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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
June 19, 2007, 4:53 pm
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Some wise words

GET RELIGION: She’s a dessert topping and a floor wax– “Last week I looked at Bill Moyers’ puffy interview of The Episcopal Church’s Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and found it lacking” … (getreligion)

KUDOS FOR THE COMPLIANCER— Robin Eames Receives Prestigious Royal Order of Merit … (

DRELL: Windsor Coalition of Western Louisiana forming(drell, louisianacoalition)

SOUTH CAROLINA: Lawrence again heads episcopal ballot… (episcopal-life)

ECUSA POLITBURO: Authority on loan from God, herself! Executive Council rebukes Presiding Bishop … (

AN STATEMENT from Archbishop Gregory Venables on the news about Canon Bill Atwood … (kendallharmon)

DIOCESAN Chancellors Rebuff Council Accession Declaration; A June 5 letter to the House of Bishops from Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori outlines details of the house’s September meeting in New Orleans… (livingchurch)

AHEAD OF THE CURVE— “I love beating the legitimate media. The Seattle Times discovers Muslipalian Ann Holmes Redding. Selections follow” … (

DRELL: “We Can’t Ignore The Rascist Overtones In TEC’s Rejection of the Primates’ Communique” … (descant)

CARIOCA— Self-Inflicted Wounds: “Through a combination of circumstances–sheer longevity being the most relevant, I suspect–the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church is not an abstraction to me” … (

ABP. DREXEL GOMEZ brings ‘Global South’ perspective to Diocese of Central Florida: CFE July 2007 … (geoconger)

GET RELIGION— Newsflash: Christian journalists emerge!… (getreligion)

DAR PROPOSAL: dead, spat upon, mocked, disinterred & re-buried, dancing on grave ensues: “Episcopalians decline to stop noncelibate gay unions or clergy”… (T19)

LEGAL ROTTWEILER Beers: “We Can Sue” Recalcitrant Dioceses … (standfirminfaith)


[ INSERT APPROVED SENTIMENT HERE ]— “As far as the Episcopal Ecclesiastical Corporation is concerned, there’s democratic polity and then there’s democratic polity” … (

QUINCY CHURCH amendments ignored. Episcopal constitution’s changes ‘null and void’. Bp. Ackerman: Executive Council Has “Very, Very Little Authority”… (transfigurations, aacblog)

LIBERAL U.S. Anglican Leadership draws line in the sand… (peter-ould)

MOLOCH RULES! Council Defends Membership in Abortion Rights Group. Elsewhere, Abortion and PCUSA: Fluff and Reality(, reformedpastor)

FLIPPING THE BIRD— “ECUSA Executive Council to Anglican Communion: kiss off! ” … (

STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES— Suit to decide workplace ‘hate speech’. By Julia Duin… (WaTi)

A GODPOD With Bishop Tom Wright … (descant)

LIFE-CHANGING KJS podcast on Global Warming … (feedburner)

MDGs! MDGs! Let’s trust the U.N. & their ideas: “Beyond CO2: Let’s Try a UN Program for Trading Corruption Offsets”; This just in: “Good news: Pyromaniac to head up UN conference on fire prevention“… (claudiarosett, hotair)

ILS NE PASSERONT PAS— “It’s good to know that there are some principles that the Episcopal Ecclesiastical Corporation intends to defend to the death” … (

VIA DRELL— Some Info On The August HOB Meeting … (descant)

EPISCOPAL PANEL ‘Dodges’ Response to Anglican Request for Change … (christianpost)

ANGLICANISMS— “Down in the comments, Truth Unites and Divides makes a profound point” … (

MATT KENNEDY: But I’m Not Dead Yet: Predictions of Demise Somewhat Overdone … (

PREEMPTIVE STRIKE? — “The Telegraph story of last evening seems to have been confirmed” … (

ANGLICAN COMMUNION moves closer to schism … (kendallharmon)

IN YOUR FACE— “Why has the controversy over Gene Robinson created the firestorm that it has?” … (

REFORMED PASTOR— Apostasy in the Great Northwest, Part 2. Well, Which Is It? Bring ‘Em in or Leave ‘Em at the Door?… (ReformedPastor, &c.)

KRAALSPACE— Nothing new under the sun … (

I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I— “Southeast Florida Episcopal Bishop Leo Frade gets all warm and cuddly” … (

MODERN RELIGION— The Fruits of Multiculturalism, By Hal G.P. Colebatch … (spectator)

DISARMING for Jesus. By Mark D. Tooley… (frontpagemag)

AMEN & AMEN: “I reject that there is an moral equivalency between proponents of heresy and those who defend the faith once delivered to the saints. I appreciate the Archbishop’s difficult political position but his inability to see virtue in dynamic orthodoxy is not good and bodes poorly for the Kingdom and the Communion” … (

SHAKEDOWN— “You’ve got a lovely little parish there, says ECUSA’s Executive Council. Be a real shame if anything were to happen to it” … (

PC(USA) Rebuts Dissident Presbyterians on Controversial Issues … (cp)

BLOVIATOR: Ugliness is Such a Bore; Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth… (

ECUSA Exec Council: Saturday reports… (ta)

SOFTBALLS: “Bill Moyers interviews Katharine Jefferts Schori. Selections follow” (mcj blog)

ROD DREHER— What would we do without TEC? (cunchy con)

WHO BELONGS to whom? (Some link or other)

WORLD-TOUR 2007: “The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, presiding bishop of the U.S. Episcopal Church, will be in Jamestown next Sunday to preach during a ceremony to commemorate the first Anglican communion service there 400 years ago” (inrich)

GLEDHILL— Anglican fight back at ‘Nasty Party’ slurs (BTimesColumn)

A DEFINITIVE Portrait of the Struggle in the Episcopal Church … (BabyBlue)

PISKIE Bishop of Mass. to Celebrate “Security” of Gay Marriage … (SF)

GRATUITOUS Episco-Blogging– The PeeBee her own self is interviewed by that apostle of the middlebrow (to borrow National Review’s term), Bill Moyers … (llamabutcher)

THE CHAOS, ELSEWHERE— No congregations, no justice … (getreligion)

DEIMEL & THE P.E.P. Thanks Executive Council for Clarifying Constitutional Issues … (standfirminfaith)

FOR SOME REASON, this reminds us of liberal religonistas… (llamabutchers)

CHERIE Wetzel’s Reports from Executive Council … (kendallharmon)

KNOCK US ON the skull and call us lumpy, but the recent edition of the Integrity blog is not hopelessly outdated and one-sided in coverage … (

FAITHFUL Christian Anglicans in US May have Alternate Structure by July … (

PROBLEM? What Problem? Active lesbian/gay partnerships in the UK and USA … (mainstream)

THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL of the American Episcopal Church announced Thursday that it would not comply with demands from leaders of the global Anglican Communion to retract the church’s liberal position on homosexuality and create alternative supervision for disaffected conservative Episcopalians; Anglican rift grows after US snub over gay bishops(journalnow)

FREDERICK QUINN: Globalization and the future of the Anglican Communion … (kendallharmon)

ABP. DREXEL GOMEZ to speak at Festival of Faith in Maryland… (

THE ANGLICAN RIGHT By Rev. Dwight Longenecker … (

ON TUSHNET— “Eve has done a great job sharing her deeply thought out reflections on the Church’s teaching on homosexual acts and living with same sex attraction – and she has done it in the pages of Commonweal, of all places”; Seeing People In The Light of Heaven(davidmorrison)

LIVING CHURCH: The Principles of Arrogance … (livingchurch)

ANGLICAN coalition to force through breakaway … (telegraph)

WHITEHALL: executive council prepares for communiqué response … (

ANGLICAN Vicar: On the Schori Interview and “Private Decision” … (

NEWS FLASH: “Fed-cons” unite in resolve to scupper Cantuar … (

WRAP-UP of the albany diocesan convention … (

INTEGRITY trumpeting its influence… (

KNISELY: “But we didn’t think you really meant it.” Or Reading those Anglican tea leaves… (episcopalcafe)

AMERICAN religious leaders back uninsured children, (said leaders being experts on all things) … (ekklesia)

MARK SHEA— “Episcopalians: Do they even *own* Bibles any more?” … (

JUST AN FYI-THING: “When it comes to covering religion news, the mainstream American press is a vast right-wing conspiracy that consistently commits sins of omission against religious liberals.” You know, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times.. all bastions of conservatism … (nwaonline)

PREDICTABLE Consequences, By Chuck Colson … (

A LETTER to Arcadia re: MA gay marriage vote … (worldmagblog)

BRAZILIAN Gay Pride March vs March for Jesus: A Comparative Analysis … (

SOUTHERN BAPTEESTS: Former pastor to head SBC’s strategy to reach homosexuals… (onenewsnow)

EX-GAY GROUP: Surgeon General nominee’s views backed by medical science … (

WHERE WE ARE— Insensitivity Training: Facing the Crybaby Culture. ‘The American Left’s Silly Victim Complex‘ … (curtjester)

EPISCOFFEE— “Deviancy! Immorality! Racism! If you read enough of the papers—not to mention the bloggers– this is what one might think the Episcopal Church stands for. Have you heard?” … (episcopalcafe)

MINISTERS SAY hate crimes act could muzzle them. A-HA!! That proves they’re already guilty, right?… (

BALKANIZATION in the Anglican Tradition… (episcopalhospitalchaplain)

BROWSABLE INFO: Attendance and Giving Data: US Episcopal Church … (sameo416)

HARRY R. JACKSON speaks forbidden thoughts: Why Do Gays Hate Religious Freedom? … (

REMEMBER— there’s only a few more shopping days left! MDG Sunday is July 8th. Don’t forget your cards, banners, and the regulation hairstyle … (episcopalcafe)

THE NEW RELIGION— An Inconvienient Truth, Inconvieniently Not Truthful. Come join All Saints Cathedral on June 6 for a viewing and discussion of “An Inconvenient Truth”. … (sameo416)

AND SOCIETY WAS TO BLAME.. Lesbians sentenced for ‘hate crime against straight man’; 4 women get 3 1/2 to 11 years for attack caught on tape … (msn)

DINESH D’SOUZA: Attention Social Deviants! The Episcopal Church Wants You … (newsbloggers)

CHICKEN DINNERS! Charities Funding Liberal Causes Accused of Straying From Founders’ Visions … (lucianne)

QUEER AS VOLK— denying democracy in the United States: Massachusetts Voters Still Not Allowed A Say On SSM… (davidmorrison)

CANADIAN Committee rejects amendment to lower the age of consent for homosexual sex( Gudrun Schultz). Homosexual activists fail to lower the age of consent from the standing 18 years in Canada … (

AND NOW… IDIOTS— “I normally don’t like to give publicity to this sort of garbage”… (

MUZZLE— Walters: Rosie Kept ‘The View’ From Discussing Heterosexual Sex … (newsbusters)

ARE YOU AN EXPERT on every topic? Think that you speak for God herself? Enjoy riding bandwagons of all sorts? Good news!– Search underway for National Council of Churches general secretary … (ENS)

PAGING CANON JOHN PETERSON— Former Iranian Pres Shakes Woman’s Hand, Outrage Ensues. Oh, Jojn– just in case you’d like to hear what the beheadings-lite crowd are up to: Iranian Dissidents Gather To Discuss Regime Change(mypetjawa, nowpublic)

CHECKING FOR CON-COOTIES: Ten Signs You Might Be a Conservative … (

EVIL JARGON (a substitute for thinking): “At the end of the day, you’ve given 110 per cent ” … (telegraph)

REMEMBERING BLESSED Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea, 379 … (reader)


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