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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 9, 2007, 3:26 pm
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CoGs Sign

NOT SO MUCH, THANKS.. Archbishop’s Summer Plans May Preclude Meeting With Bishops… (t19)

AGE TO COME forwards some soft-pedalling the proposed Canadian coup d’eglise: “ACC CoGS – A Report from Canon James Robinson”.. read the entire thing. Here’s the list of current CoGS membership (2004-2007). Not exactly a remotely conservative group … (theagetocome)

SCHMOOZE! TEC Bishops on Charm Offensive in CofE; Living Church reports write-in campaign from TEC to Lambeth(mainstream)

CANADIA— Tories drafted law on religious rights.. Internal documents obtained by The Globe and Mail confirm that the Conservative government was preparing an amendment to the Criminal Code last fall dealing with same-sex marriage under the heading of “Freedom of Religion.” Wimpery and political correctness ensued … (theglobeandmail)

AL MOHLER on Jeffrey John … (albertmohler)

THE PEEBEE of U.S. Episcopal Church visits diocese home church. Episcopal bishop sees church strained but ‘healthy’(cumberlink, pennlive)

EASTER– ECUSA? This is what your innovations have accomplished … (

ANGLICAN JOURNAL Press Release on ACC General Synod in June 2007; In Plenary – A General Synod without walls(

YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US: Please remain on the line… (

EASTER GREETINGS from Bishop Donald Harvey, Moderator of the Essentials Anglican Network in Canada … (webelf)

CALLS BY the Archbishop of Canterbury that the Church becomes a ‘safe place’ for gays have been dismissed by gay Christians … (religiousintelligence)

MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE— “According to Katharine Jefferts Schori, everything is chocolate chip cookies and cute little baby bunnies in the Episcopal Church these days” … (

OFFICIALLY APPROVED General Synod Blogs … (

THE PREZ BISH expresses concern about Iraqi refugee crisis … (magicstatistics)

KRAALSPACE: Captain Bruno sails on … (

RETIRED LIBERAL WISDOM— Why the church must ease the pain of Rowan’s Passion. Richard Harries: The archbishop has the ideal qualities to counter his critics over his support for homosexuality – inner strength and humility … (guardian)

PLEASE DON’T— “Welcome to the Barry Morgan Bumper Sticker Festival” … (

BP. CHARLES JENKINS: “The Clarity and Charity of a Self-Differentiating Act” … (edola-bishop)


TANNERY ROW: “Carolyn Tanner Irish goes off the deep end. First off, Kate did an outstanding job at the bishops meeting” … (

Deep End

ECUSA News & Events: Writing the Primates … (standfirminfaith)

CAVALIERS— “To a certain extent, the Episcopal Church has always been arrogant” … (

WAFFLING ANGLICAN: “Protecting Which Children?” … (

HO-HUM, STRETCH, YAWN: “Windsor Bishops Unlikely to Meet Before August” … (ctsix)

+ANDY HUTCHISON doesn’t like criticism, and squelches any doubts about what God does or doesn’t want him to do with a verse from Jeremiah which makes him feel better. And that’s what’s important, right? Here at CaNN, niceness rules, so that everyone can end up a clueless and self-satisfied loser we’re not so sanguine that “feeling good = God’s will” … (

BISHOP MacPherson’s April Message… (descant)

MORE RAINBOW BOOT-IN-THE-FACE: “Gay marriage foe loses union dues challenge” … (canada)

LA-LA LAND WEIGHS IN: “More Episcopal dishonesty. Double J writes the troops” … (

ANGLICAN ECO-HERO: “An inconvenient truth for Dr. Suzuki” … (Shotgun, DioNW)

Oink, Oink

THOSE PEOPLE: “I love it when people I don’t even know prove my points for me” … (

FASHIONABLY UNWELCOME— The Anglican archbishop of Wales has something on his mind … (diogenes)

UHHHHHHHHHH-HUH.. “The problem with the Episcopal Church (well, one of them) is that it is increasingly hard to be funny about an institution that refuses to stop making fun of itself.” Reformed Pastor: “Descent Into Parody” … (, reformedpastor)

THE REV. JOHN YATES updates The Falls Church … (standfirminfaith)

EPISCOPALIANS seeking unity within a ‘storm’ … (pacpub)

DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, TRIBUNALS— Tribunal case after bishop blocks job for youth worker. UK’s First Gays vs. Church Test Case Against Anglican Bishop. Hereford case: diocese issues statement. Hereford case: Thursday report(ct)

TO THE VICTOR Go the Spoils: “Surveying the opinions of the revisionists recently, I noticed along with the usual ferocious broadsides issued against the evil, hate-filled orthodox for sowing discord and schism in “their” church, even more venomous words are directed at the primatial carpetbaggers hailing from those notorious imperialist powers, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda” … (

STAND FIRM COMMENTARY: “Bishop Bruno makes a very interesting comment in his letter to his clergy. Contradicting the always-changing revisionist mantra that only the Lambeth Conference, or only the Anglican Consultative Council, or only each member province, decides who is in or out of the Anglican Communion, +Bruno asserts that the Archbishop of Canterbury alone is the one to decide” … (standfirminfaith)

TED LEWIS: The House of Bishops Answers the Primates … (t19)

THE CURRENT AAC/Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Newsletter … (aacblog)

GRACE ASKS court to protect property from state diocese … (gazette)

BISHOP JENKINS – Let’s Separate But Not Divorce … (descant)

RICHARD KEW— “I have come to conclude that one of the reasons why the Millennium Development Goals figure so prominently in Dr. Schori’s thinking is that she seems to start into the Baptismal Covenant with the very last question and affirmation: “Will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?” … (richardkew)

MMMM.. TASTY CHURCHES! New Westhamster “Task Force comes up with ‘almost-final’ report” … (

SARAH HEY gives the Romans an attaboy for confronting doctrinal error … (standfirminfaith)

BRITISH Transcripts of General Synod Debates on Lesbian and Gay Christians and Civil Partnerships … (mainstream)

MARYLAND Bishop retires with Episcopal church unsettled, with a trail of bullied conservatives behind him … (mywebpal)

WITNESS FOR THE LIBERAL DEFENCE: bishops attack a talk they have not read. AffCath: Church must practice respect it teaches. Gledhill: “No penalty, no atonement” … (ta, geledhill)

GRACE UNDER FIRE: “Schism divides membership of state’s largest Episcopal church”; Colorado Springs Rector could be investigated(csindy)

AN ANALYSIS of Jeffrey John’s talk by Peter Ould; What did Jeffrey John actually say?; Evangelical Bishops stand up and are counted: “Jeffery John has got it wrong”: Benn and Broadbent; and the official textOn the Cross, He is Immanuel— The Rev. Dr. Jeffrey John, Dean of St. Albans(various)

THE SOUND BITE that sunk its teeth in … (blogs.telegraph)

SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMORRAH— ‘Gay’-rights bill lets court define church’s ‘purpose’ .. ‘Most sweeping and culturally devastating law in Oregon history’ — Go sign the petition to encourage legislators to oppose the plan … (WND, Various)

ALL2COMMON: “Becoming Righteous: Hermeneutical Confusion.” Carioca: “Jesus Saves” … (A2C, Carioca)

AN ENGLISH LIB chimes in: Clearly defined Anglicanism … (ct)

SCOTT PURDY: How Long, Oh Lord … (descant)

BISHOPS & BODYGUARDS: Tension is rising in Italy as the Roman Catholic church tries to block legal rights for unmarried couples. More: “Vandals have defaced the cathedral of Genoa, Italy, in an apparent retaliation after Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco spoke out forcefully against same-sex unions” … (guardian, Welborn)

FAMILY SCHOLARS— Dale Carpenter, Stanley Kurtz, and Me. The Current NRO: “If you’re interested in the gay marriage debate, David Blankenhorn’s new book The Future of Marriage is where the action is” … (familyscholars, NRO)

BULLY SQUAD: National gay and lesbian group targets George Fox University … (oregonlive)

CONNECTICUT LAWMAKERS Attack Catholicism at Gay ‘Marriage’ Hearing; UK Secularists and Gays Demand Marginalization of Christians(lifesite)

NO, REALLY— A whole new meaning to the term “Passion play” … (worldmagblog)

FORCED?!?!? “TMLC: Doctors Should Not Be Forced To Artificially Inseminate Lesbians” … (freerep)

SIMUL JUSTUS et anglicanus … (

SOUNDS GOOFY: Adam and Steve finally can swap vows at Disney … (orlandosentinel)

ERA=SSU & Abortion?? … (standfirminfaith)

BEND IT LIKE LEONARD— “Father Leonard is urging “development” of Catholic moral reflection on homosexuality. Such reflection, theoretically at least, might result in greater rigor (as it did, e.g., in the case of chattel servitude). Somehow I don’t think that’s the development he’s asking for” … (diogenes)

THE REGRETTABLE Magic Statistics given debatable award … (magicstatistics)

THE GRUMPY PROF— “The Reformation and I seem to be heading for a divorce.” … (sleepyoldbear)

COUNTING THE COST: “The greatest sin of the homosexual priests is not just what they did to those (mostly) young men, but that they may have caused the victims to turn away from God, to become spiritually closed systems. This is a sin that probably cannot be forgiven, but God knows best” … (

VIA WELBORN: “It is Christ who lives in me.. in those initiated and coming into full Communion. A good piece from the WaPo” … (amywelborn)

THE LEFTIST ANGLICAN MIND: “Those therapists who subscribe to the psychobabble religion and indoctrinate their patients into it, tend to be predisposed to think of themselves as heroically pursuing “social justice” for the poor, unhappy and oppressed masses. But, when you peel away the layers of pseudo-Freudian babble, you discover that the basic premises, the foundation–or “default mode” if you will of the babbler therapist, is the tacit acceptance of Marxist political theory, which neatly sets up the conditions for individual, cultural and societal suicide.” The trojan horse for psychobabble Marxism? Clinical Pastoral Education. Remember: Spong and his era were the guinea-pigs for the new CPE gnosis … (

TIME MAG Hails Gay-Left ‘Mogul’, Placed On the Power List With NYT ‘Gay Mafia’ … (newsbusters)

EXPERT RESEARCH Finds Homosexuality More Dangerous Than Smoking; Why gay pain? Gay man’s sex life made him unfit for post, insists bishop … (Various)

SAITH THE BINKS— “As a shamelessly busy graphical humourist, I’d suggest there’s a fine line between making a point, and making a heavy-handed & incoherent muddle. Good humour can be decoded, and should amuse and provoke thought simultaneously. ‘The Schori Times’ was part of a larger commentary that I didn’t have time to put together, on the absence of God & Jesus & real resurrection in most liberal Easter messages (Schori, Ingham, Griswold, et al.). So in the Schori Times: Judas (political activism for a this-worldly kingdom, rah-rah MDGs!) and Pilate (just following orders, clever, cruel, clueless) remind me of two sides of the current ECUSA & Anglican Church of Canada institutions at their liberal worst. And according to Mrs. Binks, I have the mind of a ten-year old, thank you very much.” … (themcj)

PAGING SCHORI THE TENTACLE-QUEEN! — giant squid are attacking California! “They are deadly, huge and fast moving. Their tentacles can suck the life out of a human being and they’ve arrived in Northern California” … (cbs)

BINKY IS St. Melito of Sardis! .. Which Church Father Are You? … (fotc)

WHO WAS Saint Polycarp? … (

EVANGELICAL OUTPOST: “the truth is that the vast majority of conservatives have never read Chamber’s Witness or puzzled over what it means to “Immanentize the Eschaton.” Llama Butchers: “Immenentizing the Eschatology By Making A Buck” … (evopost, lb)


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