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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
March 30, 2007, 2:13 am
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“Gimme a ‘T’!!”


THE APRIL 2007 Anglican Planet is now online. Canadian Bp. Njegovan forbids– forbids!– you to read it … (anglicanplanet)

CANUCKISTANI Anglican Theological Commission clarifies provenance of same-sex blessings resolutions. Theological Commission Anglican Church of Canada says SSU Is A Matter of Doctrine, but Not Core Doctrine (read comments). It’s all part of the high-rolling 60% hope the CanAngLibs are chasing that they can commit a very public institutional suicide settle the matter their way & stage a coup d’eglise— once, and for all– at GS-2007… (, sf)

PISKIE PURPLE Crossing the Tiber… The very recently retired Episcopal Bishop of Albany, Daniel W. Herzog. MCJ has some links. Mark Shea chimes in(Various)

TAP ON ACoC— CoGS disregards consensus of theologians & will of bishops– “Well, the waiting is over: if Council of General Synod has their way, the blessing of same-sex unions will be approved and the St. Michael’s Report will have no role in determining the debate at GS2007″; What happened (!) at CoGS … (TAP)

MULLAH-WHORING: Eschatology You Can Do Business With– “The religious left makes its peace with Ahmadinejad’s Madhist doctrine”, by Mark D. Tooley. Kinda puts this bit of poodling in a different light, we’d say. Imagine the whingy Episcopal Left’s responses to the following: (a) an evil regime, (b) things they disagree with in their own country, (c) protest within their own institution. It would be something like (1) appeasing/ pandering/ apologizing, (2) scathing letters, (3) lawyers, lawyers, lawyers, and lots of them. Smells like rank cowardice and hypocrisy to us, given realities on the ground in Iraq. Do you Episcognostics ever ask yourselves WHY people like that get along with people like you? And also ask yourselves: where do true human rights and freedoms come from? … (Various)

DR. EDITH HUMPHREY— “Is Ingham’s “better theology” just chronological snobbery?” … (anglicanplanet)

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury – Church must be ‘safe place’ for gay and lesbian people … (sf)

SUE CARELESS— Sexuality controversy: Ingham pours oil on flames. New Westminster bishop makes public call for Church to develop “better theology” of sexuality. … (TAP)

GLEDHILL, DRELL: “In the middle of the Anglican Crisis, +Rowan takes a 3 month vacation. Crazy”; Captain Yips thinks differently; Looks Like The Diocese of Colorado’s Charges Against Armstrong Are Baloney(Gledhill, Drell)

FELIX HOMINUM— “Primates’ Theological Commish responds to Council of General Synod” … (felixhominum)

GET RELIGION: “This is why the altar guild gets paid the big bucks” … (getreligion)

CAPTAIN YIPS— “Something Rotten in Colorado?” … (captainyips)

FOLD ‘EM— “The sad thing about this is that while the Episcopal Church, the Church in England That Nobody Goes To Anymore and other Anglican bodies have considered divestment resolutions aimed at Israel, this idea would probably be opposed by most if not all of them, I’m pretty sure that the Diocese of Washington, DC wouldn’t be down” … (

PENNSYLVANIA: Title IV Review Committee to consider complaint against Bennison … (ENS)

DIOGENES— “In her own way, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori, has managed to capture — inadvertently, and delibly — the world-view of today’s better class of Anglican divine in her Easter Message for 2007” … (offtherecord)

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM— “Missouri Episcopal Bishop George Wayne Smith doesn’t write very much very often which, as Episcopalians who live around here know, is a good thing” … (mcj)

“How long has that been in here?”

DALLAS, Fort Worth Dioceses Expand Oversight Provisions … (livingchurch)

BAG OF HAMMERS— “Add Tommy Three-Sticks to the long list of Episcopal bishops who think that the majority of Anglican primates are too stupid to remember their own names” … (mcj)

BOVINA BLOVIATOR: “Taking Title to the Wreckage” … (

GLEDHILL— Drama at Abbey, Akinola ‘comes out’ on anti-gay law … (timescolumns)

DAWN MacDONALD: Christ still changes lives It is time to do some really biblically sound and wholesome teaching on human sexuality … (anglicanplanet)

ANGLICANS Fully Open Human Sexuality Talks … (christianpost)

JIM KELSEY’S Report on the Spring Bishops’ Meeting … (sf)

THINKING ANGLICANS— Nigeria is not a ‘safe place’ … (thinkinganglicans)

RICHARD KEW— “..what has come out of the House of Bishops smells an awful lot like bullying” … (

COLO. MEGACHURCH Battles Diocese; Diocese accuses Grace’s Armstrong of theft, fraud … (christianpost, gazette)

BOVINA BLOVIATOR— “Defining Defalcation Downward” … (

AMHERST – Since the Rev. Robert Hirschfeld, rector of Grace Episcopal Church told his congregation that he would stop performing all weddings, he and his parish have come under attack … (masslive)

MATT KENNEDY— “Thank You Bishops: Orthodox Unity Restored” … (standfirminfaith)

CANUCKISTAN— Physicians and Marriage Commissioners: Accommodation of Differing Beliefs … (

BISHOP Musonda Trevor Selwyn Mwamba of Botswana– The Anglican Communion: crisis and opportunity… (thinkinganglicans)

ROAMIN’— “One of the most fascinating aspects of the Current Unpleasantness has been the open anti-Catholicism displayed by the Anglican left” … (

WELL DONE, THEN! “Angela Wu, a friend and the International Director at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, testified today before the United Nations at the fourth regular session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Speaking out against the trend of defamation of religion laws, Ms. Wu said, “These laws are passed under the guise of protecting small religious communities, but in fact they only help the dominant religious majority.” … (breakpoint)

LOS ANGELES: Communion needs ‘more conversation, less rhetoric,’ Peterson tells gathering … (ens)

WHITEHALL— two pieces well worth reading … (

ENS SPINS ON COLORADO: “Diocese moves to protect confiscate remaining Episcopalians, parish property” … (titusonenine)

One For the PeeBee

+MASS. — Thomas Shaw: Openness in the Episcopal Church … (titusonenine)

FROM THE SOT faculty in response to the Primates … (

THE BISHOP of Northern Indiana Offers his Thoughts on the recent House of Bishops Meeting … (t19)

TO THE RESCUE! “The National Council of Churches has the answer to the deepening crisis in the Persian Gulf” … (reformedpastor)

AGE TO COME: “The Wrath of God” … (theagetocome)

THE BISHOP of Northern Michigan’s report on the Spring Bishops’ Meeting March, 2007. A report from Bishop Jim Kelsey(t19, TA)

OUR HOUSE’S meeting, from Pierre Whalon … (

VIA CT-6: Fr. Allyn Benedict writes his Parish … (ctsix)

THERE’S NEVER A CASTLE CHURCH AROUND WHEN YOU WANT ONE! — “Kansas Episcopal Bishop Dean Wolfe takes the ECUSA House of Bishops response template out for a spin” … (

MORE RADNER— What Way Ahead – Part Two … (t19)

COMMENTS ENSUE— Elton’s B’Day Simply Divine (Cathedral of St. John the Divine NYC); and Apostolicity has words(sf, ap)

KING CHARLES: “On Friday, March 2, 2007, the members of the Standing Committee and those who had filed the complaint against Bishop Bennison had a meeting with David Beers, Chancellor to the Presiding Bishop, and his assistant, Mary E. Kostel, and Michael F. Rehill, Special Counsel to the Standing Committee, and his assistant Pamela L. Lutz” … (t19)

REFORMED PASTOR— When Liturgists Attack: “If Jesus walked the earth today, he would be a rapper.”–The Rt. Rev. Catherine Roskam … (reformedpastor)

THE CHURCH of England needs to take its foot off the accelerator of moral change and start applying the brakes, the Bishop of Bristol has warned … (religiousintelligence)

FLINGING MANURE in the media: “Colorado Episcopal raises allegations of financial misconduct against breakaway parish leader”; Episcopal diocese threatens to sue breakaway parish leaders. Priest a thief, Colorado Episcopal Diocese says. The Bishop of Colorado Writes Parishioners at Grace and Saint Stephen’s in Colorado Springs … (Various)

FOR SOME Black Pastors, Accepting Gay Members Means Losing Others … (nytimes)

FAT LADY ONSTAGE! “Jordan Hylden thinks the Anglican game is just about over” … (

FEEL THE LOVE: Museum head: Homosexuals forced me out. Says 1 poked her in eye, another showed her graphic pix from ‘gay’ site … (

MUST RE-READ: Sarah Hey– “Sunshine, Survival Schools, Crows, & Work — Last Month’s Adventures and the Task Before Us” … (sf)

PARENTS WARNED to Keep Kids Home from School on Gay ‘Day of Silence’ … (cnsn)

EPICYCLIST & WebElf Doug McNeil: “down with equality” … (onemoreepicyle)

ONE COSMOS: “Beware the Fascist Atheocracy of the Left” … (

‘JUST LET US VOTE’— Supporters rally for action on same-sex marriage ban … (

LIFESITE— Explosive Revelations about Homosexual Teachers in Canadian Catholic Schools… (lifesite)

THE GREAT WHITE NORTH: “.. in a faith civilization, the State plays a supportive role because the Family is a sacramental institution, but in a secular civilization such as ours, especially when it rests on a radical democratic political creed, the State and the Family inevitably become competitors for the allegiance of citizens, and in this sense they are enemies” … (williamgairdner)

MIKE ADAMS: “University Officials Buggered by Gay Unicorn” … (townhall)

ITALIAN BISHOPS to legislators: Legalization of civil unions “unacceptable” and “dangerous” … (catholicnewsagency)

ATTENTION, ISRAEL-HATING Anglican left: “Arab lesbians hold rare public meeting in Israel. No further comment necessary.” Robert Spencer: “Moral equivalence alert: the only place where they could hold this meeting without being in imminent danger of death was in the one that features in jihadist rhetoric as the locus of all evil, Israel” … (llamabutchers)

EVER NOTICE THAT.. “.. the left is King Midas in reverse, in that it destroys whatever it touches and reduces gold to excrement, whether it is institutions, countries, cultures, or individuals. I realize this sounds harsh, but I believe it is self-evident, since we can see the disastrous outcome of leftist ideas before our eyes. It’s not as if the results are hidden, because whatever the left controls goes through a predictable process of degeneration and decline” … (

LIFESITE— “As Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Sweeps the West, 3,500 Pro-Family Int’l Leaders to Meet in Warsaw” … (lifesite)

REVISIONISTS: 10 Questions for a Prospective Suitor … (standfirminfaith)

QUEBEC Shifts Away from Statist Left and Gay Politics in Monday Election … (lifesite)

NEW JERSEY Having Second Thoughts on Gay Marriage? … (standfirminfaith)

PROOF THAT David Ould’s cutie-pie daughter simply MUST be a changeling from her mother’s side … (davidould)

THEY’LL HUFF, AND THEY’LL.. “A few weeks ago, a picture of Presiding Bishop Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori of the Episcopal Church was vandalized on the Boston University Episcopal Chaplaincy bulletin board in the basement of Marsh Chapel” … (dailyfreepress)

GO FIGURE: “titusoneten” … (t10)

“To robbery and butchery
they give the lying name of ‘government’.
They make a desert and call it peace.”

~ King Calgacus at the battle of Mons Graupus ~


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