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Oh.. Wait A Minute…
May 30, 2007, 12:25 pm
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R.S.V.P.– F.Y.I.

CaNN Commentary

Amidst the kerfuffle over the invitees to Custer’s Last Stand Lambeth 2008 (Robinson? Minns? Cavilcanti? Lyons?) most commentators have missed one name on the invitee list: Michael Ingham, Bishop of New Westminster.

Since the mid-1990’s, this post-liberal golden-boy of then-Primate Michael Peers has been busy with the many-tentacled gnostical revolution. Make no mistake: over 13 years and more, Ingham has become very powerful and influential in the Canadian Church, and elsewhere.

And he’s headed for Lambeth tea & crumpets.


‘Tis Good To Be King

Like his brother-in-harms Jack Spong, Ingham remains uncensured or punished by his own national church, having had the protection of the past and present primate, and a number of his fellow Canadian bishops– and this despite the smoking pastoral disaster that he created in New Westminster, punishing errant clergy, importing homosexual & liberal clergy, and conducting theological ethnic cleansing of a large part of the flock he promised to lead and protect as a bishop and father in God.

But Ingham’s guiding god doesn’t seem to be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rather, his pantheon includes diversity, tolerance, interfaith gnostical religion, justice, Jesus the wise-man, episcopal power, the rightness of Michael Ingham, and other bloodthirsty spiritual powers of this present age.

Ing Got Game

You have to hand it to him– or else. He’s perfected and taught others such delightful Anglican games as Reconcliation Without End; Clergy Hunter; Eat the Weak and/ or Orthodox Parish; Duck-N-Dodge; Same-Sex Blessings Weddings; Play The Media; Dialogue My Way Or Else; Bluff the Bishops; Beat the Sheeps; and, of course, Anything But The Gospel.

Here at CaNN, we’ve led the way in exposing the agenda, works, and details of this Macchiavellian prince of the Canadian Church, Michael Ingham. For a number of years, we had it on reliable word that the Episcopal Office in New Westminster was even tuned into this station. Watching us watching him.

Though Ingham kept below the radar for the past couple of years, the prior record is out there, via our archives, and the wonders of the interwebs. MCJ-Blogger Chris Johnson has been especially vigilant; and formerly Anglican commentator Gerry Hunter performed an invaluable service to his fellow Anglicans and the wider communion by letting people know what was happening on the Western Front in these Anglican wars in his ‘View From The Pew‘ series. Magic Statistics blog and the new Anglican Planet have also kept us on top of Canadian Anglicanism and the Ingham thing in recent months.

This Is Really Gonna Hurt

Because, dear friends, if you thought the Anglican thing was messy now, just stay tuned. Nobody ever said our mini-Armageddon had to be fast, or pleasant.

CaNN News Editor

> New West Petitions Archbishop of Canterbury over Gene Robinson> New West Bishop says colleagues should have kept open mind on blessings


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But, where is this Canadia you speak of, Binks? ;-) I thought north of the 49th, there was only – well- white stuff and polar bears n things….

Comment by Peter

I’m a bit saddened to see the reference to my former efforts on behalf of the faith once delivered to the saints, because, in the end, it didn’t seem to do much good. Ingham bulied on; stong men and women left, and those who stayed to counter him within the diocesan structures proved to be weak (let’s not make waves, and lose out property) and double minded (so what if he signs our clergy’s licenses, and collects a garnishee from our donations?).

Many things have been said about Anglican Christians over the years, as various scandalous events have unfolded. Too little of it has pointed out that many believing Anglican Christians have shown a tremendous capacity for suffering, and have suffered much, to cling to the truths they possess. And that’s rather unfair.


Gerry Hunter

Comment by gerryhunter

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