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Anglican Implosion
March 18, 2007, 2:09 am
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GO AWAY. You are Not Wanted … (

CT: GLOBAL ULTIMATUM: “The larger meaning of Anglican leaders’ demand that the Episcopal Church change its ways” … (christianitytoday)

KRAALSPACE— Schori to conservatives: PWNED … (

WAR FOR THE SOUL OF ENGLAND— Summary of latest news on SORS and call for action and prayer; Frequently asked Questions about SORS; Contact your MP; Outrageous to deny debate on SORs – Roger Gale MP(A-M)

SCHORI: Anti-equality cleric can’t be a bishop. Episcopal Church Rejects S.C. Bishop(Various)

MICHAEL INGHAM’S loyal news-fixer, Neale Adams, tries to fling some mud at one of the leading theological minds of the Anglican Church of Canada, Canon Gary Thorne (scroll to bottom).. the best6 he can do is “Let us get over our obsession with sexual plumbing and get on with a concern about the quality of our relationships” … (skdiocese)

CLARIFICATION— “Think bureaucratic incompetence was to blame for Mark Lawrence’s rejection? Not to put too fine a point on it but you’re flat-out wrong” … (

LIVING CHURCH: “Bruised Feelings Will Not Lead to Disobedience from South Carolina” … (livingchurch)

THREE EPISCOPALIAN MONTE— “Was the Mark Lawrence fix in? Was this election doomed from the start?” … (

AAC STATEMENT on the Denial of Consent for South Carolina Bishop-elect Mark Lawrence … (

THE BBC World Service Radio Features AAC President … (aacblog)

PETER TOON— “I must confess that it is a constant surprise and great pain to me to see that the “orthodox” who resist “the revisionists” in the Episcopal Church (I mean of course members of the Anglican Communion Network, the Anglican Mission in the Americas and so on) actually use this Rite and think it is fine. Further, I was really horrified a few months ago to read how the Network Bishops used the Baptismal Covenant as the basis of their claimed profession of orthodox faith to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Amazing indeed! It will be difficult for me ever to forget this!” … (

THE LIST OF DIOCESES Whose Standing Committees Did Not Consent to Mark Lawrence’s Election; The Jefferts-Schori Pronouncement on the Lawrence Consents Issue from ENS … (sf)

FROM THE ACI: TEC and the Anglican Communion – On the Eve of the Upcoming House of Bishops Meeting … (titusonenine)

CAPTAIN YIPS: Cato the Elder– “It’s possible to fire up the Conspiracy Generator to come up with a theory that some Standing Committees waited to the very last second to issue their consents to Mark Lawrence’s election, and then did so in improper form, with the understanding that ++KJS would toss them out” … (captainyips)

SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMORRAH— Quebec Readies All out Fight Against “Homophobia” with Pro-Gay Gov’t Ministry, Ads, Education … (lifesite)

WHAT KATIE did next … (sf)

ENS WASH-CYCLE: Lawrence invited to participate in second search process … (transfigurations)

PETER OULD— Yesterday’s Committee handling SORS – Simply shameful … (peter-ould)

VIA THE AMAZING PAT DAGUE: “When the 296 U.S. bishops of the Episcopal Church retreat this weekend for four days of reflection, their prayers may address questions that threaten to rip their church from its historic roots in the 77-million member worldwide Anglican Communion” … (

EX-CANDIDATE for bishop asks members to choose … (

CARIOCA: “South Carolina Postscript” … (

STILL NOT GETTING IT? Episcopal bishops may ponder demands. But decision on their response to Anglicans on gays is not certain. Gay Episcopal Bishop Says ‘Unprecedented’ Demands Will Dominate Meeting … (sltrib, transfigurations)

THE SMALL Episcopal congregation gathered for worship Sunday morning in a sunlit loft of a Presbyterian church across the street from the historic Falls Church, the Episcopal group’s former home… (

RECTOR UNDER FIRE; now, Grace Episcopal faces new loss: funds … (

DOW SANDERSON: The Arrogant and Ignorant Rejection of Mark Lawrence … (titusonenine)

TIRELESS LIBERAL Desmond Tutu likens antigay discrimination to apartheid … (advocate)

SAITH THE ZENITES— More on Homosexuality in the Bible (Part 2); here’s (Part 1)(zenit)

VIA T-19: “A Statement by the Standing Committee and Diocesan Board of the Diocese of Central Florida” … (titusonenine)

UNDER-FIRE MOHLER: “Was it Something I Said? Continuing to Think About Homosexuality”; Evo Outpost– Biology, Behavior, and Gay Babies: Why Sexual “Orientation” is Ultimately Irrelevant … (am, evo)

THE DIOCESE of Calfiornia’s General Convention Deputation Responds to Primates’ Communique … (titusonenine)

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC: “wake up call” in south carolina … (anglicancatholic)

THE DIO OF OLYMPIA General Convention Deputation Offers some Thoughts on the Primates Tanzania Communique … (t19)

SARAH HEY— A Few Quotations from a Man Who Knew a Little Something about Little Stone Bridges … (standfirminfaith)

EPISCOPAL DIOCESE of Utah issues statement of beliefs(heraldextra, sltrib)

VARIOUS COMMENTARY ON george weigel: the end of the anglican communion; The End of the Anglican Communion? … (anglicancatholic, pontifications)

STRAW-MAN SMASHER Mark from Georgia Chimes In … (titusonenine)

THE MIGHTY KRAALSPACE— “Chesterton wrote the definitive portrait of the Boomer generation, way back in 1921. These are the people who now own the Episcopal Church in the US and the Anglican Church in Canada, and this is why it is vain to hope for wisdom and maturity among them, no matter how many years they’re given” … (

THE NOMINATION PERIOD for Primates’ Pastoral Council Ends Today … (livingchurch)

DIOGENES: “let a hundred flowers bloom.. provided they’re the same shade of pansy” … (cwnews)

THINKING ANGLICANS: Parliamentary reports on SORs etc. … (thinkinganglicans)

LLAMA BUTCHERS— “Aaaw! Why do I go to all the bother of trying to make the case that the ECUSA is engaged in sneaky Gnostic eschaton immanentization when the PB Her Own Self just comes out and says so” … (llamabutchers)

FOR ALL THOSE ECUSA-LEFTIES who seem to be all full of free advice on the intricacies and details of Nigerian life, what about some of those easy answers to: “Nigerian Christian children kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam” … (magicstatistics)

LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER— ‘Sinister’ speech plan to track Americans; Bill would list ordinary citizens as lobbyists, disclose all contacts. Via Mark Shea(wnd, caei)

BETTNET— The homosexual left; Burying your head in the sand … (bettnet)

BREAKPOINT— Not an outcry but a celebration. RE: The Truth behind the ‘Outcry’(breakpoint)

DIOGENES: “Via James Taranto: the gospel of inclusivity summons its bouncer to pitch out insubordinate obstacles to a hate-free community” … (cwnews)

WHAT EVIL LOOKS LIKE: “UK Government Program Teaching Four-Year-Olds about Homosexuality” … (lifesite)

POLAND: Teachers with ‘gay’ agenda to be fired. ‘There is no place for the promotion of homosexual culture’ … (foxnews)

SNOW DEEP; FAITH STRONG! — “It was windy and cold. I was walking on the front of the line and I felt like I was bow of a ship with the wind just coming into my face,” said the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas of the Grace Episcopal Church in Amherst, where the group warmed up on bowls of lentil and minestrone soup after walking eight miles in deep snow from Northampton to Amherst … (timblair)

NO WORD YET IF tECUSA has jumped on this enviro-bandwagon yet, or not. Thai air force, under orders from the military government, attacking cities with Dihydrogen Monoxide. Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! DHM Has Got To Go! … (fark, llamabutchers)


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