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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 11, 2007, 1:23 am
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SHUT UP, HE EXPLAINED— +Hutchison criticizes ++Rowan for being insufficiently liberal decisive, suggests cancelling Lambeth. Comments here; and over here. Off with the cuddly-grampy mask, is it Andy? After Dromontine (2005), HM King +Andy came home breathing fire and Anglican separatism. He presumed to speak on behalf of the entire Canadian Church, word has it, without consulting outside his inner circle of cronies.. certainly not with the House of Bishops. Here he goes again. He, for his part, has allied with Queen Katie. One might think it strange that this is all on the eve of a primatial election: that is, he’s setting fires and possibly burning bridges for the next Canadian Primate to deal with right off the bat. It could also be that he’s using this opportunity to muscle the Canadian Church in one direction, forestalling others– just as the planned coup d’eglise gay marriage motion at general Synod 2007 is intended to close down debate forever in the Canadian Church (it will be, of course, written into National and Diocesan Canon Laws across much of the country, with new deacons, priests, and bishops expected to sign on) … (Various)

ALL IS WELL! Never Better!™ Testimonies of those whove left ECUSA, on MCJ … (mcj)

+WILLIAMS, Hutchinson and Venables … (mainstream)

PROTECTING WHICH CHILDREN?– Excerpted from an essay, Protecting Our Children, by TEC Presiding Heresiarch Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori at Episcopal Life Online(

CHUCKLES BENNISON, Smiter of Rebel Scum Priests & Parishes, has certain views on current matters. Bishop Bennison Discusses Lambeth With Archbishop Williams. Duck & dance, Plus-C.. but you’re still under investigation … (

OH GOODY.. STILL EVEN MORE STUDY, AGAIN— Preparation of a Study Guide on Human Sexuality for the 2008 Lambeth Conference Announced … (wfn)

DATE SET FOR Grace parishioners to vote on vestry’s severed ties. Grace Church and St. Stephen’s Moves to Protect Property(aacblog)

CAPTAIN YIPS— “Way back before the House of Bishop’s meeting, I’d thought I would write something like this..” … (captainyips)

NETWORKERY– ARDF and Solar Light for Africa Partner to help Uganda’s Kalungi Medical Clinic … (acn-us)

GAY DEAN BLUES— All Is Well.. “A recent decision to lay off two priests and an administrator from St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral – one of the area’s most prominent religious institutions – has left parishioners divided and in turmoil, with some saying they are leaving the church” … (wnd)

BABY BLUE: ” If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em? Jim Naughton’s Blog to be StandFirmed.” New verbing ensues … (

ANOTHER GEEZER LIBERAL to hit the retirement barn: The Borg. Mohler pins him: “Beloving” vs. Believing? … (albertmohler)

THE PROPHET GENE on that abysmal US-HoB Meeting & resolutions … (nhepiscopal)

RC COMMUNION denied to lesbians … (bettnet)

DOCUMENT: Presentment Charges Against Fr. Armstrong; Colorado: presentment issued(sf, ta)

MATT KENNEDY: “Anglo-Catholic and Evangelical Anglicans Together” … (sf)

SOVIET CANUCKISTAN: “Can Bible Verses be Hate Speech?: Owens v. Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission 61.0” … (culturalrenewal)

LOUIE CREW on Disney capitulation … (rutgers)

TEENS Battle Gay Agenda in Schools; ‘Day of Truth’ counters ‘Day of Silence’ propoganda … (cbn)

+LIPSCOMB of Southwest Florida Writes about the HOB Meeting [Hat Tip: Titusonenine] … (standfirminfaith)

CARIOCA: ” ‘Liturgy Nerd’ Wasn’t One of the Options” … (

EPISCATARIANS: “Maybe I’m reading too much into this but Washington, DC Episcopal Bishop John Chane sounds like he’d really rather we did away with this Jesus- rose- from- the- dead- for- the- sins- of- the- world stuff” … (mcj)

JOHN F. CULLINAN: For religious leaders have a unique and vital role to play in the public square, but only if they avoid speaking nonsense … (nationalreview)

JUDICIAL SLIPPERY SLOPE on same-sex marriage, incest, threatens the family … (freerep)

A BLOGGER Comments on the Education of a Bishop Nominee for the Diocese of El Camino Real … (standfirminfaith)

RICHARD KEW: Call & Vocation; Church of the Annunciation, New Orleans … (

TOO CLEVER BY HALF— “Louisiana Episcopal Bishop Charles Jenkins thinks ECUSA can be salvaged if it just does…something or other” … (mcj)

EVERYTHING Is Just Fine!™ “Building for sale, merger planned: 174-year-old Episcopal church to close” … (freerep)

WAH, BOO-HOO ALERT: “Gays feel uneasy at black colleges”… “the inconvenient truth is that progressives are loath to risk losing an important constituency by overplaying the gay rights angle within the black community. So while they give plenty of lip service to support of gay marriage, for instance, they consistently vote to defend “traditional” marriage” … (proteinwisdom)

UGANDA: Church Criticizes Decriminalisation of Adultery … (allafrica)

ATTENTION WHORES: “Its cultures are mostly backward and it hasn’t had a triumph since Aristotle and algebra but there is still one area in which the Islamic religion dominates the world” … (

SOME RECENT LLAMA BUTCHERY over at that site: an “extremely conservative member of my Church noted that after such a sublime service (which it was), it was awfully hard not to forgive a lot of other things. Couple these with the fact that several other members of my Church have approached me with the plea to stay and fight and, if nothing else, I recognize that the calculus of What To Do is extremely complicated.” Discuss … (llamabutchers)

LONGENECKER— “Bringing in the Sheaves”; Gabe on Convert Stories(, benedictseraphim)

MEANWHILE, “Jill at Feministing is up in arms about a gay activist acting against type” … (proteinwisdom)

WHERE WE ARE: “..the use of the the state to force “homosexual marriage” upon us obviously has nothing to do with promoting marriage but destroying its very foundation — including, of course, its linguistic foundation. “Marriage” is a word that actually means something, both literally and spiritually, which is to say, a sacred union between a Man and a Woman. Therefore, anyone with a remnant of common sense — anyone not already infected by leftism — knows without thinking about it that homosexuals cannot marry for the same reason that a baseball player cannot kick a field goal. A classical liberal would affirm that homosexuals are free to invent most any form of human arrangement they wish, but they cannot marry without forever destroying both the literal word and the very real — but “invisible” — spiritual state it signifies.” … (

PRAISE GOD FOR SMALL MERCIES— MagiStat Daughter narrowly avoids mayhem(magicstatistics)


IT’S A REAL TOSS-UP: Would we rather read all the upcoming General Synod news, or spend a week listening 24/7 to the Horrible Sounds Generator. Hmmm.. not sure … (

WHY HARDCORE LIBS hate the WebElves and our fellow mock-bloggers: “Eliminating humor is essential to the totalitarian system. In His novel The Joke, Kundera has a Communist sympathizer saying, “No great movement designed to change the world can bear to be laughed at or belittled. Mockery is a rust that corrodes all it touches.” A sense of humor would allow people to see the irony in the internal contradictions and turn laughingly away from it. The modern Progressive, leftist and liberal movements lack any real humor. What passes for humor in those precincts is actually more accurately classified as ridicule and mockery. While driving the other day I saw an excellent example, bumper stickers that read, “So Many Right-Wing Christians So Few Lions”. This is not humor. It is, rather, a kind of puerile, jejune attempt to wrap a hate message in a clever phrase and hurl it through the windshield of any car that had the misfortune to be driving behind. This is the very sort of message that the owner of that car would, no doubt, condemn utterly if it were aimed at any of the liberally approved minorities. How would he respond to- “So Many Black People, So Few Lynch Mobs”? I can’t see how one is any worse than the other. Political correctness, tone deaf “humor” and the conceit of “true belief”, are turning the mainstream left into a confederacy of Agélastes….” … (



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