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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 18, 2007, 1:17 am
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+Andy of Canada tries his
Mr. Very Scary-Face™ on the
Archbishop of Canterbury,
hoping to keep him in line.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (R)
speaks at a news conference next to Archbishop
Andrew Hutchison, head of the Canadian church,
at the Anglican Church of Canada National Office in
Toronto April 16, 2007. REUTERS/ Mike Cassese

LENT & BEYOND prayers for the +ABC’s Canadian visit … (L&B)

BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS Anglican news of the day … (magicstatistics)

ROWAN WILLIAMS spoke to the press Monday, April 16th in Toronto. Archbishop of Canterbury Comments on Upcoming Same Sex Union vote By Canadian Anglicans(ap, sf)

UH-OH? — “Archbishop of Canterbury Agrees to Meet House of Bishops”; Williams will meet with U.S. bishops to discuss gay priests, marriage(Various)

MORE FROM Rowan Williams in Canada … (titusonenine)

WHITED SEPULCHRES— “It’s not just the Episcopal Church that has been dying for a very long time. The late Ted Scott, former Anglican Primate of Canada, once made the following observation” … (

+CANTUAR stresses unity (Diocese of Toronto Website); The Anglican Church risks being torn apart by the rows over gay clergy, the Archbishop of Canterbury has warned … (DioTO, BBC)

WHO, MOI? “This is why I refer to it as Big Narcissism” … (

STATEMENT of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of South Carolina for immediate release… (t19)

ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury – The Church needs to listen properly to the Bible. Bill Carroll Offers some Thoughts. Anglican head Williams says anti-gays misread Bible(Various)

CJAD RADIO on Archbishop of Toronto’s visit to Canada. Anglican Church leaders in Falls for meeting. ‘Difficult days’ for Anglican Church(Various)

WALMSLEY-LAMA-DING-DONG— “[Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch – Ed] Meet the man who paved the way for Gene Robinson” … (

ANOTHER COPY, with some introductory remarks: “Twenty-five scholars write the Canadian Bishops” … (skdiocese)

WRONG AGAIN— “I add to my long string of Anglican prognostication triumphs and by “triumphs,” I mean “unmitigated disasters.” My gracious lord of Canterbury will meet with ECUSA’s pointy hats” … (

ESSENTIALS Network interview on CBC … (hairyeyeball)

COMMENT by Church Society on the state of the Anglican Communion … (mainstream)

WHERE’S KATIE? Episcopal leader Jefferts Schori to speak at OSU … (dhonline)

KEW CONTINUUM— “What Does It Mean To Be Human?” … (

EXCUSA Executive Council committee offers draft covenant study guide… (aacblog)

SAN JOAQUIN Standing Committee Seeks Clues to Diocese’s Fate … (lc)

BASHING THE C OF E— City diocese joins gay tribunal row … (eveningnews24)

GET RELIGION: “Equality Rides with (Washington Post) Style” … (getreligion)

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT: On “Day of Silence,” St. Ignatius Students to Remember Victims of Gay Agenda … (freerep)

REFORMED PASTOR— More on “Descent Into Parody” … (reformedpastor)

VIA PRAYERS THAT MATTER— “Battling homosexual attraction one day at a time” … (

ANDREW+ — God’s Common Life is in the Details … (

THE EVIL IRD OF EVIL Substitutes Balanced Mideast Materials for Slanted Presbyterian Resources … (

REALITIES: Gonorrhea ‘Superbug’ Eludes Treatment – drug-resistant strain is spreading fastest among gay men. One Word: behaviour … (citizenlink)

FIRST THINGS: “The spectacle of Don Imus prostrating himself before the Rev. Al Sharpton, as if he were the Holy Roman Emperor on bent knee to the pope, should have pleased me.” ‘Foulmouthed’ Wonkette and the Don Imus Double Standard(ft, nb)

WHAT IS BEHIND the growth of Eastern Orthodoxy in America? … (

CITIZEN LINK— Ex-Gays, African-Americans Unite Against ‘Thought Crimes’ Bill – Sexual orientation is not the same as race … (citizenlink)

ONE COSMOS: “Get Ready for the Future: It is Martyr” … (

SLIPPERY SLOPE: “Christian school to host gay activists: Gordon College agrees to dialogue” … (

CaNNet BLOGGER SHOWS OFF: “Kimel, Father Kimel” … (pontifications)

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