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March 26, 2007, 5:21 pm
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Monday, March 26th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

MERE COMMENTS: The Sales Pitch …. (merecomments)

YET AGANE— ‘Disestablishmentism!’ says Carey …. (timescolumns)

FILTHY CULTURES of the Past Some Still Drool Over Today; Mayas to cleanse site after Bush.. you know, ’cause ripping out the still-beating hearts of human sacrifices is a nice holy thing and all …. (americandigest, beeb)

ON TEH INTERNETS! Archbishop goes live on YouTube …. (timescolumns)

CANADA: [Yet Another] Residential schools agreement approved. Lets hope this one really sticks …. (ens)

IS ENVIRONMENTALISM the new religion? David Suzuki vs. Michael Crichton. Death to the skeptic! “There is no action too radical in defence of mother earth.” Melanie Phillips: “The emperor’s green new clothes” …. (Various)

MIISTER BEATEN for praying for the sick. Authorities ignore complaint, so doctors refuse to treat victim …. (worldnetdaily)

THE TEXT— The text of SACRAMENTUM CARITATIS is here …. (hughhewitt)

WHAT ROLE DOES Spiritual Thinking Have in the 21st Century? An interview with 2007 Templeton prize-winner Charles Taylor …. (

REUTER’S claim that Israel fuels Arab Christian exodus blatantly distorts truth …. (JiWa, Gateway)

JESUS ALREADY returned! Film Soon! …. (scriptoriumdaily)

ANTI-CHRISTIAN missionary law proposed in Israel …. (magistats)

DONALD SENSING— Mary Magdalene ossuary ruled out; Links to Jesus family tomb stuff …. (ds)

JEWS & CATHOLICS Defend Conscience: Stress Need for States to Recognize Minorities …. (

UK CHRISTIANS ‘suffer for faith’ …. (

AQUILINA— “Unless you spent yesterday in a cave, you know that Pope Benedict XVI promulgated Sacramentum Caritatis, his apostolic exhortation on the Eucharist” …. (fathersofthechurch)

FORMER PBS Anchor Attacks Christian ‘Fundamentalists’ As Resembling Islamic Radicals …. (freerep)

ACTON: “It has become common for politicians to cite God in promoting their programs and views” …. (

DAVID WARREN— “I want my climate-changed readers to appreciate just how holy I am. And yet: I don’t feel holy. I do not hold myself up as a model to anybody. And while I might make the occasional moral decision, it is on my own behalf. My consumer choices are almost purely aesthetic. I actually prefer things I find in flea markets. Whereas everything these ecofreaks sell is false and ugly” …. (davidwarrenonline)

MUST-READ— The 2007 Irving Kristol Lecture by Bernard Lewis: “Europe and Islam” …. (

RESTORED Serbian Orthodox church desecrated again …. (magicstatistics)

LA LA LA, WE CAN’T HEAR YOU! — “This was the week that the leadership of the Catholic Church in England and Wales disgraced itself. Pope Benedict XVI issued one of the most significant documents written by a pontiff for many years – and the English bishops’ “communications network” effectively killed the story” …. (telegraph)

GOOGLE ‘God’ and the results are disappointing …. (worldmagblog)

TOWARD VIRTUE: Ten Lessons We Have Learned Home Schooling …. (scriptoriumdaily)


FIRST THINGS: Prosing About the Web …. (

THE RIGHT to self-defence …. (

CHRISTIAN at the time saw them as a reconquest of their own lands, not as an imperialist intrusion into Islam’s privileged domain …. (solomonia)

YE OLDE TYME RELIGION: “Greek Gods family tree” …. (haha)

THE USUALLY-SENSIBLE Timotheos (Texan Fr. Timothy Matkin) wanders into a culture of death event, and thinks it’s neat. We disagree (see comments) …. (

GOD SAVE the Dauphin, Balthazar of Bhopal …. (

GET RELIGION: hat complex, bookish pope letter …. (getreligion)

IRD OF EVIL Supports Sudanese Presbyterian Claims against Talisman Oil …. (

MARK SHEA: “Magisterial Office of the Church of Global Warming Issues Anathema” …. (caei)

CT WEBLOG— No Consensus on Whether NAE Conflict Is Getting Hotter. Plus: The actual news in the pope’s new document, SWBTS sued over gender-based termination, Franklin Graham’s son injured in Iraq, and other stories from online sources around the world …. (christianitytoday)

LISTENING to the language of Jesus …. (telegraph)

MEDICAL SCIENCE vindicates church’s anti-condom stance …. (magicstatistics)

GLEDHILL— “The Pope’s, the Eucharist, Cherie Blair and ‘Zacchaeus’ ” …. (timescolumns)

GET RELIGION— “I’m Henry VIII, I am, I am . . . not” …. (getreligion)

ROD DREHER: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book makes her a tragic hero …. (dallasnews, via GodSpy)

ONCE MORE, Exhorting …. (amywelborn)

RUSSIAN CHRISTIAN students suspended for praying at a Washington school …. (stoptheaclu)

IT’S DISCRIMINATION! On average, teens from intact families with frequent religious attendance earned the highest GPA …. (evangelicaloutpost)

CHIEF RABBI Jonathan Sacks: Humour is the opening of freedom in the prison wall of fate …. (titusonenine)

PROPHETICAL POET Leonard Cohen – “The Future” – live in Finland …. (americandigest)

FINALLY, The stirrings of the Lords Spiritual …. (

AMEN & AMEN! “Benedict XVI, for his part, has wished to distinguish between the two forms of secularism: the one which, justly distinguishes the religious sphere of power from the civil one, and the deteriorating secularism that wished to ban any sort of religious symbol, denying the fact of religious freedom.” …. (via t19)

THE DELTA ZETA SORORITY at the intolerant anti-Christian and anti-Republican DePauw university in Indiana was not flourishing …. (stoptheaclu)

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury’s Letter to the Principal Parties in the Florida Case …. (t19)

UNCOVERING an Ancient Church at Armageddon …. (israeltoday)

HERE’S A LITTLE HEADLINE from MiniTru that tells a carefully calculated lie: “Ore. teacher fired over Bible references” …. ()

THE CHURCH MILITANT, by Victor Davis Hanson– Book review of God’s War: A New History of the Crusades, by Christopher Tyerman. Belknap Press, 2006. Of course, VDH knows that the crusades were one of a series of defensive wars by the West against The Jihads of 650-1600. Whether they were perfect or successful is a separate matter …. ()

IRENE LANCASTER: “How do we teach Judaism to Christians?” …. (irenelancaster)

REMEMBERING: History of Jihad against the Franks (France) [AD 732-740]. Other Heroic Defenders of Western Civilization …. (

GREAT CATHEDRALS are ‘catechism in stone’, says architect …. (freerep)

AUTHOR ARCHER HITS THE 1960s — Jesus ‘didn’t walk on water or turn water into wine’; remarks on the gospel according to judas …. (timescolumns, offtherecord)

TESTIMONY of an evil apostate who should be beheaded of a Convert from Islam …. (

ASSASSINATE THE PM?!? Canadian blogger (and would-be priest) learns his limits …. (stevejanke)

OLDE TYME RELIGION— Iraqi Muslims tax Christian “subjects”.. yup, it’s called Jizya, and such protection-money dates from Muhammed …. (magicstatistics)

THE VIEW FROM Fogo Island: The destruction of a church at Barr’d Islands and Joe Batt’s Arm (1928) …. (lportepilot)

THEO HOBSON: “Anglicans are throttling the hope of Christian renewal – and the consequences will be dramatic” …. (guardian)

ANGRIER, Dumber, Better Selling …. (catholicexchange)

ZIMBABWE’S Anglican Church encouraged to develop ‘independent voice’ on human rights …. (acns)

CHRISTIAN PASTOR brutally assaulted while caring for the sick …. (magicstatistics)

STUDY: ‘Christian’ Flicks Earn More than those with Sex, Obscenities …. (christianpost)

WHY THEY PRAY— The trials of war strengthen many soldiers’ faith …. (wsj)

VANDALS have daubed excrement and sprayed racist graffiti on Lincoln Cathedral …. (bbc)

PAGELS on Martyrdom and Jesus …. (reformedpastor)

NEWSWEEK’S ‘Belief’ in Bashing Conservative Christians …. (newsbusters)

CHRISTIAN PASTOR silenced in Uzbekistan …. (spero)

EVO OUTPOST— Evangelical Bioethics and the Web …. (eo)

VIA BLOSSER— Vree: Pickstick raises dubium concerning von Balthasar …. (

THE POPE IS Obnoxiously Pious. More on cool ecclesiastical hats …. (gkupsidedown, dieter-philippi)

GET RELIGION: “A series of tubes that go straight to God” …. (getreligion)

PIMPING Off the Bible …. (merecomments)

ITE MISSA EST? “The Old Mass and the Great Thaw: Forbidden Opinions Suddenly Mainstream” …. (

PALESTINIAN CHRISTIANS Look Back on a Year of Troubles …. (jihadwatch)

SERGE’S BLOG— Content not consumer model key to church growth. That is, orthodoxy may actually bring people in …. (sergesblog)

FIRST THINGS— The End of the Irish Troubles, a Moment of Transcendence, and Sacramentum Caritatis, By Richard John Neuhaus …. (ft)

DAWN EDEN’S Rock n Roll Chastity Apostolate Continues Humming Along, Doing Fine Work …. (

PERSECUTED Iraqi Christians flee to Kurdistan …. (magicstatistics)

MARXIST (‘LIBERATION’) theologian ‘banned’ …. (gledhill)

ANGLICAN TEA-LADIES Islamists in arson attack on Nigerian school chapel …. (ms)

FORMER TENNIS STAR Goes from Serving Aces to Serving God …. (christianpost)

KATHRYN JEAN LOPE: Let Catholics be Catholic. “Are You Really a Catholic, or Do You Just Play One on TV?” …. (nro)

JOHN ORTBERG’S …. (lifeofababypriest)

THE ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury has described the death of a vicar who was fatally stabbed in south Wales yesterday as ‘an appalling shock’, and offered prayers for his family …. (religiousintelligence)

PETRE— “Should cathedrals charge visitors an entry fee? The issue has surfaced again because York Minister, which controversially introduced charges in 2003 to tackle an annual deficit of £600,000, has hiked them again” …. (blogs.telegraph)

NATIVITY SCENE Reminds People to Drive Safely …. (neatorama)

ALL THESE THINGSMortis Momentum Est Ultimum Vitae Momentum …. (att)

DOSTOYEVSKY Plays With Live Ammo …. (scriptoriumdaily)

ALL2COMMON— “The Use and Abuse of Papias on the Fourth Gospel” …. (a2c)

TRUE UNBELIEVER— Atheist Apostle: Sam Harris has little patience for theists of any sort …. (ct, godspy)

POPE: Catholic politicians must conform legislation to Church doctrine …. (hotair)

IN JORDAN ,CHRISTIANS from Iraq Harassed; U.S. Gov’t Watchdog Urges Protection for Iraq’s Assyrian Christians …. (christianpost)

THE NIGHTMARE of religious belief …. (offtherecord)

CHURCH GROWTH LESSONS from the “Korean miracle” …. (magicstatistics)

POST-MODERNISM and the Bible: Introduction …. (americanthinker)

AL MOHLER— Continuous Media “Snacking” — Bite Size Entertainment for an Attention-Deficit Age …. (albertmohler)

CURT JESTER: “Must Convert TV” …. (curtjester)

NON-THEISTICAL! ‘I cry out to you, O God, but you do not answer’ …. (intheagora)

THE SIDELINING of old hymns = “cultural vandalism” …. (guardian)

THE NEW TESTAMENT Use of the Old Testament …. (freerepublic)

SECTS & VIOLENCE — ” What’s the Difference: Shia vs. Sunni” …. (neatorama)

DAVID WARREN— An RIP: “Baudrillard tried, as McLuhan tried, to show the way our media and intelligentsia falsely “elevate” our lives, from the real to the fanciful, creating illusory and inconsequential dramatic events to replace the small, hard, apparent things, and casting everything as a morality play between the noble and the ignoble” …. (davidwarrenonline)

EX-MUSLIMS have a bad rep. In Muslim circles, those ad hominems fly thick and fast when even mere mention is made of their existence …. (JiWa)

NBC STORY on the Consecrated life …. (

FROM BABYLON OF of Gilgamesh to post-Eden of Noah, every age has viewed climate change cataclysmically, as retribution for human greed and sinfulness …. (abcnews)

GIANT MODEL depicts never-built U.K. church …. (belleville, liverpoolmuseums)

CRAZY EXTREMIST— Schooling at Home, by Sally Thomas. “A day in the life of a homeschooling mother” …. (firstthings)

HOLLYWOOD’S ‘Amazing’ Glaze: What the new movie covers up about William Wilberforce …. (wsj)

CHRISTIANS OUTRAGED at TV Show’s Offensive Sex Scene with ‘God’ …. (

WILL THE THIRD ROME Fall to Islam? On Islam and the Future of Europe …. (

EUROPE IS NOT THE SUM of its Parts: Spengler. “The unifying concept of Christendom is what made it possible to create nations out of the detritus of Rome and the rabble of invading barbarians.” …. (orthodoxytoday)

ATHEISTS, Conservatives, and Christianity – Steven M. Warshawsky …. (americanthinker)

FITZGERALD: There is no compulsion in religion. Diane West: Islam itself is the problem …. (jiwa, shaidle)

BONO STILL HASN’T Found What He’s Looking For, By Ryan T. Anderson …. (ft)

SCRAPPLEFACE: “‘Bong Hits 4 Jesus’ Case Threatens Church-State Divide”; Dreher: “Are bong hits okay with Jesus?” …. (scrappleface)

World War IV — The New Crusade….

ONE-WORLDER LEFTY RADICAL George $oro$ Make$ Million$ on Halliburton $tock …. (mypetjawa)

THE 9/11 mastermind confesses in Guantanamo.. then goes on a bit of a glory-nabbing spree. No word on whether, like Al Gore, he invented the interwebs or not …. (JiWa)

MAGISTATS on Montrealistan …. (magicstatistics)

RUSSIANS: Iran nuke plant to be delayed, for want of funds. Mad Mahmoud postpones Armageddon/ Mahdi Party until t.b.a. — Iranian doom-clock moved back to five minutes before Mahdi …. (yahoo)

PROTEIN WISDOM: “The UN human rights council is less than a year old. It was created to replace the widely discredited human rights commission and action on Darfur is regarded as a key test of the council’s credibility” …. (proteinwisdom)

NORTH KOREA Already Reneging on Nuke Deal. Doing Dear Leader’s Dirty Laundry: $25 Million for North Korea. UN in North Korea Quiz …. (claudiarosett, gatewaypundit)

HANSON: The Mind of Mr. D’Souza. Nonsense. …. (nro)

AND WHY? Because Porky doesn’t belong to a union …. (curtjester)

DHIMMING THE LIGHT— Theodore Dalrymple: Will England’s libraries submit to sharia? …. (city-journal)

AUSTRALIAN won’t quit; Canada won’t even enter the debate …. (proudtobecanadian)

CLAUDIA ROSETT: Is there now a Counterfeit-Cash-from-Kim scandal? “More Questions about the U.N. in North Korea” …. (nationalreview)

MANURE ARTISTES— Scientists Discredit Bogus Lancet Iraqi Death Study

CAROLINE GLICK— Our World: Lame ducks and sitting ducks …. (jpost.)

DEAR FBI: Remember Canadian Terror Plot & Beslan School Massacre …. (counterterrorismblog)

UNITY, BUT PROBABLY NOT PEACE: “The Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismael Haniya has unveiled the new “unity” government plan derived from a recent agreement made between Hamas and Fatah” …. (

WORLD WAR I REDUX— Gas-Laden Bombs Sicken Hundreds in Iraq. Field-testing, are we? …. (ap)

AND SO WHY ISN’T Russia’s Denial Of Nuclear Fuel To Iran A Bigger Story? …. (rightwingnews)

THE EVER-USEFUL UN Human Rights Council blocked from considering Darfur …. (magicstatistics)

HOT AIR: “When you CAIR enough to crush dissent” …. (

DAVID WALLIS is editor of a new book, “Killed Cartoons: Casualties From the War on Free Expression.” The Mohammed Cartoons are featured prominently …. (michellemalkin)

COWARDLY CHURCH SCHOOL renames Three Little Pigs to avoid offending followers of the Religion of Peace™ The Dancing Pigs of Arabia …. (JiWa, gatewaypundit)

BAGHDAD Security Plan Progress …. (sda)

IAEA HONCHO El Baradei Speaks for Pyongyang? Just who is the head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency working for? …. (claudiarosett)

JAWA REPORT— “300”: Most Important Piece of Propaganda Made Since 9-11 (Sticky, Scroll Down For New)” …. (mypetjawa)

UPCOMING Soviet Style Regime Change For Iran …. (shotgun)

THE UNITED NATIONS is fighting famine with drought insurance …. (soberingthoughts)

THE DREADED Cambridge Students’ Articles of Blasphemy …. (lgf)

GENOCIDE Chic: Jim Wallis and Saddam’s 600,000 …. (evangelicaloutpost)

BREATH OF THE BEAST: “No, Its Not All Their Fault… It’s up to all of us to insist on a free world” …. (

BRITISH universities are selling the pass on freedom of speech big time …. (melaniephillips)

BASRA WELCOMES Courageous Prince Harry With Open Arms …. (

WEB-WARS: Al Qaeda Plot to Bring Down UK Internet …. (lgf)

ANTI-WAR PROTEST: “Homo-erotic Brazilian stilt dancers kept the crowd entertained” …. (zombietime)

MOONBAT-LAND: “A million dead in Rwanda? Who cares. A two plus decades long slaughter in Sudan that has left over 2 million dead- never mind. George Bush is Hitler, profiling at airports is fascist. The ever escalating dysfunction of the Arab world? So what- it isn’t as if leftists cared about Arabs and the oppression they suffer. As long as the Arab world hates America and hates Jews, well, that’s good enough for the leftists. After all, when was the last time you heard of leftists packing their bags and going into the Arab world to teach democracy, farming or sanitation protocols in Yemen?” …. (

WELL THAT WAS HELPFUL: “A UN report says the Sudanese government is reponsible for many of the atrocities in Darfur” …. (damianpenny)

SELF-ESTEEM, Dysfunction And Moral Equivalence. Smurfs, Leichenstein, and Ukrainian Baptists off the hook …. (

WHY EUROPEANS Should Support Israel – Fjordman. UCLA Prof: Israel Has No “Right to Exist.” SigCarlFred: “The piece is a toast to drivel,absurdity and deceit, masquerading as ‘informed thought.’ ” …. (Various)

SPENCER: “Dinesh D’Souza: he knows more than I do”; Dinesh D’Souza, firmly ensconced in the gutter, slings more mud; What’s not so great about Dinesh D’Souza …. (JiWa)

JULIO PINO: Islam’s Most Effeminate Jihadist …. (townhall)

IN LEBANON … It’s all that and a bag of exploding chips! …. (

CRYBABYSTAN— Hurt Feelings in Persia: 300 Makes Ahmmy Cry. The Top 10 Pro-Iranian Movies We Could Have Made Instead Of “300”; maybe “Throw Israel From The Train” …. (Various)

HEY FISK: Time for a Retraction! The Lebanese clear Israel of using radioactive weapons – the Indie fails to acknowledge …. (honestreporting, lgf)

LGF READER Robert O. has put together a powerful video drawing parallels between Hitler Youth and today’s Islamic terror groups …. (mypetjawa)

THE POSTMODERN NARCISSISTIC DILEMMA AND THE PRISM OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS— Wretchard captures the essence of what bothers me most about today’s sensibility toward the past. In the post, he discusses a movie review of “300”, which is about the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. …. (

ZOMBIE EVIL— “This is not fresh news, but Hitler’s Mein Kampf is on the bestsellers list among Arab Palestinians” …. (

WORST EX-PREZ EVER Jimmy Carter Retires From University Speaking Tour. In order to devote more time to alien autopsy filmography and Bonsai Kitten rescue …. (smalldeadanimals)

DID BILL CLINTON ask [his former advisor] to destroy documents that would make him look bad in history? The classy Hillary Speaks Out: “Where is the G-damn f*****g flag? I want the G-damn f*****g flag up every f*****g morning at f*****g sunrise.” …. (townhall, mikeaustin)

HITLER May Be Stripped of German Citizenship …. (

MORE JEWS Fleeing France …. (

KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS: “How many Jews did mama kill?” …. (dustmybroom)

LOVIN’ ADOLF— ‘Leni: The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl’ by Steven Bach. She overlooked the evils and emphasized the romance of Nazi power …. (calendarlive)

A NEW SERIES resurrects some of history’s bloodiest manifestos …. (orthodoxytoday)

LifeWatch ….

DAMIAN PENNY— Do the math: Who will be the Canadians of the future? Where will they live? CopyBook: “Canada’s birth rate is so low we need newcomers simply to maintain our population” …. (damianpenny, godscopybook)

THE NEW YORK TIMES has an interesting piece on the increasing number of families that are turning to programs called “perinatal hospice” for help with the practical and spiritual questions surrounding babies who will die immediately or soon after birth …. (worldmagblog)

BETTNET on The “harmless habit” of male bashing …. (

SICK, BLASPHEMOUS, AND BAD— Sick! Federally Funded Planned Parenthood Plans Good Friday Solidarity Event …. (freerep)

ABORTION Linked to Higher Rates of Child Abuse? …. (

AMERICAN POLITICS: “John Edwards vs. Babies and Moms” …. (spectator)

MOHLER: “OK, So Dads Make a Difference. This is News?” …. (albertmohler)

PROPER end-of-life opioid use does not hasten death …. (

BY THE POWER OF SCIENCE! Baby Boy Dies When Doctors Do Erroneous Abortion After Bad Test. Is it manslaughter, then? …. (curtjester)

PRO-LIFE PAPER Interim gets noticed. Big time …. (

DIOGENES— “Revenge is barren,” declared Friedrich Schiller, “its delight is murder, and its satiety, despair.” Having devoted her life to the amusements of pay-back, Kissling can congratulate herself on murder, satiety, and despair — which, in this case, takes the form of a sardonically emphatic childlessness not her own …. (offtherecord)

THE DEBATE— “Are We Getting it Right? The State of Women and Gender Studies”.. Jennifer Roback Morse vs. Amy Richards …. (, merecomments)

THE LOST GIRLS: “Sex-selective abortions are targeting unborn girls by the millions. Feminist orthodoxy at the United Nations is working to protect the practice” …. (weeklystandard)

FAMILISM or Feminism: a nation’s choice …. (williamgairdner)

WAFFLE. MUMBLE. KEEPIN’ IT VAGUE: Eighth Oregon Assisted Suicide Report Filled with Ambiguous Language …. (catholicexchange)

THE EDENATOR— “Control,” “safe,” “protection,” these are the words that the “sexual health” groups use for sex. These attitudes are usually solely directed at controlling the physical aspects of sex. The problem is that our sexuality cuts across all dimensions of our personhood …. (dawneden)

JUST LOVELY— Sending Sympathy Cards To Women Who’ve Just Had An Abortion? Culture of Death e-cards. Waiting to exhale after abortion …. (Various)

STONER ON Ponnuru’s Party of Death …. (claremont)

RECYCLING Harvesting organs in prison …. (soberingthoughts)

DEAD BODY PORN, by Thomas S. Hibbs. The grotesqueries of the “Body World” exhibit. This guy clearly doesn’t get it …. (odoxy, timotheos)

PANDERING on International Women’s Day …. (soberingthoughts)

A STRONG CONDEMNATION of euthanasia case in Spain– According to the president of the State Federation of Pro-Life Associations, Alicia Latorre, this case could become a rallying cry for opening the doors to euthanasia in Spain …. (

BASICALLY, “Canada, make babies!” …. (proudtobecanadian)

MAINSTREAMING EVIL: “only deeply bred social decorum prevented me from turning to the first grandma who was working out beside me and saying to her, “They are people most of whom did not give full informed consent to have their bodies skinned, flayed, and displayed in playful positions. Some of them are political prisoners from China and Kyrgyzstan. Look closely at their skulls and you might even see a bullet hole!” …. (familyscholars)

MEDICAL MURDER: “A French doctor has been given a one-year suspended jail term for poisoning a terminally ill woman” …. (bbc)

VIA DAWN EDEN: “Planned Parenthood is a disgrace. They call themselves a womens center but they are just a butcher of babies and they could care less about a woman’s health” …. (dawneden)

LIFE IMITATES Monty Python: “Can a sperm donor be forced to pay child support?” …. (damianpenny)

A WORLD Without Children? One consequence of deaths exceeding births is that in Japan dolls have replaced children …. (

ACADEMIC backs teen abortion notification law …. (bbc)

AMERICAN Eugenics …. (freerep)

THE U.N. discriminates against the minority of the Individual …. (dustmybroom)

UNCLE BEN’S HUMANOID RICE: Engineered food crop containing human genes approved by USDA …. (boingboing)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Grown-Up Management

CIVILIZED PARADISE— U of T student Allen Varlaki’s veiled threat on PM’s life; calls police stupid “pigs” …. (shaidle, DP)

HEAPS OF $$$$ continues to burn in Caledonia …. (DMB)

CANADIAN “Progressives” are not being “inclusive”. Will something explode? …. (P2BC)

STATSCAN 2006 Census …. (SDA)

THE LATEST Federal budget: a ‘B’ for big government …. (

HOW GREEN IS MY PARTY? The Giggle Politics Of Elizabeth May …. (sda)

THE TORIES are NOT spending like Liberals. They are, in fact, spending like Tories but making it LOOK like they are spending on Liberals …. (officiallyscrewed)

WHILST The Carriage Horses Wait Patiently Outside.. Five members of the Supreme Court Of Canada vote to uphold the election blackout law …. (sda)

RECALLING The Death of Free Speech at Concordia U. …. (mypetjawa)

NDIPPERS: Nobody has any idea what we stand for anymore …. (dustmybroom)

COWARD’S PARADISE: “A Canadian soldier awarded a Medal of Military Valour for braving enemy fire in Afghanistan is angry after he says was jumped from behind and taunted by four men who beat him up in a Morrisburg [eastern Ontario] bar on the weekend” …. (damianpenny)

WHAT WILL Canada look like? Population Growth Will Likely Be All Immigration By 2030. Forecast calls for Expanding Pockets of Culture …. (Various)

CANADIAN budget March 19. Here’s a place Ottawa could cut spending …. (thehilltimes, soberingthoughts)

SOCIALIST PARADISE— A Canadian scientist questions the science of climate change, and he begins receiving death threats …. (stevejanke)

OOPSIES— remember the vanishing polar bears? “A survey of the animals’ numbers in Canada’s eastern Arctic has revealed that they are thriving, not declining, because of mankind’s interference in the environment” …. (silflayhraka)

HEALTH CARE PARADISE— Infection races through neonatal unit …. (canoe)

MAKIN’ STUFF UP— Crime beat: Liberal “tough on crime” strategy a cruel joke on innocent Canadian victims of crime …. (ottawasun)

HIS DAY In Court.. …. (sda)

LOTS MORE Anti-Harper muck-raking at taxpayer expense …. (proudtobecanadian)

GANGSTA’S PARADISE— Immigrant Gang member can stay …. (dustmybroom)

CANADIAN PHILOSOPHER wins Templeton Prize …. (titusonenine)

REGRETTABLE YouTube Fight Video: “Happy slapping” has come to Canada. Nihilism is such fun …. (stevejanke)

[CUE FLUTES].. The Hinterland Who’s Who commercials are something that must be embedded in every Canadian’s DNA …. (

Blogosphere, Web — and Old Media ….

THE LATEST on Egyptian blogger Abdel Karim …. (

AL-QAEDA’S “multi-million £Stg” plot to crash UK Internet …. (canadafreepress)

THE BLOG-WORLD MOURNS— journalist & blogger Cathy Seipp, R.I.P. and more from Michelle Malkin; older links.. Please spare a prayer today for our friend Cathy Seipp and her family; The Evil Side of the ‘Net. The Cathy Seipp Petition …. (NRO, Protein Wisdom)

HEY NANCY: Can the British still call a cigarette a fag? …. (proudtobecanadian)

BLOGGING makes a difference, and Josh Marshall proves it with TPM, as the Bush White House scurries for cover …. (latimes)

IRANIAN Blogger Kianoosh Sanjari Freed – Describes Torture …. (

CHICOM GOV to expand “Great ‘Net Firewall,” censor web even more. ‘Great Firewall’ Not Great Enough …. (boingboing, acton)

THE BLOG TRIBE: Information Hunter-Gatherers …. (

CHINA: Dissident’s wife: “Yahoo betrayed my husband.”…. (boingboing)

A NEW SHIELD foiled attack on Internet’s backbone …. (usatoday)

ALICE THE CAMEL’S list of top 20 blog weapons; via …. (felixhominum)

SOCIAL MEDIA Website in Cartoon Forms …. (neatorama)

THE DIFFERENCE between blogging and partisan politics …. (

WORLD MAG: “The future of blogging” …. (worldmagblog)

CANADIAN BLOGOSPHERE Search Page: Custom search engines for Canadian political bloggers and their readers …. (stevejanke)

ISRAPUNDIT— The Israeli-Hizbullah War of 2006: The Media as a Weapon in Asymmetrical Conflict …. (israpundit)

EGYPT’S internet users targeted through Kareem …. (magicstatistics)

PSYCHO-BLOGGER Deb Frisch is being chased out of the blogosphere …. (stevejanke)

GOOGLE will purge some user data to better protect privacy …. (boingboing)

OLIVE is 107 years old, which may make her the oldest blogger ever …. (neatorama)

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

EWWWW! Cat parasite rules our lives …. (boingboing)

MORNING Darkness Saving Time …. (intheagora)

REVIEWS— The 301 Dalmatians. The Top 10 Most Politically Incorrect Things About The Movie, “300.” …. (, rightwingnews)

PHOTOCOPIERS with disk drives could be used for ID theft. Not to mention recalling those naked body-part copies you made when the boss was away …. (usatoday)

THE 30 STRANGEST Deaths in History …. (neatorama)

UNDERWHELMED: “At the risk of offending everyone from post office workers and civil servants to mountain dwellers and news anchors, please allow me to get this off my chest: Enough, already. Enough with the special days and weeks that the benevolent do-gooders at the United Nations want us to mark, commemorate or otherwise celebrate” …. (tricitynews)

THE CREATORS of carbon credit scheme cashing in on it: “The two cherub like choirboys singing loudest in the Holier Than Thou Global Warning Cathedral are Maurice Strong and Al Gore” …. (canadafreepress)

THE BATTLE of Evergreen Terrace …. (damianpenny)

HANSON — History and the Movie “300” …. (victorhanson)

MELANIE PHILLIPS on The ‘post-normal’ science of climate change …. (melaniephillips)

THE PRODUCT OF MODERN SELF-ESTEEMED SKOOLZ— They sing off key, don’t know it, and have not even learned how to sing: American Idol kids are all about self-esteem and “attitude” …. (

THE TOP TEN Weirdest Things in Space …. (haha)

SIZE XXXL PANTS ON FIRE: “Puts Michael Moore’s breakthrough film in a whole new light, doesn’t it?” …. (damianpenny)

SOBERING THOUGHTS: “Stone age is the new faggot” …. (soberingthoughts)

WITH LEGO– ONE: A Space Odyssey …. (haha)

FARK: “The last bottle of HP Sauce made in the UK has rolled off the production line in Birmingham. People looking to pollute their steak with something that tastes like industrial waste will now have to buy it from Holland” …. (thesun)

REMEMBER, KIDS— “When celebrities step outside the law or befall tragedy, it is most important that all Americans hear about it. Repeatedly.” …. (imao)

WIN-WIN! Anti-obesity drugs to lead to cancer cure? …. (donaldsensing)

ENVIRONY: “Building a Toyota Prius causes more environmental damage than a Hummer that is on the road for three times longer than a Prius” …. (silflayhraka)

HEY, HEY! Ho, Ho! H20 Has Got To Go! …. (llamabutchers)

AMERICAN MEDIA: “The Libs Hate Coulter So Much That They Can’t Even Admit She’s Gorgeous” …. (rightwingnews)

STOCKHOLM subway stations: teh bomb! …. (neatorama)

HOPELESSLY GEEKY NUMBER-NERDS strive for fragments of coolness– Stats man strives to never be ‘boring’ …. (ms)

THE TOP TEN THINGS You Can Do To Stop Global Warming …. (rightwingnews)

15 STEPS to a Healthier Heart …. (haha)

PLAGUE, HELLFIRE, SELF-MEDICATION (According to the Australian National University’s Professor Tony McMichael) …. (timblair)

SORRY, ALBORE: Slacktivism and celebrity worship only get you so far …. (

VID: AROUND THE WORLD in 8 minutes with Google Eearth …. (haha)

YE OLDE Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog; and those amusing shirts …. (

ONLINE photo editing made fun …. (haha)

THE 25 BEST movie posters of all-time …. (soberingthoughts)

AMERICAN DIGEST: “Riding The View with Rosie” …. (americandigest)

“300” – The IMAX Experience …. (llamabutchers)

VIDEO FUN— “MOM my ride” …. (

THE NEW PHYSICS: “So how many states does water have? Apparently 11, although nobody is quite sure how each one behaves” …. (neatorama)

THE PROPHET Big Al— Academy annointed and secularly sainted prophet of the environment—is at it again. “Even Gore noted in his letter that, according to Scorecard, “pollution releases from the mine in 2002 placed it among the ‘dirtiest/worst facilities’ in the U.S.” …. (llamabutchers, InstaP)

THERMOPYLOOZA? Blood, war, and ‘computer-enhanced washboard abs.’ by John Podhoretz. And more: “True Thermopylaes” …. (weeklystandard)

THE 9 BAD-BOYS of Philosophy …. (neatorama)

RICK MORANIS OP-ED: “To: The board of directors, 814 Park Avenue” …. (rickmoranis)

FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES— Yorkshire Airlines …. (peter-ould)

AVAST! YAHRRH! May 2007– Pirates of the Caribbean 3 …. (dailymotion)

UPCOMING CSI: Neolithic Austria …. (llamabutchers)

THE EVER-USEFUL Yak Shaving Razor #83 …. (evangelicaloutpost)

LEGO Beatles album covers. Just because …. (neatorama)

PARODY Motivator Generator …. (

HOT AIR: “Cavemen liked big butts and archaeologists cannot lie” …. (

SILLY HUMANS! Everyone knows that.. pie are SQUARED …. (neatorama)


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