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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
June 6, 2007, 12:05 am
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PLEASE VISIT the New Pontifications website … (pontifications)

PENTECOST 2007— Theologians’ letter to Canadian General Synod delegates. Our copy(felixhominum)

BISHOP DAVID BENA Confirms nearly 80 at The Falls Church on Trinity Sunday … (

THE SWEET, SWEET DREAMS of church bureaucrats: “When things are going poorly, what does big business do? They reorganize!” Or not: “If the church wanted to reduce administrative overhead, I have a suggestion. Close all Synod offices.” More on Synodical Governance(sameo416)

SYNCRETISM— “The scary thing about commenting on the Episcopal Church is that sometimes your jokes become real” … (

+JACK IKER on the March Meeting of the American House of Bishops… (kendallharmon)

CANADA: Tax collectors and sinners and the Zacchaeus Fellowship… (cw)

CANTERBURY HOLD ‘EM: “If Gene Robinson is to be believed, the Lambeth Conference invitations are not a done deal” … (

FORWARD IN FAITH Publishes Its Submission to the Legislative Drafting Group … (kendallharmon)

THE FASTEST-DYING diocese in a fast-dying church– so the outgoing prelate fires a liberal broadside. Niagara Bishop Ralph Spence’s farewell: Bold letter on same-sex blessings. New bishop just elected(Various)

HOW YOU SHALL THINK: more government guidance on SORs… (thinkinganglicans)

RECENT ACI –Enhanced Responsibility: What Happened? Three Points and Four Questions in Our Present Season… (kendallharmon)

UNCERTAINTY only sure thing for Anglican leaders as gay-marriage vote approaches … (anglican-mainstream)

INGHAM’S NEW WESTMINSTER marches bravely onwards: “SYNOD: All resolutions submitted passed”… (

REFORMED PASTOR: “When the Anglican Communion went looking for a new observer at the United Nations, it went for an insider, and it got one in Ugandan native Hellen Grace Akwii Wansuga. With her prior experience at the UN, she was well versed in the party line regarding the Millenium Developments Goals and the whole UN mystique that now permeates Episcopal leadership in the United States”… (reformedpastor)

CHURCH OF ENGLAND bishops have drawn up plans for a “rule book” of beliefs that would expel liberals who refuse to abide by it… (aacblog)

FLIP A COIN, IS IT? Gene Robinson will let priests decide about performing same-gender civil unions … (kendallharmon)

WHERE WE ARE— David Scott: Christianity and Postmoderism IV: Selves Without Centers … (leanderharding)

MAGISTATS: Most BC Synod delegates support same-sex blessings… (magicstatistics)

HOPEFUL Bishop Robinson Cites Lambeth Diplomatic Efforts… (aacblog)

LOOK! IT’S “a collection of extremist clergy who are seeking to impose their religiously-based political agenda on the rest of us” … (reformedpastor)

B.C. ANGLICANS back same-sex marriages(Media)

THE NEW TEC House of Bishops Study Document challenges role of Primates … (anglican-mainstream)

RATHERNOT BLOGGER: “Where have I been, where am I going, and where am I now?”… (rathernot)

THE REV’D STEPHEN LONDON is troubled that the Anglican Church of Canada may approve a resolution next month allowing for same-sex blessings… (sameo416)

LEANDER HARDING— What is the Esse of Episcopacy? By Leander S. Harding … (eanderharding)

CHURCH BATTLE Shifts To Property … (aacblog)

THOUGHTS ON The Craftiness of COGS … (sameo416)

DRELL: “Poo Poo Broussard Is A Relgious Zealot”… (descant)

STRANGER THAN FICTION— Episcopal priest is a Muslim (you cannot make this stuff up); Apostasy in the Great Northwest(, reformedpastor)

MORE CO2: PB to present concerns about climate change to Senate committee… (episcopalcafe)

THE ROAD towards or away from Lambeth 2008? … (anglican-mainstream)

DO READ— “Tower of Babel gets even taller” on how inclusive language comes to exclude … (

EPISCOPAL CHURCH Continues to Harden its Stance Against Marriage … (standfirminfaith)

SMARTEST Hierarchs to Israel: Let Hamas Handle Security… (reformedpastor)

BISHOPS’ Theology Committee offers Primates’ communiqué study document … (aacblog)

DRUIDS, UNITARIANS… Episcopal Priest Sees No Barrier To Also Practicing Islam; Episcopalians and Seattle University: Apostates Working Together for a More Muddled Tomorrow(sf, caei)

AACBLOG: How Changing Attitude is managing to Change Attitudes: & ‘Occasions of Grace’ … (aacblog)

WHERE WE ARE: “The Terrorism of Deconstruction”– “The glibness of the left is based on a kind of intellectual guerilla deconstructionism. They start with a patently false accusations and assertions and then, when challenged with information, fall back on a series of lines of defense consisting of reasonable-sounding requests for more information that are designed to eat away at the validity of the assumptions behind the information”… (

GET YER GS-2007 Media Kit right here! Oh, and ‘Observers information and registration and [sic] at General Synod’ … (

CARIOCA: Drama Fatigue & Event Overload… (

AUTO ACCIDENT claims life of Northern Michigan Bishop James Kelsey. Memorial eucharist set for June 8. More here(Various)

PLANETARY SAVIOUR: Desmond Tutu issues Arctic plea on climate change … (ekklesia)

DIOGENES ON “a complete thunderbolt thing” … (offtherecord)

DISCUSS: Professor John von Heyking’s “Why exclude Oedipus?” on the on-going debate about the definition of marriage. And: “The Revolution cannot be legalized” on how the sexual revolution failed by succeeding: (“The sexual revolution has slowly turned into the very thing it was meant to overcome: it has become the law. The contradiction is not far to seek: desire may be liberated, but it cannot be codified.”) … (theinterim)

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, Christianity without Christ, tries to be charitable and ends up patronising and foolish … (

WHO SAYS same-sex unions don’t threaten marriage? … (renewamerica)

LIBERALS? A DYING breed of tyrants: “The pull of tradition” … (

MOMMA HILL— “When I am President …” – Hillary Clinton Promises Pro-homosexual Administration … (lifesite)

AND THE SKY IS BLUE… Poll Reveals Stark Liberal-Conservative Gap on Morality of Sexual Issues… (christianpost)

NETWORK LAUNCHES Three New Ministry Initiative Websites … (

PRIMATE’S COMMENTARY on Anglican Covenant (posted May07) … (

JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE Commentary on Anglican Covenant (also May 07) … (

WHY WE STAND: An Interview with Dr. Leslie Fairfield … (standfirminfaith)

A “CONCLUSIVE” Report by American Association of Pediatrics on Homosexual Adoption Shown to be Full of Holes … (lifesite)

A WARNING— Don’t count on freedom of religion – National affairs correspondent Rory Leishman talks about how many religious are attacked for refusing to grant or perform same-sex ‘marriages’ in Canada… (theinterim)

QUEEN OF INTEGRITY: Susan Russell’s responses to Anglican Covenant … (

ENS/ PISKIELIFE pimps for EpiscopalCafe … (ENS)

FOR 1/2 THE STORY, the official site for General Synod 2007 on the Web will be “the next best thing to actually being at the Anglican Church of Canada’s 38th General Synod in Winnipeg in June”; for the rest of the story, stay with CaNN & the Essentials GS07 LiveBlog.We can only hope that the official organs are timely & complete … (

LIKE A BROKEN RECORD that just keeps repeating.. repeating.. repeating.. repeating… (toledoblade,

LLAMA BUTCHER: “For those of you overcome with curiosity about what Robbo does from here, well, this summer while the Missus and the Llama-ettes are off on extended vacation, I’m going to start dropping in on the local Anglican Catholic church”… (llamabutchers)

HOW DOES ‘changing attitude’ really want to change your attitude? … (

NEXT UP— New Hampshire Muslim leader: Polygamy is not so bad, and hey, fewer than 20,000 Muslims in America practice it. Meanwhile, “Iran official encourages temporary marriages to fight “illicit” sex” … (jihadwatch)

CHIMING IN— “Taking Stock” — Scott Gunn of Inclusive Church … (

THE TIBER CLAIMS ANOTHER ONE— “Here we go again. Yet another promising Lutheran has just gone over to Rome. Robert C. Koons is professor of philosophy at the University of Texas. His department is the home of such distinguished scholars as Richard Sorabji and J. Budziszewski, company no doubt conducive to a stimulating intellectual climate” … (firstthings)

FORD AUTO SALES Dive Continues, As Does Media Near-Blackout of AFA Boycott Contributing to It… (newsbusters)

AGE TO COME: “Pray for those who persecute you” … (theagetocome)

SERMON START: Bp Schofield on Trinity Sunday … (surrounded)

EVIL, EVIL, EVIL— while the church bickers on, the devil is at play: “The fatal words of Jack Kevorkian” … (reader)


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