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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
June 15, 2007, 1:42 am
Filed under: Anglican Crisis


TRANSCRIPT of Interview with Presiding Bishop Schori. 815 Media Offense Continues: Rowan Williams on the Cover of Time and now KJS on Bill Moyers. The Enlightenment Church & Party Line, Wherein An Certain Capn’ Yips Explicates The True Church Of The Englightening Justice, As Promulgated by Her Right Reverentialness, KateZilla(Various)

STEEL YOURSELVES,, It’s Live From the Executive Council Press Conference … (descant)

CALCULATING Liberal Bishops Hold Fire in Hope of Robinson Invite: CEN 6.08.07 p 7. … (geoconger)

KRAALSPACE: Braxton’s Lear – It takes a pillage. The Love Song of Archbishop Rowan D. Prufrock(

CHURCH TIMES— Williams is hopeful for unity, if not confident … (ct)

THE RED STICK RANTER On KJS and the Episcopal Church: Follow Me And I Will Make You Owners Of Empty Buildings … (descant)

GO TO HELL, SVP— The Episcopal Church’s Commitment to Common Life in the Anglican Communion. Executive Council declines to participate in Primates’ ‘pastoral scheme,’ says only Convention makes policy. TEC Executive Council’s Statement(aacblog, bblue)

+FORT WORTH welcomes announcement of Atwood consecration; Kenyan Primate to Consecrate Former Episcopalian as U.S. Bishop. Network welcomes Kenya’s decision to care for U.S. Anglica … (aacblog)

POLITBURO Executive Council puts disaffected dioceses on notice about constitutional changes … (ENS)

CONGER— Now Kenya Appoints US Bishop: CEN 6.15.07 p 1. … (geoconger)

CARIOCA: Staying on the Canterbury Trail … (

RICHARD KEW reflects on his years in ECUSA … (

KENYAN ANGLICANS announce plans to install an American priest to oversee its congregations … (christianpost)

ECUSA: winking at apostasy … (

AN REPLY to Dean Slee, Professor McCord and colleagues… (mainstream)

TIME MAG: Episcopalians Defy Anglican Demand … (

RENEGADE Newark Diocese Addresses Executive Council, Moves Forward on Same-Sex Blessings. The Silence Breaks In The Diocese of Newark … (aac, drell)

IAN DOUGLAS None Too Happy About ENS … (descant)

FROM THE “Don’t we wish” file … (v)

DRELL: “The Anglican Alphabet Soup Must Stop” … (descant)

LOOKING DIMLY on A Third African Anglican Franchise in the US … (

THOUGHTS on Atwood consecration news … (

FIGHTING BACK: Christian Activists Challenge “Gay Rights” Law In Northern Ireland … (mainstream)

DELUDIUM— Mark Harris has proposed “A Compact among the Churches of the Anglican Communion.” … (

SAITH MITT: “Today’s vote by the State Legislature is a regrettable setback in our efforts to defend traditional marriage”; How steep is that slippery slope? … (diogenes)

FEEL THE LOVE— Death threats to bishop over gay legal rights … (mainstream)

BREAD ALONE! — Interfaith Convocation Unites Anti-Hunger Advocates in Famed Cathedral … (christianpost)

SPLITTERS! “Liberal Piskies In Rio Grande Preparing To Stay In The Episcopal Church On Suspicions The Diocese May Be Leaving” … (descant)

REMEMBER: “On the culture wars, or the left loves humanity and hates people” … (sergesblog)

+EPTING on ECUSA’s Baptismal covenant.. says tipster: “Well, at least he’s honest about the underemphasis on the parts about turning to Christ, renouncing evil, etc.” … (ecubishop.)

CALIPHATE OF THE DO-GOODERS: “Most people don’t see the connection between today’s radical environmentalists and the 21st century rise of communist and socialist tyrannies” … (drsanity)

PETER KREEFT: “On Spiritual Warfare” … (catholiceducation)

FR. STEPHEN: “The Level of Difficulty” … (fatherstephen)


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