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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
June 2, 2007, 4:54 pm
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THE PYRAMID SCHEME – governance & the Anglican Church of Canada … (

A CALL TO Protest US “hate crimes” bill … (shaidle)

GLORIOUS LEADER Ingham commends open minds while closing his mind towards further delay … (

MUST READING — for encouragement! A report from the trenches … (lent)

GARY L’HOMMEDIEU on the ECUSA ad in the NYT … (

NEWARK NEWS— “Mark Beckwith is Gravely Concerned™ about the Lambeth invitations” … (mcj)

A MOTION at the Diocese of British Columbia 91st Synod. Magistats has commentary(Via e-mail)

LAMBETH Conference faces conflict over mission … (anglican-mainstream)

ANGLICAN GENERAL SYNOD 2007 in Winnipeg a rushed affair … (cw)

COME LISTEN, FRIENDS, to BabyBlue’s dramatic reading! … (

FELIX HOMINUM— A big bottle of Jack Daniels and the convening circular for General Synod 2007. What better way could there be to spend an evening? … (

‘BEING DISCIPLES’ by Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, an address at Fulcrum Conference Islington, 27 April 2007 … (fulcrum-anglican)

UGANDA: Orombi Skips Talks Over Gays. Church of Uganda will uphold Road to Lambeth Statement (allafrica, globalsouthanglican)

CAPTAIN YIPS— “TEC is the Anglican Communion’s crazy Aunt Melinda, the aging hippy who comes to family reunions in a floaty tie-dyed mumu, carrying an immense, daisy-appliqued straw handbag. In that bag she has a ziploc of grass and a S & W Model 10 (“for when the pigs come for me”), asks everyone if they want a toke, and then talks loudly about her sex life in explicit detail” … (captainyips)

FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! CanGenSyn Hymn text competition winner announced. The winner? One of the usual suspects, t’would appear: “Keri Wehlander is an author, hymn lyricist, liturgical dancer and leader of retreats and workshops”– also: A LITURGIST! .. scroll down on this page for one of her remarkable efforts … (,

MAGISTATS— “Scratch a liberal, and you’ll find a raging oligarch” … (magicstatistics)

CLERGY RALLY in DC for “GBLT Equality” … (

MUD-SLINGING AT ROWAN— Logic of the Lambeth invitations: They are a trap for bishops who doubt the wisdom of Windsor, says Marilyn McCord Adams … (CTimes)

I WEEP TO READ of the terrible, horrible, unforgiveable breaches of the ancient canons that they proudly boast of committing for two centuries … (sergesblog)

DRELL NOTICES THAT +Rowan Snubs +Robinson But Not +Brown, Another Openly Gay Bishop In A Relationship … (descant)

QUESTIONABLE survey finds support for homosexual rights … (magicstatistics)

CARIOCA: PITY the Holy Spirit … (

REMEMBER: “It’s more important to the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota to support Lutheran lgbt entitlements than to care for Episcopalians in a state disaster area.” Thinking otherwise is due to hate and logic-poisoning … (

TRANSFIGURATIONS— Mass. ‘gay marriage’ numbers plummet … (

CAPTAIN YIPS— Lost has left us with mysteries almost as obscure as what on Earth Rowan Williams thinks he’s doing; Lambeth Invites are Out(captainyips)

ABP. KOLINI sends special emissary to All Saints Algarve … (anglican-mainstream)

TYRANTS AND THEIR FRIENDS— Outlaw Promoting Natural Marriage in Schools Urges UK Teachers and Profs Union. British Catholic Schools Targetted For Refusing to Implement School “anti-homophobic” Bullying Policies … (lifesite)

CARIOCA NOTICES THAT Anglicans the world over have taken to honing their skills in the fine art of Rowanology … (

A GOOD CURE FOR CHURCHSPEAK? Are you ready to think outside the box? … (magicstatistics)

CONTRA LUNACY, A Legal challenge to Northern Ireland SORs to be heard Monday June 4 … (mainstream)

ANY SMEAR IN A STORM— Media Generated “Teletubby” Scandal Used to Make Pro-Family Polish Government Look Ridiculous … (lifesite)

THE BISHOP of the Rio Grande Writes His Diocese … (aacblog)

THE REAL hate speech … (wnd)

ANGLICAN introversion … (

MAINSTREAM— Reflections on the unique and universal claims of Christ … (mainstream)

A FEW QUESTIONS About Inclusive Language … (blog.ancient-future)

MOST GAYS DON’T WANT marriage after all? … (bettnet)

TRADITION, Change, and the Spirit of God: 1 John 4:2-6 … (thewingedman)

BABY BLUE: Report on the May 25th Meeting of the Clergy of the Diocese of VA with TEC Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori … (

A CALL TO Protest US “hate crimes” bill … (shaidle)

NEW HAMPSHIRE Approves Same-Sex Unions; NH Governor Signs Civil Unions Law(aacblog, abclocal)

NATTER from Louie Crew’s Anglican Pages. He repeats the modern claim that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was inhospitable: not being nice to strangers. We agree. Trying to sodomize male visitors is not nice, and mighty inhospitable … (The Usual)

STATEMENT of Fort Worth’s Standing Committee & Executive Council … (

A DECLARATION of the Anglican Bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean (Global Center) … (aacblog)

ATTACKING FAMILIES— Parents’ rights bill before Mass. Legislature … (bettnet)

DEFENDING SAINT GENE— +Beckwith and others watching for further developments … (ecafe)

TOLERANCE for me, but not for thee … (crunchycon)

DONALD SENSING: The USA as a religious mission field … (

JUSTICESHALOMDIALOGUE— KJS Sayings All Run Together … (all2common)

SAN FRAN Catholic Charities supporting moral violence to children … (bettnet)

BLINDED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS, By Mark D. Tooley: “A National Council of Churches (NCC) delegation of church women just scoured the Middle East on a “pilgrimage” to examine the suffering of women and children due to “hostilities,” i.e. actions by the United States and Israel.” … (frontpagemag)

SAD REALITIES— Dutch shock over ‘gay’ AIDS rape gang. Case raises questions over country’s liberal sex culture … (breitbart)

ANGLICANS ONLINE: “Even a cursory acquaintance with the history of the Lambeth Conferences reminds us that the Archbishop of York refused to attend the first conference” etc., type thing, so shut up we’re righter and more smarter than you … (ao)

SERGE’S BLOG: Talking about the Episcopal row … (sergesblog)

BETTNET— DePaul University to host “queer” conference… (

WILL ANGLICAN SCHISM Widen Christian Split? … (pewforum)

VIA STAND FIRM— Jennifer McKenzie: Worshipping with the faithful remnant (a report from the faux Falls Church) … (sf)

BREAKPOINT: “Like it or not, being a traditional Christian in our current culture means being a rebel. It means looking at the way things are and — when they undermine the Word of God — challenging them” … (

AN ANGLICAN scholar has launched a new book lampooning Christian family values … (religiousintelligence)

SHAIDLE: “.. And I’ve seen some things that a woman ain’t supposed to see ” … (shaidle)

DON’T MISS OUT: All General Convention Come and Grow merchandise must go! Quantities are limited on these quality items. Don’t miss out on these incredible Spring deals! … (


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