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Virginia School Shootings 2.0
April 18, 2007, 1:30 pm
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THE WEBELF REPORT Va. School Shootings 1.0 … (Us)

POPE SAYS Campus Shootings “Senseless” … (zenit)

PREZ BUSH— “Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Bush: Find Comfort in Grace, Guidance of a Loving God… (WaTi, CP)

REFORMED PASTOR reports in: “Tragedy at Virginia Tech” … (reformedpastor)

HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR ‘blocked door with his body’.. 76-year-old Israeli professor threw himself in front of shooter … (LTimes, Lancaster)

BLACKSBURG— “The thing that first disturbed me when I clicked on an internet news site yesterday afternoon and discovered the horror that happened in the morning… the thing that first disturbed me was that I wasn’t all that shocked. Oh God, I thought. Here we go again”… (familyscholars)

INSTAPUNDIT GLENN REYNOLDS— People don’t stop killers. People with guns do … (nydailynews)

LIBERAL DC EPISCOPALIANS weigh in– Chane & Calamity Jane Dixon(WaPo)

DR. SANITY— “There is this strange belief among the intellectual elites; even among many psychiatrists and mental health professionals that feeling anguish and grief are wrong and must be avoided at all cost. Or if you must feel them, then they must be instantly transformed into a focus on this thing called “healing”. Bring out the healing! Open those clinics! Stop those oh-so-negative emotions–before they have an impact on your life! Move forward!” … (

AFTER VIRGINIA Tech shootings, Episcopalians join country in prayer … (ENS)

NROTC: “More on forgiveness” … (nro)

CAUSE WHORES— “This didn’t take long. Bob Edgar, head of the National Council of Churches Nobody Goes to Anymore, tries to make political points off yesterday’s tragedy” … (

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LET’S SNUGGLE “in the safe embrace of the state” … (offtherecord)

BETTNET: “The guardian instinct” … (bettnet)

AMERICAN DIGEST: “Consulting the Oracle”; and “Bodies Neither Cold Nor Counted — New Land Blather Speed Record” … (americandigest)

CHO’S MADNESS: Of Guns and Pop Sociology … (wsj)

GATES OF VIENNA: “The Murderous Repetitions of the Historically Ignorant” … (

CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS: “From the moment the bullets stopped at Virginia Tech on Monday morning, people have wondered why campus authorities didn’t recognize the danger after the first two murders earlier in the morning”; Searching For Scapegoats(CQ)

CAMPUSES ON EDGE: Threats forced lock-downs and evacuations at universities, high schools and middle schools in at least 10 states on Tuesday … (FOX)

TIMOTHEOS: “The blame game” … (

A PROFESSOR of forensic psychiatry at NYU Medical School has diagnosed young Seung-Hui Cho, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech mass murderer as a paranoid schizophrenic. The Smoking Gun posts a violent and disturbing (not to mention really, really bad) one-act play written by Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui. The responsibility rests with one man(israpundit, damianpenny)

KATHY SHAIDLE— Virginia Tech’s Professor Librescu: carve his name with pride — however, “Something is clearly wrong with the men in our culture” … (

GUARDIAN— The Blacksburg tragedy is not the sign of a sick society, says Simon Jenkins: Such evil is incurable, and we owe it to the victims not to inflate the problem by ascribing it to some greater malaise. And “These are all copycat crimes” … (guardian)

GATES OF VIENNA: Ringing Down the Days: A Va Tech Student’s Failed Plea from August 2006 … (

VIA IRENE LANCASTER: ‘Where was God in Virginia?’ … (irenelancaster)

CRUNCHY CON: ” A troubling thought: This morning I was saying my prayers, and I prayed for the dead at Virginia Tech, and then for their friends and family. Then I thought to pray for the parents of the murderer … and I paused to consider whether or not I should pray for him” … (crunchycon)

ISRAEL UNDERSTANDS, By Arlene Bridges-Samuels … (israpundit)

BP. TOM BUTLER’S Thought for the Day on Campus Massacre … (fulcrum-anglican)

NRO EDITORIAL: Blue Ridge Evil … (nro)

JOHN MARK REYNOLDS— “A Phone Call At Night: Hearing the News Nobody Wants to Hear” … (scriptoriumdaily)

DOWN-SMUG IT, CANUCKS— “there is no evidence yet to suggest that tougher Canadian-style legislation would have prevented 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hui from legally purchasing two pistols and then using them to calmly execute 32 people before killing himself” … (thestar)

VIRGINIA TECH School Shooting Video(

WE NEED MORE HEROES: “Spiderman is not going to save us. Liviu Librescu may” … (NRO)

WRITINGS by Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-Hui have been obtained by The Smoking Gun. Prof warned officials about Cho Seung-Hui. Troubled by his violent writings, behavior, but told too many legal hurdles stood in way … (smalldeadanimals, wnd)

DESMOND TUTU on the massacre: “God Cares. God Loves. We Choose” … (WaPo)

VIA ANCHORESS— “Throw a desk, a heavy book, make him flinch…”; “I’ve run the Columbine scenario a million times in my head” … (anchoress)

VIRGINIAN STUDENTS turn to God … (ninemsn)

LIBERAL CANADIANS have it all figured out for you! Just do what you’re told, and nobody gets hurt … (torontosun)

WHY WE MOCK YOU: In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, the media has questions. Really stupid questions”” … (sda)

MICHELLE MALKIN— Wanted: A culture of self-defense … (townhall)

BOING BOING ON VA Tech shootings: SMS alert systems, more “copycat” discussion. More: Wikipedia, federal drug records database(boingboing)

SPECTATOR: “Enough Blame to Go Around. We shouldn’t be surprised why bad things happen”… (spectator)

JUDY MILLER: Reflections on Columbine and Blacksburg … (t19)

NOW HERE Is A Real Man: “Holocaust Survivor Shielded Students at Va. Tech” … (stoptheaclu)

UNIVERSITY CONVOCATION told of Allah, not Jesus: Speakers also invoke Buddha, Dalai Lama … (worldnetdaily)

EUROPE TO THE RESCUE! “The blood is not yet dry in the halls of Virginia Tech, yet those bold and brave Europeans have spoken. They have it all figured out, you see. It is America’s love affair with guns that is to blame. Oh, that and an old man with Parkinson’s Disease named Charlton Heston” … (mikeaustin)

“HEALING”— Donald Sensing at Winds of Change notes that “healing” covers a multitude of subjects … (

JAMES ALAN FOX: Why they kill … (t19)

EVERYONE FEARED he’d flip. Loner fit psycho-killer profile, wrote of chainsaws and rape … (nydailynews)

IRAN CHIMES IN: “This editorial in the official daily reflects the views of the Supreme Leader and the Revolutionary leadership of the regime. It is truly disgusting” … (nrotc)

SOBERING THOUGHTS: The punditocracy and Virginia Tech … (

WELBORN on Emerging Heroes … (amywelborn)

THE GRUMPY PROF— CBU on Virginia Tech: “This announcement has just come from President Harker”; Hugh Hewitt on VT(Bearblog)

VIRGINIA TECH’S Gun-Free Zone Left Cho Seung-Hui’s Victims Defenseless … (townhall)

READ DOUG ROLL’S letter on Peter Odighizuwa, and how a massacre was stopped dead in its tracks… (spectator)

PROTEIN WISDOM— Gun Control Control … (proteinwisdom)

A LIFE-AND-DEATH LESSON— Like Va. Tech, U.S. is crossing its fingers. and dragging its feet – not raising its guard… (nydailynews)

THE EVIL THAT MEN DO – Helle Dale. In the Reach of Madmen – Richard Cohen … (wati, realclearpolitics)

THE PROBABLE IMPACT of unintended consequences– CBS’s Cohen Sees ‘Irony’ in Gun Control Measures Not Working… (newsbusters)

WHAT ABOUT THAT 35-minute gap when cops stayed out of Norris Hell? … (wnd)

SHE-DRAGONS @ ‘The View’ Discuss Gun Control, Ignores Rosie’s Armed Bodyguard Controversy; ABC’s Ross: ‘Some Say’ Right to Bear Arms a Scandal; CBS Suggests More Gun Control Could Impede Terrorism. Fox News’ Stirring Tribute to Virginia Tech Victims … (newsbusters)

WAS THE SHOOTER on one of the new anti-depressants? Some SSRIs have been linked to suicidal and homicidal impulses(Google. Adsense)

TALKING HEAD Dr. Phil Blames Games and Movies … (

MEDIA COVERAGE— Prayer unites shaken town; Holocaust survivor saved students’ lives; Shocked Students Stand Vigil for the Murdered; In Virginia Tech tragedy, a pulling together(roanoke)

STUDENTS not yet buried; liberals and their media move liberals’ gun control agenda to front burner … (p2bc)


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Please, please don’t add to the hysteria about SSRI’s. I’ve been on them for years, and they allowed me to emerge from the hell of cronic depression [imagine feeling like your best friend had died, but having no reason to feel that way, and not knowing why you feel that way – that’s how I spent most of my teens and 20’s]. They don’t make you high, they don’t stop you from feeling anything. For me, they restored normalcy.

Comment by mrsfalstaff

You make a valid point.

SSRI’s are strong medicine, for serious conditions. Like all such medicines, they must be used with skill and discretion, and their effects monitored.

The problem, it seems, is the instant gratification syndrome that is rampant in western culture. When that spills over into medicines, and how they are sometimes advertised, there can be trouble. Medication isn’t a synonym for magic bullet.

Glad they worked for you in managing your affliction.



Comment by gerryhunter

Ironically, ssri’s aren’t instant. You have to start on very small doses and work up to a theraputic dose, and they take from six weeks to two months to start to work.

Comment by mrsfalstaff

Doesn’t surprise this life scientist at all. A pity, though, that many effective medicines end up being marketed as if they were fast acting breathe fresheners. For things to work, though, it typically takes work.



Comment by gerryhunter

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