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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
May 31, 2007, 8:35 pm
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BOOKMARK THIS— AEC General Synod Liveblog … (theagetocome)

WEB-TEEVEE: Anglican Report 27. Kevin and Bill discuss: The AD, The Invitations, And a whole lot more … (

PRAY THIS— the Monks & Nuns at L&B are praying for the Canadian General Synod, soon to convene (L&B)

UPCOMING: Atlantic Theological Conference … (merecomments)

AKINOLA THREATENS Lambeth 2008 Boycott; Ugandan Primate Restates Intention to Boycott Lambeth. Global South Attendance at Lambeth Conference Doubtful … (Various)

CANADA: Orthodox Anglican Theologians Weigh in on ACC Sexual Ethics Resolutions. New Westminster Bishop Michael Ingham Singled Out … (

BEST PEEBEE EVER Urges Calm Approach to Lambeth News … (lc)

RESPONSE to the “Statement from the House of Bishops to the Members of General Synod,” May 2007 … (

UPCOMING MEGA-GATHERING— Common Cause Council of Bishops Set for Sept. 25 – 28 … (Via E-mail)

THE RIGHT REV’D Michael Ingham, bishop of the Greater Vancouver Diocese of New Westminster, is on the rampage again, wading anew into the ongoing controversy of sexual ethics in the Anglican Church of Canada… (interim)

MIKEY DOODLE DANDY— “I don’t like to be negative all the time so here’s my third contribution to any upcoming Episcopal/Anglican hymnal revision. The tune should be obvious” … (

GO, VISIT: Yes, it’s … (geoconger)

SO THERE, INGHAM-HATERS! All Anglican Church of Canada bishops invited to Lambeth Conference … (

STILL MORE HISSY FITS— “My, but the Episcopal left is cranky these days” … (

AGE TO COME: “In reality, the struggle over the Bible passages on homosexuality should really point us to a much deeper problem of the theological naturalism and universalism that currently infects our church. This is our struggle, and it is not against flesh and blood, but against ideologies, against rulers, principalities and powers” … (theagetocome)

MORNING LINE— “Right now, the odds of there even being a Lambeth Conference next year are not good” … (mcj)

PISKY CAFE: “Carey undercuts Williams?” The rest of the note(

YANKEE DOODLE DANDY— “British and Anglican oppression will take root on this side of the Atlantic again over the cold, lifeless body of an Episcopalian named J. Lee Cooper-Giles of Columbus, Ohio” … (

PUNY MORTALS! New West Bishop says colleagues should have kept open mind on blessings … (

BY THEIR FRUITS— “Dr. Williams? While we’re on the subject of who to invite or not to invite to the next Lambeth Conference, I would, if I were you, not even consider inviting any of the craven cowards of the Anglican Church of Zimbabwe” … (

ANGLICAN CHURCH in a ‘mess’ over gay bishop row; Anglican Conflict A Battle with Eternal Significance(telegraph, christiantoday)

EPISCOPLAGIARISM— “ECUSA’s Lambeth Conference talking points memo seems to be a hit. Ohio’s Mark Hollingsworth on the Lambeth Conference invitations” … (

BUSY RADICALS— New West Petitions Archbishop of Canterbury over Gene Robinson; Diocesan Synod affirms House of Bishops’ stand against discrimination … (

GRAND DESIGN? — “Has Rowan Williams outsmarted everybody?”… (mcj)

DIOCESE OF FORT WORTH to split: confirmed … (gledhill)

MIRAGES— “Ohio’s Mark Hollingsworth hallucinates” … (

PLANETARY HERO ACTION FORCE! Top officials from several mainline Christian denominations, including..; and “Global Warming: Still Hoohah” … (, anchoress)

CHUTZPAH— “John Chane thinks some of you need to change your outlooks” … (

PETER TOON— Lambeth Conference 2008 Invitations go out; Lambeth Conference, 2008— will it actually take place? … (

HISSY FITS— “The Anglican left is SERIOUSLY upset about Lambeth”; and “San Francisco California Episcopal Bishop Mark Andrus on The Single Worst Thing The Anglican Communion Has Ever Done” … (

WORD FROM YOUR BETTERS— “Lambeth Conference won’t look like past gatherings, design team member predicts.” Translation: No messy reports, debates, or repeats of that bloody mess in 1998 where the natives went all restless and upset the bandwagon we were otherwise carefully decorating. This time: feel-good sessions, circle-groups, tourism, tea parties, sing-songs, whilst the mandarins behind the scenes decide what’s best for everyone … (

SITTING BY THE PHONE— “Invitations to next year’s Lambeth Conference have gone out and some prominent Anglican bishops aren’t on the guest list” … (

CONTRA SCHORI: A salutary antidote to a foolish letter … (reader)

THINKBOT ANGLICANS— Lambeth invitations: further comments; Lambeth invitations: Church Times comment … (thinkinganglicans)

FINGERNAILS ON A CHALKBOARD— “Apparently, questioning the Christian orthodoxy of Katharine Jefferts Schori really sets off Episcopal liberals” … (

WELL, THAT SETTLES IT, THEN— Gays “nature not nurture” says Schori. Also via Gledhill, Bishops Gene and Martyn ‘not invited’ to Lambeth … (Gledhill)

DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP— “Kate Schori descends from Olympus long enough to kick things around with the Austin American-Statesman. Kate, how come you’re not Catholic anymore?” and “Is the ability to lie through one’s teeth part of the ECUSA Presiding Bishop job description?” … (

CANUCKISTANI Center To Offer Same Sex Blessings … (standfirminfaith)

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THOSE VERSES BEHIND THE CURTAIN!! “The Rev. David R. Anderson, rector of St. Luke’s Church, Darien, CT, thinks the Current Unpleasantness would be solved if we’d all reread Acts 15” … (

KRAALSPACE: “O Falwell! Where is thy sting?” … (

YOU GOTTA HAVE FRIENDS: Metropolitan Community Church Moderator comments on Gene Robinson Lambeth decision … (mccmanchester)

BOVINA BLOVIATOR: The Theology of Katharine Jefferts Schori … (

THE FALLOUT on Lambeth Continues … (geoconger)

PEW FORUM on Anglican Communion– Global Schism: Is the Anglican Communion the First Stage in a Wider Christian Split? … (thinkinganglicans)

ANNE COLETTA interviews Archbishop Orombi … (

DIOCESE in debt after payout … (geoconger)

KRAALSPACE TOTALLY ROCKS: “They should get Sir Humphrey Appleby to write their press releases”; and Vive le galop infernal! “The more Mrs. Schori babbles her inane bromides about the great future ahead of TEC and “the field ripe for the harvest” that’s supposedly just waiting for her eager beavers to reap and gather in, the more I feel that I’m watching a whole organization descending into insanity” … (

LIBERAL SAVIOURS OF THE WORLD, UNTIE! Clerics to the Rescue … (reformedpastor)

NO ROOM for dissent in U.K.’s ‘Equality Act’ … (theinterim)

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH ‘mishandled the debate on human sexuality’, By George Conger … (kendallharmon)

RISE AGAIN: RECONVENING the 216th Convention– A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina from The Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr. … (dioceseofsc)

BRUNO-COOTIES? LA OFF! A priest working in the Diocese of Amman, Jordan, has called on the newly consecrated Bishop of Jerusalem to resign because he has compromised himself by aligning his diocese with the ultra-liberal bishop of Los Angeles J. Jon Bruno … (

LEAVE God Out of It(reformedpastor, rcrc)

PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party encourages gay lifestyle … (p2bc)

STAND FIRM VIDEO: Analyzing the Lambeth Invitations … (standfirminfaith)

A MEMBER of the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real, Howard Nelson, has posted a list of the “meet-the-candidates” sessions for their prospective new bishop; More On the Dubious Doctorate(reformedpastor)

PETER TOON— WHY Holy Matrimony—rather than “Christian Marriage”—is so central to the solution of the current Crisis of global Anglicanism …and why it is so seriously neglected by even “the orthodox”. And “Marriage in the USA & The Episcopal Church and for overseas Bishops” … (

MARTYN MINNS–The Church is Flat: A New Anglicanism … (kendallharmon)

LAMBETH Conference ‘freebies’. Lambeth Conference: Ndungane speaks (timescolumns)

DESMOND TUTU hits out at gay priests ‘obsession’ … (

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC GOODNESS— insight from archbishop gomez; bishop duncan on various things; good perspective on the invites and non-invites to lambeth; an interesting day at the anglican circus; good lord, this is some ignorant nonsense(

DINESH D’SOUZA: Does Archbishop Williams Know How to Count? … (

RETURN CIVILITY to Christian Discourse … (earnedmedia)

LAMBETH 2008 Rejected Bishop Anglican Communion Torn at Deepest Level; Anglican conference excludes two bishops(christiantoday, contracostatimes)

GET RELIGION: Baltimore Sun ‘perceives’ an Episcopal trend … (getreligion)

A GREAT +Ackerman sermon at Nashotah … (v)

MATT KENNEDY: Hospitality and Heretics: The Necessity of Discipline in the Anglican Communion … (

SOUNDS LIKE HARDCORE FUNTIMES— GS2007: In Plenary – The integration of mission and ecojustice. And “Voices of our Church” … (

RICHMOND, Va.- The man chosen to lead Virginia Episcopalians will look to the heavens as he shepherds the centuries-old diocese threatened by divisions over homosexuality – and to the 1960s Alabama of his youth; New Va. Episcopal Bishop Aims to Unite Split Diocese(examiner, cp)

A NEW BUNCH OF UPPITY ANGLICANS: Northern Plains Anglicans. A recent posting(

EDITING UNPLEASANT REALITY— Bennison’s Sex Abuse Scandal Edited out of Wikipedia by Order of Obersturmfuhrer Schori … (v)

VIA BABYBLUE: Report on the May 25th Meeting of the Clergy of the Diocese of VA with TEC Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori … (

FEAR AND LOATHING: Bishop Marc Andrus Feigns Outrage at Robinson’s Exclusion. Commentary By Canon Gary L’Hommedieu … (v)

RENT-A-PROTEST GROUP Soulforce Launches Petition to Archbishop of Canterbury: Signers Ask Leader Not to Segregate Openly Gay Bishop Robinson … Open this result in new window … (

EPISCOPALIANS & TRADITION: “Consider, for example, the recent letter from Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori to Nigerian Archbishop Peter J. Akinola, urging him not to visit the United States to lead rites installing a bishop here to minister to those who believe the Episcopal Church has veered into heresy” … (douglasdispatch)

JACKSONVILLE, FL — The Church of the Redeemer is worshipping in its new digs – the Beth Isreal Jewish Temple on Baymeadows Road … (firstcoastnews)

STAND FIRM– STEPHEN NOLL: Open Letter on Theological Education to Network Bishops and Common Cause Partners … (

CONNECTICUT Church Becomes Ally Of Nigerian Sect … (nbc30)

BREAKAWAY: Trading In Dead Men’s Morality– Commentary: By Canon Gary L’Hommedieu … (v)

A SQUEAK FROM MORMON-LAND: Utah’s Episcopal diocese calls shunning of gay bishop ‘hurtful’ … (sltrib)

WHAT THEY AM TEACHING: Episcopal Divinity School announces 2007-2008 series lecturers … (

THE TIMES AD: Trading In Dead Men’s Morality– Commentary: By Canon Gary L’Hommedieu … (v)

HISTORIC COLO. PARISH Breaks from Episcopal Church; Episcopal rift spreads to Colorado … (cp, WaTi)

LLAMA BUTCHER is feeling past it: “Me? I’m getting past caring anymore. I had a vestry meeting last evening in which we discussed ideas for the next five years at our church and found myself not really giving a damn one way or the other – even when suggestions like casual dress or a new labyrinth were floated – since I seriously doubt I’ll be there beyond next spring. I’ll be going to tomorrow night’s “discussion” of the draft Anglican Covenant that’s floating about with similar numbness since I know that absolutely nothing anybody says there is going to have the remotest impact on the formal response served up by Her High Priestessness and her minions at the 815″ … (llamabutchers)

REFORMED PASTOR: More Hate Crimes Misinformation … (reformedpastor)

LIBERAL MOUTHPIECE Steven Charleston Addresses Peace In the World, Counsels Respect Despite Differences. That is, everyone else must respect and give working-room to liberal world-fixers, and not vice-versa. This would be the ‘progressive’ We’re Nice, Don’t Hurt Us™ position, which changes to the opposite once they are in power, and/ or the majority (think Schori) … (nwaonline)

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The New Penance Doesn’t Offset Much. What do leftist, mostly secular elites share with medieval sinners? … (victorhanson)

JULIA DUIN weighs in on Methodist transgender minister story … (washingtontimes)

VIA CONFESSING TIGER, via Stand Firm on Recent Lambeth Invitations, via TitusOneNine, via Confessing Tiger, zzzz … (

THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS— Bar bans heteros, lesbos … (shotgun)

WHERE WE ARE: Egalitarian Report Card … (merecomments)

CRANKY PROF— Medicine vs the politics of homosex. … (Bearblog)

THE ANGLICAN SCOTIST asks some interesting questions re: Lambeth and Communion split … (

QUEER AS VOLK— Homosexual Curriculum Bill Passed by Calif. Senate. Chicago Sued for Showing Brokeback Mountain to 12-Year-Olds(christianpost, waffling)

NEW BRUNSWICK conscience bill defeated … (theinterim)

FROM THE “Weddings / Celebrations” section of the New York Times Society pages for May 27, 2007 … (

THE CONTINUUM: “This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of what had promised to be a strong force for unity and hope among the oppressed faithful – the St. Louis Congress that launched the greater part of the Continuing Church”; ACC, UECNA in Communion Accord. Of course, for liberal Anglicans, these people– along with most conservatives– seem to be nothing more than bigoted and narrow-minded deadwood, not human beings … (

PRESBY-WARS: “The Judicial Commission of the Synod of the Trinity (PCUSA) has told the Pittsburgh Presbytery that it can’t define ordination standards as essential to Reformed polity, and that it can’t prohibit same-sex blessings” … (reformedpastor)

WORD POWER: “It has long been recognized that those on the political left are more articulate than their opponents. The words they choose for the things they are for or against make it easy to decide whether to be for or against those things” … (orthodoxytoday)

BREAKPOINT: Speaking the Truth on Same-Sex Attraction … (

SCRIPTURE-HACKING: Sin of ommision … (curtjester)

FR. ROWAN ATKINSON: the catholic position on same-sex relationships … (

YOU KNOW what to do… (CTimes)

TAKE, READ— Little Stone Bridges: A book by Sarah Hey from Stand Firm … (


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