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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
April 1, 2007, 1:45 am
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“Whatchoo TALKIN’ ’bout, Andy?”

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams (left)
spoke with Canadian Archbishop Andrew Hutchison
in Tanzania, at a major Anglican gathering in February.

CANADIAN Anglicans to vote on controversial resolution; comments ensue(

FUTURE-PISKIES— “If you’d like to know the place to which the Episcopal Church is running as fast as it can make its patrician liberal legs move, the Rev Dr. Charles Bidwell of something called the Non-Theistic Liturgy Resources Working Group offers his version of the Lord’s Prayer” … (

THE NEW CANA Convocation website is right some purty… (canaconvocation)

RORY LEISHMAN: Liberal Anglicans verge on heresy … (

+ROWAN is taking a break to prepare for schism battle… (timesonline)

ACCORDING TO NEW WESTMINSTER: “The Bishop, who had recently attended national Canadian Church meetings in Toronto, also reported that a recommendation will be presented to the national General Synod in June that it decide whether or not to approve the blessing of same-sex unions on the basis of a one-time vote of 60 per cent of the laity, clergy, and the House of Bishops” (scroll down)… (

PAGING JOHN PETERSON… Khatami: Iran’s Abduction of Brits Proves Strength. He also noted that “Iran’s relations with Hamas and Hizbullah are eternal.” Oh, and judicial executions for same-sex behaviour is just great, too … (lgf)

THE SOCIOPATHIC CHURCH: “The following illustrates why the Episcopal Church cannot be trusted. Ever” … (

DRELL: STANDING CTTE. of Central Florida On the Recent Actions of the HOB; A Friday Thought As We Approach Holy Week Regarding The Episcopal Church … (descant)

WITH MORE CLASS THAN HIS ACCUSERS, oppressed Bishop Cox Leaves The Episcopal Church. “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake”. Drell: “The question is, can he really transfer with an outstanding presentment against him?” Lots of weighing-in(aacblog, &c.)

NATIONAL NATIVE bishop? Good. National traditionalist bishop? Bad. Any questions? “GS2007: In Plenary – National Indigenous Bishop: the person and the office” … (storiesoffaith)

+HOWE— Realignment Likely … (standfirminfaith)

DELUDIUM seems an angry man: “What’s wrong with this picture?”; There is a crack in everything. Ring the bells anyway… (

ABP. GOMEZ— “Anglicanism – one of the most vibrant and unstable expressions of Christianity within the world” … (mainstream)

CLASSLESS NO-GO C-BENNY— National Episcopal body to hear bishop’s case. The head of the Pa. diocese is accused of allocating more than $6 million without proper authorization… (

CEN STORY: “Row over Schori’s Primates Satement” … (aacblog)

TORONTO STAR: Anglican Church in crisis– “Fired for being gay, ex-priest pushes for blessings of same-sex unions” … (thestar)

KRAALSPACE— ‘I didn’t expect THIS!!!!!’…; Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Bitchiness(

CARIOCA: Meaningful Rambling; A Consolidated Response; When Friends Go Swimming(

ONE MILLION BILLION DOLLARS! — Colorado Bishop Accuses Priest of $1.1 Million in Fraud, Theft. We’re not lawyers– nor do we play thm on TV– but the Dio folks better make those kinds of accusations tick, or they are liable for all sorts of lawsuit-goodness … (livingchurch)

RATHERNOT BLOGGER: “Sectarian? You bet! And proud of it!” … (rathernot)

GLEDHILL— Looking at Nigeria differently: Akinola ‘demonised … (timescolumns)

MORE ON THE NEW +OTTAWA— “..he is very liberal. He is the dean of theology at Huron College, which will be hosting Dr. John Dominic Crossan at a public lecture. Crossan is the co-founder of the Jesus Seminar – the group of “scholars” who say that they are trying to find the person they call the historical Jesus, but in reality seem to have the goal of tearing down anything that smacks of classical Christianity. If this is the type of person that he would think appropriate to invite to give a public lecture at a seminary, well, that says a lot, I think.” Go check out The Hairy Eyeball(hairyeyeball)

LLAMA BUTCHERS— “Whistle, You Dumb Bastard!” Watch”; “The More You Tighten Your Grip, The More Systems Will Slip Through Your Fingers” … (llamabutchers)

THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION got much more interesting last week, when the US House of Bishops gave a discouraging response to the Primates’ requests … (churchtimes)

PAGING IRAN-LOVING PISKIES: From stoning to the persecution of teachers… Amil Imani offers words of warning today to the West in dealing with the mullahs of Iran … (

LIBERAL RELIGION = DEATH: The joyless fate of St. James Anglican church in Ottawa. Looks like the decaying Diocese of Niagara has some competition … (t19)

DON ARMSTRONG Writes His Parish; Episcopal parish fragments further as two clergy leave. Dissident pastor rebuts diocese’s allegations. Theft accusations called ‘fantasy’ … (aacblog, rmn)

PAGING ALL YOU TEC-EXPERTS on Nigerian internal matters [hint: no Kumbayah allowed]: Nigeria – Muslim Extremists Set Church on Fire– Fifteen more churches marked for burning following murder of Christian teacher. Anti-Christian violence spreads in north-east Nigeria(compassdirect, magicstatistics)

THE LOVING LIBERAL Fr. Jake attacks … (

REFORMED PASTOR— “NCC Lobbies for Terrorist Enabler”; Game Over, Man(reformedpastor)

CANTERBURY— Anglican University to allow “gay weddings” as a result of SORs … (am)

LIBERALS ARE JUST SO AWESOME! Clark: Utah Episcopalians speak out courageously. Anglican conflict is all about power, not sexuality … (sltrib)

NIGERIAN “same-sex” bill “abandoned” reports Changing Attitude … (anglican-mainstream)

FROM CANTERBURY TO to Constantinople: Interview with Former Episcopal Priest Alice Linsley on Her Departure from ECUSA to Orthodoxy. H/t(benedictseraphim)

BBONLINE: “Let your yes be no and your no be no?” … (

LIFESITE– Catholic MP Comartin Pushes Canada to Allow Anal Sex for 16-Year-olds. Wonder why that would be? … (lifesite)

BRITAIN: People like me walked over by SORs – Bishop of Bristol. Petition Tony Blair on Catholic Adoption Agencies. Gay rights laws intolerant says Cardinal. The effect of SORs on schools(AM, Cranmer)

IRD NEWS: Active Homosexual Accepted into Church Membership in Controversial United Methodist Case; Just War and “Just Peacekeeping” Debated … (

ANGLICAN PHILOSOPHER: “It’s not that marriage has nothing to do with sex. It’s not that I think having sex before one is married is a good idea. It’s sinful. It’s that sex should not be a woman’s bargaining chip to get a husband. It’s that the kind of man who would take such a bargain is not the kind of man any woman should marry”… (anglicanphilosopher)

LIBERAL RELIGION = COURT, LAWYERS: Colorado Episcopal parish fragments further as two clergy leave. Breakaway Episcopal pastor accused of financial misdeeds(t19, WaTi)

BABY BLUE: Bishop Herzog “in full communion” with Roman Catholic Church; Retired Episcopal bishop joins Catholics(babybluecafe, timesunion)

COMMENTARY— ‘Listening Process’ dominated by Western Liberal assumptions. Episcopal Church in the USA’s Official “Listening Process” Report … (aacblog)

MEMBERS of the Anglican Communion Institute have published several essays recently … (thinkinganglicans)

ITALIAN BISHOPS face gay rights row … (bbc)

AACBLOG— Storm brews round bishops’ rebuff to Tanzania … (aacblog)

TRUTHINESS HAS A MARTYR: “Detroit Free Press columnist Desiree Cooper says it doesn’t matter if a dead elderly homosexual died of gay-bashing, as he claimed, or, as the autopsy found, of a degenerative disease that caused his spine to compress. What really matters, she says, is that he’s a useful symbol for pushing hate-crimes legislation.” Still not many over-the-top protests in memory of Jesse Derkhising, or Mary Stachowicz, or all the other hush-hushed victims of same-sex criminals(crunchycon, NRO, wiki)

MODERN LITURGISTS are the Devil’s Workshop: “the deity that won’t stay dead” … (offtherecord)

CHRISTIAN POST— Black Lesbian Activist Turned Evangelist … (christianpost)

WHITEHALL— “to reiterate: read father ephraim radner’s latest doohickey: its v. good, and represents father wb’s opinion pretty exactly” … (

A REALLY REALLY RE-E-EALLY NAIVE CHURCH LEADER “who has just returned from a meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has said that interfaith dialogue should be a model for diplomacy in tensions such as those between Western states and Iran”… (ekklesia)

SIGNS OF PROGRESS: “An encouraging comment on my blog yesterday pointed towards a positive change in Muslim attitudes to gay rights” … (guardian)

LONGENECKER: “With This Ring I Thee Wed”… (

DEFINING Marriage Down… is no way to save it. by David Blankenhorn … (weeklystandard)

MASSACHUSETTS— The expanding mandate of the commission on gay youths… (bettnet)

COMMENTS ON Rowan’s three-month break; and on +Herzog’s crossing the Tiber(titusonenine)

ATTENTION MDG-WORSHIPPERS: “.. right-thinking, tender-hearted folks think that they weep for all the suffering and misery in the world because they are sensitive, intelligent, and morally upright. Philosopher Alan Bloom, though, saw what really is going on: he called it “conspicuous compassion.” Like Veblen’s “conspicuous consumption,” conspicuous compassion is a status sign, a way of saying “I’m better than you.” For the modern God-less, such displays are the new piety, the assertion of one’s own salvation and possession of revealed truth” … (victorhanson)

THE TEMPLE OF ELTON— “ENS reports +Griswold is the cathedral’s Canon for International and Interfaith Ministry. The point here is the misuse of Church property – Bishop Frank, you were an easy target, my apologies – Please explain to the Dean how God’s house ought to be used in the future” … (

SILLY MARRIED WOMAN charged after entering civil partnership … (magicstatistics)

POULD: CENSORED!!! An Exercise in the Fundamentals: banned in China … (peter-ould)


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