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Anglican Implosion
March 20, 2007, 12:48 pm
Filed under: Anglican Crisis

FRESH VIDEO GOODNESS— Anglican Report Episode 22 … (anglicantv)

ZENIT— Brazillian “Homophobia Law” to Impact Homilies, Seminaries– “Specialists say the “homophobia law” would essentially imply a legal frame for religious persecution” … (zenit)

FORBIDDEN INTERVIEW! — StandFirm interviews Mark Lawrence … (surrounded)

DEATH OF THE WEST: “Liberal Britain turns out the lights” … (standfirminfaith)

GOOD FOR THEM— even a gesture of fairness is an improvment over the usual “You Don’t Exist” nonsense from the institution and its official organs: “Other Voices of Our Church” … (

GAY ISSUES in Anglican church: Bishops may be praying for unity … (baxterbulletinonline)

SARAH HEY: “Who are the nominees for the pastoral council? Your guesses here” … (standfirminfaith)

WILL CANADA’S ANGLICANS split if their governing body opts for blessing same-sex unions? … (

BISHOPS of the Church of England are being urged by their flock to turn out en masse on Wednesday for the Lords debate on equal rights for gay couples wishing to adopt … (transfigurations)

TECNS: Interpreting the Proposed Anglican Covenant through the Communiqué … (ENS)

GLEDHILL— “SORs back in the news”; TA: SORs: forty objectors found; SORs: Sunday programme report(Gledhill, TA)

SOUTH CAROLINA and Mark Lawrence: Reset, Probably … (surrounded)

STEPS TOWARDS the Covenant, By Ephraim Radner … (episcopalchurch)

THREE CHEERS FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE!! — “From the sound of this letter, if the Episcopal bishops agree to the Dar es Salaam Communique, a bunch of people from Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh are going to dress up like Indians and dump a boatload of vintage Port into the Monongahela River” … (

TEC-LIBERAL IAN T. DOUGLAS— “Why should we as Christians care about the MDG’s? ” … (ENS)

JOEY WALKER weighs in on Adams vs. Thorne vs. Ingham (scroll down) … (skdiocese)

OH YEAH, RIGHT— “A deadline quietly passes” … (reader blog)

PISKIE PRAVDA— [ENS] Reactions to Lawrence announcement note ‘sorrow’ … (

ALTERNATE UNIVERSE— “According to Richard McBrien, Episcopalians from another reality, no doubt with really cool goatees, have invaded this reality and taken over ECUSA” … (

STANCE on Gay Issues splits Virginia Beach Church … (mainstream)

ACHILLES HEEL— “Regarding Mark Lawrence, a lot of people believe that all South Carolina has to do is to reelect him, resubmit his name, make sure the paperwork is in order and his election will be a slam dunk. I’m not so sure” … (

MICHAEL COREN: “Hey bishop, follow don’t edit” … (

THE OPEN CONSPIRACY— Gay marriage advocates switch strategies … (newsone)

NOT AMUSED— Liberal Brinksmanship Becomes a Reality, or, I Think I’m Getting Cranky; Say it A Little More Clearly, Preston … (

ONE DIOCESE of South Carolina Rector Writes his Parish about recent Developments … (t19)

HOLY SMOKE: “A leading Anglican source has told me how many Church of England bishops are easily identifiable as gay. The answer is 20, he says, out of 114 diocesan and suffragan bishops” … (blogs.telegraph)

DRAMA QUEEN ALERT: The 40-Year Old Seminarian … (standfirminfaith)

READER BLOG: “Keep in mind that, even were The Episcopal Church to be disciplined and eventually removed from the membership of the Anglican Communion, a number of the Churches of the Communion (e.g., the Church of England) will still be divided, in some cases deeply divided, on the theological issues swirling around Christian teaching and praxis of our sexuality” … (reader)

SERGE’S BLOG— Frs Geoffrey Kirk and Michael Heidt on the Anglican row … (

IN OREGON, Unsettled Times For Episcopalians … (t19)

LIBERAL ANGLICANS, UK— SORs: Sunday programme report … (thinkinganglicans)

KRAALSPACE: “Whenever the graceful opus of the Swan of Newark is discussed, perplexity arises over the opening biographical comment on her home page” … (

GET RELIGION: “Some stories take time to unfold” … (getreligion)

PRESBYTERIAN Exodus, Traditional Unity. Lefty Israel-Hating: A Review of Peace, Propaganda and the Holy Land(orthodoxytoday, solomonia)

RELIGION-HATER Elton John defies Tobago church call for gig ban … (spero)

BISHOP HOWARD Rejects Panel of Reference Plan in Florida … (ctsix)

DAVID OULD: “A Biblical Theology of Marriage and Sexual Relations” … (standfirminfaith)

AGE TO COME: “The death of inclusivity” … (theagetocome)

THE LOVELY & TALENTED Vicar of Putney Giles Fraser reflects on John Newton’s painful conversion from uncritical theology … (ekklesia)

WAFFLING ANGLICAN: “Why am I not surprised that the school was affiliated with the Church of England? The Anglican world, at least the Western part thereof, seems to be so eager to throw away any vestige of itself in order to worship before the throne of inoffensiveness that even absurdities like this become the logical norm” … (

THE ALPHA PROJECT— “A new “Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator” adventure. Chapter Two – Back to the Future ” … (

RICHARD KEW— Lessons from Visiting New Orleans … (

INDEED: “..undoubtedly thousands of adulterous servicemen and servicewomen have also conducted themselves otherwise admirably, except for their cheatin’ hearts, and have deserved legal defense from the SLDN. Pro-gay groups would probably respond that homosexuality is morally acceptable while marital infidelity is not, but where would they get that idea?” … (spectator)

BOVINIATOR: “Speaking Real Truth to Power” … (

THE MORALS of the general’s story– Craig R. Smith wonders why Americans so willing to embrace behaviors that harm society … (wnd)

WORLD MOLDS CHURCH — instead of vice versa… (worldnetdaily)

PRINCIPAL BANS parents from homosexual indoctrination seminar … (stoptheaclu)

REMEMBERING BLESSED Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Theologian, 386 AD … (newadvent, fathersofthechurch)

AQUILINA: “What a great day. It’s the feast of St. Joseph” … (fathersofthechurch)



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