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March 13, 2007, 8:03 pm
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Tuesday, March 13th, A.D. 2007

Regular Religious News

BEN WITHERINGTON has helpfully withered & shredded the ‘Jesus Ossuary’ thing. Go read him …. (BW)

FUN WITH CONTROVERSIES— William & Mary’s Chapel at a Crossroad; Cross debate costs William and Mary $12 million donation; Cross Returns to Chapel — But Not on the Altar. In Case of Emergency, Break Glass. College of William and Mary Hosts Sex Worker Show on Campus …. (Various)

MOHLER— “You Might Say that Some of His Forays into Philosophy Are at Best Sophomoric, but That Would be Unfair to Sophomores” — Plantinga Reviews Shreds Dawkins …. (albertmohler)

POPE DENOUNCES destructive media and Internet: Appealing to media leaders to safeguard children and families, the pope decried the ‘destructive’ influences exerted by TV and Internet. He also expressed concern about multinational monopolization of media …. (

ONE COSMOS: “I don’t know how stupid James Cameron is, but I’m guessing that he would fall into the category of “pretty damn.” The very idea of trying to find some empirical data capable of disproving the divine reality is just so dopey as to be beyond belief, but nevertheless, a “sign of the times,” the “times” being exceedingly congenial to bovine materialists, rationalists, and reductionists” …. (

MUCKING ABOUT— “As the rape of the Constitution continues apace, 800 years of history was swept aside last night as the Commons voted for an all-elected House of Lords, or Senate, or ‘Reformed Chamber’, or whatever they are going to call it” …. (

PORTFOLIO: The Churches of Italy …. (

THE MAN WHO MURDERED SLAVERY— Steyn on William Wilberforce’s achievement …. (

HARVEY COX’S Secular City, By Michael Novak …. (ft)

MAGISTATS— “Amazing grace . . . that sav’d a wretch like me” …. (magicstatistics)

HELPFUL Letters on Islam written by Salim Mansur…. (pajamasmedia)

RITES & WRONGS of Passage: An Episcopal Priest on Casual Ministers & Reverent Marines …. (touchstonemag)

ABP OF CANTERBURY to visit South Africa and Angola …. (ekklesia)

GOD FOR GUYS: “This piece in today’s Chicago Tribune discusses the link between masculinity and religion” …. (familyscholars)

LIVE UP TO Kyoto commitment, say Canada’s bishops. Canadian RC bishops get into the 1990’s, finally. Possible global coldening or solar heatening may be rather a bummer, then …. (

MARK STEYN Confirms How Wrong Dissenters of Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae Have Been Says Reveiwer … (lifesite)

WORSHIP AIDS for high church tree-huggers …. (

TALKING ABOUT “Into Great Silence” …. (therevealer)

CT WEBLOG: The Bagel Between Church and State. Plus: Should we stop talking about the Jesus tomb hoax? A Christian college’s bus tragedy, and other stories from online sources around the world …. (christianitytoday)

MURDER of Frenchmen in Holy City: Continued Legacy of 14 Centuries of Holy Terror …. (islam-watch)

THE YOUNG FOGEYS BLOGGER has an amusing encounter (in reflection) with Fr. Cantalamessa …. (amywelborn)

A WHILE BACK “I mentioned that I was starting to like St. John Chrysostom more and more” …. (freerep)

RAYMOND DE SOUZA: “Forty years ago today governor-general Georges Vanier died peacefully at Rideau Hall” …. (catholiceducation)

AMEN, BROTHER! — “You Say Mohamet, I say ICXC NIKA” …. (

ARCHBISHOP of Canterbury to speak at international conference …. (acns)

MODERATE Muslims, the Writing of History, and Arthur Schlesinger Jr., By Richard John Neuhaus …. (firstthings)

PHOTOS DOCUMENT persecution of Christians! Government says it ‘tolerates’ beliefs, but police actions don’t …. (worldnetdaily)

ON THE DIALOGUE with Islam: And the Pope’s Regensburg lecture …. (

REMEMBER: “.. if your idea of a good time is to hear a talking sheep interview the church fathers, then here’s something you don’t want to miss..” …. (scriptoriumdaily)

POPE TO BEATIFY 188 Japanese martyrs: archbishop …. (freerep)

POPE: New eugenics strikes developed world …. (

LONGNECKER— The Gargoyle Code …. (

GUY BELLERBY on Catholic author Flannery O’Connor …. (skdiocese)

MUSLIM DREAMS of Jesus …. (

THE DAWKINS CONFUSION: “Alvin Plantinga at Books and Culture” …. (amywelborn)

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON— The Word Police: Legislating words is silly, arbitrary, and a danger to freedom …. (

CHRISTIANITY Is an Enemy That Gives Hedges Meaning …. (firstthings)

ON MILLIONAIRE SOCIALISTS and the Little People …. (bovinabloviator)

ACTON BLOG: “Doctrine and Practice” …. (acton)

THOUGHTS ON the Office of the President and the Issue of Abortion …. (benedictseraphim)

DON’T INSULT religion – unless it’s Christianity …. (sda)

IRAQI CHRISTIAN teenager convicted of murder …. (magicstatistics)

WILLIAM & MARY’S CHAPEL at a Crossroad …. (firstthings)

CHURCH CONDEMNS ‘humiliation TV’ …. (bbc)

CRUNCHY CON— Clowns: Evil, or Just Extremely Annoying? …. (Dreher, CWN)

GET RELIGION on “God, man and Civilization IV” …. (getreligion)

JESUS CHRIST: The Accomplishment of the Old Testament …. (disputations)

REMODELLING the Churches: As European worship steadily declines, many grand old buildings have fallen into disuse. What should become of them? …. (catholiccitizens)

A COOL MONK— “Father Justin Sinaites has ‘rock star’ status as overseer of a Byzantine exhibition at the Getty Museum. He’s eager to return home to Egypt” …. (orthodoxytoday)

MICHAEL JOHNSON: Taking God Out Of School Leaves A Vacuum Something Will Replace …. (townhall)

SOLZHENITSYN, the Prophet …. (americanthinker)

IDIOTICAL German Bishops: Israel = Nazis …. (littlegreenfootballs)

THE CLOSING of the American Mind Revisited, By R.R. Reno …. (ft)

ORTHODIXE’S Father Joseph Huneycutt gets The Thrill …. (dawneden)

WILBERFORCE honoured at York Minster service …. (magicstatistics)

EPICYCLIST— “Pacifism strikes me as an eschatological call, a counsel of perfection, and doesn’t work if generally followed: but just like monastic life, which would destroy the human race in a generation if everyone were called to it, I admire the purity of the sacrifice even as I worry about the dangers of immanentizing the eschaton” …. (onemoreepicycle)

MODERN WICCA (originally spelt Wica) was founded by Gerald Gardner in the 1930s and AFAIK is obviously something by and for apostate Christians, Christianity’s ethics without the theology …. (

THE SPECIES OF ORIGEN’S— Aquilina: “One of the finest studies recently to cross my desk is J. Christopher King’s Origen on the Song of Songs As the Spirit of Scripture: The Bridegroom’s Perfect Marriage-Song” …. (

THOSE KIDS TODAY… A trend story in the WSJ about young people becoming more religiously observant than their parents …. (amywelborn)

BEYOND the River Kwai – Lt. Eric Lomax …. (catholiceducation)

THE SINNER’S PRAYER: “Did anyone hear the sound of a small bomb being dropped?” …. (amywelborn)

RELIGIOUS LIBERY IN EGYPT: The Copts and Kareem: Persecuting Believers of Truth and Speakers of Truth in Egypt …. (

FROM JERUSALEM, Tall Tales – Michael Coren …. (catholiceducation)

MICHAEL POTEMRA: Go Into the Silence “Keeping It Real with the Monks” …. (NRO)

FITZGERALD: Why do psychically and economically marginal Westerners convert to Islam? …. (jihadwatch)

CARDINAL PELL to touchy Muslims: get a grip …. (shaidle)

A VIDEO TOUR of the Temple Mount …. (solomonia)

NATIONAL POST helps me, Ann Coulter, and a mathematician expose “The environmentalist religion” …. (proudtobecanadian)

RESOURCE helps parishes plan for pandemic …. (

THE ISLAMIFICATION of Palestine. The Fatah-Hamas summit has made it abundantly clear that Palestinian Christians have new cause to worry about their religious liberty …. (

RABBIS attempt to resume animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount …. (freerep)

BATTLES Ancient and New for the Armenian Church, By Mark L. Movsesian …. (firstthings)

ANTI-CHRISTIAN rage hits previously quiet area. Mob breaks through barricades, stabs and murders man in his home …. (wnd)

BENIN: Islamic jihadists destroy Church and training center …. (jihadwatch)

CRINGE-WORTHY: “The Good Reverend Hillary”; Protein Wisdom weighs in. More on Kentucky Fraahd Cinton …. (hughhewitt, pw, p2bc)

A NEW LARKNEWS is up for this month …. (caeio)

DIOGENES: “Ye shall not surely die. For God knoweth that in the day ye eat of your experiences, then shall your eyes be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil” …. (cwnews)

CATHOLIC NURSING HOMES to Be Forced to Permit Assisted Suicide, By Wesley J. Smith …. (firstthings)

AUTHOR Philip Yancey Survives Automobile Accident …. (freerep)

JAMES TARANTO: “Who’s Afraid of the Religious Right?” …. (opinionjournal)

REMEMBER— “The Catholic Church killed a 100 million humans during its inquisitions and crusades” …. (shaidle)

MAKE STRAIGHT the way of the Beast! Crucifix to disappear from public buildings …. (expatica)

HAROLD BLOOM on Books, Bibles, and Harry Potter …. (merecomments)

THE IRD PROMOTES Amazing Grace, Criticizes Jesus Tomb Documentary

ECUMENISM: In the Nick of Time – Mike Aquilina …. (catholiceducation)

THE ANCIENT Jesus Seminar Critically Examined— “Funding of the Jesus Seminar”; more here …. (pblosser, jesusseminar)

LONGENECKER— “Tolkien on Awful Liturgy” …. (gkupsidedown)

WILLIAM GAIRDNER— Chastising the Charter: “We have been treated of late to a variety of opinions published in the National Post concerning Canada’s 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is now 25 years old. For this reader, however, the real story of the Charter and its damaging consequence for our mutual life was left out” …. (williamgairdner)

COMMUNICATIONS Committee endorses negotiations with Augsburg Fortress Canada to ensure continuation of Anglican bookstore …. (

SPINE-ALERT: “Archbishop protests Telus cellphone porn” …. (canadianchristianity)

LOTS OF DELECTABLE Goodness Over at Ancient Faith Radio …. (benedictseraphim)

THE SO-CALLED Martyrdom of John Edwards’ Anti-Christian Bloggers, By Kristen Fyfe. The media turn two hate-spewing leftist bigots into victims of nasty misogynists …. (frontpagemag)

CANADIAN Jihadist Fifth Column, By Stephen Brown. A new polls finds that thousands of Canadian Muslims believe a thwarted terrorist attack was justified …. (frontpagemag)

FINALLY! Palestinian bishop urges non-violence to tackle injustice – Middle East Lutheran Bishop Munib Younan has urged Palestinians to “use brains, sanity, dialogue and non-violence and not arms to deal with differences”. …. (ekklesia)

THE MURDERER of a Christian missionary applies for early release …. (magicstatistics)

ALAN WOLFE Suggests Christian Colleges Commit Suicide …. (merecomments)

FREE HATE— GoogleTube’s double standard: When an atheist commentator was posting videos to YouTube disputing Christianity, that was just fine by the Google-owned company. YouTube pulls video, bans user for quoting violent Qur’an verses …. (bettnet, JiWa)

THOSE Excellent Anglican children’s books …. (

YOU DON’T SAY: “A holy site for Muslims and Jews” …. (getreligion)

TREASON and the ‘state religion’ …. (

JESUS THE LOGICIAN (1 of 4) — “Jesus aim in utilizing logic is not to win battles,” says Williard, “but to achieve understanding or insight in his hearers.” …. (evangelicaloutpost)

THE GODS of the malls, part 1 …. (agetocome)

THE CHURCH of the Blue Marble; “Anti-population environmentalism is the religion of the Western secular-left.” World Climate Data : 400,000 Years Ago To Present …. (kraalspace, sda)

SOWING THE SEED in 170 countries: South Korean Missionaries …. (

WANT A LOVERLY table-top glossy book for you or someone else, or your favourite Anglican WebMaster? Order the latest 8th Edition Print Catalogue (160 pages full color, 8.5″ x 11″, Featuring over 1125 icons and their detailed descriptions). $US 10.00 …. (skete)

World War IV — The New Crusade….

MICHAEL LEDEEN— “Do not fail to read the two latest posts on the very important blog, Breath of the Beast. They deal with the way in which the Islamic Fascists brutalize their weakest people: women and children. And they do it so clearly, so quietly, that the horror of it all is somehow made comprehensible. It’s a great accomplishment. Don’t miss it. Please.” Like this: Saudi gang rape victim faces 90 lashes …. (NRO, MeTimes)

MORE WORSER— Improved Iranian surface missiles for Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami …. (debka)

GUESS Who’s Coming to Dinesh; “Robert Spencer KO’s Dinesh D’Souza” …. (hughhewitt)

IDEOLOGY-WHORING— Lancet scientific fraud exposed? Lancet study “has no scientific standing” …. (americanthinker, MAGISTATS)

KENT STATE Professor Gets Threats After Being Linked to Extremist Islamic Web Site. Where’s yer Neil Young now? Kent State University: Paying A Professor To Promote Jihad …. (proudtobecanadian, VARIOUS)

BEHOLD THE SWAG! — Cox & Forkum apparel and merchandise …. (cafepress)

PART OF THE MASTER-PLAN: Switzerland ‘accidentally’ invades Liechtenstein …. (

ARAB REFORMIST Website: Britain is the Largest Exporter of Terrorism in the Non-Muslim World’ …. (memri)

MELANIE PHILLIPS— Speech, Quadrant dinner, Sydney, Australia, 1 March 2007 …. (melaniephillips)

PEACE-LOVING Islamist Websites Threaten Attacks on Prince Harry While in Iraq …. (gatewaypundit)

THE MEDIA fails to present the full story from the Mideast …. (honestreporting)

UNITED NATIONS OKs State-Sanctioned Mass Rape while condemning Israel for defending itself …. (israpundit)

ROBERT SPENCER— Beware the Christian Jihad? …. (

JIHAD: The (short) motion picture …. (Insta)

GLOBE-N-MAIL tags along with Islamofascist savages, taking snap shots as they prepare savagery …. (proudtobecanadian)

REFORMED LEFTIST Nick Cohen has had an epiphany and is distressed that so many left-wing people cannot see the dangers of fundamentalist Islam, especially as it is manifested by extremists and terrorists …. (shotgun)

MAGISTATS— Leftists turn against fromer darling Daniel Ortega.. “What could have brought that on? His government has enacted severe restrictions on abortion” …. (

TERRORISTS DON’T CARE who leads America …. (soberingthoughts)

MAD MAHMOUD: Zionists are Satan incarnate, cause of all conflicts, etc etc etc …. (hotair)

OIL FOR BLOOD— Baghdad Bagman Bagged: The Sentencing of Tongsun Park …. (claudiarosett)

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LOGIC, Leftism, Polls and Terror …. (

PIMP MY GENOCIDE: “The prostitution of the G-word for cynical political ends has given rise to a grisly new international gameshow” …. (spiked-online)

NEWSWEEK is all “You know those wogs, they’ll always be like that.” …. (rogerlsimon)

HISTORY IS NOT DEAD: Estonia now permits SS rallies – but plans to pull down memorials to those who died fighting fascism …. (guardian)

EVIL FICTION— Orson Scott Card …. (solomonia)

“WORST CASE OF SUICIDE I EVER DID SEE”— Another critic of Putin’s government dies mysteriously. No word on whether he machine-gunned and then ran himself over repeatedly afterwards …. (instapundit)

LifeWatch ….

ADULT STEM CELLS WARS— The Nation’s Pulse: The moot attack on a pioneering stem cell paper …. (spectator)

PARENTS FUME over salacious sex lesson. 8th graders forced to read graphic material aloud in the classroom …. (chicagotribune)

AL MOHLER: Dogs — “Children of the New Millennium?” …. (Albertmohler)

LARGE NUMBERS of campus shrinks think their job is to turn your children into happy and well-adjusted slutty, amoral, disease-ridden, atheists. Add any element of sexual androgyny to that mix, and it’s really time to put a gold star on the patient chart …. (frontpagemag)

SERGE’S BLOG— “HPV: Nature’s payback is a b*tch. The secular world finds it can’t dodge reality. Its solution? More dodges: instead of teaching kids to be responsible have the state give them shots so they can continue the behaviour that caused the problem” …. (

FORTY-SIX Tennessee teachers have lost their licenses because of sex crimes against students in the past five years. One hundred fifty cases are still pending …. (

HOW FEMINISM Leads to the Oppression of Women …. (brusselsjournal)

JANET SHAW CROUSE— Ironically, the issue of child marriage, like abortion, is a dilemma for the left. The left is opposed to sex-selection abortions but works toward universal abortion-on-demand. Likewise, the left is against child marriage but is committed to “defend the rights of all young people to enjoy their sexual lives free from ill health, unwanted pregnancy, violence and discrimination.” …. (townhall)

LLAMA BUTCHERS— Go To Bed, Dammit! …. (llamabutchers)

SPAIN moving closer to legalizing euthanasia …. (spero)

NO CHILD left inside: reclaim outdoor play …. (boingboing)

IS ACCESS to unproven, experimental drugs a right-to-life issue? …. (religionlink)

EVIL GO-AHEAD signalled for animal-human embryos …. (telegraph)

UNCLE PUNDIT is exercised about the papillomavirus vaccine contemplated as mandatory for 11- and 12-year-old girls …. (spectator)

I QUIT the pill and got my life back …. (freerep)

SOME LITTLE BOYS seem to have few – or at least different – tools for learning …. (americanthinker)

LAURA SESSIONS STEPP, author of ‘Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both,’ on why girls are still hooking up. Via …. (npr)

NANNY-SCHOOLS: Primary school bottle-feeds10-year-olds because they ‘missed out on love’ …. (dailymail)

SIGCARLFRED— “Unlike the current crop of highly self esteemed and trophied feminists, Myra Bradwell concerned herself not with poetry, sexual organs or witchcraft (why was every woman who recalls a ‘past life’ a high priestess, witch, Egyptian princess or sexual trailblazer in that past life? Didn’t anyone do laundry?)” …. (

EARLIER this month, a German teen-ager was forcibly taken from her parents and imprisoned in a psychiatric ward. Her crime? She is being home-schooled. Online Petition Calls for German Boycott to Gain Release of Girl Seized in Homeschool Crackdown …. (WaTi, Lsn)

SIGH– CHILDREN ARE SUCH A LUXURY/ CRAMP in Lifestyle. “Government figures put the total cost of raising a child at $279,000, but some increasingly common expenses can send the number soaring over $1 million” …. (instapundit)

MOM’S FONDEST dream: A decent night’s sleep …. (

HILARY Clinton and the Gender Wars …. (merecomments)

MORE MAHER Mendacity: Bill Maher on FRC and the HPV Vaccine …. (evangelicaloutpost)

CALLING ALL FATHERS: Save the Girls …. (Odoxy)

SOME SEATTLE school children are being told to be skeptical of private property rights. This lesson is being taught by banning Lego …. (tcs, drsanity)

MONA CHAREN: Forget Sharpton — there’s the real slavery today. “Slavery Is Not Dead.” 5000 children enslaved in Great Britain …. (NRO)

Oh, Canadia ….

Currently Under Grown-Up Management

SUPPORT Captain Trevor Greene – a true Canadian hero: “I would go back in a heartbeat to finish the mission” …. (proudtobecanadian)

HARPER: “I’ll have the Ruby club”? …. (stephentaylor)

A CANADIAN Afghanistan update you didn’t read: Three months without a Canadian fatality …. (damianpenny)

STEPHEN TAYLOR SHOWS that the CBC actually had a chance to provide balance in a story about judicial appointments but neglected to do so on purpose …. (

FROM A TX JAIL-CELL, Canadian, 9, pleads for help. Family in limbo after unscheduled stop in Puerto Rico …. (theglobeandmail)

FUN WITH SPIN: three Liberals starting the campaign to make it look like they did NOT call the election …. (officiallyscrewed)

DAVID WARREN: “I was recently dining with a young Ottawa lady, who laughed uproariously at one of my off-colour remarks. We then spontaneously looked around us in the restaurant, to see that no one had been following our conversation. Think of this for a moment: the very fact of her laughter alerted us to the possibility that trouble could be near.” …. (davidwarrenonline)

DAVE SUZUKI recommends rationing; Places Al Gore And David Suzuki Won’t Lick A Fence Post; David Suzuki Foundation Hides Poll Results …. (DMB, officially screwed)

FLOUNDERING Dion Losing Law-And-Order Votes, Leading Liberal Says …. (theglobeandmail)

DARFUR: Canada doing more than its bit …. (damianpenny)

NO JOBS for UK doctors? Come to Canada …. (magicstatistics)

GASP! THE CBC Has Dirty, Filthy, Nicotine-Stained Secret …. (officiallyscrewed)

OUR SOCIALIST PARADISE: “Why a state-ordered guaranteed minimum annual income for all wouldn’t work” …. (

LEADER WOES: Liberals Go From Dithers To Flipper. NDPipper Glorious Leader– Interview With The Vampire: Stephen Taylor talks with Jack Layton …. (nationalpost)

LOCAL Kids, pregnant women told not to drink Montreal tap water …. (cbc.)

LOOK! IT’S A FREELOADER “CHARITY”— “If the Canada Revenue Agency is not politically biased, their chance to prove it is now. Last Friday, David Suzuki launched a partisan political attack against the federal Conservatives in front of a group of Calgary elementary school kids, no less. The renowned environmentalist savaged Prime Minister Stephen Harper in front of a gymnasium full of kindergarten to Grade 6 students, who raised $835 for Suzuki’s self-named charitable foundation”; loony Suzuki Harms His Own Cause With His Wild Outbursts …. (Various)

LIB LEADERSHIP LOSERS Draw Liberal Salaries; Senate Shuts Down Liberal Slush Fund …. (Mafia News)

FORMER Canadian defense minister demands that the world governments disclose UFO technology and use it to stop global warming …. (julescrittenden)

Blogosphere, Web — and Old Media ….

SANDMONKEY: Breaking News: 21 websites, including blogs, sued. “The Egyptian government lashes out against critics of the AbdelKarim verdict. After all, how dare those HR people have a differing opinion than that of the egyptian government? Blasphemy!” …. (Sandmonkey)

SILENCE! YouTube censors strike again …. (hotair)

FREE KAREEM! AND THE REST— “The organized campaign to see Egyptian blogger Kareem Amer, who was jailed this month for insulting Islam and the government, is quite a thing to behold” …. (publiuspundit)

NEO-NEOCON EXPLAINS how to do podcasting on the cheap …. (instapundit)

CLASSLESS CHICK needs to take a breather; IMAO runs amok …. (Various)

FAUX SURE— Wikipedia for Dummies …. (intheagora)

THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION’S INTERNET DATA RETENTION POLICY, in which ISPs are being “encouraged” to keep information on what customers upload and download, is getting a lot of criticism, and rightly so …. (instapundit)

WHAT YouTube sees in Turkey …. (imao)

JOHN EDWARDS Hypocrisy: Ann Coulter vs. Anti-Christian Bloggers …. (newsbusters)

WIKIPEDIA pretends to be neutral and ends up biased …. (worldmagblog)

I REALIZE “many of you are angling for “official” party jobs through your blogs. (I can tell by how boring your posts are…) Not me. I smell a campaign brewing to “clean up” the political blogosphere to make it safe for all you careerist, no-talent party hacks. And I don’t like it” …. (smalldeadanimals)

LEFTY POTTY-MOUTH: “Seven words you can never say on television”… but which are said on the Internet. A lot …. (

PIMPTUBE to Give Politicians Video Boost …. (ap)

SLATE— Nerds With Bombs: Virtual terrorism invades cyber-utopia …. (slate)

JANKE— Gordon Ashworth: One reason Liberal Party blogs are starving for information…. (stevejanke)

BROTHERHOOD of the blog …. (guardian)

WIKIPEDIA Founder Has “No Problem” with Fraud, Just not directed against him, of course …. (hughhewitt)

POWERLINE: “Right on! Circumvent old meda — go for the blogosphere.” …. (powerlineblog)

Pop Culture, Media, Technology, Leftovers ….

LOTHAR-GUENTHER BUCHHEIM— Das Boot author, collector dies at 89 …. (thestar)

IS GLOBAL COOLING …. (dustmybroom)

BLESSED RELIEF for bagpipe band …. (thesun)

HEY, AL-BORE! How big is your carbon footprint? Big enough for a small hospital, you say? Then there’s all those jet-trips. Iowahawk: “Earn Eco-Salvation the Quick and Easy Iowahawk Way” …. (Various)

MOTHER-EARTH LOVIN’ Noble Savage proved imaginary myth …. (magicstatistics)

ROME & HISTORY-GEEKS, rejoice! “The Last Legion”, 2007 movie. Trailer …. (wiki)

UNCOMFORTABLE Questions about the Death Star Attack …. (websurdity)

MOTHER NATURE IS PLOTTING TO KILL US: Sun May Be Warming Both Earth and Mars. Yup, it’s mighty geeky …. (slashdot)

TWINGLY: Blogosphere in Real Time …. (neatorama)

SOCIALIST PARADISE= vandalism. “The Government’s constitutional vandalism is set to continue with the abolition of one of the United Kingdom’s oldest departments of state, and the oldest form of legislative assembly still functioning in the UK” …. (archbishop-cranmer)

THE EVER-USEFUL Yak Shaving Razor #82 …. (evangelicaloutpost)

MOZILLA’S FIREFOX: As Endorsed By the Dark Lord, Lucifer! …. (websurdity)

NPR XENI TECH: Scambaiters and Monty Python, 419-style …. (boingboing)

PHOTOSHOP this evil hedgehog. I for one welcome our Cute Overlords! …. (

ZZZZZZ— “Second Life, the four-million-strong online community, is turning more and more into a pixelated copy of reality and its institutions, complete with rampant consumerism, political candidates and lawsuits. Whatever happened to the brave new virtual world?” …. (

AMAZING Art Illusions …. (funmansion)

NERDY GOODNESS: Sequel to the best homemade lightsaber duel ever! …. (videosift)

SACRED BLUE! Office 2007 bug delights Francophiles everywhere …. (theregister)

SO SIMPLE, even a caveman could do it! “New Skull Find Suggests Humans Bred With Neanderthals” …. (

OVERKILL? Geico cavemen gettin’ their own sitcom …. (

DEHUMANED LUNATICS— Animal-rights terrorists plant firebombs at Oxford …. (magicstatistics)


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