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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 26, 2007, 7:46 pm
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TOM ANTHONY REVIEWS Hugh McCullum’s Radical Compassion: The Life and Times of Archbishop Ted Scott, Toronto. Your “Red Ted” Factoid Of The Day: “radical former-Primate Ted Scott was in on the bending of the federal Canadian laws of consaguinuity”, allowing for the extremely anti-Biblical creepy cousin-love canon of Canadian Anglicanism. We’ve done some research for you into the GenSyn-04 Minutes, via the official GS-04 site(t19, GSo4, BInky of Evil)

FURTHER FIREWORKS ENSUE— Canadian House of Bishops – Message to the Church. Small Canadian House of Bishops group portrait (with +++Rowan) … (

TRANSCRIPT— “A Matter of Doctrine… Chair of the Primate’s Theological Commission Addresses theQu’Appelle Diocese Synod” +Victoria is also one of the candidates for Canadian Primate… (e-mail)

TECUSA Covenant Task Force Invites Response. TEC Covenant Task Force issues Study Guide and Invites Response … (aacblog)

LIBERAL ANGLICANISTAN: “The past three years in our financial life have been both challenging™ and exciting™” … (storiesoffaith)

“SHAKE THE DUST FROM YOUR FEET” The talking mustn’t stop, says Dr Williams; Meeting of ABC with US Bishops Set(aacblog)

HEAD EPISCOPAL BP. says few leaving over same-sex issues. And she’s a smart DOCTOR Of Squiddery, you stupids: Schori finds commonality in science and religion … (hamptonroads, gazettetimes)

VATICAN: gay marriage ‘evil’, abortion & euthanasia ‘terrorism’ … (

LOOKING BACK— The Official Minutes of Canadian General Synod 2004 … (

FRESH Mohler on Schori: The Bishop Condescends … (albertmohler)

ENEMY of liberal Anglicans was poisoned. Poisonings and beheadings, via Ruth Gledhill … (LTimes)

THE DREADED DENNIS CANON fails again.. Read the whole thing… (

BABYBLUE on Louie’s latest conspiracy theory. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy They first make mad.” ~ Euripides (c.480 – 406 BC)… (

MOLOCH— “Seems that the Pseudo Religious Coalition for Baby Killing Reproductive Choice wants Christian hospitals to stop being Christian” … (

ROWAN Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican communion, has made his first visit to Canada … (canadianchristianity)

KATE’S UNGOSPEL: Episcopal leader holds firm on gay rights. KJS: Rest of Church Needs to Get With the Times(aac, sf)

PAGING CANON PETERSON: “The moderate Khatami, voice of sweet reason, champion of dialogue with the West, Gallant to Ahmadinejad’s Goofus, shows another side to his delightfully complex personality” … (JiWa, Solomonia)

HELL NO, WE WON’T GO— “It’s no longer a question of whether ECUSA will be thrown out of the Anglican world” … (

+++ROWAN to visit US in September with other Primates … (mainstream)

STICKS AND STONES— “Add the Rev. Canon Marilyn McCord Adams, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, to the long list of liberal anti-Catholic Anglicans” … (

ATTENTION CHICKEN-DINNERISTS: while you’re figiring out who’s paying for what agenda, don’t forget lefty sugar-daddy Mr. Soros– oh, and he’s blood-for-oil a Halliburton investor too, right? … (freedomszone, wnd)

ATTENTION, AMERICAN PASTORS: Act now or prepare for jail. Christians in bull’s-eye in new ‘hate crimes’ plan. Congress working to create penalties for non-PC views … (Bearblog, wnd)

SERGE’S BLOG: “When defending money, property or that sacred cow, gay weddings, the Episcopal left affects an ecclesiology higher than Pope Pius IX in elevator shoes, quoting St Ignatius of Antioch and all that” … (

YES, IT’S AMOS, The Anglo-Catholic Dog … (all2common)

LLAMA BUTCHERS— That’s My Church! – “Check, Please.” Edition. An interesting weekend in my parish … (

WASHINGTON, DC: Cathedral leads Nation in prayers for Virginia Tech victims … (ENS)

MORE GOOFY LIBERALISM— ‘Lord’ is fading at some churches. Reformed Pastor digs in(apostolicity, refpast)

A REPORT from the Field — the Right Way to Leave ECUSA: A Layperson in TN Explains Why He is Leaving … (sf)

WISHFUL THINKING— Robert Gagnon: Did Jesus Approve of a Homosexual Couple in the Story of the Centurion at Capernaum? Special Logic™ — the gift that keeps on making stuff up so certain people can feel better about themselves … (

A RESPONSE to the Day of Truth – a Post-Gay testimony – Peter Ould … (mainstream)

REVISIT: “Robert Gagnon: Rowan Williams’ Wrong Reading of Romans (updated 4/23)” … (robgagnon)

BISHOP-ELECT of Southern Ohio: Ecumenical, inter-faith action ‘lifelong passion’ … (aacblog)

A GODLY MAN: A Theology of Manhood … (all2common)

I WENT TO A Socialism Rally and a Church Broke Out … (standfirminfaith)

VIA DRELL: “Neal Michell: It Is Time To Do A Bold Thing” … (descant)

SEVENTH CHURCH this Year Splits in Diocese of Dallas … (lc)

2007 FiFNA Assembly … (all2common)

FIRST ACN GOOD NEWS Training Conference with Rev. Dr. Michael Green May 17–20 in El Paso … (

SHUT UP, WHINERS! Religious beliefs give no right to discriminate … (thinkinganglicans)

THE ACI HAS NEW Web Site, PayPal Link, and Treasurer: Reports of Demise Greatly Exaggerated, It Appears. An Announcement from the ACI(sf)

A PASTORAL RESPONSE to Bishop Tom Wright – Dr Lisa Severin Nolland … (mainstream)

MORE UNGOSPEL— Personal Jesus: John Shelby Spong’s Satanistical “nontheistic” Christianity(aacblog, nro)

PUBLICATION of letters from Archbishop of West Africa to Bishop Ihloff of Maryland; Gledhill- Justice badly done by(mainstream)

MAGIC STATISTICS: “Anglican bishops support Mugabe after Catholics call for his departure” … (magicstatistics)

ANGLICAN LEADERS set to converge on N.O.; September gathering to tackle growing rift … (aacblog)

A LIBERAL TAKE on the ACI/ Armstrong problem: God’s Common Life is in the Details … (

DAVID OULD: “There is no honour (let your yes be yes)” … (sf)

VIA MAINSTREAM— John Richardson, Tom Wright, Mike Ovey, Steve Chalke, Jeffrey John on Penal Substitution … (mainstream)

CASUALTY OF WAR— Church rector resigns after confession. This is also on the head of his bishop… (dailypilot)

EVANGELICALS Thrive in England as Other Churches Struggle … (aacblog)

NATURAL OR NOT: science and homosexuality … (mainstream)

HURON BISHOP in race for Anglican primate … (

OLD NEWS.. EC Rectors and Cathedral Deans Send Letter to Canterbury … (sf)

KILT-WEARING SURRENDER MONKEYS— Church of Scotland admits institutional homophobia, and that 2+2=5. Church of Scotland admits to ‘historic intolerance‘ … (Various)

DRELL: “All Sin Is Intertwined With The Belief Of The Age That We Have No Choice”; Arguing About Polity Avoids The Real Issue; Some Local Ponderings On “Earph” Day … (drell)

INTERESTING COMMENTARY: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”… (

CAEI SAYS— “Marriage is not About our Right to Endless Personal Autonomy without regard to the Common Good… it’s about the needs of children. Just so. And therefore, it is peculiarly targeted by the most narcissistic subculture of Generation Narcissus and its progeny”; and “I think I may go back to referring to Gay Brownshirts” … (

CHARLES COLSON: Shutting Down Opposition — The Gay Agenda and School Children … (catholicexchange)

AGE TO COME— “If anybody doubted what we are struggling against, the following quote from Canadian Archbishop Ted Scott should prove illuminating”; AND ON PERSECUTION– “$5000 Fine Sought For Christian Marriage Commissioner Who Declined Gay Couple”; and “The spirit of the age” … (agetocome)

DIOGENES: “There’s something about a sleeveless clergy stock and non-committally stained glass that says the Summer Solstice, and the USG Sheetrock 400, are just around the corner!” … (cwnews)

IRD ANGLICAN NEWS: Primates’ Meeting Puts Episcopal Church on the Defensive … (ird-renew)

A LETTER— Keith W. Stampher writes the Bishop of Colorado … (t19)

MORE LAME LIBERALS talking to themselves on the interwebs. Usual suspects, same old content, now in a new format.. all courtesy of Big Dave Naughton … (

OUCH!! Mark Shea: “The reason Europe is dying is because it can’t handle the dogmatic rigor of the Episcopal Church”… (

REAL MEN are Celibate… (

CARIOCA— Calling All “Windsor Bishops” … (

REMEMBERING TRUE THINGS— “Finding the Masculine Genius: An Interview With English Professor Anthony Esolen” … (zenit)

HAIRY EYEBALL— I love being an Anglican… “Or, The Rumours of the Death of my Church have been Greatly Exaggerated” … (hairyeyeball)

WHERE WE ARE NOW— “By Rieff’s analysis, our refusal to teach the commandments of God to our children and ourselves leads us to destroy what we promise to cherish and nurture—personality. “Our would-be charismatics,” writes Rieff, referring to the many academic therapists who promise insight without faith and wisdom without creeds, “are better understood as terrorists.”… (firstthings)

THE WAR IN SCHOOLS— Sacramento: School Administrator Aggressively Stamp out Dissent. Homosexual socialization of school children; Michigan student suspended for wearing ‘I’m straight’ sticker. Pro-homosexual propaganda does work(

REFORMED PASTOR: “The PCUSA’s Salem Presbytery has decided to postpone voting on a resolution apologizing for…well, what a bunch of other people did”; Another Church Votes to Leave PCUSA… (reformedpastor)

TOP JOB in the Anglican Communion up for grabs … (

KRAALSPACE: “Caption Contest” … (

BLESSED Saint Mark the Evangelist(Reader, Aquilina)


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