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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 20, 2007, 8:10 pm
Filed under: Anglican Crisis

A-A-AND THEY’RE OFF! The horses candidates for the Canadian Primate election 2007. Yessiree, crowding to the front of the line to head up the fastest-shrinking Canadian religious group … (

LIFEBOATS ON THE TITANIC: “Bishops prepare pastoral care plan for General Synod”… (anglicanjournal)

BOOOOOM— Rowan Williams’ Wrong Reading of Romans … (Various)

LIBERAL DC EPISCOPALIANS solve it all for ya– Chane & Calamity Jane Dixon. Liberals: Is There Anything They CAN’T Solve? … (newsweek)

+++ROWAN SAYS the Draft Convenant Is Unacceptable Because It Contains Disciplinary Provisions; Lambeth Meeting Will Happen. He really stepped in it this time… (descant)

AND NOW… IDIOTS— “Long Island Episcopal Bishop Orris Walker, one of the hardest-left of ECUSA’s many hard-left bishops, responds to the Dar es Salaam Primates Communiqué and his response is exactly as bad as you probably already knew it was going to be” … (

CHRISTIAN WEEK: Canadian Anglicans could move apart this June … (Via E-mail)

ARCHBISHOP will not cancel Lambeth Conference. But who will be invited is an ‘open question’ … (skdiocese)

THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION Institute: Questions We Avoid at our Peril … (t19)

LAODICEANS: “The John Chane Prize for Most Biased Anglican News Coverage goes to this Reuters story” … (

BRAD DRELL: “I Posted Something To The HOBD Listserv This Morning; Not Sure Why”; and “Liberalism; Homosexuality; Abortion; Mass Murder and The Ick Factor” … (descant)

ROWAN WILLIAMS— Canadian trip: press coverage … (thinkinganglicans)

CAPTAIN YIPS: Parsing ++Rowan.. “Among theological traditionalists in North America, there’s a hobby of sniffing out signs of Evil in the Archbishop of Canterbury” … (captainyips)

BREAKING: “From the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina” … (

MINNS ON THE ROAD— Anglican bishop to make case for leaving Episcopal Church … (rockymountainnews)

ALMOST THERE: “My day with the Archbishop of Canterbury ” … (

TRANSCRIPT— The Narcissus of New Hampshire: Bishop Gene Robinson at Vanderbilt … (

CAPTAIN YIPS: “Tiny, committed, Anglican congregation seeks rector to lead its witness and growth in the heart of the Diocese of Chicago” … (captainyips)

CARIOCA: “Well Said, Your Grace” … (

LIVING CHURCH: New York Court Limits National Church Participation in Property Case. ECUSA Über Alles Marching Society gets a nasty shock … (

CAUSE WHORES: “This didn’t take long. Bob Edgar, head of the National Council of Churches Nobody Goes to Anymore, tries to make political points off yesterday’s tragedy” … (

CHRISTIAN POST— ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Hearings Begins Amid Christian Disapproval … (christianpost)

AN INTERVIEW with Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury … (aacblog)

GAZETTE “Religion Writer” has a very interesting Blog, take on Colorado mess … (

ROWAN WILLIAMS Speaks in Canada on Communion, Covenant … (freerep)

MERE COMMENTS on Little England: “The British Duma is not exercised over that most revolutionary of Catholic and Christian affirmations, that the God through whom all things were made took flesh of the Virgin and became man — a doctrine that John Adams, alas, once called pernicious. Catholics may talk all they want about that, because that is thought to be irrelevant. But they may not talk about the sin of sodomy, lest they offend the feelings of those people — some lonely and unfortunate, some simply confused, some wilfully perverse — who are committed to the sin, and who demand that they be free from criticism for it” … (merecomments)

ABP. OF WEST AFRICA Responds to Bishop Ihloff of Maryland. Gledhill chimes in(aacblog)

GOMORRAN Pro-homosexual Churches Begin Campaign of Misinformation on Biblical Prohibitions against Sodomy… (freerep)

SOUTH CAROLINGIANS Prepare to Re-elect the Very Rev. Mark Lawrence as Bishop … (lc)

SNOWBALL IN HELL: “Upset that the Episcopal Church won’t be able to put an 86-year-old retired suffragan bishop on trial, Lionel Deimel now thinks an Anglican Covenant is a good idea” … (mcj)

LLAMA BUTCHERS: “A New York Supreme Court judge has told Her High Priestessness and the legal goon squad at 815, the ECUSAHQ, to step back from the local secession fight between the Diocese of Central New York and St. Andrews, Syracuse” … (llb, lc)

SNACKERAL MAPPERS: “One of the most fascinating aspects of the Current Unpleasantness has been the implicit religious bigotry expressed by many liberal Episcopalians” … (mcj)

OVERWEENING TRIBUNALISM— “Hereford case: hearing concludes” … (thinkinganglicans)

DIVIDING BY ZERO: “According to Richard N. Taliaferro Jr., M.A., M.T.S, of Alexandria, Virginia, the Episcopal Church’s polity[peace and blessings be upon it] is so complicated that not even Episcopalians understand it” … (mcj)

A THERPIST: “A therapist addresses the complexities of same-sex attraction ” … (lifesite)

HEADS UP FOR THE LOONY RELIGIOUS LEFT— more shiny new evil for you to fall in love with: “The Left’s “Department Of Peace”: Call It A “Department Of Political Purity” … (stoptheaclu)

CANADIAN BILL C-38 film prompts deeper thinking on marriage … (cw)

KRAALSPACE notices some Global Warming outside the KraalHQ … (

EPISCOPAL PARISH in Springs invited to join breakaway group … (aacblog)

VIA THE GRUMPY PROF— On not being silent. Protect your children from being sexualized by the Same-Sex crowd … (sleepyoldbear)

OREGON HOUSE OKs gay rights bills … (

SUNSHINE & LOLLIPOPS— “In my seminary, a professor officially listed as “distinguished” said that America’s “mainline denominations have a well-deserved reputation for having nothing to do with anything important.” Under Jim Winkler’s administration of a UMC general board, the accusation sticks like glue.” … (donaldsensing)

PETER OULD: “You and Me Together” … (peter-ould)

LOUIE CREW— “Update on the Fast from Weddings”; and a potshot contra Rowan(lcrew)

DEAR ECUSA BISHOPS Who Are Experts On Every Blessed Topic In Sight Except Christianity: more on Imus– “Representation” and the new apologia. Saith Jonah Goldberg: “Imus enters the “national dialogue” phase of the cycle” … (pw, nro)

NETHERLANDS Forces Homosexual ‘Marriage’ on Aruba … (lifesite)

THE SLIPPERY SLOPE of Conflict by Charlie Holt … (stpeterslakemary)




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