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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
March 28, 2007, 12:37 am
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KALLSEN & KO.— Anglican Report 23 … (aTV)

LAYING DOWN THE LAW[YERS]: Pastoral Letter To the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Ottawa– “Clergy who are openly disobedient of the Bishop to whom they have sworn canonical obedience, or who intentionally violate a Canon of our Church, should take note of their legal and moral duties arising from their Letter of Appointment, Licence, and the Oath taken upon ordination, and also the Canons of General Synod regarding Discipline, Licencing of Clergy, and Relinquishment and Abandonment of Ministry” … (

SOS.. SOS.. SOS.. Conservative Anglicans made an “urgent plea” Monday to build a separate Anglican church in the United States following the Episcopal Church’s “desertion from Anglicanism” … (christianpost)

LISTENING PROCESS summaries available online. Preparation of a Study Guide on Human Sexuality for the 2008 Lambeth Conference announced … (episcopal-life)

FEEL THE EXCITEMENT! American bishops: presiding bishop interviewed … (thinkinganglicans)

MOUTHY Bishop Bruno to Canterbury: ‘Stop Being Chamberlain’ … (transfigurations)

ON TEC: “The Quebec of the AC” … (

DRELL— +Bruce’s Word To The Diocese About The Recent Camp Allen House of Bishops Meeting … (descant)

WHAT ECUSA officially stands for … (Diogenes)

PROFESSIONAL RENTAL PROTESTERS Gay Rights Activists Arrested Outside Mohler’s Office … (christianpost)

WHAT IS ‘generous orthodoxy’? Bishop Christopher FitzSimons Allison … (mainstream)

CT6 VID: Interview with Bishop Ackerman … (ctsix)

CANADA— Canon Malcolm Westin RIP. The note does not mention that after years of faithful battling for traditional Anglicanism, Fr. Westin became an Antiochian Orthodox priest … (skdiocese)

ENGLAND: Sex, windmills and the death of freedom – William Rees Mogg … (mainstream)

LAND GRAB— “Don Armstrong, rector of Grace Church and St. Stephen’s Parish in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and one of the leading conservative voices in the Episcopal Church, was accused of financial irregularities by Bishop Rob O’Neill a while ago and was inhibited pending resolution of these charges” … (

CANADA: “Who is Zacchaeus? Zacchaeus is David, a gay man who’s chosen to be celibate … Dawn, a woman whose sexual orientation was turned around by God … Rob, a same-sex-attracted man who chose to be faithful to God and who over time experienced significant healing” … (zacchaeus)

ECUSA MOUTHPIECE & MULLAH-CODDLER John Peterson: Magisterial Model Would Weaken Communion, Says Former ACC Head … (lc)

KRAALSPACE on the very new +Ottawa, The Reverend Canon Doctor Mr. John H. Chapman. Her take: “Another liberal, from the looks of it, and a fan of that long-running vaudeville act, The Jesus Seminar. I don’t expect this will change much in Ottawa, though he does say that he thinks that the membership loss has “bottomed out”, which I very much doubt, but time will tell.” The Jesus Seminar?!? Dude: it’s the 1970’s on the phone, and they want their tired liberal fundamentalists back … (Various)

FIRST THINGS: The Episcopal Declaration of Independence, By Jordan Hylden. More here(

WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES: “Episcopalians may have a lot of problems these days but they do one thing better than anyone else. Church desecration” … (

RETIRING Primate of Canada to Visit King’s College. Mind you, since Canon Gary Thorne the Theological Ninja is chaplain there, it might be an interesting event… (sf, t19)

MILE-HIGH CLUBBINGS to ensue until morale improves: Cognitive Dissonance … (

VIA DRELL: Press Release From Grace and St. Stephen’s in Colorado – Largest Parish In The Diocese Goes To CANA. Not The Final Word? … (descant)

WHITEHALL: as rome burns, +peter lee calls for his fiddle; does the primates’ pastoral scheme violate tec’s constitution? does the primates’ pastoral scheme violate tec canons? … (

GREG GRIFFITH: “No Time for Surrender” … (standfirminfaith)

CARIOCA: A guest editorial from Father Dan … (

FIRST AMONG EQUALS— “Among liberal Episcopal bishops, reaction to the recent House of Bishops meeting has been fairly uniform” … (

FLUFF & BUNNIES! Presiding Bishop’s Easter message affirms ‘new life out of death’.. you know, like tulip-bulbs or something like that … (episcopalchurch)

VIA STAND FIRM: Bishop O’Neill Declares Grace-St. Stephens Vestry Vacant. The Bishop of Colorado Offers his Thoughts on recent Events. The vestry of Grace Church and St. Stephen’s Parish in Colorado Springs, the largest Episcopal parish in the state and one of Colorado’s oldest churches, voted to leave the Episcopal Church today … (Various)

AS COMMEMORATED in the ECUSA Calendar– c.s. lewis: hard words for dissenting priests … (Diogenes)

THINKY ANGLICRAMPS— Nigeria: what Archbishop Akinola did say. American bishops: more commentary. SORs: follow-up and analysis(TA)

RENT A PRELATE? “The HOB’s offer to pay the Archbishop’s expenses, even if well-intentioned, suggests his decision could be influenced by it making the HOB appear patronizing, crass and arrogant”; and “How About Never? Does Never Work for You?” … (

A TRANSCRIPT of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s interview with Dan Damon for the BBC World Service programme Reporting Religion … (t19)

SOOOOO MANY JOKES— “Seems folks in the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan are a bit conflicted about having to sell their cathedral and other diocesan property” … (

SARAH HEY: “Sunshine, Survival Schools, Crows, & Work — Last Month’s Adventures and the Task Before Us” … (sf)

P-PLEASE DON’T HURT US! Church of England Rolls Over Again … (

DAVID MILLS on the recent HoB Statement: “.. it offers good material for the kind of rhetorical analysis I enjoy, but these guys just aren’t worth the time. For me. They need a prophet more than a critic, though they’ve thumbed their noses at the prophets the other Anglican churches have sent them, in the most hardened-heart way, by patronizing them” … (merecomments)

AGE TO COME— “So, this Anglican week I was talking about….”; Seek the Lord while He may be found(theagetocome)

CHRISTOPHER SEITZ: The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion … (t19)

ECUSA BISHOPS disappointed with resolutions. Request rejected for foreign oversight on homosexual policies. Bishops Speak About Their Meeting at Camp Allen …

GET RELIGION: “Blunt voices on Anglican left”; “It’s about more than sex” … (getreligion)

SOUNDS LIKE THEY NEED SOME ‘PREPARATION PEEB’! — Nigerian Election Highlights Muslim-Christian Divide. Don’t worry, folks– Schori has all the answers … (pewforum)

BABY BLUE DISSECTS— Bishop Peter James Lee writes to the Diocese of Virginia … (

IN BONDAGE to western culture – slavery and the LGCM Advert in the Church Times … (mainstream)

IRD REPORTING— The Episcopal Church’s Decisions Will Determine its View of Marriage … (

RATHERNOT BLOGGER: “OK, all ye Continuing Anglicans of whatever sort! Who will help Dr. Toon?” … (rathernot)

IMAGINARY PEOPLE— First time ex-gay speaks on UK News Programme – James Parker on BBC Today Programme … (mainstream)

VARIOUS— US’s ‘declaration of war’; U.S. Episcopal Bishops Reject Anglican Demands. Anglican bishops send Episcopal Church a warning(Various)

IT’S SKIPPY! Stand Firm: Bishop Gladstone Adams of Central New York: Post House of Bishops Meeting Letter to Diocese … (

THE UK SORS-WARS: “Catholic adoption agencies in Britain could avoid obeying the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) by making use of what is being called a “loophole”. The SORs apply only to government-funded entities” … (magicstatistics)

THE ILLUSION of ‘Progress,’ the Return of the gods, and Human Freedom, By Stephen Hand… (tcrnews)

SOUTHERN OHIO: Letters from acting bishop & bishop-elect … (sf)

PAGING THE ECUSA EASY-ANSWERS DEP’T— Taking hostages is just standard operating procedure for Iran. But don’t worry– no doubt Mo Khatami will save them. He’s re-e-eally nice … (nro)

CHANGING ATTITUDE England welcomes the response of the House of Bishops of the American Episcopal Church … (titusonenine)

SO MANY QUESTIONS: Episcopal Church bishops reject one demand by the Anglican Communion … (journalnow)

DEFINING MARRIAGE Down is No Way to Save It … (sf)

MATT KENNEDY: “Has the Presiding Bishop Confessed Christ as the Sole Mediator of Salvation? (explanded version)” … (SF)

THE BISHOP of Northern California on the recent House of Bishops Meeting … (t19)

WHICH “Windsor” Bishops Voted to Reject the Pastoral Structures of Tanzania … (standfirminfaith)

10% GUESSTIMATE VANISHED: Statistics Canada estimates 1.4% of adults [engage] in homosexual or bisexual [behaviour] … (magicstatistics)

EPISCOPAL CHURCH in turmoil– Nullification of election in S.C. diocese, rejection of Anglican call for new leadership stirred pot … (thestate)

HIJACKED: How mainline seminary education undermines orthodox perspectives … (

WILLIAM GAIRDNER— “Democracy Against the Family”; The New Barbarians(williamgairdner)

OFF THE RESERVE: Lesbian Argues Ga. Gays Can’t Adopt Kids; South Carolina Bans Gay ‘Marriage’ … (transfigurations)

AMERICAN ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill Reintroduced … (stoptheaclu)

HEADING WESTWARDS? Welborn: “The transition of converts into the Catholic Church can be painful in a way that extends beyond the difficulty so many parishes have in communicating and expressing, in word, sign and ministry, the fullness of the Faith” … (amywelborn)

QUO VADIS Anglicans? … (freerep)

PRESBY-WARS: New Complaint in Edwards Case … (reformedpastor)

FO’ SHIZZLE— Episcopal Church Hip Hop Prayerbook … (

HUW @ DOXOS: “Given all the piping about “orthodoxy” meaning ‘right doctrine’, as is especially the case among those who want to use little-o orthodoxy as a sectarian banner (orthodox Anglicans come to mind)..” Of couse, it’s ALWAYS all about CaNN, but dude: we’ve always been cautious about o vs. O orthodoxy in Anglicanism, precisely because we are (at best) sectarian reformed Catholics; and within the dog’s-breakfast of Anglican flavours, many of the orthodox don’t agree on the large or small details of what a healthy Anglicanism would actually look like, worship like, preach, affirm or deny– so we always throw Peter Toon into the mix, orthodox evangelical cat amongst the moderate conservatives pigeons. At least as Doxos defines it as an ex-episcopalian and liberalish Orthodox guy, we’re just not that into ‘sects-appeal’ Anglicanism or the ‘orthodoxer than thou’ impulse of that sort, sorry. And with all due respect, maybe Doxos needs to beware ongoing convertitis– and ‘unorthodoxer than thou’, which is still a form of weeds-n-tares crankiness, only reversed? … (

UK EKK.ORG: “Gay Christians appeal to international community over repressive laws” … (ekk)

PONTIFICATOR— “Has the fat lady sung?” … (pontifications)

WORSHIPPING THE NEW GODS— British PM Blair Celebrates Passage of Sexual Orientation Regulations at Homosexual Activist Banquet … (lifesite)

ECUMENICAL AWKWARDNESS— GAY people should not be free to expose children to their values by planning gay marches, say Russian Orthodox Church leaders … (religiousintelligence)

PETER TOON: “Is there a dynamic equivalent in 2007 to Justification by Faith alone in the 16th century, the article of faith by which the Church stands or falls?” And “O Ye Anglicans. What are ye Continuing? A Request for Help” … (

BUT: A COUPLE OF WHAT? “The House will vote today or tomorrow on a bill today that would make New Hampshire the fourth state in the nation to recognize same-sex civil unions” … (theunionleader)

IS THE UPROAR Against General Pace the Beginning of a Religious Persecution? Pro-‘Gay’ Bullies Pick Up the Pace. ‘Equality is a moral principle that precedes and makes tolerance possible‘ … (Various, transfig)

RECENT NEWS from Massachusettstan; Parents banned from school’s homosexual seminar … (townhall)

WHERE WE ARE: “… any leftist who calls himself religious is primarily a leftist, only secondarily religious at best. The catalogue of foolish and harmful leftist beliefs is so extensive for the very reason that the leftist mind is not inoculated with the Word — with perennial religious wisdom that prevents the mind from being hypnotized and lured down a host of fruitless, destructive, and anti-human path.” And furthermore, “.. “progressivism” is a deeply nostalgic exercise, politically, developmentally, and even ontologically. Politically it is a form of romanticism, a backward-looking philosophy that naively idealizes human nature and the instincts in general. Developmentally it is nostalgic, for it attempts to resuscitate the conditions of infancy, when “wishing” could be instantaneously converted into “having” merely by crying and registering distress” … (

STATISTICS INDICATE that Gays Die Sooner: Implications for Adoption. And $$$$ Talks: Fertility clinic caters to wealthy “two-father” families … (orthodoxytoday, magicstatistics)

REMEMBER: “If truth is undermined or relativized in any way, then we have lost our ability to appeal to something outside human whim, and therefore, barbitrary power. Thus, the only way for the leftist to succeed in his will to power is to first confuse us with pseudo-sophisticated intellectual temptations such as deconstruction, moral relativism, and multiculturalism. Once these are embraced, there is a “bait and switch,” for there is no way to way to determine the truth” … (

CHRISTIAN-BASHING CELEB TOASTED AT CATHEDRAL BASH— new religion site welcomes Elton John to NYC; A Study in Contrasts: “The bacchanal for 400 guests included $18,000 worth of exotic flowers, 1,000 bottles of champagne and a large dessert mound of sticky toffee pudding – Sir Elton’s favorite.” Gnostic Slumming on Fifth Avenue. Elton John the Divine? Pardon us for saying so, but this seems like deliberate & hellish blasphemy– and these Episcopalians don’t have the faith or decency or passion for souls to warn Mr. Dwight of the danger he’s in with such antics– in a church, even. We say Elton for PeeBee! … (Various)

THE ALPHA PROJECT— “A new “Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator” adventure– Chapter Three – In the Blink of an Eye … (

BEHOLD the handmaid of the lord: happy annunciation. The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. David Warren also chimes in(Various)


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If the good bishop tries to fire or inhibit our priest, 99% of the parish will follow him, and the diocese will be left with an empty building.

Comment by mrsfalstaff

I like the Dude comment :-) Although i think the entire post had more to do not only with orthodox Anglicans but with all of us who like to claim the word. So far the score on that particular post: Webelves say thumbs down but a phone call from Orthodox priest says thumbs up. We’ll go with 50/50

Trying to avoid the cranky, btw: gave it up for Lent, but it’s allergy season down here. My meds (et al) get the best of me! Your patience is begged.

Hey, Huw: Thanks for the respond. Love your site, and let’s keep up the discussion. As for calling anyone cranky, that would be the pot v. kettle– no offense intended! Pray for me, a sinner! Binks

Comment by Huw

Humph. I left this comment on Amy Welborn’s site, and got deleted, so I’m going to say it here. The thread had people tied up in knots about the RC church being held up to an impossible standard, and I said, perhaps people wouldn’t be so hard on the Roman Catholic church if she stopped insisting that the rest of us non RC Christians aren’t part of the body of Christ.

Comment by mrsfalstaff

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