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Carnival of the Anglican Crisis
March 24, 2007, 1:23 am
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“Sadly, the bishops apparently are more intent
upon blaming the primates
than caring for
the orthodox Anglicans in their midst.”

—IRD Anglican Action Director Ralph Webb

TELEGRAPH: “Communion no more” … (telegraph)

DIOCESE OF OTTAWA— A Letter from 16 clergy: “AN OPEN LETTER TO THE DIOCESE OF OTTAWA” … (via e-mail)

ADIOS –“I’d Rather Not Say would rather not be an Episcopalian” … (

VENABLES: Move to separation as quickly and as gracefully as possible; Reflections on the Primates Communiqué. From the General Secretary of Ekklesia(mainstream)

LIVING CHURCH— Resolutions Arose From Bishops’ Concern Over Pastoral Council NominationsResolutions Arose From Bishops’ Concern Over Pastoral Council Nominations … (livingchurch)

WORD FROM Dr Seitz: prayer and hard work … (reader)

THE IRD Calls on the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops to Take Responsibility in its Rhetoric … (IRD)

YES AND NO BUT MAYBE YES…OR SOMETHING— “Maybe Kate Schori’s suffering from delayed jet lag. Maybe serving as J. Jon Bruno’s executive assistant keeps her too busy. Maybe Frank Griswold was more of a genius than I gave him credit for” … (mcj)

GET RELIGION: “It’s about more than just sex” … (GR)

KRAALSPACE— “The More-In-Sorrow-Than-In-Anger Golden Hairshirt” … (

DRELL: Answering Matt Kennedy’s Questions … (drell)

WHY SHOULD ROWAN Williams trust The Episcopal Church leadership? It’s all over for the Archbishop(bb, telegraph)

FR. STEPHEN— Whither the Episcopal Church? … (fatherstephen)

CAPTAIN YIPS— On Polity; Still More Clarity; I want to put up a handful of comments that might help(yips)

LEANDER HARDING: “Leander Harding – Are these really the views of the national leadership of the American Episcopal Church?” … (

BIG HUBRIS— “Apparently, ECUSA bishops think Rowan Williams is dumber than a bag of hammers” … (mcj)

SANDON: The Episcopalian civil war intensifies … (freerep)

CANADIAN Primate’s office receiving nominations for new national leader … (AJ)

SEPPUKU: “As far as Gregory Venables, Anglican Archbishop of the Southern Cone, is concerned, all the Episcopal bishops did at Camp Allen was to commit ritual Anglican suicide” … (mcj)

A TIME TO TEAR … Radner and Kew write TEC’s decision to Go Their Own Way … (

A GUIDE TO THE BISHOPS’ RESPONSES— “I think I’m getting a handle on the template the Episcopal bishops are using to respond to the Dar es Salaam Communiqué” … (mcj)

RATHER NOT BLOG— The “No” votes are already in … (rathernot)

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH’S refusal to accept the authority of a pastoral council proposed by the Primates has been described as a ‘declaration of war’ by a campaign group … (religiousintelligence)

BRUNO-TIME: Who’s Doing the “Walking Apart”? … (freerep)

MCJ: RIP, ENS— A worthless “news” service and a useless publication join forces as ECUSA rolls out Episcopal Life Online(mcj)

THE EKKLESIA Society responds to the Primates’ Communique … (mainstream)

TOUGH WORDS— “TEC a de facto Integrity organization” – Bishop of the Rio Grande … (standfirminfaith)

BISHOP LEE OF VA. writes to the Diocese of Virginia … (

SARAH HEY: “Sunshine, Survival Schools, Crows, & Work — The Last Adventurous Month and the Task Before Us” … (sf)

EPISCOPAL CHURCH falls on its sword – response of orthodox bishops… (mainstream)

AN UPDATE from Bishop Love of the Diocese of Albany … (standfirminfaith)

LIFESITE— US Episcopal Church: We’ll Leave Anglican Communion Before Homosexuality … (lifesite)

RESOLUTIONS Arose From Bishops’ Concern Over Pastoral Council Nominations … (aacblog)

STEPHEN BATES: “Bishops to primate: drop dead” … (guardian)

U.S. BISHOPS comment on invitation to Archbishop of Canterbury, other actions. US Episcopal bishops say anti-gay sanctions harm the gospel(aacblog, ekklesia)

CANADIAN CHURCH church declares war on Communion’s opposition to gay unions … (dallasvoice)

GRUMPY PROF— Sex and The Episcopal Church (Anglicanism USA) … (Bearblog)

RELAXED about discrimination; Speeches of Southwell and Winchester in Lords SORs debate … (mainstream)

FUN WITH LIBERAL SMEARS— “Alan Wisdom of IRD Responds to the Accusations of Terry Martin, Priest in Diocese of New Jersey. UPDATE: Fr. Martin has retracted his charge and issued a gracious apology. Please read this remarkable comment thread” … (sf)

VIDEO SHOWS activity which would be protected under new “hate crimes” law … (www3.capwiz)

AACBLOG— What Way Ahead? … (aacblog)

THE ANGLICAN ROW: orthodox Third World numbers vs American dollars … (

AN OPEN LETTER to the President of the House of Deputies – Ms. Bonnie Anderson … (acns)

ALL THESE THINGS: “..actually it’s the presence of some kind of moral boundaries (Christian morality?) that keeps sin sinful” … ()

STEVE JANKE: “Sensitivity for the confused, but not the faithful” … (stevejanke)

MOHLER: “Rights Talk” Collides with Right and Wrong … (albertmohler)

BISHOPS Gary Lillibridge and David Reed of West Texas Offer some Thoughts on Recent Developments … (t19)

NO SHAME: Tony Blair has said he is proud of his achievements on gay rights while prime minister, and that Britain has had a cultural change since 1997 … (beeb)

CHURCH TIMES, for what it’s worth: CONFUSION surrounded the introduction of the Government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations this week; US bishops wish ‘passionately’ to stay in Communion … (ct)

JAMES LILEKS DEFENDS GARRISON KEILLOR against charges of anti-gay bigotry. Somehow I had missed this kerfuffle … (instapundit)

RC ABP. of Denver Backs General Pace on belief that Homosexual Acts are Immoral … (lifesite)

VIA T-19— Walter Van Zandt Windsor: Why I am Opposed to a Primatial Vicar … (titusonenine)

SWEDEN— Partnership yes but marriage no, Swedish church tells gays. Pr Yngve Kalin: the Act of Blessing is Buried(ekklesia)

UK REGULATIONS Barring Religious Schools from Teaching Against Homosexuality Approved; More Details on the Proposed Brazil Law to Jail Pastors who Preach Homosexual Activity is Sin … (lifesite)

STRUGGLING Alone, by Ryan T. Anderson. The lonely struggle with same-sex attraction … (orthodoxytoday)

AMERICAN BISHOPS: Telegraph editorialises … (thinkinganglicans)

OH, THE ENDLESS Self-Congratulation! The National Council of Churches just can’t stop saying it: We’re Gonna Stop The War! HamNation: Better Living Through Lefty Activism … (reformedpastor, townhall)

HEAD OF The Human Genome Project: Homosexuality Not Hardwired … (

ELIZABETH III— “Rumour has it that Elizabeth Kaeton has recently been enthroned as the President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Newark” … (

NEWSWEEK Blogger/Episcopal Priest: Global Warming Might Cause the Apocalypse … (newsbusters)

STUDY: HIV-positive Practicing Homosexual Men 9000% More Likely to Develop Anal Cancer … (lifesite)

ON EBAY: Travel for the Archbishop … (

THERE MAY BE HOPE for clergy everywhere! “World’s first ‘spinal transplant’ carried out” … (jihadwatch)

REMEMBERING BLESSED Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop and Missionary of Armenia, c. AD 332 … (reader)


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