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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 14, 2007, 5:52 pm
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Lent & Beyond

GENERAL SYNOD 2007 Special Report– April 1-11, 2007 Pre-Synod News update now online… (gsynod07)

Anglican PinataOH DEAR— Archbishop of Canterbury to Spend Part of Summer Break in U.S. … (aacblog)

CANADIAN CONTENT: “Hutch takes a few swings at the Anglican Communion Piñata” … (

AN OPEN LETTER From Anglican Essentials Canada to the ACC Bishops. The .pdf version. And– April 2007: “The temple veil and the intercessor” … (anglicanessentials)

RAD GEEZER ALERT, True Colours Dep’t– Former Canadian Primate: Stay Strong – Walk Apart… (standfirminfaith)

EPISCOPAL bishops castigate Williams; Episcopal bishops score Anglican Church leader … (aacblog, wpherald)

THE GLOB & FLAIL catches up with Archbishop Andrew… (magicstatistics)

ADVENTURES IN MISSING THE POINT: “According to The Living Church, great numbers of Episcopalians are shocked at the idea that ECUSA might get run from the Anglican Communion” … (

CHRISTIANITY ON TRIAL: “HAVING SEX outside marriage should disbar anyone from a position of “spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership”, regardless of sexual orientation, the Bishop of Hereford, the Rt Revd Anthony Priddis, told an employment tribunal in Cardiff last week”; looks like our usual ‘We Told You So’ has come a little early … (churchtimes)Mmmm.. sarsaparilla!

THE SUSAN JACOBY DRINKING GAME: “Buy yourselves a bottle of Ten High, OJC or any other cheap bourbon you like. Down a shot every time you read a tired, shopworn, liberal cliche” … (

ABP. WILLIAMS’ visit to Canada – background and preparation for General Synod vote … (mainstream)

[BECAUSE OF IDIOTS LIKE ME, and the stupid things we believe] Communion Headed Toward Schism: Canadian Primate. Canada’s primate criticizes Archbishop of Canterbury. Anglican leader lacks ‘decisive’ leadership on homosexuality, he says on eve of visit … (livingchurch, theglobeandmail)

SURPRISE, SURPRISE: “Der Obergruppenführer walks” … (

CHATTY GENE DOLL: “Gene Robinson to Speak at Vanderbilt Today and Sewanee Tomorrow”; “Gene Robinson Defends New Hampshire Bill Supporting Civil Unions in NH.” Pants-On-Fire Watch.. back in the day (late-80s to mid-90’s) it was the slippery slope fashion of the rads to claim that “Blessings Are Not Weddings [yet, muwahaha].” Rads will say and do anything to win their goals, and to fool the moderate middle of any organization. They knew what they were [and are] about; but it was always about slippery sloping. Now that we are in.. well.. slippery freefall, the rads can be less sneaky about their devolutionary goals, and What It Was Always Really All About. Next up? Insitutionalizing same-sex unions, eradicating Christophiliac parishes, clergy, custom, canon, and scripture; and all the other secularist socialist flatlander creed. Don’t say we didn’t warn & tell you so… (aacblog)Jean Cretin [Chretien]

ONE REQUEST— “PLEASE let him preach”; looks like SOMEBODY is missing old Grizwort … (

STUPID IN BOTH official languages: “Chretien shocked, shocked when Charter he forced upon us was used to usher in gay marriage” … (shaidle)

WHO’S ON FIRST? The scene is an Episcopal parish hall following the service… (

A NEW DIRECTIONS EDITORIAL on the Failed Consents to South Carolina’s Episcopal Election … (titusonenine)

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC: “deep thoughts from episcopal bishops” … (

LUTHERAN college to observe ‘gay’ Day of Silence … (

ANGLICAVERSALISTS: “Add Frederick Quinn to the long list of Episcopalians who believe that Henry VIII broke from Rome because he wanted to found a church that didn’t seriously believe much of anything at all” … (

THE PEEBEE of the Episcopal Church, has confidence and faith that the 2.4-million-member church can respond to the challenge it is facing … (via Piscopo)

MY AUGTEMBER’S FREE: “Back atcha, Piskies” … (

AS PURE AND WHITE as the driven snow.. PDF: Charges drops against Bishop Smith. It’s good to be an hireling! Review Panel Clears Episcopal Leader … (ctsix, courant)


A. Smith

SLAM DUNK: “If you’re not sure how ECUSA’s Executive Council is going to respond to the Dar es Salaam Communiqué, you need to get out more”… (

HOW REVOLUTIONS end (plus another opera); Oh, NOW I get it!(

TONY CLAVIER: Response to the House of Bishops Statement… (titusonenine)

CHUCKIE B’S TWO CENTS— “Philadelphia Episcopal Bishop Charles Bennison Jr. on recent ECUSA events” … (

REALITY-CHECK— Nigerian Bishop’s Wife Recounts Brutal Assault & Deliverance. Despite persecution, Nigerian church flourishes(mainstream, magicstatistics)

ECUSA HIVE-MIND AT WORK— An Executive Council work group has received the draft of a legal document in response to issues raised in the primates’ communiqué; Executive Council Group Begins Communiqué Response Work … (aacblog)

CAPTAIN YIPS— “Quotha: Edmund Burke on political clergymen” … (captainyips)

EPHRAIN RADNER–The March Statement by the House of Bishops: Confusing the Flock … (freerepublic)

CHURCH DIVIDED: Disagreements, international issues fracturing congregations… (montgomeryadvertiser)

FLEECING THE SHEEPS, Part #9347 — FLORIDA: Redeemer Anglican loses Property in legal battle with Diocese … (aacblog)

CHRISTIANS UNDER FIRE: Government’s response to Petition on SORs.. a.k.a. “You WISH!” … (mainstream)

A POSITIVE STEP: Marriage Uncensored aims to be ‘culturally relevant’ … (

EPISCOPALIANS Begin Considering Response to Moratorium … (christianpost)

DEAN Jeffrey John, Bishop Pete Broadbent and Dr Mike Ovey on the Cross. Dean (Jeffrey John) stands by Radio 4 talk on cross(mainstream)

OH, WE FLEECE DEM SHEEPS!— CNY Diocese: Episcopal Church Gets Limited Status in Lawsuit to Seize Syracuse Parish… (aacblog)

VIA BABY BLUE: “What then shall we do?” … (

SOME CANADIANS Apologize To World For Pushing Legalization of Homosexual “Marriage” … (lifesite)

LETTER from the San Joaquin Standing Committee to Bishop … (aacblog)

A FRUITFUL BLESSING – Congregation embraces married father who 4 will become a Catholic priest … (freerep)

TEENS battle same-sex agenda in schools … (mainstream)

HEAD OF ITALY’S Bishops under Police Protection after Threats from Homosexual Activists… (lifesite)

MARRIED men live over 20 years longer than men in homosexual partnerships – research findings … (mainstream)

PASTOR MUST answer important questions … (gazette)

PANDER, PANDER: “Psychology Today recently ran a story claiming that gay and lesbian couples had better and more stable relationships”… (familyscholars)

THE COCKING OF WILTSHIRE: Election candidate’s sex act conviction. He’s an Anglican Rev. … (wiltshiretimes)

AFRICA restores faith in Kentucky … (anglicantv)

CHICAGO: Bishops respond to Imus’ remarks. It’s Not Just Imus… A Few More Liberal Bigots. Why Liberal Snobs Listened to Imus: How the DJ found his niche—and lost it. Al Sharpton: Nappy Headed Race Ho? Imus, Males and the “PC” Discrimination. Mark Shea on Don Imus and hypersensitive “human toothaches” … (Various)

OUTRAGEOUS— “[N]o matter how good [theologian Dr. Robert Gagnon’s] arguments are, the conclusions he comes to are patently bigoted, so I reject them regardless of what apparent veracity they may have. Frankly, if Jesus Christ pried open the skies and leaned down into my living room right now and said ‘Doug, it is a sin to be homosexual,’ I’d say ‘Okay Jesus, that makes things simple—I’m not Christian anymore. Now go away.'” – San Francisco Theological Seminary (PCUSA) student Doug Hagler, objecting to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary professor Robert Gagnon’s arguments against the compatibility of homosexual behavior with Christian practice.” The following is the sort of unspeakable thing that Doug considers bigoted: Gagnon on PCUSA- A Local Option Trojan Horse(

A MATTER OF ‘RIGHTS’ — ‘Equality’ issue of women bishops… (bbc)

ECONOMIST: Africa and homosexuality… (economist)

IRD ON PRESBYTERIAN NEWS: Presbyterian Action Offers a Wide-Angle Focus on the Middle East; Background Resources on Middle East Issues and Peoples(

CHARLES MOORE On The Anglican Communion; What Part of No Do We Not Understand … (descant)

THE MASSACHUSETTS INFECTION is spreading: Bashing the Church for gay marriage. There is no anti-Catholicism, you stupid papists(bettnet)

BOVINA BLOVIATOR has a take on St. John the Divine Cathedral & “Autophagia” … (

MESSAGE OF HOPE for ‘gays’ censored: Billboard company rejects ‘Love Won Out’ promotion … (wnd)

LOOK OUT Chris Johnson, You Have Some Competition … (descant)

MERE COMMENTS: “Gay” Tour of Christian Colleges … (merecomments)

CALL THE LITURGISTS!– “next Great Leap Forward: single-sex procreation” … (Diogenes)

REVISIT— The humorless, totalitarian, fundamentalist Left … (bettnet)

IDLENESSES, frovolitie, and time-wastinge over at T-19 … (titusonenine)

“What we see, in our Culture of Tolerance,
is a willful incapacity to bear
the weaknesses and follies of others;
instead, we insist that no one must ever
look askance at our own sin.”


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