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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 16, 2007, 6:41 pm
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Blinded by the light,
revved up like a deuce,
another runner in the night

MUST-READ: A STATEMENT to the Anglican Church of Canada from the House of Bishops of Rupert’s Land. Some backgrounder from a reliable source: “This one is potentially important as the Rupert’s Land Bishops oversee about 75% of the country geographically and make up more than a third of the national House of Bishops. Rupert’s Land comprises Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, much of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Arctic Quebec” … (Via E-mail)

MAGIC STATISTICS: “Packin’ Anglican heat” … (ms)

SPEAKING OUT: “twenty-five academic theologians and scholars serving the ACC in various capacities”; also via here(skdiocese, anglicanplanet)

MEDIA ADVISORY: News conference with Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury … (

CANON Gary L’Hommedieu: “I’m guilty: You repent – The Spiritual Impulse of Liberalism” … (v)

+ROWAN WILLIAMS visits Toronto, Niagara. Gay Controversy Looms as Anglican Leader Visits Canada … (

DROOL, BRITTANIA: Leviathan marches on … (theagetocome)

THE AAC’s Communique Compliance Office’s First Report Available Online … (aacblog)

CANADIAN ANGLICAN leaders urge caution on motions to accept same-sex blessings … (magicstatistics)

JUST ASKING: “Why do far too many American Episcopal bishops find themselves unable to directly confront such false teaching, heresy and apostasy in their midst?” … (

ONLY 4 YEARS LATER, and +VGR STILL Can’t Believe Uproar … (standfirminfaith)

WORTH THINKING ABOUT – what’s already happening in Canada; The Theological Pogo Stick(mainstream, longenecker)

UGLY SHAMELESS speculation/slander from ECUSA Head Victim Dr. Louie Crew on just who’s paying for the massive conservative conspiracy: “Who pulls the strings of the +++ABC?” Via Dr. Sanity: “Paranoia helps individuals and groups defend against their own hostility and their perceived insignificance. Often the emotions displayed by the paranoid are covering up the exact opposite emotion within” … (

AGE TO COME ON the new Anglican Essentials Letter … (theagetocome)

LONG-SUFFERING Church makes the split: W. Chicago church breaks away from Episcopal diocese … (freerep)

THE GLOBAL SOUTH Anglican Theological Formation and Education Task Force (GSA-TFE) was given that task of drafting the theological framework of an Anglican catechism by the Global South Anglicans steering committee in February … (classicalanglican)

AMERICAN Freedoms under fire: “Hate Crimes Bill Introduced” … (stoptheaclu)

Sarah HeyINSERT APPROVED OPINION HERE— “I guess the Episcopal clergy really is that clueless. Some New York Episcopal ministers take the ECUSA talking points out for a spin” … (

SARAH HEY, worse by the day! — “A Question for Reasserter Anglicans: How can I support the ACI?” We’d say “Ask Ephraim” … (sf)

WILLIAM WITT, parishioner in CT, corrects the inaccuracies of Title IV Review Committee Report … (standfirminfaith)

AN EMPLOYMENT TRIBUNATE in Cardiff heard today that the attitude of the Church of England towards gay people is inconsistent [WARNING: offensive links] … (pinknews)

KALLSEN & KO.— Anglican Report Episode 24 … (anglicantv)

THE PROPHETICAL Age to Come: The 11th hour … (theagetocome)

CARIOCA: “I have this quixotic obsession with being a facilitator (well…a disciplinarian, actually) of process” … (

IRD ANGLICAN NEWS: Episcopal Urban Caucus Promotes an Incomplete, Imbalanced Reconciliation … (

HEY ANGLICAN LEFTIES— this is real Christian justice on the march. And remember: Christian leftists in the West did helped put the monster Mugabe into office. The shameful Anglican connection? Then-primate Abp. Ted Scott of Canada, the cuddly leftist, was actually Moderator of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches from 1975-1983. The useful idiots of the WCC were busy promoting peace-n-justice Marxist activism, supported USSR-backed revolutionaries, and was infiltrated by Soviet agents. While millions prayed for freedom under Soviet rule, it is said of good old Red Ted that “What he didn’t like, and has rejected all his life, were doctrinaire ideologies or theologies, which denied a person the opportunity to think or choose diverse positions.” Huh.. no kidding. Shame on Anglicans, Shame on Canada, Shame on Ted — certainly one of the fathers of the current Canadian Anglican leftward swing and worldly collapse. Disasterous evils, dead people, lost souls– and good intentions don’t make it all better … (

RETIRED LIBERAL Connecticut Bishop Arthur Walmsley: Support of Same Sex Blessings a defining Moment … (titusonenine)

+LOUISIANA explains the MDGs for ya. Not so much … (

TORONTO STAR— Gay rights, church’s `defining moment’ … (thestar)

KANGAROO COURTS: Episcopal Church Dismisses Charges Against Pro-Gay Bishop. Church dismisses religious charges against Episcopal bishop. One might hope that church-courts and ecclesiastical tribunals would aim to fulfill and out-do natural justice, and not be the slave of party spirit and institutional self-preservation … (christianpost)

LEANDER HARDING: “Non-Anxious Presence?” … (lh)

FLORIDA ANGLICAN Church Loses $4 Million Property … (anglican)

DR. EDITH HUMPHREY— The New Testament Speaks on Same-Sex Eroticism (An address given September 22, 2003, to National Evangelical Anglican Conference [NEAC] in Britain) … (edithhumphrey)

COLORADO SPRINGS: another update. Bishop O’Neill Responds to Fr. Armstrong’s Remarks. Anglican group ACI cuts ties with Armstrong; Grace & St. Stephen’s Senior Warden makes first public statement. Armstrong denies stealing from Grace(thinkinganglicans, sf, Various)

VIA BABY BLUE— Anglican Centrist: Loren Mead Reflects on TEC Primates … (

THE FUTURE of Anglicanism – by Vinay Samuel … (mainstream)

MARK SHEA— “Gay Blackshorts on the March”.. keeping an eye on the new fascists … (

STRENGTH TO STRENGTH— “Shelter in the Storm, your one-stop shop for orthodox Anglican churches, continues to expand. Check it out” … (

ENGLISH RELIGIOUS LIBERTY under threat: The SOR row as reported by the RC press … (

MATT KENNEDY: “Anglo-Catholics and Evangelical Anglicans Together: Part 2; Divine Revelation” … (sf)

THE ADMINISTRATION at St. Ignatius High School may be backing the pro-homosexual Day of Silence, but the majority of students at St. Ignatius are not buying it … (freerepublic)

DISTANT NEIGHBOURS: “Amanda Witt on Keeping Children Innocent When Lesbians Move In” … (touchstonemag)

ATTEMPTS by Christian students at Exeter University to seek a Judicial Review on their Human Rights to the freedoms of speech, belief and association are being prevented by the campus university authorities … (mainstream)

GO EASY ON THE NEW GIRL— Let’s put it this way. If Alice C. Linsley had just been nominated for ECUSA’s Presiding Bishop, there might be hope for that “church” yet … (

FOO-FOO MAGIC BUNNYLAND: “Just War” or “Just Do Nothing”? By Mark D. Tooley. “Evangelical Left theologian Glen Stassen, son of a perennial presidential candidate, decides we need a non-violent War on Terror” … (frontpagemag)

EPISCOPALIANS, DISPERSED: “I am told that the Episcopal Church in the USA is losing 800 members a week” … (holywhapping)

DEAR EPISCOPAL EXPERTS— on the ‘Imus’ affair: Factor highlights–and the real Al Sharpton. CT: Addressing racial issues in America is a lot like being trapped in Groundhog Day. Steyn: Imus go down to the idiocy again. Was Team Hillary Especially Interested In Removing Imus from Cable TV? Uncle Jason and the Roaming Political Gigolos of Oppression. Imus’ wiry grey scalp is no prize. And “Peace out, female canines, female sex workers and males of dark complexion” … (Various)

KNOW YOUR Anglican bloggers: “I was going to write some sappy poetry and put it up to mark my daughter’s would have been sixth birthday, but this is much better” … (hairyeyeball)

DIOGENES: “Comfort. Being comfortable with who I am. That’s the message God became man to communicate to us. Well, to those better dressed among us” … (cwnews)

THE REAL LEAD— ” boundlessly selfish man betrays wife and children, chooses irreversible mutilation instead of family” … (stoptheaclu)

TELLING GOD TO sit at the back of the bus … (philadelphiaweekly)

NEWS BUSTERS: “WashPost Publicizes Gay Bus Crusade Against ‘Oppressive’ Conservative Christians” … (newsbusters)

LAVENDER WARS: RC FRONT— Cuenin’s revisionist history … (bettnet)

COMMENTARY: “All the while Jesus waits. He commissioned His disciples to go into all the world to preach the gospel. The Episcopal US Church and Anglican communion instead have sidestepped the Great Commission for devilment” … (theconservativevoice)

ON GENERAL PACE: “There is a broader implication to the belief that we are incapable of knowing in an objective way the goodness or evil of the sexual alternatives of marital fidelity and chastity or adultery and sodomy. The loss of natural law affects other parts of the political order, as well. Choices are moral only in so far as they relate to better or worse, measured against a standard of what is good. Without this standard, we are left not so much with “choices” as preferences for one thing or another” … (catholicexchange)

JUST SAY NO to the Beijing Olympics, saith The Binks … (titusonenine)

THE TOP TEN Things Rowan Williams Would Rather Do Than Meet With TEC’s Hapless Bench During His Sabbatical … (



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