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Anglican Implosion
March 21, 2007, 10:25 pm
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DOUBLE-THINK: Bishops “unable to accept proposed Pastoral Scheme” still desire membership in Anglican Communion … (freerep)

ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury: Brief Statement on HOB Response … (aacblog)

BOVINIATOR: “The ECUSA House of Bishops, meeting in Texas over the weekend, just gave the finger to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Primates, accompanied by this desperate plea” … (

WHEN TRUTH GETS ‘MINORITIED’— In the Anglican Church of Canada, “other” means “orthodox.” Felix Hominum weighs in(ms, fh)

U.S. BISHOPS DECIDE, to walk apart from Anglican Communion. HOB: No Way!! Confessing Reader: “The expression of an episcopal deep heart-longing “for The Episcopal Church to continue as a part of the Anglican Communion” seems a shade unrealistic – one hesitates to say, disingenuous – in view of the rest of the statement that follows” … (Various)

HATING AKINOLA: “Andrew Sullivan’s scary bedtime stories” … (getreligion)

TITANIC, KISSING THE ICEBERG— TEC House of Bishops Reject Primates’ Ultimatum; Episcopal rejection of demands looks likely; Bishops’ ‘Mind of the House’ resolutions; Bishops request meeting with Archbishop of Canterbury, Primates’ Standing Committee … (various)

GET RELIGION: “Follow the Episcopal money” … (getreligion)

GLEDHILL: “TEC rejects forces of ‘colonialism’ ” … (timescolumns)

CHUTZPAH— “Ladies and gentlemen, your Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America” … (

CAPTAIN YIPS: “Dar Es Salaam Communique, RIP” … (captainyips)

HIT-MAN Naughton goes after Bill Atwood; Jim’s Dirty Game(SF)

DEFIANCE— “Chanesy writes a pastoral letter” … (

EPISCOPAL MAJORITY has a roundup of bloggers’ responses … (

INTEGRITY-USA “is gratified by the strongly worded resolutions passed yesterday by the House of Bishops” … (

FOR THE prayer calendar: Windsor bishops meet April 23-25 … (descant)

STAND FIRM: “Breaking from Camp Allen: House of Bishops Reject Key Tanzania Communique Recommendations”; Matt the Borg: “This is perhaps the most admirable and honorable official statement yet from an Episcopalian body. The bishops are bold and forthright. They are to be commended. They have taken their stand. The ideologues have overcome the institutionalists” … (standfirminfaith)

NOOB ANGLICAN: Pearls before Swine … (

TO THE MOUNTAINTOP— “For pure and unadulterated arrogance, condescension and dishonesty, it is difficult if not impossible to see how the House of Squishops Camp Allen statement can ever be topped” … (

WORLD-CLASS GENETICIST Louie Crew weighs in– “Bob Edgar (NCC) in WashPost on Gay-netic engineering”; “Re: New York Times: Money Looms in Episcopalian Rift With Anglicans Anglicans” … (lcrew)

IT’S ALL ABOUT MEEEEE! A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Gene … (

EURO-ENGLAND: “Tanya Plibersek: The discrimination that makes a lie of equality”; SORs: Lords will vote today. SORs: Commons vote(T19, thinkinganglicans)

ELFGIRL: OK, ECUSA has officially reached bottom. Truly. I. just. do. not. believe. this. “Bishop Smith is a member of the trial court that will hear the case against Bishop Cox” … (livingchurch)

THE AAC STATEMENT on the Episcopal House of Bishops’ March 2007 Meeting … (mainstream)

APOSTOLICITY: “The House of Bishops resolves” … (

BREAKING: “The Primatial Council idea is dead. And guess which two words came up a lot” … (

POULD— “TEC Bishops tell Primates to go take a running jump”; and imaginary non-existent Ex-Gays on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme – Wednesday Morning … (peter-ould)

MEDIA COVERAGE— Episcopal Church: No Double Leadership Over Gays. US church wants meeting with Anglican head. Episcopal Bishops Reject Ultimatum(cbs2chicago, REUTERS)

PLAYING FOR TIME — “A. Katherine Grieb suggests that ECUSA take a five-year hike” … (

HUW @ DOXOS— “The ECUSA House of Bishops, meeting to discuss the suggestions of the Anglican Primates have issued a statement rejecting some of them: namely the idea of a “Primatial Vicar” that would serve parallel to the new Presiding Bishop. In doing so they have taken several stands with which one might agree or disagree (even as non-Episcopalians)” … (

NEW YORK TIMES: Money Looms in Episcopal Rift with Anglicans … (babybluecafe)

EPISCO-BONG— “Chris Epting seems to have been hitting the Lambeth Lettuce” … (

+DALLAS Writes his Clergy on Departing Parishes … (SF)

BABY BLUE— Breaking News: StandFirm Reporting that TEC House of Bishops Rejects the Major Communique Requests … (

CARIOCA: Bishops in Denial; On the Primatial Vicar Scheme, By Dan Martins … (carioca)

FRESH VID: AnglicanTV Lenten Series 1/6… (anglicantv)

ON IT ROLLS.. Bishop of Indianapolis Inhibits Two Priests. The love & compliance continues.. (aacblog)

TECUSA HOUSE OF BISHOPS Begins Discussion of Primates’ Communiqué. ENS– ‘Mutual respect’ marks bishops’ deliberations(transfigurations, ENS)

NEW YORK Parishes Want Withdrawal from Episcopal Church; Conservative Anglicans Outraged Over Rejected Bishop Election … (christianpost)

SARMIENTO.. American bishops respond to primates … (thinkinganglicans)

EVEN AS THEY DOOM freedom of religion and speech over the same topic, EUtopians Rebuke Nigeria Over Anti-Gay Legislation … (365gay)

MONEY LOOMS in Episcopalian Rift With Anglicans. Split with Anglicans could shift donor roles(, deseretnews)

OPPRESSIVE Sexual Orientation Regs Pass in UK Parliament; House of Lords Tomorrow. UK Tory Leader’s Support for New Gay Law Contradicts Previous Statements on Family. You are abusing Parliament – Cormac Murphy O’Connor. Address democratic deficit on SORS – say top clergy … (lifesite, mainstream)

METHODIST Bishop Oden Rushes to Defend NCC, Lash Out at IRD… (ird-renew)

READER BLOG: “Different views of the Anglican Covenant proposal” … (reader)

PEACE IN OUR TIME! Jim Wallis Leads Mainline Church Officials in Anti-War Worship at National Cathedral; Christian Iraq War Protest Draws Fire for ‘Radical’ Simplification of Situation … (ird, christianpost)

DIOGENES: “we conservative cynics are guilty of calumny against Anglicans in claiming the Episcopal Church is doctrinally flaky, and those Anglican bishops who agree with us and who try to fly in some doctrinal support — i.e., to those layfolk who also agree with us — inflict a pastorally reprehensible injury to the UNITY of the world-wide Communion. Clear, I hope? Please stand for a creed. Any creed” … (cwnews)


DIOCESE of the Holy Cross to Join FACA? … (wafflinganglican)

B16 CALLS IT— “Benedict XVI, for his part, has wished to distinguish between the two forms of secularism: the one which, justly distinguishes the religious sphere of power from the civil one, and the deteriorating secularism that wished to ban any sort of religious symbol, denying the fact of religious freedom.” … (titusonenine)

OPPRESSION via diversity: “Not Just in the UK” … (breakpoint)

JEWS & CATHOLICS Defend Conscience: Stress Need for States to Recognize Minorities … (zenit)

LOCAL MDG SWEET DREAMS— Let Dollars Flow Down Like Water; The Methodists’ Holy Welfare State(reformedpastor, frontpagemag)

EX-GAY MAN Backs Mohler: Homosexuality is a Sin … (

SECULARIST leader accuses religious liberals of aiding fanatics … (ekklesia)

KNOW YOUR BLOGGERS— Kraalspace: “Six Weird Things” … (

THE REALITY-BASED Community: How Faith in Jesus Avoids Utopian Fallacies … (scriptoriumdaily)

SCIENTIFIC EXPERT: Born Gay or made gay by Peter Tatchell. Time for Truth – Is Gay Real? The Possibility of Change. Homosexuality is not hard-wired: Head of the Human Genome project. Evidence for genetic contribution to sexual orientation weakened – Professor of Psychiatry(mainstream)

‘PROGRESSIVE’— “When used as self-description, it is inevitably self-congratulation” … (americanthinker)

CHAPTER 341 – In which Giles Fraser tries to get as many things wrong as possible in as short a space as possible … (peter-ould)

FELIX HOMINUM— “From the beginning it was not so: a response to Bradley J. Willis” … (

A LIBERAL— Well Done, Bishops, Well Done! … (

A TRANSCRIPT of Rowan BBC broadcast & Rowan statement on ECUSA HoB … (archbishopofcanterbury)

TIMOTHEOS: Lessons in reconciliation … (

CONTINUUM— “A Critique of the Anglican Federation” … (

HOW TO SUPPORT the IRD: All This Antagonism from the Reappraisers Must Mean Something Good! … (standfirminfaith)

LEFTY UGLINESS: Politically Correct Death Threats at Georgia Tech– This past February, while other Georgia Tech students were exchanging flirtatious Valentine’s Day notes, Ruth Malhotra received an anonymous letter whose message was anything but amorous: “This Valentine’s Day, you cannot attack gay marriage. It is about love and you are about hate…No, this Valentine’s Day, you will be Raped. Sex is about love and through it you will experience hate. I cannot wait” … (frontpagemag)

ON OTHER BATTLE-FRONTS: San Fran Jesuit U promoting abortion, homosexuality, contraceptives. Archbishop bans Mass at pro-gay event; others undermine him(bettnet)

FAMILIES & First Principles, by Robert P. George– The Conservative fight to protect life and defend marriage … (orthodoxytoday)

A BLANK CHECK, THEN: “What is Homophobia?” … (peter-ould)

NEW RELIGION Gay Martyr Alert: Larry Kramer… (SF)

PROPOSED— A Possible Resolution for GC2009 (2007?): “Title: Inclusion of Alfred E. Newman in the Calendar of Lesser Feasts and Fasts” … (Via Drell)

BLESSED Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne, AD 687 … (reader)


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