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March 16, 2007, 5:29 pm
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CaNN main site is back up again. This SOON reverts to a backup-blog. Thanks for your patience.

RULES? WHAT RULES? Breaking News: Consents Ruled Insufficient even Though South Carolina Standing Committee Heard from more than a Majority of Standing Committees that they voted yes; Election declared Null and Void.” Looks like reports of her nasty purges of the Dicoese of Nevada ring truer and truer– except now, it’s that pastoral disaster writ large. Of course, as one liberal on T-19 commented: “never attribute to evil what can be explained by stupid” … (titusonenine)

BABY BLUE— “815 lobbying House of Bishops to ignore Communique Deadline?” … (

UNGRACIOUS, UNPROFESSIONAL, UNCHRISTIAN— petty & blame-casting comment on the Lawrence issue; Lionel Diemel chimes in(standfirminfaith)

CANADIAN Synod Plans Decisive Vote on Blessings; ACC CoGS March meeting(livingchurch)

ZENIT: The Bible clearly teaches that homosexual practices are wrong, says an exegete from the John Paul II Institute in Rome… (freerep)

LIVING CHURCH— Presiding Bishop Invalidates South Carolina Election… (livingchurch)

FROM THE Anglican Communion Institute: TEC and the Anglican Communion – On the Eve of the Upcoming House of Bishops Meeting … (titusonenine)

DRELL: “A Word On The Consent To Mark Lawrence”; Had A Good Lunch with +Bruce; Some Thoughts … (descant)

FINALLY, The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Panel of Reference for the Anglican Communion report and recommendations in respect of the Diocese of Florida are now available at the following link on the Anglican Communion website … (acns)

SCHORI VINCIT? Top Episcopal bishop tosses SC election; Diocese Blackballs Local Reverend for His Conservative Beliefs… (charleston)

PETER OULD– SORS— SORS on the Mainland; What we should – and shouldn’t – be arguing about on SORS(peter-ould)

CAPTAIN YIPS— Well, That’s a Surprise: “So Mark Lawrence receives the necessary number of consents, and ++KJS rules the election null and void because of irregularities in the consents. Didn’t see that coming” … (captainyips)

CORE DOCTRINE and Adiaphora – What’s the difference? Rev. Dr. Stephen Andrews … (

SOUTH CAROLINA election voided due to canonical deficiencies in responses. Lawrence invited to participate in second search process … (ENS)

THE ABP. of Mexico becomes Patron of Inclusive Church … (acns)

LOOM AHEAD— Commence spinning. ECUSA crosses the Rubicon. Mark Lawrence is officially turned down … (

BIBLE BELT BLOGGER on Dio Lexington Money problems … (biblebeltblogger)

VIA STANDFIRM: The Jefferts-Schori Pronouncement on the Lawrence Consents Issue from ENS … (standfirminfaith)

THE PROPHET LOUIE— “Proposals not to do heterosexual marriages for a season of ‘fasting'” … (rutgers)

CARIOCA: “Two Quick Notes” … (

QUINCY: Bishop Writes Pastoral Letter in Response to Primates Meeting … (webelf)

SMARTEST EVER Lionel Deimel issues a Press Release: “Most Episcopalians Relieved” (regarding SC and Lawrence+)… (standfirminfaith)

THE GAY BISHOP— My Homosexual Agenda is Jesus, Bishop Declares … (aacblog)

ENGLAND: THE SORS – unprecedented threat to religious freedom in GB: Lawyer. Government to rush SORs through House of Commons. Anglican Mainstream submission on SORs. The source of law and freedom by the Archbishop of York. SORs Process in confusion(mainstream)

AL MOHLER— “Was it Something I Said? Continuing to Think About Homosexuality.” Apologies, rehab, ritual self-humiliation likely not to ensue … (albertmohler)

ANGLICAN CATHOLIC— the draft covenant: part II … (

BP. SCHOFIELD on local Talk Radio … (surrounded)

COMES THE DAWN— Stephen Bates gets realistic; Quote of the Day(

ANGLICANS CREATE Actionable Plans to Fulfill MDGs … (christianpost)

DO DEMOCRATS think Billy Graham is Immoral? … (scriptoriumdaily)

MAINSTREAM— The gay agenda. Letter to the Church of England Newspaper … (mainstream)

THE INCREDIBLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING JAN— “It’s not an ultimatum unless you think it is.”.. folks respond (via E-mail) “It’s not a hurricane unless you think it is.” ~ “It’s not a stop light unless you think it is.” ~ “It’s not a ticket unless you think it is.” ~ “It’s not adultery unless you think it is.” ~ “It’s not a guilty verdict unless you think it is.” ~ “It’s not a canon unless you think it is …” ~ have fun, kids … (usatoday)

STAND FIRM— “Stand up for freedom: How new legisation raises serious concerns for the Churches and Parliamentary process” … (mainstream)

BISHOP OF UTAH To Present Document “Human Sexuality” To HOB … (standfirminfaith)

REAL ESTATE NEWS Looking for your very own cathedral? The Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan just might be able to hook you up… (

AACBLOG— Episcopal bishops expected to talk, not act … (aacblog)

RAISING THE PALMETTO FLAG The Admiral of Morality wants to shoot him some secesh… (

CARIOCA: Two Quick Notes … (cariocaconfessions)

TEAM: Official Episcopal Church delegation issues letter to the Church … (aacblog)

NEW YORK (AP) – The president of the leading Southern Baptist seminary has incurred sharp attacks from both the left and right by suggesting that a biological basis for homosexuality may be proven, and that prenatal treatment to reverse gay orientation would be biblically justified … (christianpost)

AT LENT & BEYOND, from Gregory Cameron: “I’m so grateful to learn that people are praying for us – please keep up the good work as the Group tries to take on board comments from around the Communion. GKC” … (lent)

STATING THE OBVIOUS— Garrison Keillor Fails to be Sufficiently Adoring of Homosexual Marriage; Gays ballistic over Keillor remark … (markshea)

CHRISTIAN POST: CWA Objects to School’s Gay ‘Freshman Advisory’ Class … (CP)

PCUSA— Presbytery declares Tulsa church to be in schism … (freerep)

GET RELIGION: “Boggs wants to know why we’re not seeing mainstream coverage of the decision by former gay activist Charlene E. Cothran, editor of Venus magazine, to embrace Christianity and renounce her life asa lesbian” … (getreligion)

DIOGENES: “for your child’s benefit” … (cwnews)

DAVID BLANKENHORN has written a marvelous new book: The Future of Marriage asks two questions: What is marriage? And, what is the future of marriage? … (familyscholars)

NO WORD FROM ECUSA PANDERERS YET— Iranian Blogger Kianoosh Sanjari Freed- Describes Torture … (gatewaypundit)

FRENCH High Court confirms rejection of gay “marriage” … (magicstatistics)

DOWN WITH FREEDOM! — New Brunswick: Gay Adoption Ok But Religious Freedom for Marriage Commissioners Refused … (lifesite)

HYPERVENTILATION— Nigerian Anti-Gay Bill Could Lead To a Gay Genocide, Says Foundation … (episcopalchurch)

JIM NAUGHON: Or else what? And on the POR: “The Panel needs to be set straight on this, if only to keep it from making further boneheaded readings of our documents and then attempting to force those interpetations upon us” … (

COMING NEXT: first gay abortion clinic. “Three quarters of gay couples using the clinic are now also opting to select their child’s sex, with 60 percent of them choosing a boy.” It’s all about them … (shaidle)

THE DANGERS of Liberal Toleration, by Jim Tonkowich. “In the polarized world in which we live, the most praised virtue is toleration. We must be tolerant of all people, we are told – all races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, and cultures” … (breakpoint)

‘DISHEARTENING’ PCUSA State Indicates Need for Leadership Change, Reformers Say … (freerep)

PEW FORUM: “2 Democrats Clarify Beliefs About Gays” … (pewforum)

DR. SANITY— “Have you ever wondered why the political left is so relentlessly hostile to Christianity and Judaism? The answer is simple—they are in competition with these religions for the hearts of the people. The ideology of the left has evolved into a religion that is essentially even more fundamental (and certainly more fanatical) than either Christianity or Judaism–both of which had their more toxic elements blunted by the rationality of the Enlightenment. Interestingly, the left regularly makes common cause with a third religion, sharing with Islam a fundamentally postmodern view of both metaphysics and epistemology” … (

EVO OUTPOST: Biology, Behavior, and Gay Babies: Why Sexual “Orientation” is Ultimately Irrelevant … (evangelicaloutpost)

FOR SALE: Lord Vader’s Prayer Bunker? Read the comments. More misbegotten ugly churches here; Ugly Church Signs here. And an article on the same. If Sauron Designed a Church… This is what it would look like(Various)

MAGISTATS— Yet another CaNNet blog … (magicstatistics)

WINNER of Anglican Hymn Competition Announced … (felixhominum)


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