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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 3, 2007, 10:41 pm
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WHITEHALL: “I love the Solomon Islands. Try and find ways to help those effected by this tsunami. If nothing else, pray.” … (

THE FABULOUS SELF-DETONATING CHURCH! Blessings vote to be decided by resolution; Synod set to re-examine same-sex blessings; Church’s decisions must be mindful of context; Can primates enforce edict? … (AJ)

A LITTLE PERSPECTIVE: “Anglican Mainstream has a post on Nigeria’s proposed same sex law, which Bishop Akinola has taken such flack for supporting. Problem is, the glbt lobby ignored the fact that the alternative to the law would have been Sharia law, which imposes the Death Penalty for homosexual acts” … (hairyeyeball)

VERY INTERESTING: “Primate’s Theological Commission distances itself from resolutions by the Church’s executive committee” … (skdiocese)

OUR SPECIAL REPORT GS-2007: March is now online in entirety … (gsynod07)

BISHOP INGHAM would really rather that you NOT read any of these articles, especially the ones having to do with his lame & biased ‘dialogue process’– which even some of the liberals involved thought was one-sided … (edithhumphrey)

APRÈS AUTONOMIE PROVINCIALE, LE DÉLUGE— “Add the lovely and talented Leanne Larmondin to the long list of liberal Anglicans for whom provincial autonomy trumps everything else” … (

DRELL: Where TEC is Headed – An Arrogant Non-Theistic Religion… (descant)

FROM THE Anglican Communion Institute: The Pastoral Requests of the Dar Es Salaam Communique.. (T19)

BAG OF HAMMERS— “John Howard is yet another Episcopal bishop who just can’t believe how titanically stupid the rest of the Anglican world is” … (

A SIGN of Contradiction … (merecomments)

UNEASTER message: Christ did not die for sin. Gay Anglican Priest’s Apostasy is Complete; Denies wraps it all up(Various)

CAPTAIN YIPS: “Muttering to Yourself” … (captainyips)

BULLY-BOY Bishop Michael Ingham: the Easter Spring Equinox Message … (

A SPECIAL committee of the Episcopal Church USA will consider allegations that Bishop Charles E. Bennison Jr. has spent more than $6 million in diocesan funds without proper authorization, and decide if he should face a church trial … (

CANADA— Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Zacchaeus Fellowship, August 2006; The Zacchaeus Presentation to the House of Bishops, October 2005 … (

A BBC Radio Four Sunday Programme Audio Segment: Holding the Anglican Communion together … (titusonenine)

SARAH HEY…Report from the Field: One Layperson Requests a Letter of Transfer … (standfirminfaith)

HINDSIGHT— “Some people criticize Rowan Williams for his handling of the Jeffrey John affair, when Dr. Williams got the openly-homosexual John to withdraw his name from consideration as Bishop of Reading” … (

HARD-CORE LIBERAL Bishop Chane interviewed … (thinkinganglicans)

CANUCKISTAN— The work and mission of General Synod staff; An Easter message from the Primate(

ANGLICAN WOMEN women pledge solidarity at UN meeting … (

OR SOMETHING: “Church should tear down walls, not build them up” … (anglicanjournal)

ROUND 1: Religious conscience v Sexual orientation … (

RATHER NOT BLOGGER: “Sectarian? You bet! And proud of it!” … (rathernot)

THE PROPHET LOUIE pontificates on the Bp. Cox case(lcrew)

MARK SHEA: “Just another little step toward outlawing Catholic teaching as Hate Speech” … (markshea)

THAT WAS FAST: “There is to be a very important ‘test case’ on the 2003 Sexual Orientation (Employment Regulations) in Cardiff on Wednesday”; English bishop to appear at tribunal … (mainstream, thinkinganglicans)

COLORADO WARS— After a spiritual storm divides the Springs’ Grace Church, parishioners work toward normalcy in different settings. Theology pushes Episcopalians to Nigerian church. About 600 attend first services at Grace since Episcopalian breakup … (Various)

ALL IS WELL! Never Been Better! — Cathedral layoffs in Seattle … (seattlepi)

CHURCH MAPS could be redrawn … (anglicanjournal)

EPISCOPAL Bishop Dan Herzog’s decision saddens his flock … (titusonenine)

THE BISHOP of Hereford, the Right Reverend Anthony Priddis, will argue on Wednesday that England’s 2003 Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations should not apply to lay appointments by the Church of England. Currently the the 2003 Regulations do not apply to clerical appointments by the Church, but a “lay exemption” is unique … (intheagora)

PREPARATIONS of Essentials and Integrity groups for Canadian General Synod … (mainstream)

THE TAC and Holy See Quest For Unity … (all2common)

THE BISHOP of West Tennessee on the House of Bishops meeting … (titusonenine)

COLORADO SPRINGS — The Palm Sunday face-off at Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church ended yesterday in a draw; Breakaway Megachurch Leader Rebuts Accusations(wpherald, christianpost)

AN OVERVIEW of Diocese of Recife and interview with Bishop Cavalcanti … (mainstream)

YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF US! Canadian response asserts autonomy(anglicanjournal, acc)

NO DISICIPLINE— The Rev. Tony Clavier, Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of West Virginia … (surrounded)

LEMMINGS: “From the looks of things, Church House intends to follow 815 over the Anglican cliff” … (

OPEN THREAD: Primatial Contact Information Requested … (standfirminfaith)

BABY BLUE: “If a picture paints a thousand words” … (

WHAT ONE ANGLICAN Priest in the Diocese of Bolivia Wrote his Former Bishop, Catherine Waynick … (sf)

SUPPORT FOR MARRIAGE is by far the weakest in countries with same-sex marriage … (mainstream)

ANOTHER GOOD MAN Leaves the Episcopal Church; Let Us Pray: To Whom It May Concern(

THE LOOMING DIVIDE between Anglicans and the United States Episcopal Church may force Bajan and other West Indian priests to choose between the two churches by the end of the year … (nationnews)

JACKIE BRUCHI: The Offending Straw … (sf)

HOMOPHOBIA SQUADS DEPLOYED— 11 Year Old Calls Kid “Gay” at UK School, Cops Descend on Crime Scene. Mark Shea: “No Zero Tolerance Insanity here or anything. All perfectly normal.” Perhaps if the Iranian kidnappers of the 15 British sailors called somebody “a poofter” or something, we’d be further ahead on that front … (MS, NRO)

CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA: House of Deputies president speaks to wardens, vestry members … (episcopal-life)

LIBERAL-LOVE— Methodists for Jimmy Carter: They’re the ones who would never host George W. Bush. By Mark Tooley … (spectator)

RELIGION LINK: the state of the debate … (religionlink)

PETER TOON: “The Baptismal Covenant – insights from Professor Bryan D Spinks” … (

GAY MAN takes bishop to tribunal … (mainstream)

STEYN: THERE ARE HOMOPHOBES AND HOMOPHOBES— The curious priorities of the British state … (Nationalreview)

LEFTOID CHRISTIANS NEVER MET A TRANNY TYRANNY they didn’t like: “CMEP to Israel: Skip Negotiations, Give In Now” … (reformedpastor)

AGE TO COME: “A little something you might like to have a go at when you have a moment: Spiritual Gifts Analysis” … (theagetocome)

REVISIT— CaNN Commentary: “CanAnglican Gomorrah!” Note that General Synod 2004 voted away the Biblical and church laws of consanguinuity: “ can’t marry immediate blood-relatives, siblings, half-siblings, or your adopted brother or sister, or a step-child you’ve lived with as a parent. However, after that, it’s a free-for-all. Cousins? No problem. Niece & Uncle? Nephew & aunt? Former Mother-in-law? Ex-daughter-in-law? Non-residential step-kids? Fill yer boots…. Of course, once Canadian Anglicanism gets into the same-sex marriage & blessing business, we can have nephews & uncles, former mothers-in-law & daughters in law, step-dad with non-residential step-son– and on and on it goes” … (Cavernous Archives)

GRACE CHURCH and St Stephens Colorado: A Parish of CANA “We want a substantive encounter with a living God” … (mainstream)

WHERE WE ARE: “Political correctness — the cognitive Swiss Army knife of the left — is an example of a collective attack on linking. It also deceives the person who engages in it, because PC is always able to operate freely under the pretext of “compassion,” when it is actually quite aggressive and even violent. The leftist cannot be consciously aware of this violence, because one of the purposes of political correctness is to allow the leftist to behave violently while denying it — and even tell themselves that they merely have “compassion,” or “inclusiveness,” or “tolerance,” or some other benign motivation” … (onecosmos)

SHHHH! The Religious Left’s Monster. Anglican Canada was in on the evil of the WCC, too … (frontpagemag, CaNN)

JOURNEY HOME Roundtable with former Episcopalians … (freerep)

WORSHIP the Lord In the Beauty of Cheesiness; His Grace is Not at Home to Visitors … (

SAME-SEX BULLYING: “The Gay Left sends a clear message: vote with us or pay a humiliating price” … (frontpagemag)

THE GNOSTIC SPONGE: In All Fairness, Media Distorts… (WaPo)

COLORADO SPRINGS: Episcopal congregation makes split final. Followers choose bishop or dissenter… (v)

IF YOU’RE A “liberal Christian” who reads blogs like the Daily Kos every day and votes for Democrats, don’t ever forget that you’re supporting people who, for the most part, think that your faith is a joke. If you think otherwise, you are kidding yourself” … (rightwingnews)

CALL THE LITURGISTS! Equus 2: This Time It’s Personal … (proteinwisdom)

THE ALPHA PROJECT— A new “Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator” adventure. Chapter Four – Time’s Up … (

THE DAY AFTER THE CATHEDRAL UGLINESS, Elton John Showed Image of Burning Church at Concert and Media Ignore It … (newsbusters)

MERE COMMENTS ROCKS— but you knew that already … (merecomments)

APRIL FOOL’S joke upsets Anglicans. Curt Jester sympathizes: “I can’t blame them for falling for this plank. If your an Anglican you have to have a pretty low threshold about what is not believable anymore” … (stuff)

NEWSBUSTERS— Rosie O’Donnell, New York Times Honored For Liberal Bias By GLAAD … (newsbusters)

GOT YOURS, YET? asks His Highness Binky the Possible of Hardy St Thomas… (masquerademaskarts)


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