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May 2, 2007, 6:58 pm
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Wednesday, May 2nd, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

ROWAN WILLIAMS defended the right of the citizen to call the state to account for its actions …. (spero,

TURN OUT the Lights as You Leave? Germany’s Church Crisis …. (albertmohler)

NECATI AYDIN, who played Jesus on TURK-7 television this Easter, paid for it with his life. An amateur actor, Aydin, husband and father of two children, was one of three Christians murdered on April 18 in the city of Malatya, Turkey. Widow Forgives Killers in Turkey. German Seminary investigates Malatya murders …. (canadafreepress,

April 19: Semsa Aydin, center, wife of Necati Aydin, center,
arrives to the Governor’s office in Malatya, Turkey.

ACTON: Evangelical Silence and Zimbabwe …. (

CARBON-INDULGENCES— “The worst of the carbon-offset programs resemble the Catholic Church’s sale of indulgences back before the Reformation,” said Denis Hayes, the president of the Bullitt Foundation, an environmental grant-making group. “Instead of reducing their carbon footprints, people take private jets and stretch limos, and then think they can buy an indulgence to forgive their sins.” …. (americandigest)

TRUE WITNESSES: “Perhaps you will be encouraged by the lives of these martyrs (as have I been) as you read their story through the words of someone who knew all three.” Turkish government official: “Missionaries are more dangerous than terror organizations” …. (allthesethings, jihadwatch)

ACTIVISTS are concerned that a decision by the City of Vancouver’s Planning Department is having a negative effect on freedom of religion and the place of the church in Canadian society …. (

RAIDERS OF THE LOST CODEX: Scholars Piece Together Ancient Bible …. (

BISHOPS’ speeches on Lords debate on those who profess no religion …. (mainstream)

VIRGINIA TECH was not a ‘tragedy’; and what about ‘Worst in US history‘? And then there’s ‘The protective embrace of the State‘ …. (Serge, BettNet)

NEITHER the sickle nor the swastika …. (


GOD IS GOOD.. for children …. (dustmybroom)

WORLD-FAMOUS Evangelist John Stott Announces Retirement …. (

BOVINA BLOVIATOR: “He Who Watches over Israel will Neither Slumber nor Sleep” …. (

A COLUMNIST for Pakistan Post, a weekly Urdu-language newspaper published in the United States, was attacked and beaten outside a house in Mississauga …. (magicstatistics)

GOOD NEWS = GOOD NEWS: “The Church of Jesus Christ is growing faster now that at any time in its 2,000 year history. Globally more than 90,000 new converts come to Christ each day with 20,000 new Christians confessing Christ daily in Africa, and 28,000 new Christians coming daily to Christ in China” …. (

THE DE-DECONSTRUCTED JESUS, by James Arlandson. “In modern Jesus scholarship that has apparently drunk deep of postmodern hyper-skepticism, he has been deconstructed to become a demythologized laconic teacher, the Pagan Christ, a Gnostic revealer” …. (americanthinker)

IT SEEMS THAT THE EU: “has passed a law saying that member states must make a crime out of genocide denial. But Muslim genocides (e.g. by Turkey against the Christian Armenians) are not counted as genocides, of course. So Muslims can deny their genocides all they like!” …. (stoptheaclu)

TOLKIEN BOOK Hailed as Prophetic …. (zenit)

BENEDICT’S book emphasizes Christ’s divine nature …. (

EGYPT: Converted-back Copts must stay Muslim …. (jihadwatch)

INDIANA JONES & The Mystery of the ‘Nazi Holy Grail’ …. (spiegel)

WINGNUT Karen Armstrong reviews Spencer’s The Truth About Muhammad! …. (jihadwatch)

IF YOU WANT TO SEE Stephen Colbert adversus haereses, check it out. He plays Irenaeus to Elaine Pagels’ Valentinus …. (Aquilina, Colbert)

WREN CROSS follow-up …. (stoptheaclu)

PROTESTANT PRO-NATALISM: “Allan Carlson argues in Touchstone for a pro-natalist view from a classically Protestant perspective” …. (familyscholars)

KIRKUK CHRISTIANS: “The Chaldean bishop of Kirkuk makes an appeal” …. (amywelborn)

THE ANCHORESS: “No, I don’t intend to train my son to the blade, nor do I recommend anyone else do it. But, this all has me thinking…in a perfect world, we should not need weapons, nor fighting science… and yet as we see, daily, the world is an imperfect place, and all of our best impulses toward peace may be thwarted at any time by someone with another idea” …. (anchoress)

RICHARD KEW— “Reflections on the Life & Times of Boris Yeltsin” …. (

ARCHBISHOP Archbishop quits hospital board over Sheryl Crow. Says charity-concert singer ‘promotes moral evils’ by supporting stem-cell research …. (stltoday)

FEATURED Collection: Hagia Sophia …. (holylandphotos)

CHRISTIAN “terrorist cell” makes trouble; Muslims respond …. (shotgun)

POPE BENEDICT and two views of Islam …. (bettnet)

PAPAL PHOTOS Available at “Vatican Click” …. (zenit)

REMEMBERING the seven martyrs of the melanesian brotherhood…. (

CONVERSION: A marvelous story from a priest with origins in Sri Lanka …. (amywelborn)

TOM WRIGHT – The Cross and the Caricatures …. (peter-ould)

PROPERTIES of Bethlehem Christians sold without their knowledge …. (magicstatistics)

HEAVEN ON EARTH— the collapse of Sweden, under the regime of its intellectual elites …. (merecomments)

CHRISTIANS tortured before being murdered …. (magicstatistics)

MMMMM.. filling, but in a Godless way. Nietzsche’s Will to Power Bars …. (FT)

VIRTUAL Gomorrah: Temptation, Technique, and Technological Progress …. (evangelicaloutpost)

SECOND Anniversary of Benedict XVI’s Papacy …. (

RELIGIOUS Response to Va. Tech Tragedy …. (

PROTESTANT Pastor: “secular” Turkey; enough mockery! …. (JiWa)

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND wants Christians to go green, and to assist them in altering their hue it has published How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take to Change a Christian? A Pocket Guide to Shrinking Your Ecological Footprint …. (worldmagblog)

ZENIT— On Origen of Alexandria …. (zenit)

THE VIRGINIA TECH massacre: my sermon from today I don’t normally post my own sermons, but this one is germane to current events. Also, the media commentary and hand-wringing about this tragedy are really frustrating to listen to …. (

WITNESS to God rules out violence, says church leader after Turkey killings …. (ekklesia)

DIRTY PULPITS— a crime wave of homiletical petty larceny. Pastoral Plagiarism …. (t19, RefPas)

CHRISTIAN Persecution in Turkey, Present and Past …. (benedictseraphim)

ROLLING STONE’S State of the Union …. (getreligion)

VENGEANCE Time: When Abuse Victims Squander Their Moral Authority …. (commonwealmagazine)

REBRANDING ST. GEORGE— Among the Intellectualoids: “Yesterday England observed the feast day of its Patron Saint. Thanks to progressive theologians, next year the feast will be celebrated on May Day” …. (spectator)

DR. IRENE LANCASTER: “Dissecting the meaning of life” …. (irenelancaster)

RICHARD JOHN NEUHAUS: Odium Theologicum, Multicultural Massacre, and the Mirror of Justice Distorted …. (FT)

PROPERTIES of Bethlehem Christians sold without their knowledge …. (magicstatistics)

ONLY ONE QUESTION “really matters. Does God exist or not? If he does, that has implications for every aspect of our personal and public behavior: all of our actions, all of our choices, all of our decisions. If God exists, denying him in our public life—whether we do it explicitly like Nietzsche or implicitly by our silence—cannot serve the common good, because it amounts to worshiping the unreal in the place of the real” …. (crunchycon)

CHRYSOSTOM: 1600th Anniversary Celebration …. (

SHOOTINGS BRING debate about evil. The Virginia Tech shootings have invigorated debate about the line between evil and mental illness …. (religionlink)

MILITANT European atheists target religious belief …. (bettnet)

KRAALSPACE: “ the future everyone get 15 minutes of victimhood” …. (

SIKH FAMILY abducts daughter for accepting Christ …. (magicstatistics)

POLITICS AND CONSCIENCE, by Robert P. George: “Freedom Is a Two Way Street” …. (orthodoxytoday)

WAS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE a pillar of Reformation England or an underground Roman Catholic dissident? …. (godspy)

CHRISTIAN PASTOR accused of being ‘imposter’– Waits in prison for words of encouragement …. (wnd)

BEATING FREEDOM OF SPEECH By Robert Spencer: “Muslim thugs thrash their opponents in Norway and Canada” …. (frontpagemag)

JIHADWATCH: “Yes, it’s true, my friends. Muslims must fear for their lives, because every day, somewhere in the U.S., fiendish Islamophobes beat them senseless, stop them on buses and murder them, blow up their schools, kidnap, torture, and murder them, and announce their plans to conquer and Christianize their countries” …. (JiWa)

ANGLICAN BISHOPS support Mugabe after Catholics call for his departure …. (magicstatistics)

FAITH IMITATES ART by Enuma Okoro: “Even art devoid of intentional Christian imagery can have spiritually transformative effects” …. (boundless)

JONATHAN WILSON on “A Jewish artist haunted by the face of Jesus” …. (opinionjournal)

THE ACLU’S HATRED of the Mt. Soledad Cross is boundless, borderline psychotic …. (stoptheaclu)

ONE COSMOS— “Male and Female He Created Him (Not Feman and Shemale)” …. (

THIS IS NOT A Doctored Photo …. (

A CHRISTIAN Background for Political Correctness? …. (

NIENSTEDT: “If we want to keep the schools alive, we have to tell Catholics to have more babies!” …. (freerep)

FOR GIRLS WHO HATE their bodies: a spiritual crisis. Our perception of beauty …. (csmonitor, haha)

NOT SO MUCH— “the scholarly support for the Discovery Channel’s “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” is crumbling” …. (

SHAIDLE— “I could sit here all night writing examples to show that yes, people are much softer”; Mark Steyn responds to his critics; OK, basically everyone is confused except me …. (shaidle)

DIOGENES: “When we see Bishop Clark squatting beside the coffee-table in his 1974 who-shot-the-couch polyester stole (the chaplaincy calls it an Insta-Mass — Rochester is Kodak country, remember) it’s difficult to see him as the visible source and foundation of unity in his Church” …. (offtherecord)

GET RELIGION: “CT folks go the extra mile” …. (getreligion)

THE BITTERNESS of Slavery: Brazilian Sugar and Modern Slavery …. (breakpoint)

SIGCARLFRED— “We don’t do this enough, God. Let’s talk again, soon. Next time, I’ll call you.” …. (

BULLS-EYE! “Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, will argue that boys’ natural energy is being misread as anti-social behaviour. He said he would call for some better recognition of boys’ sense of adventure: ‘Rather than slapping Asbos on boys we have to make sure they have physical activities to channel their energy in schools. There has been a lot of attention to equality in the classroom for girls, now we have to look at boys.’ ” …. (mainstream)

HOLY WHAPPING Television Network (HWTN) …. (

BAPTIST LEADER Doesn’t Regret Telling Students to Rush Gunmen; VTech update: Cops find no link between Cho and victims; Update: Cho still had ammo left when he died. “I agree with Steyn, and not just because I think he’s hot” …. (Various)

ALL 2 COMMON: “The Godly Man: A Theology of Manhood” …. (all2common)

WHERE WE ARE NOW— “By Rieff’s analysis, our refusal to teach the commandments of God to our children and ourselves leads us to destroy what we promise to cherish and nurture—personality. “Our would-be charismatics,” writes Rieff, referring to the many academic therapists who promise insight without faith and wisdom without creeds, “are better understood as terrorists.” …. (firstthings)

DISCOVERY.COM: “The world’s oldest known copy of the Gospel of Saint Luke, containing the earliest known Lord’s Prayer, and one of the oldest copies of the Gospel of Saint John have been acquired by the Vatican” …. (

BISHOPS Challenge BBC Radio on Lack of Religious Content …. (christiantoday)

MORE GOOFY LIBERALISM— ‘Lord’ is fading at some churches …. (

ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS: “The New Primate of Jerusalem and the Middle East announced” …. (acns)

ONE COSMOS— Evolution vs. Revolution: On Spending Timelessness With Yoursoph (and Avoiding Alec Baldwin) …. (

THIRTY-THREE DEAD: Unintended consequences of the therapeutic culture; Remembering an egyptian Hero …. (spectator, sandmonkey)

MORE UNGOSPEL: Personal Jesus: John Shelby Spong’s “nontheistic” Christianity …. (aac, nro)

FAKE RELIGIONS, TOO! Wiccan pentacle approved for US soldier tombstones; Still Not Allowing the Lion or the Wardrobe …. (boingboing, imao)

GET RELIGION: “Cheating is in the air” …. (getreligion)

PLAYING THE BLAME GAME — Who Is to Blame for Blacksburg? Hitchens: Stop crying over VTech already …. (Mohler, HotAir)

PARODY OF a Jack Chick tract warns against tiki worship …. (boingboing)

SONGS OF PRAISE (WITH SUBTITLES)— loosely translated …. (youtube)

World War IV — The New Crusade….

FOLLOW THE $$$$— Jimmy Carter, Arab Front Man …. (captainsquartersblog)

WERE SADDAM’S WMD BUNKERS found, but the discovery covered up because it reveals that the weapons were transferred to a pariah nation? …. (Various)

DEMOCRATS— Time for Dictators But No Time for American Generals …. (americandigest)

A NEW DANISH ALLIANCE is forming around the issue of immigration and Islamification …. (

AT WHAT POINT do Palestinian terror and missile attacks constitute a breach of a “ceasefire”? …. (honestreporting)

THE INTERNATIONAL BLIND EYE— The North Korean famine remains one of the most muffled horrors of modern times …. (canadafreepress)

PROTEIN WISDOM— “Six arrested in anti-terror raids” in Britain …. (proteinwisdom)

CLAUDIA ROSETT— In the UN Dollars-for-Dictators Series, Next Up: Burma. And don’t forget it’s UNICEF’s Turn for North Korean Propaganda …. (claudiarosett)

LONDONISTAN still alive and well …. (counterterrorismblog)

STILL MORE EVIL than terrorists are those who help them in projecting a moral inversion. For terrorists are themselves fully cognizant of the difference between innocence and guilt …. (

BENEDICT SERAPHIM: “On the Problems of Private Interpretation” …. (benedictseraphim)

WHY IS THEe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland supplanting a tried-and-tested system of law and traditions of justice which have endured for 800 years? Why are we depriving ourselves of one of the greatest gifts we have given to the civilised world? Why are we abandoning our liberties and embracing the shackles of a foreign power? …. (

REUTERS Played Blame-the-Victim and Minimized Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Childhood Sexual Trauma …. (newsbusters)

THEY’RE RIOTING in Iran Again. One university after another, all across the country …. (NROTC)

THE PBS IN Islamist Wonderland; PBS’s Homage to Islamism …. (frontpagemag,investors)

AN “INNOCENT” Islamist’s Journey to the Beast’s Lair …. (

BORIS YELTSIN laid to rest: It was the first church funeral for a Kremlin leader since 1894 …. (bbc)

WHO WILL SING a folk song for the women of Afghanistan? …. (stephentaylor)

WARNING: Absolutely abominable! The Talibans are distributing a propaganda video with a 12 year old boy being encouraged by men as he takes a knife to behead a Pakistani man accused of being an “American spy.” …. (publiuspundit)

BANNED IN IRAN… A Helpful Guide For Prisoners of the Regime. Warning: this posting shows pictures of harlots with naked hair exposed to public view …. (

BUYING Political Power: How The Liberal Super-Rich Undermine America …. (freedomszone)

PEGGY NOONAN: “We’re Scaring Our Children to Death. Duck-and-cover drills were never this frightening” …. (opinionjournal)

LifeWatch ….

MERE COMMENTS— Marginalizing the Family-Friendly Fringe …. (merecomments)

THE GLOBAL WAR Against Baby Girls …. (evangelicaloutpost)

MOHLER: “Laden With the Power to Devalue Human Life” — The Supreme Court Rules Again on Abortion …. (albertmohler)

AFGHAN INFANT DEATH fall by 40,000 a year since ousting of Taleban …. (scotsman)

AN ABORTION by any other name …. (getreligion)

MARRIAGES can fail, and do, by the hundreds of thousands. But parents are not supposed to fall apart as parents. However much pain they’re in, they have to hold it together for their children …. (familyscholars)

ANCHORESS: Eve – The Silence of a Murderer’s Mother …. (anchoressonline)

DEATH and Laughter, by Mark Shea …. (catholicexchange)

VIA MERE COMMENTS— Quirky & Pro-Life …. (merecomments)

MARGARET SANGER and Joseph Mengeles Would be So Pleased! …. (

FATHERS sacrificing for their kids …. (bettnet)

THE INFANTICIDE Procedure: Doctors Describe Performing Partial Birth Abortions …. (evangelicaloutpost)

DIOGENES— keeping women safe to pay their obstetricians; central to womanhood & a wobbly first step …. (offtherecord)

A DAD IN NEED of a good horse-whipping: “The Power of Babble: MIT researcher Deb Roy is videotaping every waking minute of his infant son’s first 3 years of life” …. (

CURT JESTER: “I’m shocked, shocked I tell you” …. (curtjester)

ABORTION and Infanticide in Britain …. (

MOHLER: “The Fetus is Squirming, and So Are We” …. (albertmohler)

THE NEW EUGENICS: Eventually No Babies Will Be Allowed to be Born …. (wesleyjsmith)

HILLARY CLINTON: Get Your Ovaries Off My Presidential Hopes and Dreams …. (NROTC)

WHAT IS THE SECRET to being a liberal hysteric? No secret: just treat adults like children, and treat children like adults…. (proteinwisdom)

COMES THE AVALANCHE: First designer babies to beat breast cancer …. (titusonenine)

HOW TO TURN Your Daughter Into A Whore In Two Easy Steps …. (absolutelee)

AMERICAN THINKER: The Adolescent Society …. (americanthinker)

ABORTION-BREAST CANCER link: real or not? …. (bettnet)

HOW TO TRADE IN Your Wife For A Newer Model…(without paying any alimony!) …. (absolutelee)

BORN ALIVE But Not For Long …. (americandigest)

MARK SHEA: “I Prescribe Homeschooling and Killing Your Television” …. (

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Puzzling Management

FORMER LIBERAL GOV’T Knew About Torture …. (

CANADA TO BLOCK Chinese grain shipments at the border …. (stevejanke)

RED FRIDAY Rally And Parade In Petawawa …. (officiallyscrewed)

WHY DON’T Mexicans drink Canadian beer? …. (magicstatistics)

CANADA: Could the last supporter of small government turn off the lights when they leave? …. (stephentaylor)

$540,000 cheque key to RCMP affair …. (thestar)

CANADIAN WAR AMPUTEE heads south for treatment. Needed therapy for lost limbs only available at Walter Reed hospital in U.S. …. (

AND STAY OUT! “Deranged socialist, and confessed jewel thief, Svend Robinson will be moving to France. Sometimes there is justice in the world” …. (godscopybook)

CBC GODS OF REPORTAGE: dismissive reporter Julie Van Dusen treats Honourable Minister condescendingly …. (p2bc)

ONTARIO LIBERAL policy on coal power plants: Keep on polluting …. (magicstatistics)

WHAT WOULD motivate a person to cheat the RCMP more than once? RCMP Pension Scandal and Adscam …. (stevejanke)

THE LAST TIME that guy gets interviewed on CBC …. (magicstatistics)

DESTROYING ART = An inclusive B.C. Legislature. How like the Taliban! …. (shotgun, sda)

VIA FARK: “Canadian university developing a Shakespeare-themed video game. “But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and all your base are belong to us” …. (reuters)

SEEN THE LIGHT— The Tory brains trust thinks that they can just pass an eventual ban on incandescent light bulbs, and all will be well …. (shotgun)

CANADIAN terror suspect charged with murder …. (dustmybroom)

DION NEEDS to Denounce or Fire Violent, Extremist Liberal Candidate …. (westernstandard)

ANOTHER proud moment in Ontario public policy …. (magicstatistics)

PARDON ME, Can You Remove This Knife? …. (mypetjawa)

NATIVE PROTESTERS blockaded the main CN rail line on the Toronto-Montreal corridor late last week by placing a dilapidated old bus across the tracks …. (canadafreepress)

OUR ROBED MASTERS— “The current system in which judges are chosen by a “magic circle” of cabinet ministers, current judges, bar associations and law professors, a system of elites in fairly close ideological alignment, is not inherently superior to the democratic spectacle” …. (godscopybook)

Blogosphere, Web — and Old Media ….

SANDMONKEY: “Today is going to be the day that I’ve been dreading for quite sometime now. Today is the day I walk away from this blog. Done. Finished” …. (sandmonkey, michellemalkin)

THE SHAREHOLDERS REBEL— Google Faces Free Speech Resolution …. (acton)

BORDER OFFICIALS detain historian on basis of Wikipedia article …. (magicstatistics)

CHINA: government’s new campaign to “cleanse” the internet …. (boingboing)

MORE EVIDENCE of Google’s ‘evil’? Kids’ search engine battle’s company’s ‘big time’ porn business …. ()wnd

EGYPT: worldwide rallies for jailed blogger on Fri. Apr. 27 …. (boingboing)

YAHOO sued for assisting Chinese oppression …. (magicstatistics)

POPULAR Conservative Site Blocked as “Hate Speech” …. (stoptheaclu)

DEFINING the blogging medium …. (stephentaylor)

SCIPIO: “Once a blogger develops a readership—no matter how small—he owes his readers his time” …. (mikeaustin)

MARGE SIMPSON on Google …. (youtube)

WEB-CENSORING weather report: Thailand still blocking YouTube …. (boingboing)

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

GLOBAL WARMING Consensus Watch, Volume I; Economy and Energy Consumption …. (

GEEK-ALERT— Tip: How I used my Mac to get a beautiful TV with no money spent …. (

RACIST! Stop using all this bad language, says hip-hop pioneer …. (independent)

RARE, BUT PRECIOUS: “College president stands up for freedom of speech” …. (bettnet)

GULFSTREAM & Limousine liberals saving the world …. (bettnet)

GILBERT and Sullivan’s “Baby Got Back” …. (boingboing)

CHECK THE full list of blurred objects by Google …. (

GATES OF VIENNA ON THE Transcendent Gaia Green Moonbat Utopia Festival …. (

MAGISTATS— “Environmentalists with children are hypocrites” …. (magicstatistics)

JUST DISCOVERED New ‘super-Earth’ found in space. Marvel™ sues for copyright infringement …. (bbc)

CHINA SOON TO BE world’s biggest carbon emitter …. (magicstatistics)

STOW THE Summer Concerts, Save the World …. (theanchoressonline)

BETTNET — Fast food reality …. (bettnet)

HOLLYWOOD GREENS everybody but itself; 8 Democrats assemble for debate: each arrives on separate private jet …. (rogerlsimon, proudtobecanadian)

FIGHTING the Columbine copycats; The Veit to Bear Arms; Are gun-free nations or “zones” safer? …. (

CANADA’S Inuit say the polar bear isn’t threatened by global warming or hunting …. (westernstandard)

DEATH OF THE ACADEMICAL MIND: “We are to adopt a creed of virtually complete tolerance and cultural relativism on the one hand, and to encourage narcissistic individualism on the other, without ever posing the question of whether these goals are in conflict, which they most assuredly are. The questionnaire both attempts to indoctrinate faculty and find out how well the faculty is indoctrinating students in a world view which is not only incoherent but pernicious” …. (victorhanson)

NASA’ new 3D images of the sun …. (boingboing)

KATHERINE MANGU-WARD: Rachel Carson’s ideas are still popular, with deadly effect …. (opinionjournal)

ATTACK OF The Giant Nazi Robots! …. (boingboing)

AN UNHAPPY SOUL— “Mother of Mercy! Can this be the end of Rosie?” …. (americandigest)

THE MANOLO: “Such hair can only be the gift of the most benevolent Deity; beautiful, thick, wild, romantic hair, as untamed as the oceans, as alive as the amber waves of grain!” …. (politicscentral)

HOLY DAYS— Celebrating Earth Day With Appropriate PC Reverence; Globe and Mail makes fun of Al Gore …. (canadafreepress, magicstatistics)

WORLD WAR Z— These types don’t say “braaaaains….” …. (

POISONED FOOD from Communist China enters human food chain …. (shotgun)

JON STEWART’S ‘Daily Show’ Mocks Hypocrite Celebs …. (newsbusters)

GET YOUR Hollywood Chimp painting now! …. (cheetathechimp)

THE BEST site for Lego nerdiness …. (brothers-brick)

OLD STUFF: “It now appears inevitable that Pakistan will construct the Basha Diamer Dam, imperilling a cultural legacy that goes back to the end of the Ice Age” …. (

GAIRDNER— Google Ice? “When I turned on my computer this morning (on “Earth Day”), the customary Google page popped up first. This company likes to re-design its name to reflect popular sentiment, and it has now waded into the deep waters of confusion over so-called global warming” …. (williamgairdner)

LOTSA good eatin’ in them there de-luxe escargots! Almost as appetising as these tasties …. (videosift, cyrusfarivar)


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I only just took a good look at that St. George’s shield graphic. Very clever, elves.

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