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Virginia School Shootings 3.0
April 21, 2007, 1:05 pm
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MARK STEYN: A Culture of Passivity … (instapundit)

ECHOES HEARD at Virginia Tech. By Lee Harding … (Bearblog)

THE FAITH of Cho Seung-Hui uncertain, but not that of many of his victims … (CT)

ARE THERE worse things than dying? The soft cowardice of low expectations … (

AMERICAN DIGEST: “The Gun School”. Bull’s eye– “In a very real sense, those students that died were sacrificed to the flaccid and unexamined politically correct beliefs of those charged with their education and their security. What they made in their yearning for perfection was a perfect “free-fire zone” for maniac” … (americandigest)

EGADS! Latest Virginia Tech casualty: Edmund Burke! … (shaidle)

THE HUGH HEWITT: “The Single Worst Editorial Decision In The History Of Broadcast News?” … (

DODGING BULLETS: Peggy Noonan on Virginia Tech … (shaidle)

SOMETHING Horribly Wrong`, By Chuck Colson: “The Reality of Evil” … (breakpoint)

“SOCIAL CATASTROPHE:” “The blood of the victims of the ‘next one’ is on the hands of everyone in the decision-making chain at NBC for this utterly inexcusable decision.” … (instapundit)

KRAALSPACE: ” The VT killer” … (

SO SIMPLE, Even a Journalist Can Do It … (newsbusters)

WELBORN: “Should NBC – and now everyone else – have aired the videos of the Virignia Tech killer?”; and “Does anything really happen “out of the blue?” … (amywelborn)

BABY BLUE: “No greater love than this” … (

BELLING THE CAT and ringing in the eschaton, by Donald Sensing … (donaldsensing)

SHAIDLE— “Perhaps the secret that has spilled forth from Virginia Tech is that a bucolic illusion of created, assured safety has been burst. In an era where captured British soldiers take home goodie bags and have their irresolution applauded, we can only look at Professor Liviu Librescu’s determined heroism as an awesome aberration – he did the courageous thing.” … (shaidle)

LAWS LIMIT Options When a Student Is Mentally Ill … (nytimes)

NO EXCUSE: Why did NBC air so much evil now? … (scriptoriumdaily)

INSTAPUNDITRY: “This is about evil, and about how our universities are able to deal with it as a literary subject but not as a fact of life. Can administrators and deans really continue to leave professors and other college personnel to deal with deeply disturbed students on their own, with only pencils in their defense?”… (

SPERO— There is Hope: Who will bring it to Blacksburg? … (speroforum)

CUOMO Questions VA Tech: What Do You Need to Do To Get Removed From This University? … (newsbusters)

CRUNCHY CON: “Cho and the moral imagination” … (crunchycon)

SHAIDLE: “Are there worse things than dying? “… (shaidle)

STUDENTS “with Hearts in the Right Place Trying to Forgive VT Murderer” … (

A VIRGINIA TECH PROFESSOR WRITES: “A view from the faculty of Mark’s take on Chief Flinchum” … (NROTC)

NEWSBUSTERS— NYT: VT Shootings ‘Tough’ on NBC? Media Self Absorption Reigns … (newsbusters)

SIGCARLFRED— “Corraling Mercury: We’ll never really understand it all, of course, but we can begin to grasp the realities” … (

LIST OF AREA Virginia Tech Tragedy Memorial Services … (nbc29)

CHRISTIAN POST: Where Was God During the Virginia Tech Shootings? Va. Gunman Forces Evangelicals to Question Church Outreach(christianpost)

AUDIO: THE SANITY SQUAD – Analyzing the Unthinkable… (

WAITING For The Reload … (SDA)

GET RELIGION: “Time for the ‘Consoler in Chief’”; Theology breaks out(getreligion)

ROOMATE: thinks videos were shot in dorm common area … (hotair)

HOLY WHAPPING— “It is for such times that the sober conventions of mourning are made–the murmured “I’m sorry,” “It’s terrible,” “our prayers are with you,” “requiascat in pace”–that in other times might seem stale; as in such situations, both our creativity and our mind fail in the face of such tragedy” … (

DAMIAN PENNY— Jim Treacher: “If this monster premeditated his acts to the point of picking which network news anchor he wanted to give the scoop, he can take the blame for those acts.” … (DP)

NEWSBLOGGERS— Where Is Atheism When Bad Things Happen? “To no one’s surprise, Dawkins has not been invited to speak to the grieving Virginia Tech community” … (newsbloggers)

PRESCIENT: “It’s a commentary in the Roanoke Times entitled “Unarmed and vulnerable” and written by a Virginia Tech graduate student” … (bettnet)

NEWSBUSTERS “It’s not unusual for an American to defend himself or herself with a gun. According to at least one study, it happens successfully more than 2 million times a year.” … ()

FEWER GUNS, More Crime In Britain … (freedomszone)

A LOOK AT EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. Still not working as they should be, a lesson we should have learned after 9/11 and Katrina … (instapundit)

STATE OF TN moves to allow guns in public buildings … (knox)

DAIMNATION: “More explanations”… (damianpenny)

MOST PEOPLE sympathize with the victims, but at the most popular liberal blog on earth, you have writers sympathizing with the killer… (rightwingnews)

DYSPEPTIC MUTTERINGS: “In the media circle of Hell, the damned are suspended above eternally-burning copies of the Nielsen ratings and/or circulation numbers” … (

THE STUPID RISE UP— Looks like “Little Eichmans, the sequel.” … (

SORRY, BUT “The 9/11 attacks (2,998 deaths), the Oklahoma City bombing (168 deaths), the HappyLand arson (87 deaths) and the Bath, Michigan bombing (45 deaths) all claimed more victims than the Virginia Tech shootings (32 deaths)” … (mypetjawa)

IMAO— “It’s Time For Common Sense Restrictions On Freedom Of Assembly” An Editorial By Harvey … (imao)


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