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March 15, 2007, 12:50 am
Filed under: Anglican Crisis

BEFORE THE STAND FIRM cyborg invasion, here’s how we handled General Convention 2003, Muwahahahahaaaa! … (gc2003)

THE CANADIAN General Synod is coming, and things are already rather above room temperature. We’ll soon be keeping track of everything for ya. Here’s a February collection of Canada-only stories from CaNN. More very soon … (gsynod07)

ONE OF OUR wonderful CaNN tech guys explains how your gifts will help … (titusonenine)

POPE B-16: Gay marriage non-negotiable … (titusonenine)

CONTINUUM: A Moving Testimony … (

HURRAY FOR SIN & EVIL! — Canadian Synod Plans Decisive Vote on Blessings. (ACC Council of General Synod): “We are compelled to explore the distinction between the blessing of same sex unions and marriage” … (lc, ACofC)

THINKIT ANGLICANS IT’S A CONSPIRACY!! Pittsburgh discovery. news from Canada(thinkinganglicans)

MAKING THE CALL— “This June, Canada’s going all-in” … (mcj)

CAN-ANGLICAN Blessings vote to be decided by resolution: Approval by 60% majority needed; “The Chancellor moved that three of the resolutions proposed be sent to General Synod” … (anglicanjournal, ACofC)

VIRGINIA— U.S. Anglican Churches Call for Property Lawsuit Dismissal. Virginia Churches respond to TEC/Diocese Lawsuits – Continue to call for “stay” in accord with Anglican Primates Communiqué. … (

THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY Scott at Magic Stats is on fire: Council of General Synod tries to pull a fast one … (magicstatistics)

PRAYING for the Diocese of South Carolina … (

CANADIAN ANGLICAN leaders promote same-sex blessings [some comments] … (, mainstream)

CANON BILL ATWOOD Reflects on the Tanzania Communique … (standfirminfaith)

AN [MOSTLY LIBERAL] CANADIAN RESPONSE to the Windsor Report … (titusonenine)

THE KEW REPORT: “The ‘Let’s All Make A Rainbow’ Crowd” … (

REALISM— “ECUSA? Canada’s got your back” … (mcj)

A REMARKABLE Testimony from a Christian Man … (sf)

CAPTAIN OF THE TITANIC reporting for duty! Canadian Anglican Primate election promises to be solemn occasion … (titusonenine)

DR. WITT blogs on Bp Elect Lawrence … (ctsix)

PETER at “Age to Come” on Council of General Synod March meetings … (theagetocome)

THOSE PIETISTIC LUNATICS: “The House of Bishops convenes on Friday” … (lent)

CONCLUSION Reached; Now Accepting Supporting Data … (standfirminfaith)

ANIMAL FARM, ANYONE? — “Gays and lesbians are the church, as much, if not more, as I am as a straight white man,” he said in his sermon. “But this sacrament, and the grace it is meant to convey, is not available to them.” … (reformedpastor)

MAKING LEMONADE: “Mark Lawrence’s consent process doesn’t look good at this moment. You would think that #56 would have managed to pick up the phone to tell the good news” … (captainyips)

BOVINA: “I find it bemusing when the Guardian runs opinion pieces on the crisis in the Anglican Church. Who reads them?” … (

MARK SHEA— “Chris Johnson, Anglican Investigator, reports that the Piskies are fixing to try to sell off a cathedral.” Sorry Mark, but this one was NEVER a cute cathedral. More from Bovina Bloviator(markshea,

CANADIAN General Synod Web site invites comments … (anglicanjournal)

THE DEADLINE for South Carolina Consecration Expires; Another Update on South Carolina Consents: The Diocese of Easton Standing Committee Meets Yesterday and Reaffirms their Earlier No vote; Consents for Mark Lawrence Still at 55. Episcopal nominee at centre of storm. Deadline for South Carolina Consecration Expires. Remember: self-congratulating liberals say & think they are ‘nice’– reality says otherwise … (T-19, mainstream)

VIA MAINSTREAM: Christianity is a public faith and will resist attempts at privatisation – Evangelical Alliance … (mainstream)

LET’S ALL GIVE IT THE FINGER, SHALL WE? — Grace Cathedral, San Francisco (ECUSA) hosts this little Internet miracle … (reformedpastor)

BAG OF HAMMERS: “Riffing yet again on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals[peace and blessings be upon them], Katharine Jefferts Schori had this to say” … (

COMING AND GOING: “It’s possible that there will be some kind of Episcopal split regardless of what the bishops decide in September” … (

GREG GRIFFITH: “was going to suggest that as long as the Whiny Party is going to protest on Easter Sunday, we traditionalists could have our own protest. I thought we might observe one second of silence for each of the 1.6 million Episcopalians who have left the church since its membership peak a few decades ago, but after a few calculations I realized we’d still be there 18.5 days later” … (standfirminfaith)

SMUG ALERT— “The “no Episcopal weddings at all for anybody” idea officially takes off. WARNING: massive Episcopal self-importance ahead” … (

ACLU Begins Media Campaign To Support SSU … (sf)

LET”S JUST MAKE NICE, OK? “The five official delegates from the Episcopal Church attending the Towards Effective Anglican Mission (TEAM) conference, meeting March 7-14 in Boksburg, South Africa, have spoken passionately about the eight-day gathering, the vitality of the Communion when it’s focused on mission, and their commitment to working for the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” … (ENS)

RATHER NOT: “Has Defeat Been Hidden in the Heart of Victory?” … (rathernot)

ENS– TEAM— TEAM: “Presiding Bishop tells conference to carry out prophetic witness.” And by ‘prophetic’, she means? … (

GOOD NEWS About Adoptive Parents — But Not About Same-Sex Couples … (standfirminfaith)

VIA MERE COMMENTS: “A Warm-Hearted Liberal, with a Warning about Marriage” … (merecomments)

WHEN IN DOUBT call ’em Nazis. Susie Russ elevates the discourse … (mcj)

ALL IS WELL™ — nothing to see here.. move along. “Diocese of Western Michigan Episcopal cathedral for sale.” It’s a.. remarkable building, architecturally– rather hard to forget. Quite a sight, to be sure … (T19)

UPPITY RADS ‘R’ US— Mass. Episcopal priests protest gay marriage ban … (reuters)

NUNLEY REPOSTS the poor excuse for banning +South Carolina-elect. Please find one other bishop-elect who was flunked for being too Christian and too Anglican by an increasingly sub-Christian institution as payback for a General Convention and a Primate’s Meeting … (episcoperp)

AN LETTER from the diocese of Wyoming’s deputies to KJS [and comments]; A Letter from the General Convention Deputies of Hawaii(walkingwithintegrity, t19)

KNICK NISELY: Thoughts on the Future … (typepad)

PEEBEE OF SHALOM: “Presiding Bishop commends Christian Peace Witness for Iraq. March 16 services set for National Cathedral, local communities to mark war’s fourth year” … (ENS)

EPISCOPOID leaders in Utah speak up for gays; comments ensue(deseretnews, t19)

THE PROPHET LOUIE— Binoculars for the cliff hanger; Letter from Canon Popoola(newark)

CHIP WEBB of IRD– “Mission Alone Can’t Keep us together.” IRD OF EVIL Joins the Blogosphere! … (

THE STATEMENT of the Standing Committee of Western Louisiana. Drell: “I need to say how huge this is because Bishop MacPherson couldn’t get the Standing Committee to do anything on Windsor last year, as the committee felt it premature and so it all got booted to Diocesan Convention; we have a much different standing committee now, and this is good. Hopefully, the next election will make it even better” … (descant)

A CALL TO ACTION: Write protest letters to the Government – RC Bishop of Birmingham … (mainstream)

APROPOS “of the Khat’s visit to the NatCat and Chane’s recent trip there, presenting the most thin-skinned nation in the entire world! Nope. Them having nukes isn’t going to be a problem at all” Via a tipster … (usatoday)

MAINE BILL to take clergy out of marriage fails to win legislative panel’s OK(bangordailynews, google)

EPISCOPAL CHURCH rector protests same-sex union ban; comments(aac, t-19)

EUROCRAT Sexual Orientation Regulations a Cause for Serious Concern, says CARE … (aacblog)

THE LAVENDER JACKBOOT: “Here is a great example of why the First Amendment is so important” … (

PAPIST SPINE-ALERT: Wyoming Priest Denies Communion to Lesbian Activist Couple by Peter J. Smith. An activist lesbian couple “married” in Canada may no longer receive Holy Communion … (catholicexchange)

YET ANOTHER letter re: Tanzania… this one from Hawaii deputies … (

LIBERAL ANDREW PLUS: Some Scheme: Beyond the Two Requests. The Draft Anglican Covenant: A Radical Departure From Anglicanism(

CLICHED CARICATURE INCOMING: Resolution and Sense of the Vestry of the Church [Christian Liberation Community in the Episcopal tradition] of the Redeemer in Morristown, NJ … (titusonenine)

LOCAL PASTOR hoping to take role of bishop … (aacblog)

A STATEMENT by the Deputies, Leadership, and Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah … (freerep)

NEXT ON THE FIRING-LINE— Gay sex immoral says US general. Note that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was speaking of both homosexuality and adultery. No matter: rehab, apologies to ensue, after the clarification. IMAO: “Top 10 Things Gen. Pace Would Do To Improve the Military.” Gen. Pace “firestorm” just the latest Media Nontroversy(Various)

SURVEY UMC is No “Liberal” Denomination … (

“MARRIAGE IS A UNION BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN,” says the highest court in France. We, for one, welcome our new cheese-eating non-surrendering monkeys … (instapundit)

ANTI-FREEDOM FORCES strike again: “Homosexual Activists Target Christian Coach for Pro-Family Beliefs.” Sodomy, abortion, apostasy, persecution? Yes. Honest age-old belief? No! Any questions? … (lifesite)

DEFROCKED Gay Pastor Appeals Lutheran Church Decision; Both Parties Appeal Ruling of ELCA Discipline Hearing Committee … (christianpost, freerep)

MARK SHEA: “post-Gen Xers will not see a problem with incest or bestiality”; State to 14 year olds: You *will* undergo gay cheerleading indoctrination and you will *not* tell your parents … (

UNBELIEVABLE! STILL MORE BIASED MEDIA!! — Gay Ex-Governor’s Party Affiliation, Hiring Scandal Ignored in AP Story; NBC Promotes Leftist Gay Lobby’s Fundraising Tour With Cyndi Lauper(newsbusters)

MIKE ADAMS— “How to bomb a gay bath house” … (townhall)

HOMO-EROTICAL zombies.. want bra-a-a-ains! “Gay Fairy Tales for British Pupils” … (

WHERE WE ARE— “The Satanic Miracle of Victimhood” … (onecosmos)

MAYBE THEY CAN CALL IT SCHORINUM? Griswoldium? The BeePee Gene Isotope? “Out There: Dark energy, an invisible, undetectable force that seems to break all the rules” … (nytimes)

ON TEH INTERNETS! Archbishop goes live on YouTube … (timescolumns)


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