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Anglican Implosion
March 22, 2007, 10:39 pm
Filed under: Anglican Crisis

A PRAYER for Repentance, Inspired by Recent Events in the Episcopal Church and One of Today’s Scripture Lessons. Also– A Lenten Prayer: Prayer of Acclaim to the Suffering Christ, by St. Gregory … (L&B)

Rowan Williams:
“This initial response of the House of Bishops
is discouraging and indicates the need for
further discussion and clarification.
Some important questions have still
to be addressed and no one is
underestimating the challenges ahead.”

“It is not a final decision.”
Katharine Jefferts Schori

ANGLICANS closer to schism as US bishops reject gay ultimatum; Neither TEC nor Akinola are bluffing – Gledhill … (LTimes, mainstream)

VERBATIM— Presiding Bishop’s homily at House of Bishops’ closing Eucharist. House of Bishops: Message to God’s People(ENS)

GIVING A BAD NAME TO shameless show-trials everywhere— comments on the upcoming trial of Bishop Cox(T-19, lc)

WHAT +ALABAMA had to say; Bishops comment on invitation to Archbishop of Canterbury, other actions … (, ens)

ANGLICAN HEAD: Episcopal Rejection of Ultimatum is ‘Discouraging’ … (christianpost)

BRITISH Bishops reject calls to vote on Sexual Orientation Regulations: “Apparently rejecting calls to express their opposition just 3 out of the 26 unelected bishops that sit in the House of Lords voted last night over the government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations” … (ekklesia)

MAINSTREAM: US Church rejects Ultimatum … (mainstream)

DRELLBOT: “House of Bishops Rejects Primates Communique and Pastoral Scheme for Alternative Primatial Oversight”; A Word On The Consent To Mark Lawrence … (drell)

EPISCOPAL BISHOPS reject ultimatum; Episcopal Church Nears Confrontation With Anglican Communion. Crossing the Rubicon? Anglicans facing schism(Various)

THE NUTMEGGERS WEIGH IN— “The Connecticut bishops on Camp Allen” … (

MEDIA REPORT: Episcopal bishops refuse to budge / They reject request by Anglican leaders to cede parishes … (sfgate)

SOME TRULY MUST-READ KRAALSPACE— “Take a bow: I considered giving the TEC bishops a Braxton’s Lear for their recent emission following their March meeting, but I just couldn’t do it” … (

CRANMER BLOG: “The triumph of the Act of Sexual Uniformity” … (

BABY BLUE BULLSEYE: “But we must say that this letter and the resolutions that accompany it are far more in line of the general view of the Episcopal Church. It is clear – from the beginning of this document – that they think the Anglican Communion is bluffing and Money Talks, but just in case, they have their own Episcopal Communion and a Legion of Lawyers. And oh, by the way, their hauling an 80+ year old bishop into eccelesiastical trial for ordaining and confirming Christians in an Anglican Church – that is far worse than anything the Bishop of Connecticut or the Bishop of Pennsylvania has done” … (

THE BORG Matt Kennedy: Questions to ponder in the aftermath … (sf)

VIA DRELL— Bishop Howe On The Camp Allen HOB Meeting; IRNS: The Second Longest Suicide Note In History a/k/a the House of Bishops Resolutions From Camp Allen; Alice Linsley Has A New Blog; Todd Granger: The Story That Is The Enemy. Bishop MacPherson Writes Me From The House Of Bishops Meeting – Some Real Scoop Here. The Anglican Fisherman Reacts To the HOB Resolutions … (Descant)

CHRISTIANITY TODAY-— Ready to Walk Apart? Episcopal bishops reject oversight from “distant” prelates … (ct)

CARIOCA: “Bishops in Denial” … (

WHOOPS— “Down in the comments, Edward catches the squishops in JUST a bit of a contradiction” … (mcj)

ANGLICAN MAINSTREAM— Speeches of Southwell and Winchester in Lords SORs debate. Imposition of new morality. Lords support gay equality laws by 168 votes to 122. Archbishop of York speaks out against Sexual Orientation Regulations … (am)

A POLITE FICTION: “Last week I predicted the meeting of the House of Bishops over the weekend would yield “a blathering of obfuscation that will fool no one.” Well, a statement was issued yesterday and I was half right” … (

RATHER NOT BLOG: “The “No” votes are already in” … (rathernot)

MELANIE PHILLIPS: “Freedom of religious conscience, the defining value of a liberal society, has effectively been abolished. Catholic adoption agencies will be forced to close if they refuse to place children for adoption with gay couples. But then ‘human rights’ has come to be seen, in the words of one activist, as ‘a religion for a godless age’ ” … (melaniephillips)

THE WAPO: Episcopal Bishops in U.S. Defy Anglican Communion. NY Times: Episcopal Church Rejects Demand for a 2nd Leadership(wp, t19)

BLOGGER TODD GRANGER finds a perfect Hauerwas Quote … (reader)

Fun With OverSimplification

Cartoon by Dave Walker.
Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

FELIX HOMINUM— “Parson has started to give us his list of pubs to frequent during General Synod” … (

COMMENTS ENSUE: “A Message to God’s People…from the Bishops of the Episcopal Church”; A Little more Color from the Associated Press on the House of Bishops meeting … (titusonenine)

BBC REPORTAGE— US bishops no to Anglican demand; Gay laws ‘a major step forward’ … (bbc)

SCOTT PURDY On Departing Episcopal Parishes And Property In The Diocese of Chicago. Why Are The Liberals Cussing So Much? A Symptom Of A Much Larger Problem(descant)

RATHER NOT BLOGGER— on the theology behind the HoB statement … (rathernot)

CHRISTIAN POST— Bishop: Episcopal Church Walking Away from the Christian Faith … (christianpost)

INTEGRITY QUEEN on the closing press conference. Integrity Applauds Bishops’ Strong Stand Against Primates(

POULD— “M’Lord ArchBishop on SORS” … (peter-ould)

CHIP WEBB of IRD: “Once again the “Mission Card” … (

BUGSY NAUGHTON posts +Howe’s letter … (

BILL WITT— My Letter to Bishop Smith, Revisited … (willgwitt)

LLAMA BUTCHERS: “Chewing over this business last evening, I had the strange sensation of feeling I had read or seen something absolutely fitting, but from an extremely unlikely source” … (lb)

JOHN PIPER: “Watch Out for Those Who Lead You Away from the Truth” … (desiringgod)

A LIBERAL TAKE— “Reorienting the Conversation Towards Hope” … (

FIGHT for property rights to former Episcopal churches underway … (timescommunity)

REFORMED PASTOR— Quote of the Day; The Bishops Speak. ECUSA to Anglican Communion: Drop Dead— “Quick translation: we will continue to bless gay unions, and if a diocese wants to choose a homosexual as its bishop, we’ll do nothing to stop that. Oh, and as for protecting our evangelicals from predatory revisionist bishops–in your dreams” … (Reformed Pastor)

DIOGENES: “When can the prerogative of leaving home for another family be exercised? How would the state (adept at using individual rights to permit same-sex unions and no-fault divorce) justify the refusal to let a minor citizen pursue licit individual interest — and that in a way congruent with its pro-mother preference in cases of contested child custody?” … (offtherecord)

DUNGY Affirms Opposition to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ … (cp)

FIRST THINGS— “Who can’t feel the call of beyondism? When Wallis writes, “Don’t be a liberal, don’t be a conservative, be a man or woman of faith. Don’t turn right, don’t turn left, go deeper,” the response has to be: Amen, brother—but stop preaching to the choir“– you know, Beyondism: “Let’s just get beyond these moral squabbles, and solve the problems of the world, worship the MDGs, and can’t we all just get along?” … (firstthings)

THINKING ANGLICANS— American bishops: some further responses. further press coverage. SORs: what the bishops did(ta)

AND LOTS of interesting comments ensued … (getreligion)

ALL2COMMON: “Deacon Foster: It is all over but the shouting!”; “The Problem of Church” … (all2common)

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC— “the episcopal church house of bishops rejects the primates’ requests” … (

VERBATIM: comments from +Schofield, +Iker and +Wantland … (v)

IN RETROSPECT— The Anglicans: What Happened in Tanzania, By Jordan Hylden … (firstthings)

THE EVER-TOLERANT REG DWIGHT: “Shout the bigots down!” Elton John: Homophobia is far from dead. My 60th birthday wish is that we all stand up for basic human rights … (Guardian)

A ‘GAY’ OLD TIME? Appears not: “In some ways, gay men in mid-life are at the center of a “perfect storm,” in which multiple problems converge to create a very high-risk environment” … (Bearblog)


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