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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
May 12, 2007, 4:00 pm
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Armored Anglican Fighting Chair™


ANGLICAN-TV: Central Florida Evangelism Commission … (

THE ACI AND the Windsor Bishops: “Following Christ the Lord” July 5th 2007 Wycliffe Hall, Oxford… (sf)

WHATEVER THAT MEANS, EXACTLY: Anglicans not in communion with one another but with Archbishop of Canterbury – Kearon … (mainstream)

THE RAPE OF ENGLISH DEMOCRACY— SORS – how it was done. New Definitions of ‘Hate’ Speech: Is this where the SORS are taking us? … (mainstream)

ANGLICANS should do the right thing … (wltribune)

THEY BURNT poor old Sam McGee up there by the marge of Lake Lebarge– and now the crazed Yukoners have gone ahead and done this: “Diocesan Synod passes resolution on same-sex blessings”… (magicstatistics, wordinfo)

ON THE ALTAR OF MOLOCH: “Save your Paris Hilton schadenfreude for these people” … (

GET RELIGION: “Who is synonymous with discontent?” … (getreligion)

LEISHMAN: Persecution of British Christians – Thanks to the new equality act British Christians are about to undergo the same persecution as their Canadian counter-parts … (

THE LAWYERS ALWAYS WIN: Colo. Episcopal diocese sues to regain breakaway church … (rockymountainnews)

PAUL ZAHL MAKES THE CALL: Dean of Trinity Seminary to Resign. Romewards? … (

HOW TO BE AN ANGLICAN PUNDIT— “Have you ever wanted to start a web site that commented on Anglican affairs? Or would you just like to know which Anglican articles to read and which ones to skip?” … (

ECUSA-SOUTH PIPES UP: Archbishop Ndungane on Lambeth 1998, and the Anglican Communion … (mainstream)

ENTITLED TO THEIR ENTITLEMENTS! India refuses to recognise gay “marriages” of Canadian diplomats … (magicstatistics)

BRAD DRELL: “The Reconciliation Seminar: A Reponse to Bobby and Gregg” … (descant)

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM— “The Rev. Dr. Christopher Seitz of the Anglican Communion Institute looks at four possibilities for the future of the Anglican Communion” … (

TERRY MATTINGLY: “Episcopalians and tradition” … (

GOOD MONK, BAD MONK: “I don’t know which is the most impressive here, Nigel Taber-Hamilton’s liberal Episcopal anti-Catholicism, his mangling of history or his ludicrous suppositions” … (

GAYEST GAY BISHOP plans civil partnership legal gay marriage ceremony(guardian, cnn)

AKINOLA’S US visit: yet more reports … (thinkinganglicans)

CHRISTIANITY without Salvation: The Legacy of the Social Gospel — 100 Years Later … (standfirminfaith)

A LETTER to the Clergy of the Diocese of South Carolina from the Rt. Rev. Edward L. Salmon, Jr. … (

VIDEO! Presiding Bishop addresses the Church Club: The Bishop is Coming! ENS Matthew Davies, former-ACNS news-monkey, is still dancing for chow, now with exclamation-points! … (wfn)

A WONDERFUL SERMON given by Bp. Iker last Sunday at S. Andrew’s parish for their confirmation Sunday … (all2common)

RECENT GOODNESS— Mission and the Unity of the Church, By The Rev. Leander S. Harding, Ph.D. … (leanderharding)

SAYS +SISK— New York Bishop Expects More Assertive Canterbury Role … (

HMMM– $$$$$: African LGBT rights speaker set for local event… (athensnews)

CHRIS SEITZ: “Possibilities for an Anglican Future?” … (t19)

PETER TOON— “Renewing Baptismal Promises (Covenant?)—when did this practice begin and is it a good thing?” … (

ALL2 COMMON BLOG: A Tale Of Two Orthodoxies … (all2common)

‘ALTERNATIVE FAMILY’ killing Europe? Global gathering offers springtime for Western civilization … (wnd)

NCC = NITWITS CONTRA CHRIST? — NCC’s Bob Edgar Speaks at Pro-Homosexuality Rally in Philadelphia … (

ALBANY — Legalizing gay marriage would “only strengthen New York’s families,” according to surrender-monkey Governor Spitzer … (

GREATEST EVER Presiding Bishop to preach Seabury-Western’s commencement sermon. Jefferts Schori one of five to receive honorary degree. Mass-conversions and fundamental change in reality expected to ensue, all ECUSA problems to fade away– not that there are any … (

CAPTAIN YIPS: a reflection on the whole All Saints Pasadena / subsitutionary atonement question; Two Stories and a Reflection(captainyips)

WHEN ACTIVISTS Blather– Reformed Pastor kicks it… (rp)

THINKED ANGLICANS: Panel of Reference reports … (thinkinganglicans)

PARLIAMENTARY POSTURING: “The same-sex ‘marriage’ vote: Did Harper really want to win it or was he playing politics?” Check out The Interim, Canada’s leading online pro-life, pro-family paper … (

ROBERT P. GEORGE and Ryan T. Anderson review David Blankenhorn’s new book on how the law’s definition of marriage can either help or harm both children and actual marriages … (nationalreview)

RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE— Bishops’ Secretaries Look Beyond Church Conflicts … (t19)

BOSTON: Mass. Gov. doesn’t like messy democracy(

APOSTOLICITY: “Reflections of the Panel of Reference” … (

AND GOD BLESSED IT.. Discuss. “A sperm donor who helped a lesbian couple conceive two children is liable for child support under a state appellate court ruling that a legal expert believes might be the first of its kind in the U.S.” … (proteinwisdom)

WHERE WE’RE HEADED, and the radical activists haven’t riased a finger to protest: “ordinary citizens are conditioned not to publicly express their unacceptable ideas. When “hate speech” can cause you to lose your career, or your pension, or even land you in jail, you become very careful of what you say”… (

GOOD NEWS: Largest-Ever Gathering of International Pro-Family Forces Opens in Warsaw Poland … (lifesite)

DIOGENES: “The Rainbow Sash Movement is reconfiguring itself as a rainbow ribbon revue for this year’s Whitsunstunt — presumably on the grounds that a slenderer middle finger flipped at the Church will make those clergymen who refuse the flippers communion appear the more unreasonable” … (cwnews)

WHERE WE ARE: A Communism for the 21st Century … (

WHEREAS Cape Breton is home to Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited and Transsexual people who play an important part in the rich tapestry of our University’s diversity … (Bearblog)

LIFESITE: Catholic Bishops’ Family Group Refutes Gay Parent Study Findings … (lifesite)

PROTEIN WISDOM: “given that we live in a cultural ethos wherein “tolerance”—reinscribed as “forced respect” rather than an ideal that asks us to “tolerate” that with which we disagree (but which poses no imminent physical danger), criticizing it in the marketplace of ideas rather than taking governmental or other draconian measures to eradicate it entirely—is often held up ridiculously as the Enlightenment’s greatest ideal, any expansion of federal government into our thoughts is setting the stage for “re-education” camps and other such totalitarian efforts to destroy individual liberty” … (pw)

YOUTUBE: The Elephant in the Room … (youtube)

VIA WHITEHALL: this is hilarious. We need some of this. Based on this(


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I stand solumnly warned. I’ll read it anyway – and you still owe me a computer monitor for the Wing and a Prayer one, heh.

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