually conspiracy-freaks running a conspiracy. No, not one of the super-secret underground lair with undead armies ready to take over the earth conspiracy (that we’ve heard of)– rather, a conspiracy to keep conservative Christians looking stupid, and to keep a large part of their own constituency quiet and stupid as to the ultimate tendency of the revolution.

What tendency?

Out of Christianity: because if anything goes, well, anything goes.

And When Did They Know It?

As Katharine Jefferts Schori and Jim Naughton and Jack Spong all know, when it comes to the heart of liberal religion, as you progress to the logical conclusion of the scepticism and individual choice, before long there’s just no There™ there. Think about it.

Being nice, or bringing about the revolution, folllowing your divine conscience, or tearing down the evil structures of societal whatnottery is all well and good– but then there’s reality, human nature, logic, the consequences of goofy ideas, and the fact that those in power always have an agenda, and may well be worse than what they’re replacing. But the revolution keeps on revolting.

So as Greg Griffith explains it so very, very well, ECUSA talking head Jim Naughton is in a panic because many liberals will still draw the line at a Jesus-optional faith, as espoused by Muslim-Anglican The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding [see her “On Being Christian and Muslim“], and as smiled upon by her ECUSA bishop. And why draw the line there?

Huff and Puff

So, James, blowing smoke about Chicken Dinners is all well and good– we’ve been at this for years and not been the recipient of any controversial bullion or secret handshakes, let alone a paid diocesan office and bully-pulpit like yours — but you’re now disrespecting and trying to blow smoke in the eyes of a lot of your own team.

And so far, all lthe liberal blogs are keeping the lid on this one, too (aside from this peep from Fr. Jake)– because, as we know, when liberals ignore unpleasant realities, they just fade magically away. And of course, all liberal and moderate Anglicans always do what they’re told by their betters. And the liberally-minded like it when their own side keep them in the dark and feed them manure.

Well done, Jim.


Starting in 1998, we’ve always operated on the principle that more news was better; that even liberals deserve to be heard, and given access to timely news possibly unpleasant to their world-view, should they choose it; that Christians have always made the best use of new media to spread the Gospel; and that even blogging can be a holy vocation.

Conspiracy-mongers and institutional spoon-feeders like Jim Naughton and his ilk get it, but don’t want anybody else to– and that’s a shame.

And Finally, In Conclusion

As Greg Griffith has suggested, let’s all spread this story far and wide, so people of all stripes can see where ECUSA really stands in 2007. And do pray for the soul of The Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, that she come to know truly the Lord & Saviour of the World, Jesus Christ our Lord.

CaNN News-Editor


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Reminds me of the old days in New Westminster, when Michael Ingham and his gang tried to shut down NWNET because too much truth was getting posted on it. Or for that matter, when the Webelves were almost disposessed of a place in cyberspace.

Plus ca change, …

Comment by gerryhunter

Amen Binks. Amen. Just one correction: The Stand Firm story you twice attributed to Matt K. is actually by Greg Griffith.

Thanks for being there and for setting an example for so many of us, that helped us to understand just what could be accomplished by blogging. You rock.

Comment by anglicanprayer

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Hey, Binks, I blogged on that story on June 5….

Comment by mrsfalstaff

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